Chapter 203

The fighting tower was a real high tower and Xu Ziyan had never seen the scenery outside.

Under the guidance of the man in black clothes, they went through a lot of twists and turns before seeing a big red door.

The man in black placed his palm on the door and gently pushed it, and the door opened in response. However, beyond everyone’s expectations, the darkness outside the door was not the scenery that everyone had imagined, they saw a dark dome instead.

They didn’t end up in the wild, but an underground cave!

“Come with me.” The man in black walked out first, Xu Ziyan and the others followed him, and before they had gone far, they saw a huge deep valley.

When they got closer, the bottom of the valley was dark and there wasn’t light at all. The valley walls were very smooth, but there was a brazier for lighting placed at each interval.

“The sacred tree is at the bottom of the valley, let’s get down.” The man in black gave a rare and kind explanation, then took out a magic weapon and boarded with everyone.

There was no elevator in the realm of cultivation, but there were countless magical weapons with similar functions. When they stepped on auspicious clouds and fell from top to bottom at the speed of bungee jumping, Xu Ziyan was really close to yelling…

Damn it, this looked really like a trap. As soon as he stepped on the cloud, the thing began to fall. If Xu Ziyan hadn’t noticed that the expression of the man in black hadn’t changed at all, he was sure that he’s going to hell.

When the cloud stopped later, everyone, including Lin Xiaotian, showed an extremely pale expression. Even for cultivators used to flying, it really wasn’t a nice feeling.

“This way.” The man in black was still expressionless, and although he didn’t show any expression, Xu Ziyan somehow thought that it’s a pity for him, as if he’d really want them to scream while falling. _(:3∠)_

In fact, at such a height, the man in black could land slowly…So, he might really find it a pity that they didn’t scream…¬_¬

Xu Ziyan turned his face silently, feeling that he had discovered the truth – it’s really a sad story!

When they reached the bottom of the valley, they found out that many people had used the same way to descend. Aside from a small part of them who’d scream in panic, most of them remained quite calm.

Xu Ziyan observed in silence, and found that those men in black clothes looked more pleasant if the cultivators behind them had screamed while falling…

It just means that the men in black clothes had been bored to the extreme! (#‵′)!

At the bottom of the deep valley, there was another huge cave. When they got down, they found that there were countless light white mushrooms growing densely on both sides of the cave.

These mushrooms were emitting a faint white light, and countless mushrooms were gathered together, the light emitting from them illuminated the cave like daylight.

Xu Ziyan tried to lean aside, and found that the man in black had no reaction, so he boldly picked one of the mushrooms.

The small mushroom was only the size of a fist, and it felt a little wet to the touch. Xu Ziyan just wanted to lift it up and take a closer look. Unexpectedly, under the mushroom, a slimy thing suddenly appeared.

“What is this?” Xu Ziyan was taken aback and his hands were suddenly covered with purple thunder.

The crackling thunder also seemed to startle the ‘mushroom’, and the tentacles that had just protruded halfway out suddenly retracted again.

“Is this…?” Shao Xiuwen also approached with interest. He placed a layer of spiritual power on his hand and took the mushroom. After observing it for a long while, he knocked on the mushroom slightly.

That sticky thing stretched out again. Shao Xiuwen took a closer look and discovered that there were two more small tentacles on the “suspected” tentacles, and the two thin tentacles shook lightly twice before retracting slowly.

“Is this a snail?” Shao Xiuwen couldn’t help but smile, and knocked on the mushroom cap again with his hand.

“What, is this an animal?” Xu Ziyan was stunned for a moment, then took the ‘mushroom’ from Shao Xiuwen. After looking at it for a long time, he confirmed that this small create that looked like a mushroom was actually a snail…

The snail was actually very timid, and the thing that just protruded was actually its head, not some kind of tentacles. Every time it tried to poke its head out, it’s extremely careful. Once there’s anything wrong, it’d immediately draw itself back.

After seeing that the man in black clothes hadn’t interfered in their action, Xu Ziyan decided that the snail was probably nothing important. He touched the tentacles of the snail from time and time, until…

“God damn it, what is it?!”

After seeing the huge “mushroom” in the middle of the road, Xu Ziyan looked horrified. The mushroom cap was as big as a small house. If it’s also a snail, then it must be the ancestor of the group of small ones…

There was finally a slight change in the expression of the man in black. If one looked more closely, he might even see that he’s happy that a disaster was going to happen.

The snail the size of a small house slowly stuck out its head, tightening the two antennae on his head, which was as thick as a small sapling.

Xu Ziyan offered the little snail with both hands in fear. Never would he have expected to attract the “ancestor” after playing with a small snail.

Fortunately, this snail ancestor did not have any intention to kill, and from the character of this little snail, it can be inferred that the character of this monster was probably relatively gentle. Xu Ziyan thought that since he never abused the small one, so they would be forgiven…right?

The snail ancestor poked its head out slowly, the two soft tentacles swayed around Xu Ziyan’s body a few times.

Xu Zirong’s eyes tightened behind him. He was about to stop it, yet he suddenly felt pressure from the man in black before he even took a step.

Xu Zirong’s heart trembled and he stopped the movements of his feet. He looked at the expressionless man in black coldly, yet he was ready to use his spiritual power. As long as the snail moved a little, he wouldn’t hesitate to move.

Shao Xiuwen and Lin Xiaotian also stopped and stared at the man in black vigilantly. No matter how the relationship between them and Xu Zirong was, they were still teammates. They would never sit back and watch their teammates get in danger. Also, Xu Zirong was doing it to protect Xu Ziyan.

“It’s okay, this snail is very kind.” Xu Ziyan felt the tense atmosphere and quickly comforted them with kind words.

Xu Zirong dared not relax, but he’s just no longer staring at the man in black coldly. Instead, he was glaring at the big snail carefully.

The two thick tentacles of the big snail did not touch Xu Ziyan’s body, but they swayed around Xu Ziyan very carefully, seeming to be searching for something.

Xu Ziyan held the little snail in both hands and tried to place it on the tentacles of the big snail. Unexpectedly, the big snail slowly avoided and it even pushed Xu Ziyan’s hands with the tentacles.

“Do you…you want to give this little snail to me?” Xu Ziyan asked carefully.

The big snail slowly tapped its tentacles, then lowered its head, flipped under its own fungus cap, found a white stone, and handed it to Xu Ziyan.

“Is it for me?” Xu Ziyan took the stone with a look of disbelief.

The big snail nodded, then tapped the little snail’s cap with its tentacles.

The little snail poked his head out and looked around blankly. When he saw the big snail, he raised his tentacles excitedly.

The big snail sympathetically stroked the little snail with its tentacles, and the tentacles of the two snails were connected together. The big snail seemed to convey something to the small one through the tentacles before slowly letting it go.

The small snail reluctantly said goodbye to the big snail, then slowly turned around and gently touched Xu Ziyan’s wrist with its tentacles.

Xu Ziyan stared at it in surprise, only to see that the little snail that was still alive the previous second suddenly disappeared, while leaving a spiral mark on Xu Ziyan’s wrist.

“This is…” Xu Ziyan was stunned, looking at the big snail in confusion. He felt that what happened that day was so strange that it was completely incomprehensible.

The big snail shook its tentacles, Xu Ziyan seemed to hear someone chuckle, but he could not hear anything when he distinguished it carefully.

He looked at the big snail suspiciously, and the tentacles of the big snail touched his wrist. Xu Ziyan suddenly had a feeling of numbness on his wrist. When he lowered his head again, the spiral mark disappeared.

Xu Ziyan felt completely confused. He could sense that the big snail was not malicious at all, but he did not understand what he had just done.

He didn’t see the envy gaze in the eyes of the man in black next to him, but Xu Zirong, who had been next to him the whole time, saw it clearly.

Xu Zirong lowered his eyes slowly, and there was a hint of joy in his eyes. He didn’t know what benefits this big snail could bring to his brother, but it’s obviously a big advantage since even the man in black showed an envious look.

After the big snail erased Xu Ziyan’s mark, it slowly retracted his head, no matter how Xu Ziyan demanded, it never showed up again.

In the end, the man in black felt that he couldn’t stand it anymore, and he snorted coldly, “are you still dissatisfied with the benefits that the god of snail has given you?”

“What? What snail?” Xu Ziyan didn’t hear him clearly, so he asked quickly.

The man in black looked at Xu Ziyan’s wrist hesitantly and finally said bitterly, “you kid, you have no idea how lucky you are. No more bullshit. Let’s go!”

After that, regardless of whether Xu Ziyan and the others could keep up, they turned their heads and left.

Xu Ziyan looked at the other three people and they all looked confused. In the end, they could all shrug and note this thing temporarily. When they went back, they would search for more information about this god of snail.

Before the four got far, they heard someone scream from behind.

“Ah! What is this?!”

“Oh my God, what a big snail!”


“Ah, don’t hit me…don’t hit…I’m just going to return you the small snail…”

“Ah, it hurts! I’ll give it to you…it’s just a damn snail, isn’t it?”


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