Chapter 205

After feeling the fullness in his Dantian, Xu Ziyan felt an inexplicable bitterness. Previously, he already felt that he’s about to form the core, but he could still suppress it. He was initially planning to form it only after leaving the fighting tower, but this silver leaf falling from the sky pushed him further to it.

If he didn’t hurry up to absorb this spiritual power in the Dantian, it would be dispersed outside the body. It wouldn’t be Xu Ziyan’s wish to waste so much spiritual power, but if he had to absorb it, then he absolutely had to form the core first.

Xu Ziyan really didn’t feel good about forming the core under so many people’s eyes, but he had no other means but to try.

With the surging and boiling spiritual power in his body, Xu Ziyan didn’t give it much thought about entering a state of emptiness.

He controlled the spiritual power and infused it into his Dantian, constantly squeezing the liquid spiritual power in it. As long as he could condense this spiritual power into a solid state, then he’d already be on the path of success in the core formation.

When Xu Ziyan started doing that, everyone was caught off guard. Under this sacred tree, they were actually going to start the blessing ceremony, but Xu Ziyan’s core formation disrupted the procedure.

Those cultivators who had been watching noticed something wrong, especially the demon and the monster races. Within this month, they all paid attention to Xu Ziyan, a human cultivator who had never failed in fight. And they would spare no effort to fight against anyone newcomers who never failed.

Cultivators can never be disturbed when they are forming a core. If someone disturbs him and makes him fail to form a core, then that person might never get up again.

This kind of thing happened in the past. After that poor cultivator failed in forming the core for the first time, he had tried for several more times before having to give up and pass away when he forced it.

Seeing Xu Ziyan forming the core in such a place, many people from demon and monster race started whispering among themselves, as if they wanted to come up with something.

However, things were not always peaceful between the two races either. Although they wanted to get rid of human cultivators having an excellent performance, they’d rather not move themselves.

With so many people in black under the sacred tree, they might only have one single chance. Both the demon and the monster race wanted to give this chance to the other party.

Both the demon and the monster race had evil thoughts in their mind, which was beneficial to Xu Ziyan. He was working hard towards golden core silently and had given up his supervision to the outside world.

He had confidence in his teammates, and if someone really tried to set him up, his teammates would surely protect him.

What Xu Ziyan didn’t know was that after he approached the stage of golden core, both the demon and monster races started moving, and the human cultivators didn’t just sit by and watch either.

As both fighters of the two races hadn’t moved yet, the human cultivators approached Xu Ziyan and no one knew whether they did it intentionally. However, they seemed to know what they were doing and they didn’t get very close. They just made Lin Xiaotian and the others nervous and got in front of Xu Ziyan vaguely, blocking the unfriendly gaze of the demon and monster races.

The human cultivators’ act eased the atmosphere. The demon and monster races were not entirely dumb either. They knew that if they moved at that moment, they might be killed by the men in black, and with so many people in front of Xu Ziyan, they might not be able to stop Xu Ziyan from upgrading at all.

Only fools would so something that they weren’t supposed to. Both the demon and the monster races were smart, of course they wouldn’t fight for something that they weren’t supposed to.

As soon as the desires of the demon and the monster races were suppressed, there were vigorous movements with Xu Ziyan again.

There was a large amount of purple thunder light bursting on Xu Ziyan’s body, and even Shao Xiuwen, who was very close to him, could not compete with this powerful aura and he was thrown out to a very far distance.

Afterwards, Xu Zirong, who had been sticking to to Xu Ziyan, suddenly burst into a bloody aura and firmly suppressing the purple thunder.

The purple thunder, entangled with the bright red blood, slowly wrapped the bodies of the two.

“No way…” Someone couldn’t help but whispered.

“Hehe, they’re really brothers, as they even formed a core together.”

“Tsk tusk, these two human cultivators are really…brave, since they even formed a core here.”

The men in black heard the demon and the monster races discussing. Many men in black were also attracted and turned to look at Xu Ziyan.

The man in black, who’d led Xu Ziyan and the others there, looked very calm, as if he hadn’t seen two cultivators forming a core not far from them.

He picked his nails leisurely and slapped the non-existent dust for a few moments. When the other people in black saw this, they thoughtfully withdrew their gazes.

“Are we still having the blessing ceremony of the sacred tree? Are we postponing everything for these two people?” A fighter of the demon race shouted among the crowd.

After that, the people around them all joined together, and the monster race not far away from them also began discussing.

There were many human cultivators showing a frustrated look. They knew clearly that it’s the demon race having set a trap, and besides helping Xu Ziyan to refute, there was nothing else they could do.

It is really unfortunate that Xu Ziyan and the others had chosen this place. If only they hadn’t taken it so seriously before…but seeing the people in black worship the sacred tree so much, who would know if they’d see it disrespectful to form a core there?

Those from the demon and monster races were discussing more loudly, and the human cultivators grew more anxious.

However, the accumulated power of the man in black had been too deep, and neither side dared to make a move, they could only silently wait for the decision of the man in black.

Just as their discussions became louder and louder, and even when it was about to escalate into a quarrel, something that no one could imagine happened—

The man in black didn’t take action against Xu Ziyan because of his core formation, but the sacred tree that had just condensed its silver leaves dropped two huge leaves again.

These two leaves were originally only the size of a palm, but they became bigger and bigger as they fell, they finally turned into two huge curtains, wrapping Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong into two giant cocoons respectively.

Regardless of the demon race or the monster race, both were completely silent by now…

No one expected that at such a moment, the sacred tree would stand out for the two human monks.

Even the stupidest one knew that the sacred tree was in favor of these two people. And if they still chose to look for troubles at this moment, it’d be the dumbest idea ever.

The demon race and the monster race all shut their mouths, while the human cultivators felt incredibly shocked.

No matter how hard they tried to contemplate, never would they understand why the sacred tree was so in favor of these two newcomers. Only an elder with red beard thoughtfully looked at the passage where the Xu brothers came from and he seemed to have understood something.

The man in black who led Xu Ziyan and the others still had a calm look, but those who knew him well could very well see him showing a sense of proudness…

Xu Ziyan had long known that those who got the mark of the God of Snail would be loved by scared tree. Even if they pissed under the sacred tree, it would only see it as a fertilizer…

The God of Snail…it was the most mysterious one among the sacred monsters. He had been in the fighting tower for so long and it was yet still his first time to see the God of Snail giving its offspring to a human as a mark…

It’s said that those who’d accept the mark was favored by God, and as long as he didn’t act against the wish of God, his level of cultivation would just increase smoothly and without any obstacles.

God knows where those kids were from, if it’s from a certain big realm, then those big sects would undoubtedly fight for him after he got out of the fighting tower…

As long as they maintained a good relationship with the chosen cultivators, they would be positively influenced. It’s said that in a small sect, a certain cultivator became the chosen one of the sacred tree and the sect grew to be a super big sect in just a hundred years. Therefore, who didn’t want such good things to happen more? Even those super big sects wanted to upgrade themselves.

The man in black looked at the two huge leaf cocoons and was deeply moved. When they were given the mark of the God of Snail, they didn’t do anything to hide it. Although there were not many people, there were all kinds of races.

Those who were lucky enough to be there might not know the use of God of Snail, but once it was spread outside, the kid might stop living his quiet life…

Those lucky enough to come here may not know the role of the gods of heaven, but as long as this matter spreads out, I am afraid this kid will have no more peaceful fate.

The chosen one…

The man in black whispered these three words, and he couldn’t help staring at the silver leaf again. For those chosen ones, the demon race and the monster race were like limitless threat. The more he’s welcomed among the human race, the most he’d be disguised by the demon and monster race.

Although the chosen one was extremely lucky, there were people who fell on their path of seeking the ultimate cultivation. Those who chose to be completely open and public were just like declaring wars on the demon and monster race.

The man in black prayed silently for Xu Ziyan, hoping that this little guy could walk all the way through the thorns, so that he would have the opportunity to witness the ascent of a chosen man!

Xu Ziyan didn’t know what happened outside; he was immersed in the tremendous pressure of breaking through the golden core…

The silver leaf given to him by the sacred tree was amplified by the imprint of the snail, pushing him directly into the process of core formation, but the large amount of spiritual power also brought a great burden to his Dantian.

The spiritual energy in his Dantian was full, and it was like a full glass of water. If he advanced to golden core at that time, then he only needed to condense this glass of water into solid to succeed. But now that there was a batch of extraneous spiritual power, it’d be like instilling even more pressure to a full glass of water.

Under this circumstance, Xu Ziyan would need to spend more energy to compress and refine this spiritual power.

Of course, the more spiritual power he had, the purer the condensed golden core would be. For Xu Ziyan, it was really hard to say whether this batch of external spiritual power was good or not.

In Xu Ziyan’s memory, there was a record of him advancing to the stage of golden core, but what’s depressing was that the method used by his original body wasn’t suitable for him at all.

The original body used the compression of his Dantian to help him condense the golden core, but now Xu Ziyan’s Dantian was already filled with spiritual power, he couldn’t even touch it, or he’d risk breaking his Dantian altogether…


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