Chapter 209

After spending a month in the fighting tower, he also learned a lot about the situation here. Although he had no idea who built the tower and set so many rules, in Xu Ziyan’s perspective, it’s just like a talent training base for the three races.

Here, only those young and promising disciples would have the opportunity to take part in the fighting tower, and can train themselves through continuous fighting.

The most amazing thing is that the cultivators could continue to fight for life and death there, but there wasn’t real danger of life. Those who lost in battles actually didn’t die – it’s just that their divine consciousness got injured and they’d require some time to recover.

Of course, even if they were not dead, they would be expelled from the fighting tower. Everyone had only one chance to enter the fighting tower. Once a cultivator lost, he’d lose the chance for good.

Every cultivator understood that the easiest breakthrough only happened between life and death. Young cultivators really cherished this place as there’s no real danger of their lives but then they could train and upgrade themselves there.

So many battles of life and death, so many breakthroughs time after time…over the years, at least more than half of the young talents who shined on the battlefield have come to this fighting tower.

When Xu Ziyan learned of this, he suddenly understood why Tang Tianlang never told them the risk level of the fighting tower. Even if they “died” there, it’d not be a real death. So, there’s actually nothing to worry about.

After knowing that he would not die, Xu Ziyan played more freely, and he even made use of this opportunity to continuously train his battle skills.

The cooperation with Zirong also became more and more tacit, especially because of the existence of Mr. Blood Contract. He and Xu Zirong could communicate mentally so well, and they could make corresponding actions without speaking at all.

Thanks to this perfect cooperation, they became more famous in just a month in the fighting tower. Many human cultivators also started paying attention to them.

People like snatching away the talented people, no matter when or where. The young people who performed well in the fighting tower would surely develop well later.

In addition to young talents in this fighting tower, there were also many old cunning people who had lived for thousands of years. These old people belonged to the major super sects. While mentioning their own disciples, they also made sure to get the young talented people to join them.

Even a hero needed help in crucial situations. No matter how excellent a disciple was, his power was limited on a battlefield. Even though disciples of smaller sects might be more inferior, they would still be a great help in case of need.

Most of these old cunning people had this mindset, so they paid special attention to the newcomers in the fighting tower. In their eyes, the Xu brothers had already become one of the qualified ones.

The only pity is that, so far, they had not found the position of the Xuan Yu realm on the star map, and these old cunning people found it such a pity since they really wanted to take action first.

Xu Ziyan closed his eyes, condensed his divine consciousness into an invisible giant hand, and gently stroked the trunk of the divine tree. He didn’t know whether it could create any effects, but he believed so after analyzing Xu Zirong’s performance towards this action.

If Xu Zirong could be comforted by this kind of caressing, then he’s confident to tame the sacred tree as well.

The outcome met his expectation. When he caressed the trunk, the sacred tree sent him a very gentle will.

This sacred tree was like a kind old man, smiling and listening to Xu Ziyan’s gratitude to him. It might not give any clear instructions, but the gentle smile was enough to put Xu Ziyan at ease.

The divine consciousness of the sacred tree was much greater than that of Xu Ziyan, yet it was very gentle. It slowly wrapped Xu Ziyan inside, and when Xu Ziyan was enjoying this breeze-like caressing, there were suddenly fluctuations next to him. Then, a pair of slender yet powerful arms wrapped his waist and kept him still.

Without having to turn back, Xu Ziyan naturally knew that it’s his flirtatious brother doing so.

He helplessly conveyed his apologetic thoughts to the sacred tree, yet unexpectedly, he received even more pleasant emotions back.

If the sacred tree was an old man, then this old man must be laughing out loud now.

“Brother, you are mine.” It was Xu Zirong’s low but clear voice.

Xu Ziyan pinched his arm speechlessly and asked him to behave. That zombie-like person in black was really close to them at the moment!

Xu Zirong raised his head and glanced at the man in black briefly.

The man in black looked at him blankly, there were no emotions in his eyes, as if he’s staring at a stone.

Raising his eyebrows slightly, Xu Zirong withdrew his gaze and whispered in his brother’s ears, “this kind of people are no different from a stone. Brother, just ignore him.”

Xu Ziyan: is it really a good idea to tell it straight to his face? How about all the courtesy that I taught you when you were little? Have you forgotten them all?

The sacred tree continued sending joyous emotions to Xu Ziyan, and the warm and welcoming divine consciousness wrapped Xu Ziyan in it.

Xu Zirong squinted slightly, enjoying the feeling, but he did not relax at all. On the contrary, he stared at the sacred tree more vigilantly, for fear that his brother would be abducted.

Xu Ziyan was helpless with Zirong’s attitude, but he also knew that because of Xu Zirong’s previous life experience, he was used to trying to figure out the attitude of others with the greatest malice. Although he had improved a bit, once there’s anything involving himself, Xu Zirong would act extra possessively again and it’s even worse than in his previous life…

Although Xu Ziyan really enjoyed the touch of this kind of divine consciousness and he even faintly felt that his divine consciousness was strengthening under this powerful stimulation, he cared about Xu Zirong’s feelings and he again sent a will of gratitude to the sacred tree.

The sacred tree withdrew its spiritual consciousness, and dropped two fruits. Looking at the two fruits, Xu Ziyan suddenly felt a little bit dumbfounded. He got something like a green apple, but Xu Zirong only got something like a dried date.

At such an old age, the sacred tree was still this playful. It’s too much, you know Grandpa?

Xu Ziyan quietly combed his brother’s hair, trying to comfort his injured soul.

But in fact Xu Zirong didn’t care at all. Anyway, it’s some free stuff, as long as his brother wasn’t taken away, he didn’t care whether he’d get a fruit.

But…it’s such a good opportunity to ask for compensation from his brother, he’d never give it up!!

After stupidly promising a bunch of messy things and seeing Xu Zirong’s who’s not frustrated at all, Xu Ziyan looked up with despair and told himself that he must toughen up next time…

Perhaps there’s nothing special about the fruits that the Xu brothers got, the surrounding people became less interested.

There were even people whispering, laughing at the “date kernel” in Xu Zirong’s hand.

However, the people in black who followed them knew very well that once these people went out, then everything that happened in the fighting tower would get spread out.

These young people didn’t understand the meaning of the God of Snail, but those cunning old people must be clear of it.

The people in black touched their chins lightly. Unfortunately, once they put on the black clothes of the fighting tower, they were completely disconnected from the worldly things. In addition, it’s not like the other party could live in the fighting tower forever. Otherwise, he’d really want to know these guys better.

Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong successfully escaped from the front of the sacred tree, Shao Xiuwen and Lin Xiaotian suddenly felt a lot of pressure…

The Xu brothers didn’t get any special care from the sacred tree, so everyone naturally put their energy on the cultivators who came with the Xu brothers.

Shao Xiuwen was scared by everyone’s gaze, and he hurriedly took a piece of fruit and fled to Xu Ziyan’s side.

On the other hand, although Lin Xiaotian was also under great pressure, he just looked at everyone else briefly and used his divine consciousness to connect with the sacred tree with a plain look.

“This kid is extraordinary.” A strong man of the demon race touched the sharp corner of his head, squinted his eyes and looked at Lin Xiaotian.

A expressionless demon race with a cyan face glanced at him and said calmly, “there have been many new talents in our demon race as well.”

The strong man glanced at the demon and said coldly, “the dead enemy is the best enemy.”

The demon race with a cyan face stopped talking, he just looked at Lin Xiaotian a little regretfully. He could feel that Lin Xiaotian was a powerful sword cultivator…it’s a pity that they’d never come across with each other.

Lin Xiaotian looked indifferent, but his whole body was surrounded by a faint breath of sword. He’d understood this breath of sword when he’s attacked from the ice woman, and although he still couldn’t control it well, he could still use to defense himself against the pressure from the others.

The sacred tree gave Lin Xiaotian a fist-sized prismatic fruit with a faint silver glow on the outer layer. It was very beautiful, and it made the eyes of some female cultivators shine, and they wanted to immediately rush to snatch it away.

But they also knew that those in black would never allow it to happen, and they could only shake their heads regretfully.

“Let’s go.” Lin Xiaotian was the last of the four to get the fruit. He left without any objection.

In fact, after getting the fruit that belonged to him from Xu Ziyan, many people had already left. After all, they were just curious about what good things this cultivator, who’s protected by the sacred tree, could get, and after finding out that there’s nothing special about the fruit, they lost interest naturally.

Xu Ziyan and the others followed the man in black who had brought them back to the fighting tower again, and after returning them to their room, the man in black gave Xu Ziyan a piece of milky white metal.


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