Chapter 208

“Okay, let’s get outside. It’s the venue of the blessing ceremony. It’s already remarkable that we’ve reached the golden core stage, and people will hate us if we continue wasting time here.” Xu Ziyan said a bit helplessly.

“Okay…but isn’t my brother supposed to tell me what’s happening with this Ziyu?” Xu Zirong slowly got up from his brother, stared at the ash on the ground and asked a bit angrily.

Xu Ziyan’s movements stiffened, “Ahem, my brother is not so perverted, this demon is too disgusting.”

(The demon who has turned into flying ashes: QAQ)

Xu Zirong’s facial expression got darker. And when he was staring at the ashes on the ground, he flickered a bit of bloody light and made those remaining ashes disappear for good.

(The heart demon with no ashes left: TAT)

Xu Zirong would never forget how angry he was when he was just isolated by the heart demon in another independent space, watching that “Ziyu” asking for a kiss. If his brother hadn’t rejected firmly, something would have gone wrong with his Blood Sea Heart Sutra already.

A touch of blood red color appeared in the bottom of his eyes, and Xu Zirong looked a bit cold. No one could share his brother’s love, not even his own brother!

It would be best if his brother and that Ziyu never saw each other again, or…his eyes flashed and the lowered eyelashes covered the darkness in his eyes.

His older brother belonged to him and it’s valid for life!

“What are you thinking about?!” Xu Ziyan patted his shoulder.

When Xu Zirong raised his head again, the resentment in his eyes was gone. He smiled gently, his eyes closely following his brother’s figure. When the figure slowly disappeared from the room, he slowly closed his eyes and closed this chapter of heart demon.

(Heart demon who’s not willing to let go: ┭┮﹏┭┮, I’ve worked so hard to act and no one applauded for me, I was even burnt alive, poor me…)

When Xu Ziyan crawled out of the huge leaf cocoon speechlessly, he was instantly stunned by the sight of people around him——

Although he had already expected a crowd after his core formation, but he still felt an immense pressure when everyone was staring at him.

“Cough cough, I’m so sorry to have wasted your time. I apologize to everyone.” Xu Ziyan arched his hands to all sides and apologized.

Many onlookers roared in their heart, “who dares to blame you? You’re such a protagonist, how would we say anything at all?”

Xu Zirong, who had also completed the formation of core, also climbed out from the leaf cocoon. When he realized that everyone around him was paying attention to his brother, he suddenly felt a little bad. He immediately looked at the crowd coldly and especially at those staring at Xu Ziyan.

The atmosphere fell into a strange silence. Xu Ziyan had no idea why he got so much attention. He looked around in confusion, coughing dryly, approached Shao Xiuwen and asked in a low voice, “what’d happened? Why this look?”

Shao Xiuwen was speechless, he wanted to pat Xu Ziyan on the shoulder and said, “brother, you have any idea what you’d done? Wait, you know what the sacred tree did to you?”

Seeing that Shao Xiuwen hadn’t said anything, he hurriedly explained, “I was also forced to form the core, it’s because there’s so much spiritual power with that silver leaf, and it’d be a waste if I didn’t absorb it…”

“Brother!” Shao Xiuwen slapped Xu Ziyan on the shoulder, interrupting his explanation. He stared directly at Xu Ziyan, “do you know how the leaf cocoon on your body came from?”

“Uh…?” Xu Ziyan was stunned, and he felt strange when he said so. He initially thought that Shao Xiuwen or Lin Xiaotian created it so that they wouldn’t be disturbed when forming the core, but judging from Shao Xiuwen’s tone, it didn’t seem to be the case.

If it weren’t for them, who else would use this kind of thing to shelter them?

“Don’t think about it anymore.” Before Xu Zirong tried to kill him with his gaze, Shao Xiuwen retracted the hand on Xu Ziyan’s shoulder, “it was the sacred tree that dropped two leaves to wrap you up. In fact, you brothers are really unusual, although I knew long ago that you were qualified to form a core, but none of us expected such a big momentum…”

“Huh?” Xu Ziyan still felt a little bit overwhelmed. It was really surprising what Shao Xiuwen had said.

“Oh, that’s right. You were inside forming a core, so you didn’t know.” Shao Xiuwen seemed to have understood more, “aside from the sacred tree giving you two silver leaves, you two formed such a strange shape during the process. Tsk tsk…big sects are big sects, although the Glaze Sword sect also has a few cultivators of golden core, we never saw that shape before…”

Shao Xiuwen shook his head and sighed, while Lin Xiaotian also walked over and said a few words.

After listening to Lin Xiaotian’s explanation, Xu Ziyan finally understood why he received so much attentions as soon as he succeeded in forming the core.

Since this sacred tree only existed in the fighting tower, it would be of no use outside. It’s also not that weird to see people forming a core and strange shape in the bigger realms.

What shocked these people the most was that when Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong formed their cores at the same time, the strange shapes formed by them also merged sophistically.

A thundercloud, a blood cloud, and two clouds formed above their leaf cocoons. In the beginning, the two clouds were not related to each other, each suspended above the leaf cocoons, but as the light of thunder and blood blended, this The two clouds actually slowly merged together.

It was a thunder cloud and a blood cloud. The two clouds merged above the cocoon. In the beginning, they were completely separated and just floated above the cocoon, but after the thunder light and the breath of blood started integrating, the two clouds slowly merged with each other as well.

The purple and red clouds merged into a giant thunder cloud, there was a bit of lightning during the process, just like a tiny scene of thunder tribulation.

Speaking of thunder tribulation, those cultivators might have seen it already. After all, when a cultivator advances to nascent soul, they must face their own thunder tribulation, but it’s rather surprising to encounter thunder tribulation during core formation. Also, this cloud of thunder tribulation was even formed when the strange shapes of these two cultivators merged, which was something they’d never heard of.

Just when everyone thought that the two cultivators who had formed a core would be struck by the thunder tribulation, the thunder cloud dissipated in mid-air, making everyone dumbfounded. Then, they realized that it’s the strange shape formed after the core formation, not the real tribulation cloud. And there would naturally be no real thunder tribulation.

After that, Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong crawled out of the leaf cocoon, naturally gaining everyone’s attention.

The human cultivators began to inquire about the details of these two guys, intending to do everything possible to recruit them to their sects, while the demon and the monster cultivators were doing the same thing, but they looked as if they were facing the biggest enemy.

The atmosphere of the blessing ceremony became peculiar. Although the people in black were also very curious about Xu Ziyan, they had to complete the blessing ceremony first.

Under the leadership of the men in black, the blessing ceremony began. A man in black explained the process. Then, the selected fighters came to the sacred tree one by one and used their divine consciousness to touch the trunk of the sacred tree.

Every fighter could express his greatest kindness to the sacred tree through his divine consciousness, and when the sacred tree accepted this kind of goodwill, it would drop a fruit from the body.

The fruits came with different sizes, and the colors were also different. No one knew what was hidden in these fruits, and the people in black had already reminded them that they were forbidden to open the fruits and get rewards.

These fighters were extremely smart, and of course they would not oppose these people in black on such trivial matters. Wealth is the best tool to test people, and they might arouse others’ jealousy if they got hold of some item.

The three races of cultivators were living in three separate regions, and no one could intrude another race’s territory. Even if they wanted to snatch something away, they had to try in the arena.

However, if an important figure of a race was interested in something, the cultivator could just hand it over if he wanted to live.

Things weren’t always peaceful inside a sect either. There were already righteous and demon cultivators in the human race, and things were also problematic inside the demon race and monster race.

Internal fighting always exists. For so many years, the human race and demon race kept fighting, but neither of them could get rid of the other party.

These lucky fighters approached the sacred tree one by one and expressed their kindness to the tree through their divine consciousness. The sacred tree didn’t let them down. Everyone had at least one fruit.

Everyone looked at the fruit in their hands with complacency, hoping that the content inside would surprise them. However, none of the people in front of Xu Ziyan left early. Instead, they stared at Xu Ziyan with great interest, wanting to see what kind of fruit this lucky person would get from the sacred tree.

Although no one knew what’s hidden inside, everyone had come to the conclusion that the prettier it was, the better stuff there would be.

In front of Xu Ziyan, a cultivator of demon race took a golden fruit with the size of a watermelon and his smile was so wide. Even his companions looked at him with envy.

The cultivator of demon race looked at Xu Ziyan with pleasure, and he raised the golden fruit in his hand, just like showing off.

Xu Ziyan looked confused. Shao Xiuwen reminded him that the demon race who was showing off was the one who had taken a small snail before but was then hit by the big one…

“Next.” The man in black standing next to the sacred tree said blankly with a zombie-like face.

Xu Ziyan stepped forward, used his spiritual consciousness, slowly stroking the trunk of the sacred tree.

His divine consciousness was already very powerful, and it even got more strengthened after the core formation. He controlled the divine consciousness and gradually explored the tree trunk, not only was he showing his kindness to the tree, but he also wanted to convey a feeling of gratitude.

Without the support of the sacred tree, he and Xu Zirong wouldn’t form the cores so smoothly.


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