Chapter 251

With a loud bang, the entrance that had just been blocked for a short time was smashed open. After jumping out of the hole, the two instantly rose up with their swords and looked around vigilantly.

It turned out that Xu Zirong’s speculation was correct. Outside the cave, there was not even a shadow of a blood-sucking mosquito. There was a very clear division of territory between different kinds of monsters. Unless the group of blood-sucking mosquitoes planned to work together to kill this group of human face spiders, they would never dare to enter the vicinity without authorization.

After Wei Qing and Le Hu jumped out of the hole, Xia Rongsheng, Mao Da and Mao Er also jumped out, and the Xu brothers naturally jumped out at the end. After they jumped on the flying sword, the huge clicking sound was approaching the entrance of the cave.

“Everyone, retreat!” Xia Rongsheng shouted, everyone moved in response and flew upwards more than ten feet away.

Wei Qing released more than a dozen fireballs again, which instantly lit up this small area.

They saw that the entrance they had just entered was covered by a layer of dark ‘tide water’ in a very short while, and with the entrance as the center, it quickly spread like the rock walls around the cave.

Xu Ziyan took a closer look and frowned. The ‘tide water’ turned out to be a group of black spiders the size of human heads. These spiders quickly covered a large rock wall like a tide, and turned all the surrounding rock walls black.

“It’s disgusting.” Mao Da and Mao Er looked at the black spiders and showed a look of disgust.

This ugly monster was even more disgusting than the blood-sucking mosquito, it’s with three compound eyes on its head, and eight slender chelipeds covered with a layer of black hair.

“This is just a primary-grade human-faced spider…” Xu Ziyan looked at the spiders and felt itchy all over his body, he could not wait to step back.

He didn’t suffer from trypophobia, but he still felt disgusted when staring at the spiders like tide water.

“Be careful of them spitting!” Xu Zirong shouted loudly, pulling his brother up a dozen feet.

He saw that the group of spiders covering the rock wall opened their mouthparts together, spraying a white sticky liquid towards them.

With Xu Zirong’s reminder, they could avoid from the spider’s sudden attack. Instead, they took this opportunity to fight back and killed a large number of spiders.

It’s a pity that this human-head-sized junior human-faced spider was the lowest level of sacrifice in the group of human-faced spiders. No matter how many human-faced spider queens died, they didn’t feel distressed. Very soon, the rock wall exposed by the crowd’s attack was quickly covered by other spiders again.

Ka Ka Ka!

These spiders kept opening and closing their mouthparts, and from time to time, they would spew mucus towards Xu Ziyan and the others in the center.

The white liquid secreted from their mouths was extremely sticky. Once it got on the body, if it could not be cleaned up in time, it would quickly turn into solid and imprison their bodies.

Thousands of spiders spewed mucus one after another, and occasionally, some of the larger ones even contracted their bulging abdomens and spewed a cobweb directly.

The first cultivator to be attacked by the spider web was Le Hu. Among the crowd, his skills of flying sword were the worst. If Wei Qing hadn’t moved in time to save him, he would have been stuck by the spider web.

Everyone was surrounded by these primary-level human-faced spiders. Although they could avoid their attacks by continuing to fly upwards, it was the place where the blood-sucking mosquitoes were located. Xu Ziyan believed that if they really flew up, the mosquitoes would be thrilled to see their food back.

Layers and layers of spider continued to pour out of the entrance, and the dense number made everyone panic.

It was definitely not possible to go up. Perhaps the blood-sucking mosquitoes were still waiting for them, but it was also difficult to go down. They occupied a high position, the mucus spewed by these spiders would fall if they miss a hit, but if they flew down, they would have to endure the countless mucus falling from the sky, making it difficult to escape even if they wanted to.

At this time, Xu Ziyan was extremely regretful. If he had known that this kind of thing would happen, he might as well have flown down from the beginning. Unfortunately, regretting was useless, and Xu Ziyan felt regretful for only one second at most, he then focused his attention on getting rid of the human-faced spiders.

For the queen of human-faced spiders, she could produce as many human-faced spiders as she wanted as long as there was food. She could even change all of them in an extremely short period of time if she wanted.

If this group of human face spiders could survive for so long, they wouldn’t have to worry about food or anything.

This also means that Xu Ziyan and the others would get exhausted by just dealing with these low-level human-faced spiders unless they could get rid of the queen of human-faced spiders.

“No, we can’t go on like this anymore. Is there any way you guys can kill the queen?” Xu Ziyan asked loudly.

Everyone shook their heads when they heard the question. This human-faced spider was not often seen in Xuan Yu realm, and most people have only read about them in the encyclopedia of monsters.

Some people like Le Hu even didn’t know what this monster was until Xu Ziyan called out its name.

(Le Hu: (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻L I was chosen to fight in the extreme west! What’s the use of remembering the name of this useless monster?!!!)

It was also introduced in the book that the quickest way to kill the human-faced spider would be to kill the queen, but—

Xu Ziyan was very annoyed. Who could tell him, how the hell was he supposed to get rid of the queen when he’s surrounded by thousands of human-faced spiders?

What was said in the big competition of monsters was completely bullshit!

No matter how Xu Ziyan complained about the unreliable author of the encyclopedia of monsters, he still needed to figure out a way out.

A large number of primary human-faced spiders would not pose too much threat to them in a short time, but if it continued, then more advanced human-faced spiders would appear.

Those big spiders that spit spider webs before were intermediate-level human-faced spiders, and the advanced human-faced spiders were even better in jumping. There would be a certain extent of danger to fly on swords if they were surrounded.

While killing and thinking about the weaknesses of these human-faced spiders, Xu Ziyan almost racked his brain to try coming up with a plan to sneakily attack the queen of human-faced spiders. However, they were simply too numerous and it already overrode their weaknesses.

Although Xu Ziyan very well knew that the queen was their fatal weakness, the passage towards the queen was completely blocked by these human-faced spiders, and if he really wanted to launch a secret attack…


Xu Ziyan’s eyes suddenly widened. If he remembered correctly, these human-faced spiders had been living in the dark all year round, so their eyes were completely degenerated, and they could only identify the enemy’s location with their demon consciousness.

The so-called demon consciousness was actually the same as the human consciousness, but it is just another way of saying it.

Xu Ziyan’s eyes lit up immediately after thinking of this. If these spiders were blind, it’d be easier to handle. Mr. Little Square had the function of shielding one’s divine consciousness.

Although Mr. Little Square had already evolved into a space, this effect has not disappeared, it even made some progress. Once activated, not only could it hide one’s divine consciousness, but it could only block noises.

After telling his plan, Xu Ziyan immediately received Xu Zirong’s extremely disapproving look!

Xu Zirong perceived this an extremely dangerous action and never would he allow his brother to do so!

Of course, if he’s allowed to tag along, it’d be another story…

Xu Zirong used his eyes to express this message, “I will not allow you to go unless you bring me.” He silently pulled his brother’s sleeve…

Xu Ziyan: _(:3∠)_, what does he mean by this look of being abandoned? I’m going to take an adventure, not abandon you!

The two brothers had a full exchange of sights – of course, the help of Mr. Blood Contract was indispensable. In the end, Xu Ziyan gave in and could only act with Xu Zirong.

Although he felt that it would be better if he did such a dangerous thing by himself, but in the face of Xu Zirong’s clinginess, he had to comply as Xu Zirong was almost crying just now.

Xu Ziyan:  …

(╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻ How can this continue? This stinky kid even threatened him by the backlash of Blood Sea Heart Sutra and it couldn’t be more shameful!

No matter how irritable he felt, Xu Ziyan gave in finally, since he didn’t want to see Xu Zirong devastated after killing the queen of human-faced spiders with all difficulties…

In order to avoid such a bad outcome, Xu Ziyan could only hug Xu Zirong tightly, and then in the weird expressions of the others, they covered their bodies with Mr. Little Square and disappeared in the divine consciousness of the crowd.

Everyone could clearly see their figures with their eyes, but they didn’t exist at all in their divine consciousness.

After some testing, it was confirmed that those spiders were indeed blind. Even if they were already close to the rock wall, and even when they looked at an ugly spider in the eye, that spider did not attack them, Xu Ziyan was relieved to approach the cave with Xu Zirong slowly.

Ka da! Ka da!

Just before they entered the entrance of the cave, there was a heavy sound of chelating feet in the cave.

The dense spiders that had been blocking the entrance of the cave rushed out towards both sides of the rock wall in a very short time, paving a very spacious path.

Then, a human head emerged from the cave…


It was a very ugly man with no hair on his bare head.


The head looked like a peeled egg – no, it looked like a tea egg actually, and it even had uneven holes on it.


There were two bulging eyeballs and they were not like a human’s eyeballs. They looked like eyes of an insect.


The nose seemed to be cut off, leaving only two black holes. The mouth looked somewhat protruding and there were two sharp fangs on both sides of the lips.

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