Chapter 222

“Tsk tusk, I haven’t seen you all in a year and look how you’ve all improved.” Tang Tianlang released a few more spells, tidied up himself and walked out from the mist.

When Lin Xiaotian saw this, the corners of his mouth twitched and he respectfully bowed, “nice to see you again, Master.”

“Yeah.” Tang Tianlang waved his hand casually, his gaze turned to Xu Ziyan.

Lin Xiaotian stepped back silently, pulling Shao Xiuwen’s sleeve.

“Um, what is going on?” Shao Xiuwen still felt a bit lost. Since the first attack, he had been busy resisting, and when it suddenly stopped, Tang Tianlang was there.

Um…so does it mean that it was Tang Tianlang who’d attacked them just now?

He looked at Lin Xiaotian with confusion.

Lin Xiaotian’s face twitched and he silently lit a candle for Shao Xiuwen. He had been used to this bad habit of master, and by observing the reaction of the Xu brothers, he’s sure that they were used to similar tricks by their master as well…however, the poor Shao Xiuwen had never encountered the same and he’s still not sure what had just happened.

Speaking of which…it’s actually because Song Baiqin was more reliable as a master, right?!

Lin Xiaotian lowered his voice and said, “my master likes to test my reaction speed and ability.”

Shao Xiuwen was at a loss of words for a long while before he understood what Lin Xiaotian meant. It wasn’t the first time Tang Tianlang did similar things, that’s why Lin Xiaotian could react fast and directly asked them to be careful.

Shao Xiuwen:…

He glanced at Lin Xiaotian quietly, who looked very calm. There’s no trace of anxiety in his eyes at all, as if nothing had happened just now. Shao Xiuwen patted Lin Xiaotian’s shoulders sympathetically, “it’s not easy for you with such a master…”

Lin Xiaotian:…

Why would Shao Xiuwen sympathize him in return? It was him being injured the most seriously, no?

Lin Xiaotian had no idea that Shao Xiuwen felt fortunate to have a more normal and reliable master, or he’d be constantly ambushed by his master and say goodbye to his peaceful old days…

Tang Tianlang walked to Xu Ziyan with a stiff smile on his serious face. He patted Xu Ziyan on the shoulder, “you’re good.”

Xu Ziyan smiled shyly, but inevitably felt a little guilty in his heart. Was it really a good idea to not save any face for Tang Tianlang, since he’s the head of a big sect? However, even such a leader was interested in playing childish tricks with them, then he really deserved to lose!

After figuring it out, Xu Ziyan calmed down in an instant, he bowed to Tang Tianlang in a submissive manner, “thank you master for your teaching.”

Tang Tianlang twitched his cheeks, and once again determined that he’d beaten up Big Foot Luo when they met. Then, he smiled at Xu Ziyan, turned his head with his smile fading away and glared at Xu Zirong sharply.

Xu Zirong remained calm and easy and there were no changes on his face at all, as if the one looking at him wasn’t the master of a big sect or a nascent soul cultivator at all. Tang Tianlang was just like an ordinary old man in front of him.

Tang Tianglang looked serious and people felt threatened just by being around him. However, Xu Zirong didn’t feel more inferior at all and he’s not threatened by this nascent soul cultivator. He just kept looking as cold as ever.

“Master Tang, do you have anything to ask from Zirong?” Xu Ziyan squeezed out a smiling face, stepped forward to block Zirong, taking advantage of his height to block his baby brother behind him strictly.

Xu Zirong felt warm in his heart and there’s a slight smile on his face. He stretched out his hand and pulled his brother’s sleeves, then pinched on his waist.

At such a close distance, the nascent soul cultivator instantly understood what this small action meant. Tang Tianlang raised his eyebrows, looked at Xu Ziyan and spoke slowly, “I’m assuming that the tree vines that he was controlling were not merely wood-type spells, right?”

Xu Ziyan nodded, “that’s right.”

Tang Tianlang’s eyes narrowed slightly, “if I’m not mistaken, what he cultivated was the Blood Sea Heart Sutra.”

Xu Ziyan knew it was no longer possible to lie and he nodded straightly, “right, that’s what my brother cultivated. Master Tang, is there an issue here?”

Tang Tianlang was almost amused by how thick-skinned Xu Ziyan was and he looked at Xu Ziyan jokingly, “it’s something that a demon cultivator would cultivate…”

Before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by Xu Ziyan, “Master Tang.” Xu Ziyan smiled gently, “my master has long known that my brother was practicing the Blood Sea Heart Sutra, but he also commented that there’s no good or bad in this spell, as it all depends on who uses it. Also, given how much you’ve already known, you must have realized that when the Blood Sea Heart Sutra was created, it was used by righteous cultivators and it even had great achievements in the extreme west. My younger brother just inherited the last will of that senior. I assume that since you’re friends with my master, you must know how to distinguish between good and evil, and you wouldn’t make judgements so bluntly.”

Tang Tianlang secretly felt flattered, as he’d never realize how well this disciple of Big Foot Luo was in communicating. According to Xu Ziyan, if he still accused Xu Zirong of not being righteous by having cultivated the Blood Sea Heart Sutra, it would just prove that he’s an incompetent master.

He had no intentions to judge the disciples of Big Foot Luo because of this matter anyway. All in all, among the higher levels of big sects, there’s still no conclusion whether the Blood Sea Heart Sutra was a spell of the righteous or demon cultivation. It was first cultivated by a righteous one and that cultivator even had countless achievements in the extreme west. If that person was a demon cultivator, it’s just another way to flatter demon cultivation then…

If it weren’t for a few demon cultivators who got hold of this Blood Sea Heart Sutra out of nowhere, who even developed a way to use cultivators’ essence blood to upgrade their cultivation level, this Blood Sea Heart Sutra would never become so “demonic”…

Tang Tianlang simply stood there with no expression on his face. On the surface, he seemed to be listening to Xu Ziyan’s explanation, but his thoughts had already wandered somewhere else.

Shao Xiuwen and Lin Xiaotian looked very nervous, for fear that the master and Ziyan would have a big fight. Although Xu Ziyan seemed to have made his master lose just now, if they really wanted to fight, none of them could compete against Tang Tianlang.

On the other hand, Xu Ziyan was not very nervous, it was perhaps because he was close enough, he could feel the pressure released by Tang Tianlang, but there’s no sense of murder.

In another more intuitive way, if Tang Tianlang really wanted to punish Xu Zirong, he would not be given a chance to explain anything. There’s no need to talk around the bush at all.

Therefore, Xu Ziyan was not too worried. Since the other party did not make a direct shot, it meant that Tang Tianlang did not intend to kill Xu Zirong. Besides, even his master did not criticize Xu Zirong for having cultivated the Blood Sea Heart Sutra, and since Tang Tianlang and Big Foot Luo were friends, he had no intentions in teaching Xu Zirong a lesson on behalf of Big Foot Luo.

After Xu Ziyan explained it for a while, he stopped talking and waited for Tang Tianlang’s response.

Tang Tianlang stared at the distance with a straight face, as if it was extremely difficult for him to make a decision.

Xu Ziyan took a deep breath again. Although he felt that Tang Tianlang would not take action against Xu Zirong, it was still his own speculation. If he really didn’t care his identity and start killing, then there’s no hope for them to escape.

Xu Ziyan was so nervous that he didn’t even dare to breathe loudly. After noticing how nervous his brother was, Xu Zirong became cautious too.

After waiting for a long while, Tang Tianlang still didn’t respond. At this moment, Lin Xiaotian seemed to have thought of something and his face twitched. He suddenly roared, “master!”

“Huh?” Tang Tianlang replied casually, then showed an expression as if he’d suddenly understood something. He looked at Xu Ziyan plainly, “what have you just said?”

Xu Ziyan:…

Everyone around them:…

Lin Xiaotian was extremely embarrassed. He knew that if his master hadn’t talked for a long while, it only meant that he’d been distracted!

Although his master always looked stern and serious, it’s just pretending!

It was just like when they were riding on the cloud boat and their master was always quietly standing in front of them. It looked as if he’s in deep thoughts but he’s actually just in a daze!

His serious expression was just to make other people afraid. Tang Tianlang always tried hard to reduce the frequency of being distracted, but it still got exposed…

“Ahem, uh, what you said makes sense, okay then.” Tang Tianlang patted Xu Ziyan’s shoulder with encouragement, turned around and told Lin Xiaotian, “let’s get out of here.”

Xu Ziyan really wanted to scream at this moment. He knew it already! Since Tang Tianlang could be friends with Big Foot Luo, never would he be the serious kind!

So…what about Song Baiqin…

Xu Ziyan touched his chin. That gaze scared Shao Xiuwen a bit. He poked Lin Xiaotian’s back and asked in a low voice, “is there anything on my back?”

Lin Xiaotian raised his eyebrows.

Shao Xiuwen glanced back, then quickly turned back, “what is Ziyan staring at?”

Lin Xiaotian and Xu Ziyan looked at each other, then helplessly replied, “I don’t think it has anything to do with you.”

Shao Xiuwen turned his head without believing it totally, just in time to see Xu Ziyan smiling at him with an extremely cold gaze.

Shao Xiuwen: (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻ Are we still friends or not?! There was only a weird guy before and now there’re two! What shall I do?

I will never hang out with the Xu brothers again! It freaks me out!

Tang Tianlang led the way, pointing at the array in the air while walking. From time to time, he would outline some golden silk threads to merge with the original array.

Among the four people who followed, except for Xu Zirong who knew arrays better, the other three didn’t know what he was talking about at all. They could just carefully follow Tang Tianlang’s footsteps and dared not walk away one bit.


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