Chapter 282

When Xi Yanliu saw the expression of the woman in blue yarn, she felt relieved instantly. Someone finally knew her feelings!

The woman bit her lower lip with her teeth, her eyes seemed resentful and miserable, and she said softly, “I also want to leave here, but as you all know, there is a blood dragon in this cave, and it lives right at the exit. None of us can get out if we don’t kill it.”

“You want to join forces with us?” Xu Ziyan immediately understood what the woman meant.

The woman nodded, “like you guys, I also want to leave here alive, but the blood dragon is simply too powerful. I can’t beat it at all, but you guys still have some strength. If we unite, we may have a chance of winning. ”

Xu Ziyan lowered his head and thought for a while, then looked at Xu Zirong and communicated with him with the blood contract. He nodded at the woman, “okay, let’s decide then…”

“We’re fine with this!” Xu Ziyan suddenly shouted, and a purple spiritual thunder arrow pierced straight into the face of the woman.

Xu Zirong tapped his fingertips, and countless grass that was as sharp as blades spun and cut around the woman, instantly severing her skirt, leaving bloodstains on her pale and smooth legs.

The rest of them waited for a moment, and soon, Wei Qing’s fire dragon, Le Hu’s tiger roar, and others’ attacks all rushed towards her.

This sudden blow stunned the woman immediately.

“Damn it!” Her eyes were wide open, her beautiful face turned bluish due to extreme anger, showing a sense of hideousness.

She flipped her hands, and blue butterflies flew out from her bun. They flew towards everyone like fallen leaves.

“Be careful of these butterflies, they have a strong delusional effect!” Xu Ziyan’s eyes tightened and he quickly reminded them.

Everyone was shocked, and they cast expelling spells one by one, isolating all those seemingly weak butterflies from their bodies.

“How would you know?!” The woman screamed. It’s supposed to be the most powerful trick of hers, anyone who’d seen it was killed. How would this person know in advance?!

Xu Ziyan sneered and thought, “not only do I know that you cannot get used to these butterflies, I also know that you are proficient in the art of dual cultivation, and the blue crystal just now is the treasure that caused us to fall into the illusion – the magic water spiritual crystal!

Coincidentally, if this woman hadn’t taken out the crystal, Xu Ziyan might not have known her identity. After all, it was only mentioned in the novel that the female cultivator proficient in replenishing had good looks, but the real person still seemed so different.

It’s a pity that this face-devouring monster was so unlucky. Why would it choose to possess the body of the notorious female villain from the Nine Fragrance Pavilion?

She was actually an important prop for Bai Hua to improve his level of cultivation, and the descriptions of plots related to her were relatively detailed. Her props were specially used to create all kinds of ecstasy fantasy – the Magic Water Spiritual Crystal.

╮(╯_╰)╭ If this face-devouring monster didn’t act in such a high profile, there would be no need for Xu Ziyan to reveal her identity in that manner.

A natural treasure like the Magic Water Spiritual Crystal would have the effect of repelling filthy stuff. It was for this reason that the crystal became dim after its outer layer of light was broken, and Xu Ziyan also found some loopholes at this critical moment. After combining with everything else that Zuo Shen had previously told him, he was pretty determined that the woman was already possessed by the face-devouring monster.

The woman in the blue yarn—who should be called Miss Face Devouring now—didn’t know what Xu Ziyan was thinking. She was so shocked that her identity got revealed so easily.

It’s a pity that Xu Ziyan didn’t want to explain it to her at all. He was extremely fast in his moves, and the continuous thunder spiritual arrows almost formed a line in the air.

The face-devouring monster only reached the later stage of Qi condensation, and it only happened after she forcibly swallowed a large amount of medicinal pills. She was besieged by these people, including two cultivators of golden cores. If she couldn’t rely on her delusional butterflies a bit, she would have been killed by now.

Unfortunately, this face-devouring monster had limited spiritual power. If she could still escape under the siege of so many people, Xu Ziyan might as well die…

In just the time of burning one stick of incense, this face-devouring monster started showing signs of failure. After her legs were heavily injured after being cut again and again, an arrow was shot through her face, making one of her eyes blind.

That gorgeous face now looked terrifying because it was covered in blood, and her only remaining eye stared at Xu Ziyan viciously.

“Don’t look at me like that.” Xu Ziyan raised his eyebrows, “you should have anticipated this day when you were possessing a cultivator. Do you really think that we’ll still live with you in harmony after revealing your identity?”

The face-devouring monster screamed, “I only wanted to kill the blood dragon with you, that’s all!”

Xu Ziyan nodded calmly, “I know. But I don’t believe you.”

The pupils of the monster shrank suddenly.

Xu Ziyan continued coldly, “you face-devouring clan can change bodies at any time. I am pretty sure that we’re all just bodies for backup in your perspective.”

The face-devouring monster pursed her lips tightly and she no longer refuted. She was just attacking, while staring at Xu Ziyan in an extremely terrifying way, “you’re very smart.”

Xu Ziyan shrugged, “it’s just that I happen to understand your characteristics. We will have to leave fate to decide whether you can have us as sacrifice!”

The face-devouring monster squinted her eyes slyly and sneered, “you’ll soon find out!” As soon as she said so, she suddenly raised her head and screamed, and a very strange whistling sound came out of her throat.


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