Chapter 227

“I don’t think it’s that exaggerated…” Xu Ziyan murmured.

Yu Hao rolled his eyes, “exaggerated? Do you have any idea why I’d turn this small pavilion into the headquarters of Qianwen?”

Xu Ziyan asked cooperatively, “why?”

“That’s because no matter how big it is, the defensive array that I bought can’t protect it. People often come to spy on it in the middle of the night. Thanks to Lord Lin, he has deterred many people. Those people with a certain status still have to care about what they’re doing and that made me sustain it until now.”

“Is it really that dangerous?” Xu Ziyan frowned. He invested a large sum of money for Yu Hao back then, as he originally wanted to set up Qianwen Pavilion as soon as possible, but he did not expect a rapid development to have such consequences. If he’d known earlier, he might as well take things more slowly.

“Actually, it’s not that bad.” Yu Hao just complained habitually. After all, it’s not easy to work hard in the True Dragon City. However, if Xu Ziyan was worried about his own safety and asked him to withdraw from True Dragon City, it would be really bad. He had a great spirit in fighting now, or he wouldn’t have invested a large sum of money to hire a golden core cultivator to ensure his safety.

To be honest, Yu Hao was that kind of person who’d do worse if he didn’t progress. The more obstacles there were, the stronger will he’d have. Right now, the Qianwen Pavilion had already become famous in the True Dragon City, and it’d be like taking his life away if he had to close it…

Yu Hao then couldn’t stop talking. He started with how he started his business in the True Dragon City and how reluctant he was to give up on his future. After all, Xu Ziyan finally understood that Yu Hao was asking him for money, and he didn’t really care if Xu Ziyan was safe or not.

Touching his nose silently, Xu Ziyan took out his Qiankun bag and pretended to search inside.

While searching inside Mr. Little Square, he remembered that there was a rich cultivator giving him a large amount of spiritual stones when he was in the fighting tower. It was the right time to give them to Yu Hao.

Xu Ziyan rummaged through it slowly, making sure to observe the golden core cultivator called Lin Han.

That Lin Han looked a little cold, but judging from what Yu Hao said, since he’s only there to collect wages, there’s really no need to be smiley.

Xu Ziyan rolled his eyes, and the corners of his mouth curled up in an imperceptible arc.

Standing behind him, Xu Zirong glanced at his brother with a slightly surprised look. Why did his brother’s inner feelings seem so strange? It’s like he’s ready to play a trick!

Xu Ziyan slowly searched in it. There’s indeed too much stuff in the fighting tower and he had forgotten to tidy things up inside. After a long while, he finally took out a high-level spiritual stone under Yu Hao’s desperate gaze.

“Damn it!” Yu Hao was stunned, and the cultivator named Lin Han suddenly opened his eyes, and a gleam of light flashed in his eyes.

“Sorry, I took it wrong.” Xu Ziyan apologized insincerely, then put the high-level spiritual stone even though Yu Hao was dying for it.

“Wait!” Yu Hao stretched out his hand, “that…that’s a really high-level spiritual stone, right?”

“Yeah, the boss gave it to me as a reward last time.” Xu Ziyan said casually.

Yu Hao blinked, then his facial expression changed, showing an expression of indignation, “what does the boss mean? I worked so hard, why didn’t he reward me? It doesn’t make sense! And I’m gonna talk some sense to him!”

Xu Ziyan sneered, “come on, you’re just…” He looked Yu Hao up and down a few times, then fluttered out under Yu Hao’s sad and angry gaze, “at the later stage of building base, even if the boss rewards you with a superb spiritual stone, can you use it? Aren’t you afraid of exploding and dying?”

“What do you mean? Even if I can’t use it now, I can still do in the future! It’s true that your level of cultivation is higher than mine, but it doesn’t justify the fact that only you got the spiritual stone! Have you given more effort than I did?” Yu Hao couldn’t accept it, and he’s about to complain about it to the boss.

Xu Ziyan said slowly, “of course, last time I got the roadmap of Canglan Spiritual Realm, and after the boss’ verification, it turns out that the roadmap is real. I’m sure that you know what’s inside, so do you think this effort is worth one high-level spiritual stone?”

Yu Hao’s eyes widened, and he pointed at Xu Ziyan for a while, not being able to speak a word for a long while. In the end, he finally sighed, “damn it!”

After speaking, he turned his head and sat back in his seat, his head lowered, looking devastated.

“Okay, don’t be discouraged. The boss said that once the Guanmi Garden opens next time, he’ll try his best to invite a few alien ministers inside. After all, those elders gave their best to the Qianwen Pavilion. They won’t help us next time if we don’t give them some advantages.”

“Alien ministers?” Yu Hao suddenly raised his head, rolled his eyes, and immediately understood what Xu Ziyan meant by his acting. He immediately got excited.

“That’s right. However, the boss also said that anyone without the strength of golden core should not enter Guanmi Garden, and it’s the same for the alien ministers.” After saying so, Xu Ziyan took out a bag of spiritual stones from Mr. Little Square. He gave them to Yu Hao, “there are 500 high-level spiritual stones inside, I’m assuming that it’s enough to feed you for a while? I should go now, as I still want to watch the fun of the big competition.”

“Hey! Brother Ziyan, walk slowly!” Yu Hao took the bag of spiritual stones, opened it and there’s a wide smile on his face. He pulled Xu Ziyan’s arm, yet he was immediately hit by a tiny blood vine.

Xu Zirong stared at him coldly, and Yu Hao silently retracted his hand.

Yu Hao, “this clingy brother’s sickness just got more serious!”

He touched his nose, “um, brother Ziyan. You see, this cultivator Lin has helped me a lot. Although he still isn’t an alien minister in the Qianwen Pavilion, but…do you think you can do me a favor and let the boss bring him in next time?”

Lin Han had been very excited since the moment he saw the top-quality spiritual stone. There were countless thoughts in his mind, and he even had the idea of killing someone and stealing it. However, he suppressed this urge and held on to his faith.

Later, when he heard about the roadmap of Guanmi Garden, he couldn’t hold it anymore. For a sword cultivator, no other secret realm was more meaningful than the Canglan Secret Realm.

Especially the Guanmi Garden in Canglan Secret Realm, as it was said that it was the paradise for sword cultivators. There were limitless spells and treasures for them inside.

No sword cultivators could resist this temptation, especially for Lin Han as a casual cultivator who didn’t belong to any sect. They usually had limited resources, and it’s already rare that he could reach the level of golden core. If he could still go forward—

——Lin Han’s heart suddenly became hot, but when he thought further about it, he felt like someone pouring ice cold water on top of his head.

He was just someone hired by the shopkeeper to protect his personal safety, why should he participate in the competition with others in the Canglan Secret Realm?

Unexpectedly, the development of the matter was completely beyond his imagination. His greedy employer actually spoke for him and asked their boss to take him to the Canglan Secret Realm.

Lin Han was naturally smart enough to reach the current level. He understood that Yu Hao had the intention to ask him to join. If it was a few days earlier, he would never get interested in the Qianwen Pavilion, but the appearance of Xu Ziyan actually shocked him.

Xu Ziyan could take out a high-level spiritual stone so easily, and he could even invite him to the Canglan Secret Realm. This fact alone was worth him giving effort for twenty years.

If a casual cultivator wanted to obtain resources, he had to either explore the secret realm by himself or become the worship of a certain family. Lin Han was still a free man as a golden core cultivator, since he didn’t like to be restricted and he looked down on the small families that invited him.

But this Qianwen Pavilion…

Lin Han had thousands of thoughts in his mind, while noticing the jade of identity that Xu Ziyan was playing in his hand.

It’s an elite disciple of the Liu Guang sect!

Lin Han’s pupils shrank suddenly! The doubts in his heart instantly turned to ashes.

Ever since Xu Ziyan mentioned about that boss, he had doubted whether there’s great power behind the Qianwen Pavilion. His speculation was confirmed after he saw Xu Ziyan’s identity of jade.

It all made sense if someone told him that the Liu Guang sect was secretly supporting the Qianwen Pavilion.

However, there’s something he didn’t understand. If the Liu Guang sect wanted to establish the Qianwen Pavilion, they could look for a few golden core cultivators, but he soon understood that they didn’t want to make it obvious, as they never revealed the name of Liu Guang sect.

Besides, even if this Qianwen Pavilion really had nothing to do with the Liu Guang Sect, he would not suffer any losses. The elite disciple of Liu Guang sect was working for the boss, and as a young cultivator of golden core, his value seemed much higher.

And even such an important role was willing to work there, so what’s there to complain about?

After thinking further about it, Lin Han’s expression changed immediately.

A smile appeared on his originally indifferent face, and he nodded to Xu Ziyan, “the shopkeeper Yu treats me well and I’m also looking forward to seeing the Qianwen Pavilion. It’s only that I’m not sure if I can become a member of it.”

Yu Hao curled his lips secretly, as this Lin Han was usually very cold to him. He’d even look down on the Qianwen Pavilion. How come he suddenly changed after seeing Xu Ziyan? That’s really…

However, Yu Hao wouldn’t tell directly what he thought. Instead, he looked at Lin Han with a look of surprise and welcomed him enthusiastically, “it’s the pleasure of our Qianwen Pavilion to have you, cultivator Lin. I’m going to inform the boss immediately and hand you the first-grade worship!”

When Lin Han heard so, the smile on his face became even wider. Anyone would love flattering words like these. Also, the “first-grade worship” sounded the highest grade in the Qianwen Pavilion.

However, it was not uncommon for him to deserve that as a golden core cultivator.


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