Chapter 249

Facing the dragon head’s attack, Xia Rongsheng’s face was pale but he had no intention of retreating. He sat cross-legged with his hands folded under the shocked looks of everyone. He took out a string of rosary beads from somewhere and started to recite some mantra…

People: =.=

What the hell! This Xia Rongsheng turned out to be a rare Buddhist cultivator!!!

They saw that after Xia Rongsheng recited the mantra, a golden figure of a standing Buddha appeared above his body. They only saw that the Buddha looked kind and solemn, there’s a wooden clapper in his hand. He closed his eyes tightly and looked compassionate.

However, as the dragon head approached, the sound of chanting of Xia Rongsheng became more and more rapid, and the virtual image of the Buddha slowly opened his eyes. Suddenly, his momentum changed, turning into an angry-looking King Kong, the wooden fish in his hand also turned into a Buddhist monk’s staff, rushing towards the dragon head.

“Damn animal!” The virtual Buddha shouted loudly, and the golden light on his body that represented merit shone brightly.

The translucent dragon head showed a terrified expression, then it seemed to get angry and roared to fight against the virtual Buddha.

Everyone was a little dumbfounded by this development but no one wanted to miss this good opportunity.

With the phantom of the Buddha standing in front of him, Xu Ziyan, Xu Zirong, Wei Qing and Le Hu all tried their best to attack the dragon head, except for Mao Da and Mao Er who fell to the ground with serious injuries and still could not get up.

The dragon head was extremely agile, and it was fighting the Buddha’s phantom, fighting with the Buddha’s phantom in full swing, but it still avoided most of the attacks. In other words, it was avoiding mostly the thunder spirit arrows of Xu Ziyan and the blood monsters of Xu Zirong. It wasn’t afraid of the spells of Le Hu and Wei Qing at all.

Xu Ziyan observed while fighting, and he could see that Xia Rongsheng’s move was definitely not easy, since as time went by, he sweated more and more and his face became paler.

The Buddha’s phantom was affected by him and his movements were constantly slowing down, and his figure began to appear faintly, and there was a slight hint of collapse.

Xu Ziyan felt anxious, but this dragon head was really cunning. Sometimes, he would rather be attacked by the Buddha than let Xu Ziyan’s Thunder Spirit Arrow with the power of the Purple Night Divine Thunder fall on him.

Xu Zirong kept the spells in his hands, and various blood spells took turns to fight, but for some reason, the dragon head seemed to be afraid of his blood monsters, and he didn’t pay much attention to other attacks.

“Brother, this thing seems to be a half-soul.” Xu Zirong said with a frown.

Xu Ziyan’s thoughts turned sharply, and he immediately found the records about the half-soul from his memory.

It is said that this secret method of refining half-souls had been lost in Xuan Yu realm for a long time, since the soul monsters refined by this kind of magic were all extremely vicious and powerful.

The so-called half-soul was created because the soul of the monster was just too strong, even the person who refined the soul couldn’t refine it all. Therefore, only a part of the soul could be refined into the soul monster. Also, since a part of the soul was missing, the half-soul monsters that were refined often needed to be fed with a lot of flesh and blood, otherwise they would eat the master of the refining soul in return, and the more advanced the half-soul monsters were, the more they needed flesh with rich spiritual power.

In this way, a cultivator who had refined a half-soul would either allow himself to be devoured by the half-soul, or he would need to constantly hunt monsters or cultivators to support his half-soul.

The half-soul in front of him reached the cultivation base of the middle stage of golden core, but after of years of imprisonment and the decline of spiritual power, it could be on par with them. The biggest feature of a half-soul was that it had the characteristics of a soul, which could make it immune to ordinary spells. If it wasn’t for Xu Ziyan’s Purple Night Divine Thunder that could destroy even the soul, this dragon head probably wouldn’t be afraid of Xu Ziyan’s attacks at all.

As for Xu Zirong’s blood monster, it was originally a fusion of blood essence and soul. In addition to attacking the enemy, it also hurt the soul to a certain extent, which terrified the dragon head and it had to dodge every time.

Xia Rongsheng’s Buddha phantom seemed to have a similar effect, so that he could fight with the half-soul and not fall behind.

Unfortunately, due to the limitation of Xia Rongsheng’s level of cultivation, the Buddha phantom wouldn’t last for long.

If the situation continued like that, once the Buddha collapsed, the pressure on Xu Ziyan’s side would suddenly rise. After all, the half-soul had no real body. If it was hit, it would only be the soul getting hurt.

The soul of a cultivator was his everything. Once injured, even if only slightly, there would be very serious consequences. It would even hinder the cultivator’s future development.

“Half soul, half soul…” Xu Ziyan muttered silently, and he suddenly thought of something.

As this half-soul had no physical body, this soul body was controlled by divine consciousness. If something attacked its divine consciousness, there would definitely be big impact.

Xu Ziyan immediately put away his Thunder Spirit Arrow, used the magical spell of his divine consciousness, condensed the divine consciousness into a needle and stabbed the dragon head fiercely.

His divine consciousness was invisible, and the dragon head didn’t notice Xu Ziyan’s sneak attack. It opened its mouth wide and spit out various fire spells, such as the Fire Dragon, Fire Ball and Fire Wall again and again. The phantom Buddha kept retreating and was about to give up.

Xu Ziyan’s consciousness needle silently approached the dragon head, and when it was about to hit, the dragon head seemed to sense something and looked at Xu Ziyan vigilantly.

Xu Ziyan was ruthless and quickly stabbed the divine consciousness, piercing the dragon’s head at once and penetrating into its sea of ​​consciousness.

“Ow!” The dragon head screamed and rolled in mid-air. Seeing its excruciating pain and its body beginning to collapse, Xu Ziyan immediately concluded that the effect of this needle of divine consciousness was better than expected.

“Everybody, move!” Xu Ziyan shouted, and the others immediately launched their strongest attack.

The blood monster controlled by Xu Zirong roared even more, and its entire body, turning into a cloud of blood, wrapping the dragon head.

The dragon’s head, whose divine consciousness was injured, was surrounded by many spells at the same time. Xu Zirong’s blood monster really hit his fatal point.


The blood mist exploded violently, revealing an extremely miserable dragon head that was corroded.

The dragon head was still rolling and whining, and before it died, Xu Ziyan simply condensed a needle of divine consciousness, penetrated its forehead and directly stabbed through its sea of consciousness.

The dragon head finally let out a howl, staring at Xu Ziyan with resentful eyes.

Xu Ziyan looked at it fearlessly, and finally, the dragon head’s eyes widened angrily, and with a sound, it turned into nothingness.

“Amitabha!” Xia Rongsheng sighed.

The phantom Buddha behind him once again turned into the kind-looking old cultivator. He made noises with the wooden clapper in his hand, and a faint white awn slowly formed from the place where the dragon head disappeared, finally submerging into the wooden clapper.

“Hoo…how lucky! How lucky!” Xia Rongsheng let out a sigh of relief, his face was no longer as pale as before, but it looked rather rosy.

It seemed that the half-soul absorbed by the old cultivator just now brought him great benefits, otherwise he would not have shown such obvious joy.

“How dare you say so…there’s a half-soul after we entered the secret door. God knows what would follow.” Mao Da smiled bitterly and swallowed a pill.

Xia Rongsheng said brightly and cheerfully, “this half-soul is nothing but the same, but the power of this soul is strong enough, imagine if there are ten or eight more…”

Mao Da and Mao Er looked at him with a look of horror. Just one half-soul almost took their lives away. If there were ten or eight more, everyone would sacrifice together!

“Save it! The strength of this half-soul has clearly degraded. We are indeed lucky.” Xu Zirong said coldly, “if we encounter the half-soul of the heyday, none of us can escape.”

Xia Rongsheng sneered suddenly, “I’m actually just kidding…”

Everyone looked at him with a look of contempt, which suffocated him.

After destroying the half-soul, the picture on the ground changed again.

The originally hazy white mist was blown by the mountain wind and slowly dissipated, revealing the unknown peaks hidden within.

That mountain peak was not that high, it was a little shorter than the main peak of the Liu Guang sect. Xu Ziyan analyzed it and found out that this mountain should be under the Lichen Bridge.

Recalling the Lichen Bridge, Xu Ziyan only walked through it once when he passed the sect assessment, and the only thing he remembered was the man in green robe standing at the head of the bridge.

After entering the Liu Guang sect, he had never seen the face of the man in the green robe again. Speaking of which, he still didn’t know who that man was…

Boom! Boom! Boom!

There were a few crackling sounds.

It seemed to be the sound of the column collapsing and it made Xu Ziyan panick.

The room they were in wasn’t big, and there was no need for a column to support it. Also, within their range of vision, there was no such thing as a column around, so the only thing that could have a column would be…


The entire ground collapsed with a bang, and everyone was caught off guard and fell to the ground, there were continuously falling gravels.

“Everyone, be careful!” Xu Ziyan shouted, and Aurora burst into the air.

He stepped on Aurora, and he stretched his bowstrings fully to guard against this attack.

The rest of the people reacted very quickly, they rose up with their swords and followed Xu Ziyan to the outside, forming a defensive circle.


Facts have proved that Xu Ziyan’s vigilance was not redundant at all, and not long after they took control of their swords, there was a sound of wings vibrating in the distance.

“Wei Qing! Light up!” Xu Ziyan shouted.

Wei Qing flipped his hands, and dozens of small fireballs rose into the air, illuminating a range of about ten meters centered on them.

“What…what is that?”

As the buzzing sound approached, Mao Da looked at the large black mass of monsters in the distance, and he swallowed hard.

“It’s a kind of blood-sucking mosquito, as long as you don’t let them get close, there’s no big deal.” Xu Ziyan said decisively after seeing the thing clearly.

The rest of the people instantly tightened their weapons. Although everyone knew that blood-sucking mosquitoes were not really powerful monsters, the number of them was like a dark cloud, and they still gave them goosebumps.

The biggest feature of the blood-sucking mosquitos was their gregariousness and their sharp mouthparts. They didn’t have great defense power, but their attacking power was comparable to that of a top-grade magic weapon.

With such a large number and amazing attack power, even a random cultivator of building base could kill them all. However, once there was a pattern, even a golden core cultivator had to be careful…

What does it mean by the “pattern”?

It’s exactly what’s happening now…


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