Chapter 204

Two people of demon race with a green face and fangs ran from behind hurriedly. Their faces were covered with transparent mucus, and there were two obvious red marks on their faces. It’s obvious that they had been hit by the big snail with its tentacles…

When the two people of demon race passed by Xu Ziyan, they gave him a bitter look. Just now, they thought that the big snail looked mysterious and they imitated Xu Ziyan by catching a small one. Unexpectedly, even though the big snail treated Xu Ziyan kindly, it hit them without hesitation.

The most disgusting thing was that even the small snails seemed to have joined the fun, and when they were attacked by the big snail, these small ones also bit them a few times.

The two people of demon race were beaten by the big snail and fled in embarrassment. On the contrary, the man in black who brought them down slowly walked behind them, and while he was talking about them, he’s looking at Xu Ziyan instead, “tsk tsk…you have to know that the God of Snail does not like everyone…”

While he’s saying so, he’s also checking out Xu Ziyan from top to bottom, as if he’s looking at some rare creature…

While talking, he looked up and down Xu Ziyan, as if looking at something very rare…

Xu Ziyan:…

_(:3∠)_, he felt like he’d activated something amazing…

“Brother, how are you feeling now?” Xu Zirong leaned over and took his brother’s wrist to check it carefully. Since they had Mr. Blood Contract linking them, he could sense it instantly if Xu Ziyan was harmed.

But this snail disappeared too mysteriously and Mr. Blood Contract hadn’t noticed anything weird. It’s also possible that this thing was so powerful that even Mr. Blood Contract’s power was suppressed. There’s the third possibility – as what the man in black had implied, the big snail had given Xu Ziyan the biggest advantage in the world.

Analyzing from the current situation, the last one was the most possible, but Xu Zirong still couldn’t help checking his brother using his spiritual power. He wanted to be at ease even though it didn’t make much of a difference.

“It’s alright, I don’t feel uncomfortable at all.” Xu Ziyan shook his head at ease and activated his spiritual power inside.

A faint purple thunder light instantly covered his body, forming a thin layer of spiritual shield on the surface.

“Hey, the mark is here again.” Xu Ziyan was surprised to find that the spiral mark that he thought to have disappeared came out all of a sudden.

He dissipated the spiritual energy, and the mark disappeared again, Then, he condensed the spiritual power on the surface and the mark reappeared.

It seems that this mark was controlled by spiritual power. And Xu Ziyan could also control its appearance at will.

Xu Ziyan thoughtfully looked at the mark that disappeared again, and he suddenly had a certain bad premonition…

Obviously it was just a small mark, but the big snail hid it so solemnly. Xu Ziyan was almost sure that it would bring them big troubles. _(:3∠)_

Xu Ziyan was helpless. It’s not like he hadn’t read novels about transmigration, and he really didn’t feel envious about those guys who lived like emperors after transmigration…

Essentially, he inherited more of his father’s temperament and he wanted an easier life. He wasn’t really interested in making any outstanding achievements, and he’d already be satisfied having a satisfactory living standard.

It’s a pity that in this world, nothing goes as one wishes.

From the beginning of this transmigration, this damn God had given him the biggest obstacle ever and that’s Bai Hua.

In order to escape the fate of becoming one of the harems, he had to cultivate hard.

Now, he managed to get rid of Bai Hua after so many difficulties, yet he encountered this demon race again, and with this disgusting mark given by the God of Snail, Xu Ziyan deeply felt the evilness of the world…

God, you just refuse to let me live easily, right?

Xu Ziyan was very annoyed, but he had nowhere to vent. All in all, he was also one of the people contributing to the situation. If he hadn’t been so curious to pick a mushroom, never would he end up with that small snail.

“Brother, what’s the matter?” Xu Zirong felt curious as he felt Xu Ziyan struggling inside.

“Nothing, I just think it seems to be very troublesome.” Xu Ziyan raised his hand helplessly, indicating the mark on his wrist.

Xu Zirong smiled softly, “not necessarily, as it might be a good thing.”

“I think it would be a trouble…” Xu Ziyan whispered.

Xu Zirong smiled and didn’t answer. Several people followed closely behind the man in black and quickly walked to a very spacious square.

A very tall tree grew in the center of the square. The trunk was as thick as dozens of people hugging it, which was daunting.

The cave above the square was cylindrical, it’s filled with the branches and leaves of the big tree, and it was impossible to see how high it is.

Among the dense leaves, one could occasionally see golden fruits, but from Xu Ziyan’s point of view, these fruits seemed to be very scarce, at least he could only see three.

“What a big sacred tree.” Shao Xiuwen looked at the big tree and exclaimed.

Such a tall tree was rare even in the cultivation world. It must be at least tens of thousands of years old. It would not be an exaggeration to say that it was a sacred one.

“Quiet.” The man in black glanced at them and put his finger in front of his mouth.

Xu Ziyan and the others quickly shut up. He wasn’t sure whether it’s an illusion, but after he got the small snail, the man in black seemed to be a bit friendlier to them, at least not as cold as before.

The crowd surrounded the sacred tree in silence. Except for those fighters, all the people in black knelt down under the sacred tree very reverently.

Those selected fighters mostly watched indifferently. In their eyes, this sacred tree was just a prize provider. It was impossible for them to kneel down in front of a tree.

Xu Ziyan was very obedient and bowed down like the man in black. As an ordinary human being, when facing a life that had survived for tens of thousands of years, there was inevitably a sense of awe in his heart.

Many fighters saw Xu Ziyan kneeling down to the sacred tree and laughed at them in secret. In their opinion, Xu Ziyan and the others were too lucky to be able to participate in this blessing ceremony. They even turned out to be in awe after seeing an old tree.

Just after the men in black bowed to the sacred tree, the leaves of the sacred tree began to emit a starry glow. That various glowing points converged little by little, gradually forming pieces of silver leaves.

After these silver leaves attracted enough starlight, they began to fall slowly. The fighters who were watching aside almost immediately thought that it must be a good thing, and they all wanted to grab it. Unexpectedly, the leaves evaded their moves flexibly, and they fell into the hands of the men in black and the fighters who bowed down to the sacred tree.

The surrounding fighters suddenly realized that something was wrong and they all regretted it. Although they didn’t know what those silver leaves were, they knew only from the surprised look on the men in black that there must be great advantages.

Seeing that the silver leaves integrated into the bodies of the men in black and a few fighters, those fighters who were watching aside regretted it so much. Although they had already known that the praying ceremony would be like a big giveaway, they didn’t expect that it’d start so soon.

The man in black next to Xu Ziyan held the silver leaf with excitement, as soon as he gently touched it with spiritual power, the leaf melted into his body.

Xu Ziyan and the others saw what happened and they instantly used their spiritual power. When they touched the leaves, a surge of cold spiritual power rushed towards their meridians.

As the leaves melted, this spiritual power became stronger and stronger, and when it reached their meridians, not only they stayed unharmed, but it also started nourishing their meridians.

Under the nourishment of this spiritual power, their meridians that had previously suffered from damages began to slowly recover. When the spiritual power had passed through all their meridians and repaired all the injuries, the remaining spiritual power slowly entered their Dantian.

When Lin Xiaotian opened his eyes, his usually indifferent look showed a hint of joy. No words could describe the benefits brought by the leaf. Not only did it repair his meridians, but it also upgraded him to the later stage of Qi condensation.

After nearly a month of fighting before, he had already reached the edge of the late stage of Qi condensation. He only lacked some accumulation of spiritual power and that leaf helped him with that small gap, enabling him to reach his goal.

What was even more surprising was that as the spiritual power sent by that leaf was so neutral, he didn’t even have any obstacles when he reached that stage. Although it wasn’t that difficult to go from the middle stage to the later stage of Qi condensation, it’s still shocking to see it happen without any pain.

Shao Xiuwen was just as surprised as Lin Xiaotian.

He was the oldest among the four, yet his cultivation level was the lowest. Now that he’d reached the middle stage of Qi condensation with the leaf, he couldn’t hide his joy even though he’s still got the lowest level of cultivation among them.

“Haha, I’m now in the middle stage of Qi condensation…ugh…what happened to Ziyan?” Shao Xiuwen just woke up from his meditation and saw that everyone seemed to be looking at him, making him shocked. After looking more carefully, he saw that they were actually glaring at Xu Ziyan.

They all had absorbed that silver leaf, but Xu Ziyan seemed to have gotten more advantages than the others. That’s because when that silver leaf melted, it didn’t flow into his meridians. Instead, it flew into the spiral mark left by the small snail.

The spiritual power formed by the silver leaf turned into circles in the spiral mark. When it came out, it instantly doubled. It was initially a good thing for the neutral and warm energy to integrate into Xu Ziyan’s Dantian, but Xu Ziyan had reached the later stage of Qi condensation for a long time and he’d accumulated a lot of spiritual power. He’s not that far from reaching golden core, and that leaf had become the last straw breaking the camel’s back.


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