Chapter 217

Xu Zirong bitterly blamed himself for having such adequate skills. He swore that he’d kiss even better next time, and when there’s a similar situation in the future, he would make his brother forget everything with a kiss…

“Huh! Be honest! You know that I really hate people lying to me!” After noticing Xu Zirong rolling his eyes, Xu Ziyan lowered his voice and threatened him.

Xu Zirong had no choice but to whisper reluctantly, “because I don’t want to share my brother with anyone.”

Xu Ziyan was startled for a moment, “these are two unrelated matters, right?”

“Of course not!” Xu Zirong said confidently, “if I said so, then I’d become much further away from my brother, as it would make us complete strangers. If I didn’t hide it so well, would my brother still love me as much?”

Xu Ziyan was speechless, and he couldn’t help but start imagining what he’d do if he knew that he’s not related to Xu Zirong by blood. Then, he thought that this assumption was simply meaningless, as he’d known earlier that they weren’t real brothers, which also meant that Xu Zirong had worried so much for nothing…

He felt pitiful towards Zirong, but Zirong didn’t know it. He had been through too much hardship in his previous life, and finally there was someone who loved him so dearly. It was like a drowning man finding a piece of wood. It was then completely understandable why he’d become so possessive.

With a silent sigh in the bottom of his heart, Xu Ziyan understood that Xu Zirong became so clingy because of what’d happened in his previous life. It’s already a difficult task for Xu Zirong to control himself, so he’d rather not ask for too much.

He gently touched Xu Zirong’s cheek and showed a gentle expression. Just let the past stay in the past, as he’d become a lover of Xu Zirong.

Although it’s necessary to maintain one’s authority as a brother, it’s not the same between lovers.

Xu Zirong looked at him with surprise, and he leaned over and gave him a kiss. Their foreheads were tightly pressed together: “From now on, don’t lie to me anymore!”

“Okay…” There’s a smile of surprise under Xu Zirong’s eyes and he promised without hesitation.

“And don’t hide anything from me anymore!”

Xu Zirong hesitated for a moment before nodding.

Xu Ziyan raised the corners of his lips, “and you have to tell me what you’ve hidden from me!”

Xu Zirong: …I feel like I dug a big hole for myself.

“Huh?” Seeing that Xu Zirong didn’t answer, Xu Ziyan raised his eyebrows and his tone slightly.

Xu Zirong silently burst into tears in his heart, and then, bit by bit, he told Xu Ziyan how he’d punished those Xu junior brothers behind his back…

Xu Ziyan found it ridiculous, as he’d never known that this stinky kid had done so much stuff behind his back.

Actually, those weren’t a big deal and it’s at most like a kid fooling around, yet he instantly understood why his cousin brothers looked at Xu Zirong strangely when they returned home last time.

It seems that those kids were pretty traumatized……_(:3∠)_

The focus of the conversation between the two brothers soon changed from explaining the dark history to a discussion of childhood anecdotes. Xu Zirong secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, he got to understand his brother’s nature.

He would not do the most hurtful things. Most of the things he chose were methods that were not harmful but were impressive—just like knocking off a tooth of a cousin sister in Xu family in front of everyone and she wouldn’t forget it ! ╮(╯▽╰)╭

When Lin Xiaotian and Shao Xiuwen came back, Xu Ziyan smiled at them, “please do not announce the fact that I and Zirong aren’t real brothers.”

There would be both advantages and disadvantages in exposing this fact. On one hand, they wouldn’t be pressurized by the term “incest” anymore; on the other hand, Xu Xiao might get upset about it…

Or…maybe not?

Thinking of his indifferent but responsible father, Xu Ziyan couldn’t tell how he’s feeling.

According to his standards as a father, Xu Xiao was absolutely unqualified, and even Xu Ziyan wondered whether the Xu family had always educated their patriarch like this. He’s cruel and ruthless, and he didn’t care about anything except the responsibilities of the family.

But as the head of the family, Xu Xiao was an excellent one. Since he’s limited to the family’s own strength, he couldn’t spread the influence of the Xu family to a greater extent, but since he took over the Xu family, the Xu family has been in full swing in Moxin City.

Before Xu Ziyan transmigrated, there were two middle-level families in Moxin City besides the Xu family. These two middle-level families had about the same strength. However, under Xu Xiao’s operation, they were taken by the Xu family in just five years and they managed to completely control Moxin City.

And over the years, Xu Xiao had worked hard to make use of the forest sea in the back mountains of Xu family to attract a large number of low-level cultivators to Moxin City, relying on Linhai, trying to build the city into a commercial center.

From the perspective of Xu Ziyan as a person from modern times, Xu Xiao exceled as the master of a city, and how could such a good and calculating person randomly give up a golden core cultivator as his own assistant?

Xu Ziyan thought about it several times, and he believed that if Xu Xiao knew that Xu Zirong was not his son, then he would most likely remain silent and let the matter rot in his stomach.

Firstly, this could preserve his reputation; secondly, even if this matter was exposed, the most important thing for him would be to keep a golden core cultivator.

To put it bluntly, the Xuan Yu realm was so big and the Xu family was considered as a small family. Besides those big families around Moxin City, who would care whether the head of a small family was being cheated on?

Besides, this matter was not without a solution. After all, Xu Zirong was brought back when he was eight years old. If Xu Ziyan were to handle the matter, he could completely let Xu Xiao explain that someone wanted to kill Xu Zirong back then, and his mother wanted Xu Xiao to raise her son.

Xu Xiao could also explain that he’d adopted Xu Zirong out of righteousness and that he’d given Zirong the same family name to avoid shame.

If such news spreads out, Xu Xiao would be seen as a righteous and sentimental person. And it might even make the family more popular.

Xu Ziyan touched his chin, wondering how likely Xu Xiao would accept his proposal.

According to his ideas, he should take the initiative to contact Xu Xiao and suggest his own proposal.

In this way, Xu Xiao would find it easier to accept. Also, if Xu Ziyan told him about his relationship with Xu Zirong, Xu Xiao might be glad to keep a golden core cultivator because all he cared about was to keep the reputation of the family.

Also, this golden core cultivator was so young and his future was limitless. If Xu Xiao had any senses, he’d certainly not give up on the opportunity to keep this cultivator…

According to Xu Xiao’s habit, the first thing he would consider would be marriage.

Among the families of cultivation, marriage would be the most stable, yet the least stable way to form an alliance.

It’s stable when the two families had the same goal.

It’s unstable since many big families tried to devour smaller ones through the form of marriage.

If he decided to marry Xu Zirong, then this form of alliance would be the stable type, as there were no families behind Xu Zirong to share the benefits. As long as they could keep him,

Xu Ziyan felt that if he kept analyzing, Xu Xiao might as well sell him in order to keep Xu Zirong there.

In this world where family interests were more crucial than anything, family’s support was super important except for the Xu brothers who were extremely lucky.

Those who were supported also needed to give back to the family in various ways. This was the basic mode of survival of these families for thousands of years, and even Xu Ziyan couldn’t violate it.

Of course, Xu Ziyan didn’t intend to go against it. No matter what, if there was no Xu family, he would not have joined the Liu Guang sect.

Perhaps when he was upgraded, the Xu family just provided him minimal support, but even this minimal support helped him open the door to another world.

Just imagine, if there was no Xu family, after transmigrated into an unknown realm, it’d already be a problem whether he could survive.

If he’s unlucky, it’s normal to encounter a vicious demon cultivator, being skinned or having his soul sucked out. No one there cared about human rights, even those cultivators of lower level would have nowhere to complain if they were killed by those of higher level…

Under such circumstances, the opportunity given to him by the Xu family to cultivate was extremely precious. Perhaps in Xu Xiao’s eyes, it’s absolutely right and normal to teach his son, but Xu Ziyan understood very well that he’s not the real son and he had to pay Xu Xiao back after taking so much. Xu Ziyan would never forget who’d treated him well, and he’d happily do so for the Xu family!

The Xu family of his previous life might be bad for Xu Zirong, but he did take revenge. And since Zirong could tolerate Lin Xiaotian and Mo Ziyuan, the conflicts between him and Xu family was nothing.

“Brother…Brother…” Xu Zirong gently shook Xu Ziyan’s shoulder, a smile appeared in his eyes. He didn’t know what his brother had thought of, but Xu Ziyan was looking at him, startled for a long while. Lin Xiaotian and Mo Ziyuan were completely ignored.

Xu Zirong was happy to see it happen, but he still cared about the image of Xu Ziyan. That’s why he secretly smirked while gently shaking Xu Ziyan.

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