98 Part 1

Chapter 98

Fortunately, in another two years, he could go to Tian Yu sect with Tianrui for the entrance assessment. Given their strength,  there should be no problem in becoming ordinary inner disciples.

“Brother Jiang, let’s go.” Fang Mian stretched out his hand and led Jiang Tianxing out of the living room.

After his uncle reminded him, Fang Tianyun finally “awoke” from the shock just now.

A nascent soul? A direct disciple?

In this small city where there were even no cultivators of golden core, a nascent soul would be a God-like existence.

How lucky it is to be a direct disciple of a nascent soul?!

At this moment, no matter it was the Fang family or the Jiang family, everyone looked at the Xu brothers with a different perception.

There were envy and jealousy, but there was more fear deep down.

Xu Ziyan seemed to know nothing about this, he’s still smiling and continuing the conversation with everyone.

Xu Zirong kept his icy cold face from beginning to end. Except for his brother, no one else could see his other facial expressions at all.

The young people sitting next to Xu Ziyan suddenly felt extremely lucky. They were able to sit with the direct disciple of nascent soul and discuss the issues of cultivation. This would definitely be an excellent topic to brag about.

Regardless of how calm Xu Ziyan looked, he also felt as emotional as the others.

Although he had been well prepared, the disciple from Tian Yu sect that came to congratulate the Fang family could very well be Bai Hua, but when someone else really mentioned this name, he still felt quite nervous.

Who’s Bai Hua? That’s the protagonist of the original novel! In that novel, Bai Hua was illuminated by the “crown of protagonist”, shining brilliantly, killing all demons and he’s the most gorgeous in the whole city…well, all in all, he’s a collection of all the brilliant words!

As the third “Gong” of the original novel, Xu Ziyan felt complicated. In the novel, Xu Ziyan fell in love with Bai Hua at the first sight. Although he didn’t love like he’s going to die, it was still enormous affection.

Although there had already been many years since Xu Ziyan’s transmigration, he still felt complicated in his heart towards Bai Hua. He’d never seen Bai Hua in real person, but if Bai Hua really attracted him too much as the protagonist, and if he really fell in love with a man inexplicably or even shared him with two other men, he’d rather commit suicide.

“Zirong, after the disciple of Tian Yu sect comes, make sure to hit me until I pass out if I do something strange.” Xu Ziyan pulled Xu Zirong’s sleeves lightly and whispered.

Xu Zirong stared at Xu Ziyan firmly, in his dark eyes, there seemed to be a huge sense of exploration, and Xu Ziyan felt guilty.

“Okay.” Xu Zirong smiled suddenly, stretched out and took Xu Ziyan’s right hand and squeezed it in his palm.

Xu Ziyan turned his head awkwardly, suppressing the strange feeling in his heart, and turned his gaze to the direction of the door.

Xu Zirong lowered his eyes, his dark eyes were already with a bright red color. He used his fingers to feel  his brother’s slightly callused palm. The rough touch came from his fingers strangely suppressed the violence in his heart. The blood faded slowly, Xu Zirong played with his brother’s fingers, and there was a casual smile on his mouth.

Xu Ziyan stared at the door calmly, but in his heart, he was so anxious that he wanted to scratch a wall.

The original fear of Bai Hua had long been forgotten by him, and now it was Xu Zirong’s hand that’s bothering him!

If it was just an ordinary of holding hands, Xu Ziyan would not react so vigorously. All in all, Xu Zirong used to hold his hands all the time before he’s 12, and he always perceived it as a lack of security of Xu Zirong, that’s why he’d never rejected it either.

But what was actually going on?!

The devilish kind of scratching and twisting didn’t belong to Xu Zirong, or did it?!!!

Damn it, why would it feel like Zirong was so obedient with such a simple gesture of holding hands?

Hmm…If it was not Xu Zirong holding his hand, he would suspect this person to act flirtatiously with him. After all, fingers are a sensitive area. Although Xu Ziyan didn’t have a girlfriend in that era, he had been seduced, and this had always been a trick of the girls that tried to seduce Xu Ziyan.

Xu Ziyan tried to withdraw his hand without leaving any traces. However, Zirong’s hands firmly pulled it although he had such slender fingers, and he wouldn’t let go.

With so many people around, Xu Ziyan couldn’t move too much, so he could only give Xu Zirong an angry look.

As if he had noticed his anger, Xu Zirong showed a slightly apologetic smile, then – he still did not let go.

Xu Ziyan turned his head silently, and he burst into tears in her heart. He felt repentful, as it’s all because brother hasn’t been a good role model for you…

He tried his best to ignore the finger that again scratched twice in his palm, Xu Ziyan once again focused his attention on the door of the living room. From a distance, he had already seen Fang Tianyun’s figure, and the man who followed him was a slender, tall man.

“Cultivator Bai?” Xu Ziyan couldn’t help but exclaim when he saw the man’s face more clearly.

Xu Zirong’s pupils shrank suddenly, and the blood pupil appeared for only a second before he suppressed it again.

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