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Chapter 248

If they were in the maze, they might as well go back to the previous intersection and choose another path when they saw a dead end, but after the secret door was closed, they couldn’t open it again, then so what could these people trapped in the dead end do?

“Don’t worry.” Xu Ziyan pondered, “let’s look around in the room and we might find something.”

Xia Rongsheng nodded again and again, “right, let’s move and look for it together.”

Xia Rongsheng’s two companions had always followed his lead, and without saying a word, they began to search carefully in the stone room.

Wei Qing and Le Hu didn’t just stand by and watch, they started searching in the room too.

Xu Zirong’s blood lice completely lost contact with him after he entered the stone room. He knew that there must be some special effects in the stone room, so he didn’t need to use his blood lice to look for traps.

“Here!” Soon, one of the two cultivators who followed Xia Rongsheng shouted excitedly.

Xu Ziyan walked over quickly and discovered a huge picture of mountains and rivers painted on the dusty ground.

Xu Zirong walked over and cast a spell to blow off the dust on the ground. Xu Ziyan, Le Hu and the others also walked over to examine the picture carefully.

This picture depicted a majestic mountain range, and the mountains were connected by white mist. From time to time, from the sea of ​​fog, one could see half of the dragon’s body.

“This is…” Xu Ziyan was taken aback when he saw that picture, since the image on this painting was the main peak of the Liu Guang sect!

Xu Zirong, Wei Qing and Le Hu were all disciples of the Liu Guang Sect, so naturally they recognized the surroundings of it. However, the picture seemed to be somewhat different from the real scenery of the main peak. There was a mountain peak in the white mist, but such a mountain didn’t exist behind the main peak of Liu Guang sect.

“What’s going on here? Why is it still related to Liu Guang Sect?” Xu Ziyan was really confused now. Although the Wei family had always had a good relationship with Liu Guang sect, he had never heard anything about the sect related to the True Dragon maze.

Even though he and Zirong didn’t communicate much with other disciples due to well-known reasons, Le Hu and Wei Qing had never heard of similar rumors.

“Cultivator Xu, what does it have to do with Liu Guang sect?” Xia Rongsheng stood behind Xu Ziyan and asked carefully.

Xu Ziyan shook his head gently and pointed to the painting on the ground, “this is the scenery of the main peak of our Liu Guang Sect.”

“Oh?” Xia Rongsheng felt a little dumbfounded. Doesn’t this True Dragon maze belong to the Wei family? Why is it related to Liu Guang sect again?

He looked suspiciously at Wei Qing and at Xu Ziyan. Seeing that these two were really in doubt, he could only pray in his heart. No matter what sort of disgusting relationship the Wei family had with the Liu Guang sect, he didn’t want to get involved as a casual cultivator.

“Everyone, come and have a look. Is there any mechanism in this picture?” Although Xu Ziyan was puzzled, he still knew what he needed to do first. The most important thing now was to find a way to get out of the True Dragon maze, and they could ask their master about the picture later.

They swept the dust on the floor away and the whole floor was used to paint this picture.

The content in the painting seemed to be just the scenery, but after looking at the dragon’s body looming in the clouds and mist, Xu Ziyan felt that something was wrong.

“Brother.” Xu Zirong called out softly.

“Huh?” Xu Ziyan raised his head and looked at Xu Zirong suspiciously.

Xu Zirong winked at his feet, Xu Ziyan looked down and saw that he was stepping on the exposed half of the dragon.

“What’s wrong?” Xu Ziyan asked in confusion.

Xu Zirong frowned, “brother, come here first.”

Xu Ziyan was stunned for a moment, the two of them were less than one meter apart, where did he need to go?

But he didn’t think much and walked to Xu Zirong’s side.

As soon as he got close, he was hugged by Xu Zirong by the waist. Xu Ziyan was suddenly embarrassed. He was about to struggle when he heard Xu Zirong whispering in his ear, “silence.”

Xu Ziyan immediately stopped moving. He knew that although Xu Zirong was clingy as well, he would not do that at any time and place. If he did so, there must be some reason.

“Wei Qing, Le Hu, Xia Rongsheng, Mao Da, Mao Er, you all come here.” Xu Zirong stared at the ground where Xu Ziyan had just stood and said loudly.

Mao Da and Mao Er were the two brothers who followed Xia Rongsheng. They were rather dull, but fortunately they listened to Xia Rongsheng, so if Xia Rongsheng obeyed Xu Zirong’s command, neither of them would object.

“What’s wrong?” Xia Rongsheng asked in a low voice.

Since he was in Wuti City, he had always avoided Xu Zirong. He had a very good impression of this Xu Ziyan, and he even occasionally approached him, but on the other hand, when he saw Xu Zirong, not only he felt chilled in the back, but he also felt like being stared by a monster.

Xu Ziyan looked at Xu Zirong, who did not explain. He just led everyone back slowly and pushed them all the way to the gate of the stone room.

“Huh?” Le Hu followed closely behind Wei Qing. He didn’t know what was going on, but he instinctively followed Xu Zirong’s line of sight.

They already looked at the picture on the ground for several times. Except for the extra mountain, it’s just a very common picture depicting a real dragon flying in the Liu Guang sect.

Judging from the picture, the real dragon was quite large and it’s about several tens of feet long. Since the dragon head was hidden in the clouds, it is not clear, but the exposed half of the dragon’s claws——


Le Hu was taken aback. He clearly remembered just now that the dragon exposed in the mist had a dragon claw on its body, but why is it suddenly gone now?

“Brother, do you still remember the mural we got the Purple Night Divine Thunder?” Xu Zirong stared at the ground with sharp eyes and asked softly.

Xu Ziyan thought rapidly and suddenly looked at the painting on the ground.

“The dragon claw is gone!” Le Hu couldn’t help but exclaim.

After the reminder, they hurriedly looked at the dragon. The dragon’s claws had disappeared without a trace.

“The fog…the fog is gone…” Le Hu said with a pale face.

They saw that the painting on the ground seemed to come to life suddenly, the wind was blowing and the clouds were scattered, and from the white mist, there was even a faint sound of dragon roar, followed by a huge translucent dragon head suddenly emerged from the ground. It emerged from the top and roared towards Xu Ziyan and his mates.

“Do it!” Xu Ziyan shouted. Before he had time to think about anything else, he immediately attacked the dragon head that emerged from the painting.

Wei Qing, Le Hu and the others were all taken aback by the sudden change, but they soon joined the battle.

Perhaps it was because of a similar experience in the past, Xu Zirong’s reaction was speedy. He raised his hand and several seeds flew towards the translucent dragon head. In the middle of it, branches began to sprout and there was soon a vine net.

“Ow!” The dragon head roared and a fire dragon spewed out of his mouth, slamming into the rattan net and quickly setting the net on fire.

Xu Ziyan’s thunder arrow landed on the dragon’s head and went straight through it.

The attacks of Le Hu and Wei Qing could not cause any damage to the dragon head, which seemed to be in another space, completely immune to everyone’s attacks.

“Damn it!” Xu Ziyan shouted loudly, and he continued shooting out several thunder spirit arrows containing the power of Purple Night Divine Thunder. .

The dragon head seemed to be a little afraid of the Purple Night Divine Thunder, and with a flick, it jumped over the thunder spirit arrow.

The dragon’s head might have its wisdom, but it rushed towards Mao Er, who had the lowest level of cultivation. Mao Da and Xia Rongsheng were shocked, yet they couldn’t cause any damage to the dragon’s head no matter how intensely they attacked.

“Be careful!” Mao Da shouted, offering up a palm-sized shield. This shield grew as fast as the wind, and it soon turned into a giant shield as tall as a person. The center of the shield was engraved with a roaring mouth of a tiger, which had scarlet red eyes. It looked as if it’s ready to swallow anyone anytime.

Mao Er and his brother cooperated tacitly, and they hid behind the big shield with a jump. With a loud roar, there’s another fire dragon coming out of the dragon’s head.

“Tiger roar!” Mao Da’s pupils shrank suddenly; he crossed his hands to hold the big shield and shouted.

Mao Er cooperated, put his hands on Mao Da’s shoulders and injected spiritual power into his brother’s arms.

After being inspired by Mao Da, the roaring tiger head let out a high roar, and the layers of ripples in front of the tiger’s head made sounds of air bursting. It’s a very rare type of sonic attack!

Hearing the tiger’s roar, the dragon’s head made a sound that was even more deafening, as if it had been provoked. The fire dragon that it spat out also seemed to feel the wrath of the master and its size grew two times bigger.

The thick fire dragon and the sound waves of the tiger’s roar collided together, and the entire stone room was shaken by the sound of the tiger’s roar and the dragon’s roar.

Xu Ziyan kept the Thunder Spirit Arrow in his hands. While he attacked, he was amazed by the performance of Mao Da and Mao Er. Casual cultivators might be far inferior to the disciples of various sects in terms of resources, but it’s already difficult for them to cultivate to the current level.

He wasn’t exactly sure of the level of Xia Rongsheng, but Mao Da and Mao Er’s performance already reassured Xu Ziyan a lot.

However, Xu Ziyan could also notice that their move had some disadvantages, as the shield required sufficient spiritual power to have the most ideal effect.

Moreover, when the two brothers used this trick, it was just like the cooperation of Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong in Wuti city. If the two brothers were separated, then this trick would be completely abolished.


The fire dragon and the sound wave perished together, but the dragon’s head slammed into the shield fiercely.

Mao Da and Mao Er couldn’t bear the impact, they were thrown out, fell to the ground and vomited blood. The dragon’s head flew again and charged towards Xia Rongsheng.

“This dragon’s head has a real body when it releases its attack. At other times, only my brother’s Thunder Spirit Arrow can cause damage to him.” Xu Zirong’s eyes narrowed and ordered.

Initially, they got a little impatient as their spells couldn’t cause any damage to the dragon’s head. After hearing what Xu Zirong said, they became more energetic and started throwing their spells towards it as best as they could.


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