Chapter 211

What’s worse was that, when this Equatorial Profound Dao sect invited Xu Ziyan, they already set the conditions to such a high level. If the Thousand Night Floating Cloud sect couldn’t come up with the same conditions, then they’d surely fail in getting Xu Ziyan over.

When she thought of this, Song Lingzi couldn’t stop gritting her teeth. Actually, there weren’t so many differences between the two sects, but this cultivator Ling Ye was the mainstay of the Equatorial Profound Dao sect and his authority was much more important. Even if the Thousand Night Floating Cloud sect could suggest the same conditions, Song Lingzi wasn’t qualified to make such a commitment.

Ling Ye looked at Xu Ziyan calmly, ignoring the representatives of other sects who were watching nearby. In his opinion, as long as Xu Ziyan was not dumb, he would not fail to understand the meaning of a master of deity.

Xu Ziyan felt like exploding being surrounded by so many people. Never had he expected to have such a big consequence after receiving the mark of that big snail;

In the past few days, there had been so many weird things. The big sects fought among themselves in front of him, as they were all scared that he’d be snatched away…

It was Xu Ziyan’s first time to notice that he’s that wanted. His face almost got stiffened by too much smiling in front of these nascent soul cultivators.

Although Xu Zirong once said that he’s not afraid of making those people unhappy, he’s used to being kind to everyone. He’d rather not act meanly to these big sects since they had invited him with such enthusiasm.

Besides…if a war between the human and the demon race broke out in the Xuan Yu realm in the future, it would be fine if the human race won, but once the demon race became more powerful, they must consider retreating.

It was naturally the best choice to escape to the dominating areas of other human races. It’s because they might help them escape in the future.

“Hmph, the Equatorial Profound Dao sect acts so arrogantly, so a deity can do whatever he wants now, huh?” A brawny man in a black robe walked over hurriedly. His face was with an awe-inspiring murderous expression and it instantly turned into a smile when he looked at Xu Ziyan, “cultivator Xu, will you consider us, the Iron Feather sect?”

“Shi Lansheng! Your sect is a physical cultivation sect, do you want cultivator Xu to restart his training over there?” Ling Ye shouted. Although the Equatorial Profound Dao was a super big sect, it wasn’t the only one.

This Iron Feather sect was a large sect as well. Shi Lansheng’s status was not more inferior to that of Ling Ye. And since Ling Ye had already promised his master to invite Xu Ziyan to join his sect, it proved that he’s a favored disciple of his master. However, things were even more convenient for Shi Lansheng – his father was a deity cultivator, so how would he reject Shi Lansheng in terms of inviting Xu Ziyan to join?

There were only a few sects which could provide the best conditions, yet the small sects also wanted to try their luck.

Xu Ziyan’s clearly the chosen one, who knows if he’s got any strange taste? So, what if he preferred small sects? Or a certain type of cultivation?

Since it’s just trying some luck, it wouldn’t hurt even if they lost. With this attitude, more than a hundred sects sent their representatives and they all waited outside Xu Ziyan’s door. He couldn’t even get out.

“Tsk tsk, what’s wrong with physical cultivation? I’m telling you that it’s even better!” Shi Lansheng cleaned his ears. His Iron Feather Gate’s scale was similar to that of Equatorial Profound Dao sect, and he had a similar status with Ling Ye as well. Although Song Lingzi dared not confront Ling Ye directly, Shi Lansheng wasn’t scared at all!

He smiled and said to Xu Ziyan, “cultivator Xu, come to think about it. Although the Equatorial Profound Dao sect is a spell cultivation sect, the people inside are all the same. And although it sounds prestigious to be a disciple of a deity elder, there’re still many people who don’t want such a big title. I’m also assuming that there’re limited resources in the sect, right? The more precious a kind of spiritual medicine is, the less people who will get it. Imagine, a bunch of death grass needs to be divided by more than ten people, and if you join us, the Iron Feather sect, you’ll get to have all kinds of high-level spiritual medicine!”

Ling Ye sneered when he heard so, “cultivator Shi had really made good calculations, even though we can’t get a big share in our sect, we still can get some. And since the Iron Feather sect is a physical cultivation sect, the kinds of spiritual medicine that you have are all for physical training only, I suppose? Aren’t you worried that cultivator Xu will be mad at you after finding out the truth?”

Xu Ziyan didn’t know what kind of expression to put on anymore. This Shi Lansheng actually hadn’t thought it through before attempting to invite him to join.

“Ling Ye, what kind of bullshit is this about?” Shi Lansheng was furious, “I. Shi Langsheng, mean every word I’ve said! Even if there’s really no spiritual medicine in the sect, would it be so difficult to get some spiritual medicine for spell cultivation? We were not engaged in spell cultivation before, so we naturally did not have to fight with you guys for those kinds of medicine. If we’re really determined, we will at least get 30% of those newly planted spiritual herbs.”

Shi Lansheng had a strong momentum when he said so, and Ling Ye just remained silent.

Upon seeing this, Xu Ziyan understood that Shi Lansheng hadn’t come with nothing. Since he had the nerve to confront Ling Ye directly, his sect must be a strong one too. When all kinds of treasures were created, there was always a fuss, and it always had to cost some human life for someone to get it.

Even if it’s the Equatorial Profound Dao sect getting the spiritual grass, no one would be sure who would own it at last. However, if the Iron Feather sect managed to have it, then it would eventually be owned by Xu Ziyan (if he was willing to join the sect, that is).

“Hey, why is it so lively today?” A gentle yet eerie voice attracted everyone’s attention.

A female cultivator with heavy makeup and a long skirt came over slowly.

“Tsk tsk, Shi Lansheng, you’re such a jerk, we haven’t seen each other for so long and you have never said that you missed me.” The sultry way of walking of this female cultivator made everybody flinch, and Xu Ziyan thought that something’s not right with this woman.

“It’s a guy disguising as a woman.” Xu Zirong whispered in his brother’s ear.

Xu Ziyan stared at his neck quickly and he quickly noticed his Adam’s apple.

What the hell, a shemale cultivator…

“Hehe, cultivator Xu is looking at me so attentively, are you interested in my Yin Yang sect?” The shemale showed again a sultry smile to Xu Ziyan.

Xu Ziyan really had no idea what to do. He still hadn’t rejected those people and now there’s suddenly an annoying guy. Although he had no idea who this shemale was, judging from the reaction of Shi Langsheng who hadn’t said a word, he knew that he wasn’t simple at all.

“Cultivator, nice to meet you. What’s your name?” Xu Ziyan greeted him reluctantly.

Based on the level of cultivation of Xu Ziyan, he’s a genius among geniuses in the Xuan Yu realm since he managed to reach the stage of golden core at his 20s. If he returned to Xuan Yu now and told Big Foot Luo, his master would surely bring him around big sects to show up.

However, when facing a group of nascent soul cultivators, his level of golden core was not enough. He also didn’t know what to do given how enthusiastic this shemale was.

“Haha, cultivator Xu is so interesting.” Mr. Shemale covered his lips and smiled, “I’m Ren Yao from the Yin Yang sect of Wu Xin Realm. It’s really my pleasure to meet you.”

The corner of Xu Ziyan’s eyes twitched. The name really suited him…

“Old fool, no more bullshit. There’re so many people here today, if the Yin Yang sect intends to snatch cultivator Xu under everyone’s eyes today, you should at least tell us what your conditions are.” Shi Lansheng held his arms around his chest and stared at Ren Yao in an unfriendly manner.

Ren Yao smiled lightly and poked Shi Lansheng’s body with his slender finger, “douchebag, why are you so serious?”

Although it seemed a gentle way of poking, Shi Lansheng was so pissed off that his face turned red quickly. It also turned pale immediately afterwards. There were stronger and weaker nascent soul cultivator, and both Shi Lansheng and Ling Ye belonged to the early stage of nascent soul. They were seen as rare geniuses to reach this level at their age. However, they were still much more inferior to this Ren Yao, who had reached the later stage of nascent soul, many even said that he almost reached deity.

No one could afford getting angry with him since his level was so high. The difference was simply too big that even the hardest effort could not make it possible to catch up.

Moreover, Ren Yao had a strange personality and he had offended many people since young. His personality also made him very close to losing his life several times, yet he managed to survive every time. After so many years, not only did he manage to live, but his cultivation level also leaped.

If he’s alive, then his enemies had to die. He’d kill anyone getting into his way, and there were so many families being completely wiped off by him.

However, that’s how things are in the cultivation world. No one would dare offending such a cultivator for those families. Ren Yao still lived his life enjoyably and created troubles as much as he could.

“Ren Yao, isn’t it true that the Yin Yang sect doesn’t believe in destiny? I’m assuming that cultivator Xu is useless for your sect.” Ling Ye said coldly.

Ren Yao turned his eyes and looked at Ling Ye thoughtfully, “Ling Ye, you’re not right in saying that. It’s true that the Yin Yang sect doesn’t believe in destiny, but that’s not related to why we want to invite cultivator Xu. The only reason that is he’s so talented, gifted and he’s got such a strong physique. I’m interested in accepting him as a disciple on my master’s behalf.”

Ling Ye and Shi Lansheng cursed in their mind, “so much bullshit with this bastard!”


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