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Chapter 245

Afterwards, even if there were a lot of them, they didn’t dare to wander in the maze. Since the monsters they faced were all gregarious monsters, if Gao Yi and the cultivator with higher level of cultivation didn’t escape in time, they would have become the delicious food of those monsters.

Once people arrive in a safe place from a dangerous environment, they would instinctively relax. After these cultivators arrived in the hall, they became a little too lazy.

Gao Yi and another cultivator in the late stage of Qi condensation both wanted the leadership of this group of cultivators. After all, everyone knew that the more dangerous the place was, the more pathetic victims were needed to explore the way. And if they couldn’t be the leader, they might as well be that victim.

Other cultivators also understood this. It’s only that they couldn’t really fight for anything given their lower level of cultivation.

Xu Ziyan was not surprised by such a thing, and he didn’t have the time to pay attention to it. Unfortunately, a cultivator who was in a more inferior situation suddenly became excited and looked at Xu Ziyan’s direction after someone whispered in his ears.

Xu Ziyan: (⊙_⊙)? What are you staring at me for?

Xu Ziyan looked at the man walking towards him with a look of joy, and quickly wondered whether he knew this man, but he couldn’t recall anything until the man approached in front of him.

“Excuse me, are you Xu Ziyan, cultivator Xu?”

Xu Ziyan was stunned for a moment, so this person turned out to know him?

“Yes, I am. And yourself?”

The middle-aged cultivator said with a stern face, “I had the luck to know you in Wuti city. I even fought with you when the monsters attacked at that time.” He smiled with slight embarrassment afterwards, “however, since I was not capable enough, I could only guard on the city wall. Your performance and that of your little brother really impressed me, but it’s I felt sorry for you after knowing that you’d been calculated and entered the demon realm. Luckily, you made it alive and you’re still safe.”

Xu Ziyan felt a little shy for such a bold compliment, but what this person had said really confirmed that he belonged to the team having fought in Wuti city.

Xu Ziyan let go of some of his guards and asked kindly, “why are you coming to see me?”

The man’s eyes flashed when he heard so, “I’ll tell you what. I met those cultivators in the maze and we were going to be together. However, some people already had a bad idea before we found the exit.” Afterwards, he looked at Gao Yi deeply, who was actually staring at him resentfully.

This man was stunned for a moment, he didn’t understand why Gao Yi suddenly showed this look, while he was still pretending a bit before.

Xu Ziyan followed his gaze and caught Gao Yi’s gaze. He smiled slightly and showed his white teeth…

Gao Yi’s pupils contracted suddenly, and he quickly turned his head to chat with the cultivator next to him.

Xu Ziyan sneered and thought, “I bet you wouldn’t dare to come to me now. Let me finish you once I have time!”

“Uh…does cultivator Xu know cultivator Gao?” This cultivator seemed to have noticed something and he looked a bit excited.

Xu Ziyan glanced at him with a half-smile but he did not answer.

The cultivator immediately changed his attitude. He was only a little surprised when he found out about Xu Ziyan. After all, the performance of Xu brothers in Wuti city was really amazing. However, when he got closer, this surprise had turned into ecstasy when he noticed that he couldn’t detect the level of cultivation of Xu brothers.

He was a cultivator of later stage of Qi condensation, and if he couldn’t detect their level, then it means that they had reached at least the level of golden core.

In such a dangerous place, what could be more secure than having golden core cultivators with them?

Therefore, he abandoned the idea of asking Xu Ziyan to empower him. Instead, he started to want to rely on Xu Ziyan.

Anyway, for casual cultivators like them, it’s really nice to have such a big tree to rely on. They could at least have their lives reassured.

After confirming his position and with Xu Ziyan’s level of cultivation, this cultivator quickly changed the topic and chatted more closely with Xu Ziyan.

Xu Ziyan didn’t really care about how flattery this cultivator was, and he didn’t object the idea of him being with them in the maze.

Of course, Xu Ziyan warned them before that there’s no problem following them as long as they followed the instructions given.

Xia Rongsheng and his two accompanying cultivators agreed. After all, they were all relying on Xu Ziyan, if they didn’t act obediently, they would really risk losing their lives.

Besides, Xia Rongsheng had another idea. The main reason for his disagreement with Gao Yi was because of the latter’s evil nature, and he found Gao Yi impossible to rely on.

They had at least seen the amazing performance of Xu Ziyan in Wuti city. If there’s really any danger, Xu Ziyan would never forsake them, but it’s difficult to say for Gao Yi…

Recalling the scene he saw before, Xia Rongsheng couldn’t help but sneer. Since Gao Yi had no problem killing a companion of a female cultivator just because he was persuing her, Xia Rongsheng already decided that he’d never trust Gao Yi.

Gao Yi had mixed feelings about the departure of Xia Rongsheng and his two companions. He was happy, since the cultivators who stayed all had lower level of cultivation and his position as a leader was firmer. On the other hand, he felt insecure since Xia Rongsheng was going to rely on that cultivator from the Liu Guang sect.


Gao Yi’s eyes looked gloomy. He thought that if Xu Ziyan really provoked him, it’s not like he’s out of methods completely.

In his opinion, Xu Ziyan must have relied on some medicinal pills to promote himself to golden core, otherwise he would never be able to cultivate to such a level by himself at such a young age.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but feel a little jealous. Xu Ziyan should be the disciple of the most powerful elder in the Liu Guang sect. It’s impossible even for a big sect to train a cultivator like him.

The people in the hall were discussing something in a low voice, and all the cultivators were very worried about the change in the True Dragon maze this time.

Most of them were now discussing how to get out of there, while the other small part were wondering if they’d dig any important treasures if such weird changes occurred in the maze.

These cultivators who were able to escape alive were the elites among the elites. Everyone had brilliant and creative ideas. Soon enough, they started looking at Wei Qing casually.

In the eyes of these cultivators, Wei Qing’s identity suddenly became very delicate. If the Xu brothers, as golden core cultivators, weren’t already there, some impulsive people would’ve asked Wei Qing directly.

“The situation does not look good.” Xu Zirong had been paying attention to the situation around him. Because of his childhood, he had been very sensitive to people staring at him with evilness.

The hall was relatively chaotic just now, but after most of the cultivators reached a tacit understanding, the seven of them were isolated as if nothing had happened.

Xu Ziyan had been chatting with Xia Rongsheng and the others just now, inquiring about their experiences in the True Dragon maze.

Since Xia Rongsheng had already stated that he wanted to rely on Xu Ziyan in the competition, he certainly wouldn’t hide anything about the maze from him. He also asked his two friends, Shi Yunfei and Bi Jian to provide more information.

According to their information, Xu Ziyan confirmed his previous speculation about the monsters in the maze constantly improving. In just a few days, these monsters had increased their strength by about one level in average.

This was not good news for them, because it would mean that they would be forced to face those increasingly powerful monsters if they couldn’t find an exit in the hall.

Xu Ziyan was already feeling worried, and the information made him even more anxious. Those group of cultivators even stared at him with evil eyes. How messy this situation was!


A golden core cultivator landed on the hall unapologetically. Besides Xu Ziyan and his group of people, all the other cultivators were scared of this momentum.

The group of cultivators who were with Gao Yi was even more shocked, only the timid female cultivator who kept crying showed some darkness under her eyes.

“Humph!” Xu Ziyan snorted coldly, withdrawing his act of suppression.

Several cultivators hurriedly took their eyes off the corners and dared not to attack Wei Qing anymore. Although Wei Qing, as a family member of Wei, probably knew the secret of the True Dragon maze, there were two people guarding him. None of them had the plan to provoke a golden core cultivator.

“My brother looks really domineering.” Xu Zirong praised him with a smile.

Xu Ziyan blushed. In fact, he had never done such a domineering thing before, but it felt quite good honestly. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Xia Rongsheng and the others didn’t take Xu Ziyan’s suppression just now, but after seeing those cultivators shivering in the distance and a cultivator who even passed out, how could he still not understand what had happened?

He sighed secretly in his heart. This disciple from a big sect was really more favored than the casual cultivators. In just a few years, he already managed to reach golden core from Qi condensation.

How many cultivators were stuck at Qi condensation and failed to improve further? Xu Ziyan already reached the middle stage of golden core at such a young age.

Xia Rongsheng didn’t have any jealous thoughts. Everyone has their own fate. Besides, now they were sitting in the same boat with Xu Ziyan. The stronger Xu Ziyan was, the safer they would be!

Everyone rested in the hall for several hours, and the confrontation between the cultivators and Xu Ziyan’s group gradually disappeared during this long wait.

The entire hall was basically divided into three camps, and the strongest was naturally Xu Ziyan’s group.

The second was Gao Yi’s group, which was more numerous.

The last group included the three demon cultivators.


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