Chapter 280

It’s a pity – he lowered his head and looked at his slightly trembling right hand, and his expression was a little gloomy.

Although the internal injuries with his body were no longer fatal after the slow treatment several years ago, his right hand was too badly injured and he couldn’t hold his sword.

He would need at least 10 years of rest to return to his normal state…

Thinking of this, he pursed his lips. So many years had passed by like this. Where would that person be now?

No one noticed the silence of the man in black. After Xu Ziyan checked the talisman, he returned it to the righteous girl.

As the disciple of that powerful sword cultivator, only the righteous girl could exert the greatest strength of that talisman.

After she took out the life-saving talisman, Xi Yanliu also took the initiative to give out a set of 18 parent-son soul-devouring needles left by her master.

This needle was as thin as an ox’s hair, and it caused almost no spiritual fluctuations when it was used. It was definitely a wonderful thing for sneak attack!

However, as soon as she took it out, everyone looked differently. If Xi Yanliu used this thing to plot against them, wouldn’t they all die?

Xi Yanliu was very upset by everyone’s gaze and she snorted coldly, “what are you guys looking at? I could only drive five of this set of soul-devouring needles with all my strength, and I can kill at most two people. At that time, I will be killed by the remaining ones…do you think I’m that stupid?”

Everyone looked at each other and they felt relieved. Since she could take this thing out, it meant that she wouldn’t betray them before defeating the blood dragon, but no one could tell what might happen afterwards…

Since everyone was prepared, how could they be tricked by this kind of thing?

The Mao brothers contributed a small magic seal. When they took it out, it instantly gave off a strong aura, and the two golden words on it were so shiny that it became difficult to look at them.

Xia Rongsheng saw that everyone had contributed their treasure, so he could only helplessly smile, “I don’t have any magic weapon, but I have a secret skill that can transform into the golden body of a demon-subduing Arhat. Although the duration will be short, it could still release a few tricks. It’s only that… After I use this trick, I will enter a weak state almost instantly. I might be dead if the blood dragon is still alive at that time.”

“It doesn’t matter. As long as you are in the Nine-Natal Thunder Array, I can transfer you to another place and let someone else in good condition take on the task of defense.” Xu Zirong suggested decisively.

Le Hu took out a string of wooden beads given by Wei Ying. There were 18 beads in total, which could withstand the full blow of a nascent soul cultivator for 18 times. It’s the best defensive weapon ever.

As for Xu Ziyan, he simply asked Little Greenie to take its little brother out for some fresh air, and everyone had their jaw dropped.

Never had they heard of anyone cultivating Purple Night Divine Thunder, let alone a group of them!

The thickest one was very spiritual. After Xu Ziyan released it, it instantly went around everyone in a circle, showing off its power…

It must be their illusion!

After combining the treasures of everyone, the Xu brothers began to bury their heads in analyzing how to deal with the blood dragon.

There was no doubt that once the blood dragon showed up, Xu Ziyan would be the main one attacking it. In addition to the effect of the Purple Night Divine Thunder, which had the effect of destroying the evil, it was also because Xu Ziyan had the highest level of cultivation among all. Furthermore, thunder-type spells would be the best attacking spells.

As for the man in black…

Xu Zirong didn’t think that a person, who had been frozen for thousands of years, could regain his combat power immediately after he was defrosted. He would be thankful if they weren’t held back by him!

Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong studied for a long time, and finally came up with a plan that gave everyone enough confidence.

Of course, no one was sure how everyone’s strength would be when they really saw the blood dragon, as no one really knew how powerful that blood dragon was.

“Okay, let’s go!” Xu Ziyan took a deep breath, looked at the serious-looking people around him and said in a low voice.

The rest of them nodded, and the man in black took the lead, raised his hand and showed his sword. A dazzling bloody light blasted away the stones blocking the end of the passage.

As soon as the hole was opened, a pale silver light shone in from the opening. Before everyone could enjoy this long-lost light, they were shocked by a strong smell of blood. They reckoned there must have been hundreds of people’s blood, forming such a strong smell.

Everyone was taken aback, and their spiritual energy was fluctuating all over their bodies. They started with their defensive moves, as none of them wanted to be ambushed by the blood dragon.

“No…” Xu Zirong suddenly raised his hand to stop everyone’s attacks, “this is not the right smell!”

The man in black squinted his eyes, raised his head and sniffed the air. A hint of suspicion flashed in his eyes, “it’s not human blood.”

Xu Zirong nodded. He was extremely sensitive to the smell of blood. He was also surprised by that rich bloody smell, but he’d noticed the difference after careful identification.

“I’ll take a look.” Zuo Shen suggested proactively. In terms of exploration, there was an unmatched advantage with his phantom.

“Be careful.” Xu Ziyan instructed.

Zuo Shen nodded, and he drove two very light-colored phantoms from the Hundred Ghost Banner.

These two little phantoms were like human shadows, silently landing to the ground. Their dull colors formed an excellent camouflage on the ground. If Zuo Shen didn’t call them out, Xu Ziyan might not see them either.

The two shadows stuck to the ground and passed through the opening of the cave extremely quickly, and came to the outside space.

Zuo Shen closed his eyes and focused, and his fingers kept releasing spells, as if he was controlling the two little phantoms to explore constantly.

After about the time of having a cup of tea, the two little phantoms returned and re-entered the Hundred Ghost Banners. Zuo Shen raised his head at this time, his eyes full of puzzlement.

“There’s no danger outside. They’re all corpses of black-tailed rats. But these corpses are strange. It seems that each one is missing a part, and it’s missing in different places.”

Xu Ziyan raised his eyebrows, “let’s go, let’s have a look together.”

He walked out of the cave first, and as Zuo Shen said, there were black-tailed rat corpses everywhere.

It seemed that the black-tailed rats had taken the place as their nests. The number of them was just shocking.

At this time, this huge black-tailed rat family had been completely exterminated, including some young mice that hadn’t fully grown. All the black-tailed rats were divided into several pieces by sharp tools. Their blood had already flowed all over the stone room, and it even spread along the entrance of the room toward the door.

Xu Ziyan picked a few rats at random and looked at them. As Zuo Shen said, although these rats were cut into pieces, they could still see that some parts of their bodies were missing.

Some of these were forelimbs, some were hind limbs, and for some rats, the entire torso was missing.

However, Xu Ziyan also discovered that the heads of these black-tailed rats were all left, as if the people who killed the rats didn’t need their heads.

“What’s going on?” Xu Ziyan couldn’t help but mutter to himself. Although there were fights among monsters too, their main purpose was to fill their stomach.

That is to say, if these rats were killed by monsters, the bodies of would definitely be taken away as food and would not remain there at all.

But this didn’t look like something a cultivator would do.

First, there were not many cultivators still living in this cave. Even if there were cultivators left in other places, Xu Ziyan didn’t think that the other party had the strength to completely kill an entire group of black-tailed rats.

Secondly, if a cultivator did it, he would have no reason to take the limbs of the rats. It’s not like those parts were tastier and he kept them for a meal later.

Xu Ziyan thought about it for a long time and couldn’t come up with a reasonable conclusion, so he just stopped thinking about it. Anyway, their goal was to get out of the place, not to become a detective. What’s the use of knowing who killed these rats? Were they going to take revenge for the rats?

“Never mind, let’s go! We have to hurry up and find the way out.” Xu Ziyan took his eyes off the corpses of those weird black-tailed rats, turned and walked out of the entrance.

The man in black cooperated and led the way in front. Although they were very cautious when walking out, they were still relatively fast. Also, Xu Ziyan knew that it’s the right way judging from the terrain.

Along the way, they saw a few more strange and exterminated groups like black-tailed rats.

Similarly, blood was dripping everywhere in these places, and a large number of monsters’ limbs disappeared.

Xu Ziyan frowned even more tightly. Although they had not encountered the blood dragon’s attack until now, for some reason, Xu Ziyan always felt that a pair of eyes was watching him in the dark, making him shiver.

“Who is it?!” Xu Ziyan jumped up suddenly, and a purple lightning beam shot from his fingertips to a corner not far behind him.

With a loud bang, the purple thunder made a large piece of the rock wall explode, and the rest of the crowd acted with alert. After waiting for a while, they found no trace of the enemy except for the dust and gravel all over the ground.

“Brother, what’s wrong?” Xu Zirong asked hurriedly. His divine consciousness had been expanded to the maximum, but nothing was found.

Xu Ziyan narrowed his eyes. Could it be an illusion?

He shook his head and responded gently, “It’s fine.”

Everyone restrained their breath and set off again, following behind the man in black, looking for a way out.

No one noticed that between the cracks of the rock wall that Xu Ziyan had smashed, a few pieces of bright red minced meat slowly squirmed together, forming a very small worm. The compound eyes of the worm were staring at the direction where the group was heading to, then flapped its wings and disappeared into another passage.

While they continued their way, Xu Ziyan’s reaction reminded everyone to stay alert and keep an eye for attacks from the darkness.


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