Chapter 281

After walking for a while, the man in black suddenly stepped down and said in a low voice, “it looks like something is wrong.”

When everyone heard so, they became alert again, while Xu Zirong squatted on the ground with a solemn expression, checking the traces on the ground.

After a few breaths, he stood up and said in a calm tone, “we’ve been trapped.”

“What?” the crowd exclaimed.

“What’s going on?” Xu Ziyan asked.

Xu Zirong pointed to the traces on the ground, “this is the place we have passed by just now, unless it’s that person—” He raised his chin toward the man in black, “who deliberately led us around, otherwise we wouldn’t have turned back.”

Xu Ziyan immediately recalled the route he had just walked, and shook his head, “according to the way we just walked, we were going forward all the time. It’s impossible that we are going back.”

“That’s why I said—” Xu Zirong spread out his hands, “we’ve been trapped, and I don’t know when we actually walked into a delusional array.”

“A delusional array?” Xu Ziyan’s face suddenly turned cold. In this cave, apart from the monsters, there were only the cultivators who came in with them. The monsters would definitely not make any arrays. That is to say, it must have been a human cultivator creating troubles for them.

“Zirong, do you think you can solve this?” Xu Ziyan turned to look at Xu Zirong.

He didn’t know why the cultivator brought them into the delusional array, but it was definitely with bad intentions. If it’s the case, then they’d certainly fight back!

We’ll break whatever arrays you’ve set! See, we’ve got a master here! (Proud look of Xu Ziyan)

Xu Zirong hooked his lips and looked around.

While he was looking for a way to break the array, the rest of them looked very cautious, as they were sure that it was someone extraordinary who’d lured them into this array without a trace.

Unfortunately, after a while, Xu Zirong raised his head solemnly and shook his head gently at Xu Ziyan, “the person who set up this array must be an extremely talented one, as I can’t even find any clues about it.”

Xu Zirong’s response immediately shocked everyone. He’d be the one who knew the most among all of them. If he couldn’t do anything about it, wouldn’t it mean that they would be stuck there forever?

Even delusional arrays could be changed constantly. If their opponent suddenly turned it into one that could kill, then would they still escape from the cave alive?

“Hmph! Just a small trick!” The man in black was rather dismissive of Xu Zirong’s words.

With a sudden turn of his wrist, his huge black epee suddenly burst out with a strange bloody color, and then a bright red sword light shot from the epee, hitting the wall beside them fiercely.


With a muffled sound, the rock wall in that place burst apart, revealing a faint layer of light blue water behind it.

“Huh?” Xu Ziyan’s eyes suddenly lit up when he saw the layer of water net behind the rock wall.

Then, he saw that the rock wall was restored to its original state by the moisturizing of the water network, and there was not even a trace of it left.

The man in black made a strike, but it didn’t bring any effect. He wanted to try again, but was immediately stopped by Xu Ziyan.

“Senior, you don’t need to do this. I’ve got a solution.” Xu Ziyan said with a smile.

The man in black snorted coldly, put the sword back into his scabbard, and stood with his arms folded over his chest without saying anything. It’s as if he also wanted to know what means Xu Ziyan had got.

Everyone’s attention was focused on Xu Ziyan, only Xu Zirong glanced at the man in black lightly. That sharp gaze made him suffocate…

=Dish= I really want to kill this kid!

The man in black bit his lower lip fiercely and turned his face away silently. His right hand kept trembling, and there was even a little blood flowing out.

He felt extremely sad. The blood sword demon who once dominated the entire Xuan Yu realm now had to take such laborious effort to use a sword. He couldn’t imagine what would happen if he couldn’t regain his whole strength…

“Ziyan, do you have any good ideas?” Le Hu was in a hurry and asked first.

Xu Ziyan smiled, “um, I think I’ve figured out the way to break the array.”

“Really!?” Le Hu was thrilled.

“Of course, breaking it is actually very simple, but we need to consider the stuff that comes afterwards.”

Le Hu frowned, “what do you mean?”

Xu Ziyan looked up thoughtfully, “don’t forget the reason why we entered this delusional array. I think someone is watching us right now.”

Le Hu immediately got it. He smiled hideously and made sounds with his fists, “of course I’m interested to talk to this person since he dared to keep me here.”

Xu Ziyan glanced at Wei Qing with a strange expression and replied half-jokingly, “I’m afraid that Wei Qing won’t accept that.”

Wei Qing raised his eyebrows, as if he’d understood something.

Le Hu shook his head vigorously, “well, fine. Just break the damn array already. I really want to know who’s capable to trap all of us together!”

Xu Ziyan smiled slightly, suddenly bent down on the ground and dug a small hole the size of the mouth of a bowl, then stretched his arm into it.

The rest of them looked at his behavior with confusion, but they were surprised to find that all the surrounding rock walls, including the soil above their heads and under their feet, had become a layer of blue water net.

“It’s so beautiful.” The righteous girl looked at the dreamy blue color. She almost couldn’t help reaching out to touch it. Fortunately, Mao Da was quick enough to pull her back immediately, “don’t you want to live anymore? Why did you touch it without knowing what it is?”

The righteous girl retreated and felt regretful for her reckless behavior. It was strange enough, as she was usually quite careful, but when she saw the water net, she felt instinctively attracted by something which made her stretch out her hand.

Just when everyone was attracted by the surrounding water net, Xu Ziyan quietly retracted the small tree root that was sticking out from his sleeve.

The little tree in Mr. Little Square made a hiccup with contentment, and it no longer felt resentful about not being able to eat the Five-Elemental Condensed Dew. It even excitedly waved the small tree branch, breathed a sigh of relief and placed a light blue water-type spiritual fruit on the tree.

Xu Ziyan: →. →, I certainly didn’t raise this foodie, it’s certainly not me…

“Let’s attack together with that crystal!” Xu Ziyan searched around according to the plot in the novel, and sure enough, in a relatively secret corner, he found a prismatic blue crystal.

Everyone seemed to be suddenly awakened by his cry. They quickly concentrated and used various spells on the blue crystal.

With a snap, the blue light on the outer layer of the crystal shattered, and the crystal turned back into a blue stone. Although it was also blue, it no longer had that dreamlike light. Instead, the color turned dim, which was even much inferior to ordinary gems.

Just as the light from the outer layer of the blue crystal disappeared, the figure of a woman was revealed.

It was a beautiful woman, and a piece of blue soft yarn was tightly wrapped around her, revealing the red tube top inside. Her figure was enchanting, her big watery eyes looked sentimental, and her full red lips turned into a dazzling blood color, making her look exceptionally pitiful.

“My fellow cultivators, I just want to discuss with you, why is this so…” The woman asked softly.

Xu Zirong immediately stood in front of his brother and sneered, “discuss? Then why did you trap us into this array? Were you actually planning to have us all killed if we hadn’t discovered this earlier?”

Xu Ziyan, whose vision was blocked by Xu Zirong’s bun:  …

(╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻ , is there really a need to sound so exaggerated?! I’ve seen countless naked women in my life, and you’re still so worried that I’d be seduced!

Xu Zirong glanced back resentfully, and silently conveyed a message through their blood contract, “has my brother seen a lot of naked women before?”

Xu Ziyan: _(:з”∠)_, damn it, it slipped from my mouth too fast.

Xu Zirong looked at her brother with a sweet smile and he seemed to be saying, “it’s okay brother, we’ll talk about this later when we get out.”

Xu Ziyan: …, there’s something bad going on, my axx won’t be safe…

“Fellow cultivators, you’ve misunderstood me…” The woman in soft yarn said miserably, “I was just trying to be careful.”

“Don’t believe her!” Before Xu Zirong spoke, Zuo Shen, who was standing at the back, took a step forward and looked at the woman coldly, “she is the one who led us into the monster trap!”

Thunder light flashed between Xu Ziyan’s fingers, and Xu Zirong instantly hit the woman with a blood vine.

The rest of the people also started to fight, even Xi Yanliu released her attack on the woman with a cold face, each one hitting her beautiful face…

While fighting, Xi Yanliu felt a strange sense of satisfaction rising from the bottom of her heart – there’s utterly no use for you to be so beautiful. Everyone her is a homo, and no one will look at you even if you get naked!

“Fellow cultivators!” The woman with blue yarn looked anxious, “I was also forced at the time. And I only released the array just now. I haven’t attacked you at all!”

“It’s just that you didn’t have enough time!” Xu Zirong responded coldly, and he drew the blood vines in his hands towards the opponent without mercy, and most of them were targeted at the face.

Xu Zirong: All those who try to seduce my brother must die! =皿=

The facial expression of the woman changed abruptly, and she no longer maintained her pitiful demeanor. She shouted with all her strength, “stop! Don’t you want to go out anymore?”

“Wait a minute!” Xu Zirong immediately stopped the others’ attacks, put away the blood vine in his hand, and looked at her coldly, “what exactly do you want?”

The woman in blue yarn gasped for breath, her full breasts kept pounding, and even her face blushed a few times because of the vigorous exercise just now, which looked really moving.

Xu Zirong’s eyes turned cold, “you still want to seduce us at this time?”

The woman in blue yarn froze for a moment and looked at Xu Zirong sadly. She was pretty sure that all men would be attracted by beautiful female cultivators, so why would these guys be so different?


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