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Chapter 82 Part 1

After saying hello to Big Foot Luo, the two brothers opened two connected quiet rooms in the secluded place of Tianluo Peak.

They didn’t need to prepare anything in the quiet room, just one futon would be enough.

In fact, Xu Zirong really wanted to retreat in the same quiet room with Xu Ziyan. However, there were too many things in his body which he couldn’t explain well to Xu Ziyan, and he was also worried that when he was cultivating, his breath of Blood Sea Heart Sutra would cause an inappropriate association to his brother.

After finishing all the chores, Xu Ziyan refused to look at Xu Zirong’s reluctant expression, and he completely closed the entrance of the quiet room. Then, he began his first long closed-door cultivation after he arrived the cultivation world.

One day in the middle of the mountain, while there has already been a thousand years on earth…

When Xu Ziyan woke up again, although he had kind of expected it, he was still surprised that five years had passed already.

It’s five years…

It’s not a very long time, but it’s not a short period either, it could already make an elegant teenager grow into someone with gorgeous appearance.

It was like waking from up a dream at first. When Xu Ziyan just woke up, he didn’t even realize that such a long time had passed, but he discovered that his hair seemed to grow a lot longer, and his body was even covered with dust.

What immediately followed was a loud bang, and the stone door of the closed quiet room was broken, a slim, slender figure rushed over and threw himself into Xu Ziyan’s arms—

“Brother, you’re finally out.”

The clear voice of the teenager had replaced his childishness, however…

Xu Ziyan was stunned by this coquettish beauty in his arms, and he couldn’t speak for a long while…

Damn, who’s this?

Wait a minute, how come this person looked like his brother? Even their styles and senses were so similar?

“Zirong?” Xu Ziyan asked with a bit of doubt.

“Brother…” Xu Zirong pouted and looked at Xu Ziyan sadly.

Xu Ziyan was horrified. Damn it, before he closed his eyes, this guy was still a short teenager, how could he grow so big and so quickly? Judging from his height, weight and his gorgeous face that had totally grown, this was exactly the adult version of Xu Zirong!

God, give me back my lovely brother!!! Where’s my little Zirong???

Xu Ziyan felt sad and angry at the same time. Ever since he transmigrated, he had made up his mind to raise Xu Zirong well, and just before he had enough fun of it, Xu Zirong had already grown up in the blink of an eye! How unscientific was that?!

“Brother…don’t you like Zirong anymore?” Xu Zirong bit his lower lip and looked at Xu Ziyan with tears in his eyes.

Xu Ziyan was stunned. Okay, he admitted that he didn’t hate the adult version of Zirong, but he couldn’t really accept the fact that the little and naïve boy had turned into an attractive man in such a short time. This was such a big difference.

“It’s okay…it’s just that…why did you grow up all of a sudden?” After all, Xu Zirong was still his little brother, Xu Ziyan stroked his head out of his old habit.


Xu Zirong’s eyes looked more sorrowful, “brother, have you realized how long you’ve been cultivating?”

“Uh…” Xu Ziyan froze for a moment. His original plan was to do it for half a year, but during the course, he had been studying the nine changes of Purple Night, the Green Night Divine Thunder in his Dantian, ​​and how to devour Purple Night Divine Thunder. Naturally, it took a long time to study these things, and he became obsessed with it unknowingly…he had no idea how long he’d been cultivating.

“How long had I been cultivating?” Xu Ziyan asked with guilt.

Xu Zirong kept silent, but the grief in his eyes was so full that Xu Ziyan almost felt drowned…

“Brother… You had been cultivating for five years.” Xu Zirong stretched out a hand and shook in front of Xu Ziyan’s eyes.

“Five years!!!” Xu Ziyan was shocked, “how is it possible?!”

Xu Zirong didn’t say anything, but he just stood up straight and took Xu Ziyan’s hand to compare his height.

Xu Ziyan became speechless immediately. With such an obvious change, everyone could see it.

In his eyes, there was also an inexplicable confusion, and Xu Ziyan had a dream-like feeling at this moment. Although the original body in his memory were once closed for ten or twenty years, he never thought of trying it again in this life. Maybe he would still need a long period of closed-door cultivation to break through when he encountered a bottleneck in the future, however…that’s not his plan at that moment!


No matter what his initial expectations were, the fact that he was seeing represented his mistakes, which made Zirong masterless for the entire five years. The memories that he had about this place had stayed before the cultivation, and at that time, Big Foot Luo was very cold to Xu Zirong.

Without his brother’s care and the fact that his master was cold to him, Xu Ziyan could draw the conclusion that Zirong had been neglected during these five years.

He had realized that Zirong always liked to stick to him, and it’s also a kind of insecurity.

What about the consequences? Well, he had disappeared for five years, and he had no idea how much sadness Zirong had to endure.

“Zirong…this has been very hard for you.” Xu Ziyan was filled with guilt in his heart. Out of habit, he held Zirong in his arms and stroked his long hair gently.

As Xu Zirong had grown taller, this familiar action had become a little awkward. Xu Zirong quickly adjusted his posture so that Xu Ziyan could find that familiar feeling quickly…

While burying his head in his elder brother’s

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