Chapter 210

Xu Ziyan took the piece of metal and looked at the man in black with confusion, but the man in black didn’t mean to explain at all, he simply turned around instantly and left.

“What does this mean?” Xu Ziyan scratched his head and looked at the others with a puzzled look.

Shao Xiuwen and Lin Xiaotian shook their heads and signaled that they didn’t know what it meant either.

Xu Zirong also frowned slightly. He had cultivated the Blood Sea Heart Sutra, and that made him more sensitive to the scent of human than other people.

If he made the right guess, then this card contained someone’s breath of essence blood, sort of like an identity jade of Liu Guang sect.

But…why did the man in black give them his or someone else’s identity card? It seemed so illogical.

After telling his doubts to Xu Ziyan, he didn’t understand it either. However, after everyone’s investigation, this item had no danger, and Xu Ziyan also didn’t think the man in black intended to harm him. He thus put that thing back into Mr. Little Square.

He was already used to putting unknown stuff into Mr. Little Square, since it’d got so much space inside now, and although it took took so long to evolve, its vast space was just like that of Wei Qing’s Ring of Nothingness…

There’s also one more important point – it’s possible that the Ring of Nothingness could be snatched away, but he could always rely on Mr. Little Square.


Xu Ziyan was calling Mr. Little Square but it didn’t appear.

He looked around in amazement. Since Mr. Little Square was able to transfer positions, he had habitually placed it on the top of his head. When he needed to use it, he would just move his hand to his head, and it’s the first time that it didn’t show up.

Xu Ziyan raised his head suspiciously; there was nothing above his head.

He turned around to search and there’s still nothing.


Xu Ziyan was completely dumbfounded. Although this Mr. Little Square was a bit useless, it’s still his golden finger after the transmigration, how come it could just disappear like that?

When he was receiving the stone given by the big snail, it still put things in it, so why did it just vanish?

The most important thing is…he still had lots of stuff in it! And it’d got all his properties as well!

“Brother, what’s the matter?” Xu Zirong was the first to realize that there was something wrong with his brother, and he asked in a low voice.

On the other side, Shao Xiuwen and Lin Xiaotian were discussing how to open the fruits in their hands, and they hadn’t noticed what the Xu brothers were doing.

“Nothing…My Square is missing…” Xu Ziyan couldn’t express how frustrated he felt, it’s so depressing when the most reliable golden finger just vanished inexplicably.

“Missing?” Xu Zirong raised his eyebrows. He knew the magic square of his brother, but he didn’t believe that anything would disappear inexplicably. “When did it disappear?”

“Just now…” Xu Ziyan almost cried, “it also vanished with all my stuff inside…”

“Did something happen just now?” Xu Zirong looked at his brother with a painful expression and he really wanted to wrap him in his arms.

Fortunately, no matter how depressed Xu Ziyan was, he still stayed as rational as possible. He stared at Xu Zirong sharply and stopped him from showing affection publicly.

Xu Zirong shrugged regretfully and thought, “well, since Shao Xiuwen and Lin Xiaotian are getting along better with my brother, sooner or later I’ll claim my authority to you all.”

“I don’t know what happened, but when the big snail gave me the stone, the square was still there, and I also put the stone in it.” Xu Ziyan scratched his head in annoyance, regretting about having putting his stuff in Mr. Little Square after knowing that it’s so unreliable.

Although the Qiankun bag was less secure, at least it wouldn’t just vanish out of any reasons.

“That stone?” Xu Zirong frowned when thinking about the white stone that the big snail handed to his brother. That stone made him feel a bit familiar, yet he couldn’t think of what that was.

“Brother, are you sure that the square has disappeared?” Xu Zirong asked.


“I mean, how does my brother usually contact Mr. Square, can you just go in and out any time you want?” Xu Zirong explained.

“Usually I just have to think about it…” Before he finished speaking, his figure disappeared in the room…

Xu Zirong:! ! !

“What’s the matter?” A living person suddenly disappeared; it really shocked Shao Xiuwen and Lin Xiaotian.

Xu Zirong frowned. Before he started speaking again, he saw Xu Ziyan’s figure again and he even looked shocked.

“What are you…” Shao Xiuwen looked at Xu Ziyan inexplicably, as he had no idea why he would suddenly show up and vanish.

Lin Xiaotian’s eyes flashed and he pulled Shao Xiuwen, who suddenly understood something. He hurriedly turned his head and continued studying the fruit with Lin Xiaotian.

Everyone had their own secrets. And they weren’t interested in asking about their friends’ secrets nonstop.

“You found it?” Xu Zirong asked softly.

“I guess so.” Xu Ziyan wasn’t sure whether he should get mad or laugh. .

“What do you mean?”

“This…” Xu Ziyan scratched his head. How could he explain this? Mr. Little Square was always suspended around his body before its evolution, and it even took it more than 20,000 years to evolve. Now that his will changed, and he found himself in a place like paradise. He would never believe it if someone told him that it’s not created by Little Square.

But – _(:3∠)_, how did Little Square shorten the twenty thousand years into a few hours? Obviously when he put the stone in, Mr. Little Square still had nothing in it…

After explaining the situation about Little Square, Xu Zirong instantly understood.

He couldn’t help but chuckle, “my brother is so lucky.”

“Why?” Xu Ziyan asked in doubt.

“I didn’t realize it just now. The stone that the big snail gave you should be a whole piece of instantaneous sand.”

“Instantaneous sand? What is that?” Xu Ziyan was curious, he had never heard of this stuff.

Xu Zirong explained to him with a big smile on his face. The instantaneous sand is a very rare kind of mineral, and its biggest use was to cultivate spiritual medicine.

In this realm of cultivation, the older the spiritual medicine, the more effective it would be. Just like the Double Lotus that they saw before, only those over 1000 years old had the most unique effect.

The name “Instantaneous sand” was taken from the meaning of “a thousand years in a flash”. By burying a single piece of instantaneous sand in the soil, one could shorten the growth time of the spiritual medicine by ten years.

It’s a pity that this kind of spiritual mine was too scarce, it’s only worth cultivating when it’s about growing spiritual medicine with very high value.

Just like the piece that the big snail gave to Xu Ziyan just now, if it was taken to Xuan Yu realm, people would die fighting for it. Its value was even higher than the five-elemental prismatic crystal that Xu Ziyan had gotten earlier.

However, Xu Zirong did not expect that this piece of instantaneous sand could also speed up the evolution of Mr. Little Square, but that’s also fine, since there’s so much space in Little Square now and it could even move anywhere it wanted, he could then make sure that his brother’s safe.

Xu Ziyan was also happy inside. Since he wasn’t sure if Little Square could be of any help at all before, it all didn’t seem so bad anymore. At least he could still flee somewhere if there’s any danger.

Moreover, as the space got bigger now, and he started wondering if he should grow some spiritual plants as well. He couldn’t grow any outstanding stuff, but he could also grow some plants to feed his spiritual pet.

It’s all because his spiritual pet never got full.

(The Gluttonous: Oh well! (⊙_⊙)? Who is talking about me?)

After returning from the sacred tree, the life of Xu Ziyan and the others became much more dynamic. Firstly, he’d already reached the stage of golden core and there were more people whom he could challenge with. Also, the things that happened at the sacred tree soon got spread out, and even though the God of Snail was rarely seen, those old cunning people in the fighting tower still knew a lot. After knowing that somebody’s got the mark of the God of Snail, they all gathered in front of the door of Xu Ziyan.

“My little friend…have you made up your mind?” An enthusiastic old man in a purple robe looked at Xu Ziyan with a smile.

Xu Ziyan smiled, and before he answered, there’s a sharp female voice.

“Is there even any point to ask? Cultivator Xu will never choose you small sects with no future.” A good-looking female cultivator raised her eyes and looked at the old man with disdain.

The old man looked displeased immediately, “Song Lingzi! How dare you say that my sect has no future?”

The gorgeous female cultivator covered her lips and blinked innocently, “oh? Did I even say so? I’m so sorry to have told the truth.”

The old man trembled with anger, pointed at Song Lingzi for a long time and couldn’t speak.

Song Lingzi smiled happily. When she was just going to continue persuading Xu Ziyan, another low male voice interrupted her.

“There may not be any future for Dong Yue sect, but how about my Equatorial Profound Dao sect?”

Song Lingzi frowned slightly, but when she turned around, she again showed a big smile, “oh, who was I expecting? It turned out to be Ling Ye from the Equatorial Profound Dao sect. So, why are you fighting for cultivator Xu with a small sect like us?”

The middle-aged man looked calm and there’s not a single reaction after Song Lingzi’s question. He just looked at Xu Ziyan straightly, “the Equatorial Profound Dao sect has been leading the Floating Rock realm for over a thousand years. We also have the right to control 7 middle-range realms and 26 small-range realms. As long as you join us, I’ll make sure that you can follow my master. He’s under an elder of deity. What do you think?”

After seeing that cultivator Ling Yun wasn’t interested in her at all, Song Lingzi was furious. However, since Ling Yu was from the first sect of the Floating Rock realm, although Song Lingzi’s Thousand Nights Floating Cloud sect was also a dominant one in the Luohu realm, it was still more inferior to the Equatorial Profound Dao sect.


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