Chapter 229

Here, Xu Ziyan withdrew his gaze after looking at the icy cold woman.

Perhaps Xu Ziyan had been so used to the extent of beauty of Zirong, and he became much less sensitive in other people’s beauty.

This kind of insensitivity didn’t mean that he couldn’t remember others’ appearances, but it meant that whenever he saw a beauty, the first thing he’d think of would be – “oh, he looks okay, but he’s not as good as Zirong…”

Every time this comparison was made, Xu Ziyan silently felt that he had been benefited substantially and he was thrilled secretly.

In addition, Xu Zirong only had his brother in his mind and no one else mattered. This made Xu Ziyan even prouder.

He’d think, “see, such a gorgeous person only loves me! Go on! Carry on with your jealousy!” ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Whenever he thought like this, Xu Ziyan wanted to treat Zirong even better. He thought that he had to spoil Zirong even more and it’s the only way making him feel better.

So, little by little, Xu Ziyan made Xu Zirong more and more possessive. He’d rather stick to his brother every second.

If it weren’t for his remaining sanity, he really wanted to hide his brother in a place where no one was there, so that only his brother’s figure would be there…

“Huh…” With a long sigh of relief, Xu Zirong suppressed the thoughts in his heart.

Licking his lips regretfully, Xu Zirong looked at his brother’s back and felt a slight warmth in his heart.

Never mind…

Although imprisoning his brother could satisfy his obsession, it’d sabotage their relationship and it’s totally not worth it.

Hmm… Maybe he could change the way of ‘imprisonment’. For instance, he could find a more isolated space for double cultivation next time. His brother’s five senses would be more sensitive and he’d like it for more.

(Xu Ziyan: (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻ The hell with it! I don’t like it at all! Don’t you even have this idea!)

Xu Zirong’s eyes darkened a bit. He took a few steps forward and stood behind his brother, wrapping around his waist with one hand and the other on his shoulder. When he was about to say some sweet words to lure his brother into his request, there was a loud knocking noise outside the room.

Xu Zirong’s facial expression changed and he looked really pissed off. No matter who it was, he’d completely sabotaged his mood.

“Huh? Who is it?” Xu Ziyan didn’t notice Xu Zirong’s intention, he just patted his arm lightly, pulling his hand off his body. Then, he walked to the door, twisted it lightly and opened it.

Outside the door, there was a young man in luxurious clothes, followed by two sturdy guards.

Xu Ziyan frowned slightly, he didn’t know the person in front of him, and the arrogant look in the guard’s eyes made him very uncomfortable.

“What’s the matter with you?”

“You are the owner of this private room?” The young master asked with a sullen face. Before Xu Ziyan could answer, he simply waved his hand, “okay, I’ll give you 100 spiritual stones as I want this private room.”

After he finished speaking, he lifted his foot and walked into the private room.

Xu Ziyan’s facial expression got darker. He stretched out his hand to stop him. This young man was only at the late stage of building base, but his two guards were in the middle stage of Qi condensation. This young master had a certain status since he had two cultivators of Qi condensation as his guards.

Even then…so what?

Xu Ziyan wasn’t bulliable either. First, he’s an elite disciple of Liu Guang sect, and with his level as golden core, it’s sufficient to make the families of True Dragon city all pay him respect.

At his age, with such a cultivation base, his future development was absolutely limitless. Unless the patriarchs and elders of these aristocratic families were stupid, no one would offend such a very talented cultivator.

“Um, young master, I never agreed to give you the private room.” Xu Ziyan sneered, yet he wasn’t looking at the young man but the two guards behind him.

When the two guards saw this, they were sweating on their forehead. It’s normal that their young master couldn’t detect Xu Ziyan’s level of cultivation, but it would be a serious problem if they couldn’t detect it as guards.

To put it nicely, he had a high level of cultivation; but to put it badly, he could easily crush them all.

It wouldn’t matter if they were crushed to death, but if something happened to the young master, the families behind them would be doomed!

Besides, this cultivator looked very young at first glance, not the kind of old cultivator who looked young. With such a talent, he’s certainly a core disciple of a big sect.

The Liang family was also considered number one in Liang Country, but it’s nothing when compared to the big sects.

“What? I’m respectful enough to buy this private room. And you still object me?” Liang Wuxin cursed furiously, “do you believe that I’ll destroy your name in this True Dragon City?”

“Master!” The two guards exclaimed at the same time.

This person’s level of cultivation was higher and he’s younger as well, it’s obvious that he’s an important figure. Their young master was too impulsive that day.

After noticing the reaction of his guards, Liang Wuxin realized that he’d done something wrong.

In fact, he’s usually not that impulsive. Even if he wanted to bully someone, he’d at least do some background check before deciding.

But today, he was first pissed off by princess Yuluo, then teased by Gan Shijiu. He’d tried so hard to suppress his anger. When he saw such a young cultivator after opening the door, he habitually thought that his level of cultivation was low and he urged Xu Ziyan out of the private room without much consideration. In turn, Xu Ziyan’s reaction made him even more furious, which made him want to teach Xu Ziyan a lesson.

Who would have expected that his guards got desperate before he did?

The guard’s reaction shocked Liang Wuxin. After regaining his rationality, he knew that he’d acted too recklessly. His father already reminded him that there were important figures in the True Dragon City and many disciples of big sects would gather there. He reminded Liang Wuxin not to offend any important figures.

Although he understood it perfectly, it’d be too shameful to apologize to the others. He could only stand there without speaking for a long while.

The guards who were following Liang Wuxin were almost crying. It’s okay if he had to act arrogantly in True Dragon City, as it’d be difficult for other people to look for troubles from him.

However, when facing a cultivator, an ordinary identity would be totally useless!

In the world of cultivation, fists always had the final say.

Even if the Wei family want to protect their subjects, it depends on who they are.

If something happened to the head of the Liang family, the Wei family would definitely take action for their own dignity, but if something happened to a playboy like Liang Wuxin, the Wei family would not even blink.

The dignity of a high-ranking cultivator couldn’t be challenged, let alone his young master, who took the initiative to force Xu Ziyan to give up on the private room…

It’s just looking for his death!

“What’s the matter with you, brother?” Xu Zirong waited a little impatiently. He had already been annoyed since his intimate time was being disturbed by these people, and he even got more annoyed now.

He walked behind his brother and saw that the people on the opposite side were staying there and refused to leave, and his face suddenly became gloomy.

“Get lost!” He snorted coldly, and the pressure of him being a golden core cultivator suddenly erupted.

The bloody aura that rose from the sky suddenly threw Liang Wuxin out. He slammed into the wall with a bang, leaving a large cracked pattern on the wall.

The pupils of the two guards of Qi condensation shrank suddenly, and their spiritual power was rapidly revolving. However, it’s not so easy to resist against this pressure, and since the Blood Sea Heart Sutra of Xu Zirong was highly provocative, they were thrown out too.


Xu Zirong didn’t even look at the injuries of those people, he just slammed the door shut.

“How come there are always people disturbing us?” Xu Zirong said angrily.

Xu Ziyan smiled. This kind of thing could happen at any time. It’s obvious that the guy he’d just seen was an important disciple of the True Dragon City, and it seemed that he’s from a wealthy family judging from his cultivation level, yet he’s still not as competitive as Xu Zirong.

“Forget it.” Xu Ziyan patted his younger brother on the shoulder to comfort him, pointed to the arena downstairs and said, “look, the competition has begun.”

Xu Zirong didn’t care about what had happened just now. In fact, if that person hadn’t spoiled his mood, he wouldn’t even look at him.

In his previous life, he’d killed many people like that, as there was always some fools who’d think that their families could protect them forever. However, facts just proved that anyone relying on their family would just fail earlier.

Xu Zirong had a strong background, and even if he had no identity in his previous life, he could easily wipe somebody off the surface of the earth.

After all, he could escape to the wild after killing somebody, and he’d be nowhere to be found!

That little unpleasantness was quickly overshadowed by the amazing competition. He had to admit that the competition in True Dragon City was much better than those in Liu Guang sect.

In fact, there was no way around it. After all, most of the people who participated in the competition in the Liu Guang sect were some sects nearby. When the disciples of these sects and those of the Liu Guang sect were fighting, they would not easily kill each other. This undoubtedly made the competition much less attractive.

But this True Dragon City was entirely different. The entire True Dragon City competition area had gathered a large number of disciples from small sects and a large number of casual cultivators.

For these people, if they could stand out in such a competition, they would definitely have a brighter future. Even if they didn’t rank in the first fifteen places, there would be some sects inviting them once they made some progress.

This competition was to select the best disciples, but from another perspective, it might be a stage for these disciples to show themselves as well.


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