Chapter 250

Everyone, including Xu Ziyan, saw the fist-sized mosquitoes rushing towards each other with blood-red eyes, and everyone felt their scalp tingle.

Xu Ziyan took the time to look down, and the gravel after the ground cracked was completely invisible, leaving only a bottomless pit. Even now, he had not heard the sound of the gravel falling to the ground. It was conceivable that if one fell to such a depth, it would be good enough to die without a full corpse.

Ah, no, there were still so many mosquitoes, there wouldn’t be anything left for them…

“Go!” Seeing that the crowd of mosquitoes was getting closer, Xu Ziyan shouted loudly, and he was shooting several lightning bolts from his hands.

Xu Zirong flipped his fingers, and dozens of seeds of different sizes turned into buds, and they soon surrounded the front army of mosquitoes.

Le Hu slashed with his sword in all directions, the breath of sword flew around and swarms of mosquitoes fell.

Xia Rongsheng was holding a primordial umbrella, which was colorful and changing constantly, and the mosquitoes that rushed towards him turned around in a daze.

Mao Da and Mao Er once again used the big shield, but this time it was only used for defense, and it did not stimulate the tiger’s roar. Mao Da was defending, while a small tower on Mao Er’s hand flew up, and hundreds of thin needles the size of cow hair shot at the crowd of mosquitoes from the eaves of the small tower.

Wei Qing’s fire spells were extremely damaging to these mosquitoes. He was cooperating with Xu Zirong, and their single attack could knock out at least tens of thousands of mosquitoes. However, there were simply too many mosquitoes, and there was even an endless army of mosquitoes behind, constantly supplementing them.

After several waves of attacks, Xu Ziyan frowned.

Although this group of mosquitoes couldn’t kill them at present, such continuous attacks were a big test for their spiritual power.

There were a lot of medicinal pills on them, and even the nourishing pills couldn’t help them to restore all the spiritual power. Also, after consuming a lot of nourishing pills at one time, they would increase the erysipelas in their body exponentially, causing a big hindrance to their cultivation in the future.

“No way, there are too many mosquitoes, fly down!” Xu Ziyan raised his hand, and five more lightning bolts shot out.

His thunder spells were extremely powerful against a single target, but they couldn’t create a very good effect on such monsters that were in large number. Therefore, he simply relied on the flying speed of Aurora and swooped down towards the cave below. Instead of wasting spiritual power there, it’d be better to explore the way for everyone first.

“Let’s retreat!” Mao Da and Mao Er shouted at the same time, and the others immediately stopped and rushed down behind Xu Ziyan.

Their pressure suddenly increased, but with that shield, there was no danger in a short time.

Xu Ziyan’s Aurora was extremely fast, and within a few breaths he could no longer be seen.

Xu Zirong followed closely, and with the help of the blood contract, he could easily find his brother’s direction.

Seeing that everyone disappeared into the depths of the cave, Mao Da and Mao Er used the tiger roar again, instantly eliminating a large number of mosquitoes in front of him. Then, they quickly put away the big shields, chasing after Xia Rongsheng and the others as if they could fly…

The army of mosquitoes, who had been molested so badly, of course refused to let go of such delicious food. They chased after flapping their wings, but it didn’t take long for the mosquitoes at the front to stop suddenly and buzzed angrily for a while. Then, they simply turned and flew upwards.

The remaining mosquitoes flew out of a 180-degree turn as if they had received some signal and left. After a while, the cave became extremely quiet and nobody could hear mosquitoes flapping their wings anymore.

“It’s safe here!” Xu Ziyan flew down for a while, but he never saw the bottom of the cave. Fortunately, on the rock wall, he found a hole several feet high.

The inside of the cave was dark and it’s without a trace of light. He hesitated for a while whether he should enter the cave or explore the bottom, and he finally chose the cave.

Although he was fighting just now, he was still distracted by the sound of the gravel falling to the ground. Unfortunately, until now, he had not had the expected result, which means that the cave was much deeper than he imagined…

Instead of going down to explore a cave of unknown depth, it would be better to choose to enter the entrance of the cave. As long as the entrance was sealed, those mosquitoes wouldn’t be able to enter and they would then be safe.

He released a lightning ball towards the entrance of the cave. Using the light emitted by the lightning ball, Xu Ziyan briefly checked the cave.

The entrance of the cave was very clean, and there were no traces of monsters living there. The depths of the cave were pitch-dark and he couldn’t see it clearly. However, Xu Ziyan could feel wind blowing in his face.

If there was wind, it means there was an exit. Without a better choice, Xu Ziyan could only choose to enter there.

After the group entered the cave and sealed the entrance, they breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed a little.

After looking at each other, except for Mao Da and Mao Er, who used a big move before recovering from their injuries, everyone seemed fine.

“We’re in good luck.” Xu Ziyan said lightly.

“I hope that this can last.” Xia Rongsheng smiled wryly.

It had only been a few hours since they entered the secret door, but he had already experienced two life-and-death crises. Although he safely lived through them, he wasn’t sure whether he could walk out alive if this intensity of attack continued.

“Let’s take a rest here. Mao Da and Mao Er, you guys should also take this opportunity to heal. No one will know what’s going to happen, but it’s safer to prepare.” Xu Ziyan said.

Mao Da and Mao Er also started healing themselves. Their level of cultivation was the lowest and they consumed a lot of power. If they didn’t heal on time, then they would fail in the upcoming battles.

Casual cultivators would never ignore their own safety for face, so they immediately started healing themselves once instructed by Xu Ziyan.

When Mao Da and Mao Er were healing themselves, Xu Ziyan and Xia Rongsheng analyzed carefully the peculiar points of the True Dragon maze.

Whether it was the secret door opened by blood, the half-soul hidden in the murals of Liu Guang sect, or even the blood-sucking mosquitoes that came in groups later, all of them proved that this secret door was by no means a safe way out, but a path to limitless danger.

“It seems that entering this secret door may not be a good choice.” Xu Ziyan said with a wry smile.

Wei Qing raised his eyebrows, “well, it’s a choice. If we choose to stay in that sealed hall, we wouldn’t be sure what changes we’d face either and it might not be better than now.”

Xia Rongsheng smiled, “in that situation, entering the secret door was the only option. Besides, since we are all still alive, it is better than those who are already dead.”

Xu Ziyan smiled again. Indeed, compared to those cultivators who died in the maze, they were already very lucky. These casual cultivators had long been accustomed to earning for a living on the edge of a knife, no matter it’s a secret realm or a maze, a lot of cultivators were dead.

And the most important thing would be to survive now!

After about half an hour, the injuries of Mao Da and Mao Er were basically under control. In such a perilous environment, it was purely a dream to want to completely heal. One should already be grateful to retain his combat power and not to drag each other behind.

“Let’s go!” Xu Ziyan patted the dust on his body and walked out first.

Xu Zirong followed closely behind, holding dozens of different seeds in his palms, keeping his state ready.

After walking not too far, Xu Ziyan suddenly stopped.

He listened carefully, and after a while, he turned his head suspiciously, “have you heard any strange sounds?”

Everyone was shocked, and they quickly distinguished carefully, but in this passage, , there was nothing unusual apart from the whirring of the wind.

Noticing other people’s expressions, Xu Ziyan frowned, did he hear it wrong?

Just as he was about to take a few steps forward, Xu Zirong suddenly stopped him.


“There is indeed a voice.” Xu Zirong slowly narrowed his eyes, looking ahead vigilantly.

Although their divine consciousness was also suppressed, a golden core cultivator could still detect things much better than one of Qi condensation and he would also notice danger more easily.

“What’s the sound?” Xia Rongsheng asked cautiously.

“The sound of clack, clack, it’s like…” Xu Ziyan tried to recall what kind of things would make a similar sound, but before he could think of it, he noticed that Xu Zirong’s facial expression suddenly changed.

“We need to get back!”

Before he finished speaking, Xu Zirong had already pulled Xu Ziyan a few feet away. The rest of the people also responded very quickly, and without Xu Zirong’s reminder, they had already followed them back.

“What is it?” Xu Ziyan continued asking as he was being pulled away.

“If I guessed correctly, it should be a spider type of monster.” Xu Zirong said with a sullen face.

Xu Ziyan was stunned for a moment, “a spider type of monster? We can beat it, right?”

Xu Zirong was still showing a worried look, “I heard a similar kind of voice before, and the environment here…believe me, you don’t want to see that kind of ‘spider’.”

Xia Rongsheng moved in his heart and touched the wall with his fingers.

The original dry cave was covered with water droplets at some point, and it felt wet and sticky to the hands.

For some unknown reason, Xia Rongsheng also turned pale and he ran faster. In this relatively narrow passage, it was basically impossible to fly with one’s swords and they could only rely on their feet to escape.

The clicking sound in the distance was getting louder and louder, and even Wei Qing and Le Hu could hear it clearly.

Although they didn’t know where the clicking sound came from, the action of Xu Zirong and Xia Rongsheng alone was an important warning sign.

“What about the other side of the cave? Those blood-sucking mosquitoes…” Xu Ziyan interrupted Xu Ziyan before he finished speaking, and he announced loudly, “this is the site of the human-faced spider, and those blood-sucking mosquitoes would definitely not dare to come. Wei Qing, Le Hu, open the entrance!”

Wei Qing and Le Hu came out in response, one cast a spell, and the other was covered in golden light, turning into a huge golden figure, and rammed directly forward with his body.


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