Chapter 246

It’s just that these three demon cultivators were all at the late stage of Qi condensation, and one of them was carrying a huge hundred ghost flag on his back. There was constantly wailing sounds of ghosts from there and no one dared to look at it for more than one second. Therefore, the group of righteous cultivators also dared not provoke them easily.

After the formation of the three forces, these people began to actively study the decoration of the entire hall. Starting from the eighteen coiled dragon pillars, they almost wanted to lift the roof and tear down the entire hall to find a way out.

Later, they discovered the secret doors on the wall one by one, but due to the protection of the magic arrays outside, everyone could only watch the way out in front of them, but they couldn’t get in.

“What a bunch of trash.” A demon cultivator wearing a black robe looked at the cultivators coldly, who couldn’t solve the arrays. With a sneer, he directly attacked with his sword.

Cultivators who could stand in the hall were in no way ordinary, even if they weren’t absolutely elites. Although this demon cultivator’s attack was shocking, it’s not like they couldn’t dodge at all.

“Idiot.” Xu Zirong whispered sarcastically from his thin lips, waiting for the demon cultivator to surrender.

The outcome was just as he had expected – although the attack of the demon cultivator was fierce, when he slashed the sword against the wall, there was suddenly a huge rebound force.

The demon cultivator immediately stopped his move when he realized that something went wrong, but he was still suddenly hit by the huge force, his whole body flew backwards and he hit the wall with a loud bang.

Even a golden core cultivator had to be careful to deal with a power-charged blow from someone of the later stage of Qi condensation. When everyone saw that there’s blood on the corner of that demon cultivator’s mouth, they all gave up on the thought of destroying the wall forcibly.

Among the large group of people that Gao Yi was in, there were also two masters of arrays. Unfortunately, they were not strong enough to break through the arrays, nor could they really find the hidden nodes in them.

Everyone was at a loss when facing the dozen or so secret doors on the wall. Seeing that there was no way out there, someone with a quick mind immediately studied the eighteen coiled dragon pillars in the hall.

There were eighteen coiled dragon pillars in the hall, and eighteen secret doors corresponded to the walls. They wouldn’t believe it if someone told them that there’s no connection between the two.

As the saying goes, more people means more power. Soon, some cultivators who were skilled in acrobatics discovered the secret on the dragon column. It turned out that the true dragons carved on these columns could actually move. After moving the dragon body, they saw a few large blood-red characters.

“Blood leads to the door opening!”

“Is this…” Gao Yi frowned slightly when he looked at the words on the dragon pillar. He turned and looked at the cultivator who discovered the secret of the dragon’s body. The thin cultivator shook his head, indicating that he didn’t find anything else.

“What do you think?” Gao Yi looked around and asked loudly.

The dozen or so cultivators who followed him looked at each other, and one of them asked boldly, “Cultivator Gao, this blood is the guide, leading to the door opening. Does it mean that we have to bleed in order to get out?”

Gao Yi glanced at Xu Ziyan and the others quietly, and realized that they were still reading those words. He pondered for and answered slowly, “I guess so.”

That cultivator and his companion exchanged opinions and continued to ask, “but where does this door lead to…? Does it lead to a more dangerous place?”

Gao Yi shook his head, “cultivator Li, I know that you want a stable outcome, but it’s not like we have other ways out now. If we’re still stuck here, I’m afraid that there wouldn’t be better results.”

Cultivator Li hesitated for a while, “our master is still outside, perhaps they can…”

Gao Yi suddenly raised his hand and interrupted him, “it’d of course be great if we can be saved, but we can’t just sit here and do nothing either. Haven’t you forgotten the liger than we saw when we escaped? It was even just a cub and so many of us were killed already. In this almost sealed hall, if there’s a large amount of monsters, do you think anyone will survive?”

“Besides…” Gao Yi squinted his eyes, “I don’t believe that none of you have noticed that these monsters have become more and more powerful. When we first entered the maze, we still saw some monsters of building base, but later, all of them were above the stage of Qi condensation and there were even a few monsters of golden core. If this goes on, there might even be nascent soul monsters. I’m sure you won’t find it worthy to be surrounded by monsters here.”

Gao Yi looked around and announced loudly, “no matter what, we’ll only wait for death if we stay here. If you trust me, why don’t we try and bet once? If we end up dying, we die for a reason; but if this leads to our survival…” He emphasized suddenly, “don’t forget that we’re in the True Dragon maze. Besides those really dangerous monsters, there’re many treasures that even the Wei family has never dug out! They might just be behind this hidden door. Doesn’t everyone want to have a look at least?”

After he finished speaking, he gave Wei Qing a malicious look and the corner of his mouth twitched, “the Wei family opened this True Dragon maze for us. They made it clear that all the treasures from here would belong to everyone. I’m assuming that none of you wants to work for nothing.”

Wei Qing saw that Gao Yi threw the Wei family’s treasures as bait at this time, and he started despising him. He didn’t care about those so-called treasures. After all, they were just legendary things, but Gao Yi had obviously made it clear that all the changes of the maze were caused by the Wei family.

And there were already many people looking at him in an unfriendly manner.

From the eyes of those people, he saw limitless resentment and greed, as if the treasure were already in front of him. He would be attacked by everyone if he dared to do anything to stop them.

Wei Qing sneered secretly. At first, when the Wei family opened the True Dragon maze as an arena, a lot of players were actually excited to earn a fortune in it. However, after all these changes, they started accusing the Wei family for having opened such a dangerous place.

They should have thought that if the Wei family had set them up on purpose, then they would not be allowing their next heir to take the risk.

Wei Qing looked at the cultivators coldly. Right now, they had no idea where the exit to survival was, but these people had all kinds of evil ideas already. It would be impossible for these shitty people to unite and find a solution together.

“Hum, you righteous cultivators are so troublesome.” The pale-faced demon cultivator who was carrying a huge hundred ghost flags sneered, and without hesitation, he took out a dagger and cut his wrist.

The dazzling bright red dripped from his wrist and fell into the mouth of the dragon column.

The red light of the dragon’s eyes was flashing, and the huge dragon body seemed to suddenly come alive. It was winding and crawling on the coiled dragon pillar. With the dance of the dragon body, one of those secret doors on the wall slowly opened— —

“So much bullshit. All your nonsense is useless. Aren’t you going to leave anyway?” The pale-faced demon cultivator stretched out the tip of his tongue and licked his bleeding wrist, dying the corners of his lips bright red.

Without looking at the other person, he turned around and walked towards the secret door.

No one in the hall knew how to react for this sudden change, but Xu Zirong stared at the back of the demon cultivator with great interest. Then, the other party seemed to sense his sight and turned his head suddenly, feeling a bit in a daze after realizing that the most gorgeous man among the seven people was staring at him.

Seeing him look over, Xu Zirong raised the corners of his lips slightly and showed a faint smile.

The demon cultivator felt goosebumps on his back. He instantly turned away and walked into the secret door.

Le Hu saw the weird smile of Xu Zirong and instantly felt uncomfortable all over his body.

What the hell! Xu Zirong actually smiled at an outsider! It’s so horrifying!

With the demon cultivator as an example, a cultivator, who was relatively close to the secret door, hesitated for a while, and he also stepped forward.

Unexpectedly, before he lifted his leg, a force suddenly came from the huge secret door, rejecting him before closing tightly.

“Oh no! Can only one person enter this secret door?” a cultivator with a square-shaped face asked.

This sound suddenly caused everyone to panic. There were only eighteen secret doors in this hall. If each door could only allow one person to enter, what about the others…

“Humph.” The other two demon cultivators, including the sword cultivator who was injured by the rebound, snorted at the same time. They released their momentum and no one dared to get close.

The two cut their wrists and dripped blood into the dragon’s mouth. Soon, two more secret doors opened on the wall.

After the two demon cultivators entered the secret door, the remaining cultivators were a little dumbfounded. Some people wanted to take the lead, but Gao Yi forced them back.

After Xu Ziyan and the others heard the scream of the cultivator with a square-shaped face, they also wanted to move, but Xu Zirong pressed his brother’s hand in time, “let’s not hurry.”

These words calmed Xu Ziyan down. He ignored the desperate look of Xia Rongsheng and stood there without any signs.

Xia Rongsheng felt anxious, and his two companions kept blinking at him. He glanced at Xu Ziyan’s face and noticed that he was half-smiling, which scared him a little.

“Cultivator Xia, if you are interested, you can go first, but we will have to wait for a while.” Xu Ziyan put on a standard expression of courtesy and his tone was also very polite.

Xia Rongsheng immediately put on a smile, “cultivator Xu must be kidding. Since I already said that you will be my lead, I will not leave before you. Please don’t worry.”

Xu Ziyan smiled at him. He took away his polite look and stared at Gao Yi coldly.

He didn’t have any emotions for Xia Rongsheng. If Xia Rongsheng wanted to rely on him, then he naturally had to obey Xu Ziyan. Otherwise, a useless companion can sometimes be even more destructive than a strong enemy. Xu Ziyan didn’t mind having more people when they escaped, but he wouldn’t have the patience to tolerate people who were not obedient.

It was also a small test for Xia Rongsheng just now. If he couldn’t control himself for such a small thing, then it’d be impossible to rely on them if there’s any real danger.


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