Chapter 228

The more Lin Han looked at it, the more he felt that his boss actually looked quite nice… ah no, he’s a superior now. He even questioned himself why he found him looking badly previously…what a mistake!

Hearing Yu Hao’s nonsense, Xu Ziyan almost burst into laughter. Initially, he was trying to invite Lin Han to join, and that’s why he talked so much. Unexpectedly, Yu Hao directly offered this “first-grade worship”, making Lin Han the most unique one in the whole Qianwen Pavilion.

After successfully luring a golden core cultivator into being the “first-grade worship”, Yu Hao felt incredibly thrilled.

The monthly employment fee for this Uncle Lin was twenty top-grade spiritual stones, which was not a small amount, but for his own life, he had to spend it.

Now Lin Han had become the worship of Qianwen Pavilion. Although he was going to spend the same amount of money, there’s more that Lin Han had to do. Also, the relationship between him and Yu Hao also became more peaceful. All in all, in order to secure the quota for Canglan Secret Realm, he had to please Yu Hao as well.

After confirming that there would be no problems on Yu Hao’s side, Xu Ziyan took Zirong to the competition venue. He came to this True Dragon City initially to watch the competition. Now that there’s some leisure time, obviously he couldn’t waste it!

There were a total of five competition venues in the city, and the Wei family was also very knowledgeable about running a business. Not only did they set up gambling activities outside each competition venue, but they also placed a huge water mirror screen at every important intersection in the city.

Through this screen, a large number of audience could be diverted. After all, there were limited seats in the five arenas. If it’s too crowded, quarrels would happen easily.

The Wei family solved this problem very well. Most cultivators who were relatively shy would choose to watch the game in front of the free big screen. Although the effect was not as good as watching it live, it’s better than nothing.

When he arrived at the venue in the south of the city, Xu Ziyan paid for a ticket for a private room. He was initially going to choose an ordinary seat, but Xu Zirong insisted on getting a private room.

The price of a private room was five times more expensive than those of ordinary seats, but Xu Ziyan was rich enough to comply to his brother’s request.

As a result… less than a quarter of an hour later, he regretted it.

“Xu Zirong!” Xu Ziyan glared at him and he gritted his teeth, holding a white wrist in his hand, and that wrist belonged to Xu Zirong who was looking at him innocently.

“Are you here to watch the game or…” Xu Ziyan’s face turned slightly red.

Xu Zirong calmly withdrew his hand, “we can do both.”

“Bullshit!” Xu Ziyan glared at him, “how am I supposed to watch it if you don’t stop!” Afterwards, he patted away the hand that was attempting to get into his pants.

“That only means that my brother is not mentally strong enough.” Xu Zirong said with determination, “brother, I’m doing this for your own good.”

Xu Ziyan suddenly laughed, “you are touching me like this and this is for my own good? Then if I touch you back, does it mean…”

“I’d welcome it!” Xu Zirong said very decisively, and he simply unbuttoned the front of his shirt, revealing his undershirt.

Xu Ziyan:  …

Damn it, he’s not as thick-skinned as him!

“Brother…” Xu Zirong blinked and pointed at his clothes, “aren’t you going to touch me back? Why are you not moving yet?”

Xu Ziyan was completely defeated and pinched Xu Zirong’s thigh angrily, then turned to look at the competition venue.

Xu Zirong licked his lips regretfully. Unfortunately, his brother didn’t fall into the trap…

“Huh?” Xu Ziyan asked with confusion.

“What?” After Xu Zirong fastened his buttons, he followed Xu Ziyan’s direction of sight.

Since the entire arena was circular, except for the central competition area, there were ordinary seats all around.

Above the ordinary seats, on the second floor, there were private rooms. Since there was still a little time before the game started, Xu Ziyan was bored and kept watching the entrance of the arena. The private room that they chose was in a good position and they were able to see the biggest entrance of the arena.

From just now, many people started to enter the venue one after another. In addition to the ordinary audience, there were also a small number of people who directly went to the stairs on the second floor and to their respective private rooms.

Just now, Xu Ziyan saw a group of people pouring in through the gate, and strangely, there’s a cold-looking and beautiful woman leading them.

The woman looked like she was only in her twenties, and she was in the late stage of Qi condensation. Although she’s beautiful, there’s no smile on her face. It made her look unapproachable.

The woman was followed by two guards of the early stage of golden core. The two looked expressionless. At first glance, they were guards specially trained by an aristocratic family.

Behind the two guards, there were several young disciples who followed the woman with a smile on their faces. They looked as if they were trying to please the woman.

It’s a pity that the woman was as cold as ice, and she turned a blind eye to the guys who flattered her. If someone leaned a little closer, they would be severely reprimanded by the two guards.

As soon as the woman entered the door, Xu Ziyan saw her, but he didn’t know who this woman was, but he vaguely felt that she looked kind of familiar.

The woman’s cultivation level was not high, but she was very sensitive. She noticed that Xu Ziyan was looking at her and raised her hand. The two’s gazes met.

The woman frowned. She didn’t know the people in the private room on the second floor, but she knew also that there weren’t many people that she didn’t know in the True Dragon City. She reckoned that Xu Ziyan must find it strange that she’s there.

She lowered her eyes, retracted her gaze, and listened to the flattering jokes of the men behind her. A hint of sarcasm appeared in her eyes.

She lifted her foot up to the second floor and entered her private room, and the two young masters who wanted to follow were blocked by the two guards.

Although this group of young masters were also protected by guards, they did not dare to attack these two people. These dudes, who usually perceived themselves as supreme in True Dragon City, seemed so inferior in front of this woman. Although they felt unfair, they dared not say anything.

No matter how much they tried to please this woman, if they couldn’t see her, there’s nothing they could do. These guys, who usually teased each other, looked at each other with embarrassment. They all went to book other private rooms in frustration instead and they planned to get close to the woman when the competition ended.

A man wearing a white gown with a slightly feminine appearance frowned slightly, feeling extremely frustrated with the woman’s attitude.

Liang Wuxin’s father was also the prime minister of the Liang Dynasty. He tried so hard to please this woman, and she even dared to show him such a cold look.

If she was just an ordinary woman, Liang Wuxin would have given up her long ago and handed her to his guards to enjoy. Unfortunately, her status was higher and he could only suppress his anger and think of other ways to attract her attention.

Liang Wuxin frowned and glanced at her inadvertently, just when he saw a figure moving in the private room opposite the woman, he gradually became happy.

Looking at the sad faces of the young men and buddies around him, Liang Wuxin had an evil smile, teasing secretly at these people who were struggling to leave a good impression in her heart. He was thinking, “you bunch of idiots, with your brains and you still want to compete with me?”

The corner of his mouth twitched, he turned around and went downstairs. After he walked a few steps, there was suddenly another man’s voice behind him.

“Hey, Young Master Liang, where are you going?”

When Liang Wuxin heard this voice, he suddenly felt furious. He slowly turned his head and looked at that handsome young master with a fake smile, “it turns out to be Master Gan. How can I help you?”

That young master Gan smiled slightly, “haha, master Liang must be joking. How dare I ask you to help me for anything? I’ve heard that master Liang sent his concubine away not long ago, I’m assuming that you want to be a good guy now?”

Liang Wuxin’s face twitched. In order to leave a good impression for the princess, his father had already sent all his concubines away. One of them was actually gorgeous, and before he got her, she was already sent away. This made him extremely furious.

Since His Majesty the Emperor announced that Princess Yuluo would be appointed as the Crown Princess, almost all the big families in True Dragon City were shocked.

Any families with a certain status and with a son would want him to be seen by the princess. If that happened, there would be a bright future for the family.

Of course, there’s some work to be done to get the princess. An ordinary princess might accept concubines, but Yuluo would be the queen in the future, how could she accept any concubines in the family?

It is for this reason that in the past few months, the major families secretly sent away a lot of people. Although everyone understood it, it could not be discussed openly.

Young master Liang was one of the victims. After master Gan mentioned it, of course he got outrageous.

Also, the reputation of the Gan family was excellent. During the past hundreds of years, there had never been any concubines in the family. No one even stepped a foot in a brothel, so Liang Wuxin couldn’t even refute.

Seeing that Liang Wuxin was already angry, Gan Shijiu no longer irritated him, he smiled and left. Anyway, his goal had been achieved. The Gan family and the Liang family had never been fond of each other. They’d find troubles for each other whenever there’s a chance.

Liang Wuxin watched Gan Shijiu leave slowly. Since there’s still anger in his heart, he had to vent it anyway.

“Go!” He stared gloomily at Gan Shijiu’s back, turned around and walked up the stairs on the other side to the second floor.

The two bodyguards looked at each other and sighed silently. Young master Gan and master Liang were of similar age and their statuses were similar as well. Initially, they were of same level. However, about two weeks ago, master Gan got lucky and achieved the early stage of Qi condensation from the later stage of building base. This really irritated master Liang. The two’s relationship had been sour all along and master Gan would look for troubles and tease Liang Wuxin whenever he liked…

The two guards smiled helplessly and silently followed their young master to the second floor.


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