97 Part 1

Chapter 97

“Haha, old Fang, how is it going? You’ve eaten too much, haven’t you?” Jiang Tianxing took advantage of the fight with the red robe man just now, and immediately said so triumphantly.

“Huh, let me just say that, whether it is Jiang Bin or Jiang Ling, even if you want to resist the fireball, it wouldn’t be so easy.” The man in the red robe looked at Jiang Tianxing disdainfully, as if he’s saying, “you’re not from the Jiang family, what are you happy about?”

Jiang Bin and Jiang Ling suddenly felt like having an arrow shot in their knee. They thought, even if they weren’t so strong, uncle Fang Qin didn’t have to say it so honestly?

“Father… why are you doing this again…” Fang Tianyun, who was standing on the side, looked at his father with headache. One side was his father and the other side was his father-in-law, it’s a really difficult position.

“What? Do you still need to teach your dad what to do?” The man in red robe roared and he opened his eyes widely.

“Uncle Fang has his own rationale for doing certain things. I think he wants to test the immediate reaction of the younger generations of Jiang family.” Jiang Ying (f.) covered her lips with a smile, and she tried to make the atmosphere look less embarrassing.

Fang Qin laughed and said, “well, it’s not bad. Ying’er is really the smartest.” After wards, he stared at Fang Tianyun, “bastard, you should really learn from your wife.”

Fang Tianyun nodded helplessly, and after Jiang Ying (f.) heard it, her cheeks blushed.

When Fang Qin finished scolding his son, he turned his head and stared at Xu Ziyan enthusiastically, he looked at him in all angles, which made Xu Ziyan chill all over his body.

What’s up with his filthy way of looking? Hey, I don’t want to do gay things with you!

Fang Qin seemed to be very satisfied with Xu Ziyan, and he rubbed his chin, showing a filthy smile.

He stretched out his hand and was about to slap Xu Ziyan on the shoulders. However, before he touched Xu Ziyan’s body, he heard a snapping sound and there’s a bloody shadow flying over.

“Oh, boy, you have such a bad temper.” Fang Qin flipped his fingertips and there’s a red light shooting out, bumping the red shadow. Although it didn’t destroy the bloody vines, it successfully blocked the attack.

On the other hand, when he was trying to pat on Xu Ziyan’s shoulders, the action was interrupted too. Then, he looked elsewhere and saw Xu Zirong.

“Huh? Little guy, did you make this blood vine?” After some differentiation, Fang Qin found that the blood vine was actually made by Xu Zirong.

Xu Zirong looked at him without any facial expression. The strength of this cultivator in red robe was too strong for him to contend with. Although Xu Zirong was unhappy with his behavior, he didn’t want to make things too harsh now.

“This—senior. It’s not a good habit to attack suddenly. Today, we are here for the preparation of the wedding of the Jiang family. Senior, it’s not so appropriate for you to do so.” Xu Ziyan took a step forward, blocking the man in red robe, and Xu Zirong was behind him.

He didn’t have a good impression of this uncle making this sneaky attack. Also, he looked such a filthy man. He didn’t want such a guy to be attracted by Xu Zirong.

“Hey, hey, young man.” The man in the red robe didn’t force it, he just sighed emotionally. Then, he pulled Jiang Tianxing to leave the arena, while still complaining that there’s no one to fight with him lately and he’d been bored to death.

Fang Tianyun watched his father showing up and disappearing, and he was pretty speechless. He even took away the patriarch of the Jiang family. Fang Tianyun really wanted to find a place to hide when everyone is staring at him…

Fortunately, Jiang Ying (f.) was prepared for the personality of her future father-in-law. She comforted the rest of the Jiang family, and with the efforts of Fang Tianyun, these people finally understood what’d happened, after their patriarch was taken away in front of everyone.

Jiang Bin and Jiang Ling looked at the direction where Fang Qin disappeared with some remaining fear. Secretly, they perceived themselves as the lucky ones, as those were the two guests from Liu Guang sect next to the patriarch. If it were them, they were sure that the situation would get much messier.

“Big Brother!” Fang Tianyun led the other Jiang family members to the living room, and before entering, Fang Tianyun happened to see Fang Tianrui staggering in from outside.

Fang Tianrui raised his head abruptly, and on that face that had always been stiff and serious, it showed a slight sense of panic.

“Big brother, where did you go yesterday?” Fang Tianyun saw that Fang Tianrui’s state seemed quite abnormal, and he hurriedly handed the guests of the Jiang family to Jiang Ying (f.) temporarily. He immediately approached to Fang Tianrui.

Fang Tianrui seemed to have thought of something bad. He looked quite bitter and replied, “no…nowhere.”

Fang Tianyun tightened his eyebrows and stared at Fang Tianrui firmly. He didn’t understand it. Obviously, he was pretty close with his older brother before. However, after the confirmation of the wedding between him and Jiang Ying (f.), his older brother seemed to be hiding from him all the time.

Is there something in the mind of his elder brother?

“Big brother, were you drunk yesterday? The person sent by uncle to look for you said that you were taken away by your friends, but we almost asked all of your friends, yet we didn’t find you.” Fang Tianyun tried to ask carefully.

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