Chapter 202

“I’m coming.” Lin Xiaotian replied. When he turned around again, he saw that the man with his mood at the entrance had already gone.

He frowned, put the matter to the bottom of his heart, turned and walked towards Xu Ziyan and the others.

“What were you doing just now?” Shao Xiuwen asked curiously.

“Nothing. Ziyan, you were looking for me. Was there anything specific?” Lin Xiaotian easily diverted the topic.

Shao Xiuwen was also aroused by the topic and turned to look at Xu Ziyan.

Xu Ziyan pointed to the big screen, and the two looked at it. After a while, they couldn’t help frowning.

“Praying for blessing in front of a sacred tree? What is that?” Shao Xiuwen asked in confusion.

Xu Ziyan explained, “according to the news we heard, this sacred tree seems to be a tree planted at the level of the fighting tower. This tree bears fruit every 30 years, and each time it yields a total of 100 fruits. However, no one is certain what is hidden under the tree.”

“What the hell does this mean?” Lin Xiaotian was also puzzled. It’s understandable if someone told them that the fruits were some kind of treasure, but it’s very confusing to say that “no one is certain what is hidden under it”. Could it be that the fruits yielded were different every time?

Xu Ziyan thought for a while and explained it in another way, “let’s put it this way, this so-called sacred tree is not a real tree, but it’s formed by an illusion caused by some mysterious power. The fruits yielded by it contains all kinds of treasures provided by the fighting tower, such as heaven and earth treasures, the best practice methods and the best magical weapons. However, no one can control the growth of the sacred tree. No one knows what the fruits of the tree actually contain either.”

“But…” Xu Ziyan paused and explained slowly, “it’s said that the fruits yielded this time would contain the quota of Battle God. No matter who that is, that person can be upgraded directly as Battle God once he gets hold of that fruit and choose three treasures in the fighting tower.”

Lin Xiaotian thought for a while, “it depends almost entirely on luck.”

“Right.” Xu Ziyan nodded, “since it depends on luck, so many people are participating. You only need 20 points to pray, does any of you want to try?”

Lin Xiaotian thought for a while, then turned to look at Shao Xiuwen, as if he’s seeking his opinion.

Shao Xiuwen shrugged, “it’s a small cost and low risk. No harm in trying.”

Xu Ziyan laughed after hearing it, “that’s what I thought.”

They smiled at each other, walked to the front of the ball of light and signed up for themselves.

Most of the other fighters around were discussing the blessing ceremony of the divine tree, and almost all of them were eager to try. Obviously, not only Shao Xiuwen and the others were the smart ones. They all knew that they might get great benefits at a low cost, and since it all depended on luck to get its fruit, they all wanted to bet once. What if they turned out to be the lucky one?

Everyone wanted to try their luck, and when the praying activity started, the 3 casinos were almost flooded with people…

“My God, there’re so many people here.” Xu Ziyan felt his scalp going numb when seeing all the heads in front of him.

When he thought of breaking through the restricted area from the crowd later, then receiving the token of blessing from the sacred tree, he had the urge to commit suicide.

In the center of the casino hall, a stunning beauty stood beside each of the three balls of light. They smiled and handed the green jade medals to the cultivators in front of them.

“Come on, grasp it firmly.” The female cultivator with long blue hair from the demon race smiled brightly, “if this jade card turns red tomorrow before sunset, that means you’re selected and you can join the praying ceremony of the sacred tree.”

In front of the female cultivator stood a male cultivator with thief-looking eyebrows , eyes like a mouse and cheeks like a monkey. He was delighted when he heard her, “if I paint it red, then does it count?”

The female cultivator covered her lips and smiled. She winked at him, “I’d congratulate you if you could.”

The male cultivator smiled and his eyes became a thin line. He was going to say something, but he was pushed away but a bulky-looking man from behind.

“Get out of the way, so many people are waiting, haven’t you seen it!?” The man with a layer of streaks on his skin shouted rudely.

The thief-looking one dared not shout back, so he just retreated a side.

The brindle man turned his head and smiled at the female cultivator, “then I’d need to trouble you.”

The female cultivator glared at him with a sad look, then handed him a jade card. When the man left, she couldn’t help but glance at the thief-looking cultivator again, secretly showing her separated tongue.

The thief-looking man initially wanted to get close again, but he instantly had cold sweat after looking at her tongue.

He arched his hands in the direction that the big man was leaving, then ran away without looking back.

The female cultivator who issued the cards sighed and murmured, “it’s really annoying, my midnight snack escaped…”

The other male cultivator standing in front of the female cultivator suddenly broke into cold sweat, and his original thoughts of flirting with her completely disappeared!

The one issuing the cards looked horrifying, and the same for another one from the demon race.

Compared with the slightly subtle demon cultivators, this female demon cultivator looked much bolder. She was wearing a tight leather jacket, covered with a layer of light gauze, and half of her plump breast was exposed. She’s also wearing a pair of very short shorts, and when her slender, pure legs were exposed, it attracted a lot of fantasy.

It is a pity that such an explicit way of dressing did not attract enough attention…or, aside from those men from the demon race, quite many people from the other two races were interested in her.

On the contrary, most of the cultivators in the demon race dared not look at her in the face, as if they were afraid of their souls being sucked away.

“Tsk, these little guys are really boring.” The demon cultivator in leather jacket stretched her waist lazily, slightly waving her sultry-looking long hair.

The male cultivator of demon race standing in front of her breathed heavily, and he even ended up finding a strip to blindfold himself.

The demon cultivator in leather jacket giggled. She gently touched his clean chin with her long fingers, “haha, is your sister that scary?”

The male cultivator dared not resist and he just replied in a low voice, “my senior is so gorgeous and attractive and I don’t deserve you.”

The demon cultivator in leather jacket smiled lightly, took out her jade pendant and placed it on his hand. He felt being pardoned, holding the jade and even dared not to take off the blindfold before running away.

“Hey, young people nowadays are really getting more and more boring.”

The woman in leather jacket pouted and her sexy red lips opened slightly, which immediately made a lot of male cultivators more eager. However, those from the demon race dared not speak a word, as if the woman standing in front her wasn’t some kind of pretty ladies but a pink skeleton only…

The woman in leather jacket felt bored, so she began issuing jade cards again. All those from the demon race behind her dared not breathe heavily, as this senior lady in this fighting tower was too horrifying. It’d be better just flee after getting the jade card!

Xu Ziyan looked at the two stunning beauties of the demon race and the demonic race while feeling speechless. These three were staff of the fighting tower, and there were only a few of them besides those countless people in black clothes.

No one knew where they came from, but the staff who were made public all had their special characters…

For example, the snake girl who liked to use the rat race to make late night snacks, or the fun-seeking lady who enjoyed infatuating men and absorbing their level of cultivation, also…

Xu Ziyan silently looked at the cold female cultivator. Well, this human female cultivator was at least more normal than those others. At least she didn’t have the habit of killing others cruelly, but she had one disadvantage…

“Do you use a sword?” The cold-looking girl looked at Lin Xiaotian.

Lin Xiaotian was taken aback, then he nodded.

The cold-looking girl stared at him more intensively, and an incredibly sharp breath of sword was shot out from her eyes.

Lin Xiaotian’s expression suddenly changed and he had no time to draw his sword, so he had no choice but to use his two fingers. The strong breath of sword was shot out from his fingertips, and in a hurry, it was stabbed by the cold-looking woman’s breath of sword and almost collapsed.

Lin Xiaotian snorted, and he was defeated in this fight of breath of sword. There’s blood in his mouth since his organs were obviously injured.

After the cold-looking woman saw what happened, her expression seemed kinder. She looked at Lin Xiaotian calmly, “not bad. Next!”

Shao Xiuwen suddenly smiled bitterly. He was also a sword cultivator, and he naturally noticed that the breath of sword of the cold-looking lady had turned into substance. And since he wasn’t even as powerful as Lin Xiaotian, he would definitely have to stay in bed for a month after being hit by her.

After taking a deep breath, Shao Xiuwen summoned his breath of sword. Although his breath of sword was a little more inferior than that of Lin Xiaotian, there’s no way he would flee before attempting. It’s nothing to do with his personal reputation, but he couldn’t make his sect lose face!

Unexpectedly, the cold -looking woman didn’t even look at him. She just handed him a jade card without an expression.

Shao Xiuwen touched his nose. Well, this cold-looking woman could get picky as well. She wouldn’t even be bothered if the other party hadn’t achieved a certain level…

He silently lit a candle for Lin Xiaotian in his heart. What does it mean by a disaster without reason? Well that’s it! ¬_¬

Holding a jade card that looked nothing more than ordinary, the four of them returned to their room.

Before entering the fighting tower, Tang Tianlang filled Lin Xiaotian’s Qiankun bag with pills, all kinds of healing stuff for replenishing his spiritual power, aphrodisiac, etc…with all kinds of effects! (and something weird was getting in as well…)

Although the breath of sword of that cold-looking lady hurt Lin Xiaotian quite seriously, he seemed excited. And after taking some healing pills, he started cultivating with his eyes closed. Seeing how diligent he was, Xu Ziyan got silent for a while and he thought that he’d somehow discovered the real nature of Lin Xiaotian and that he liked being abused…

When Lin Xiaotian opened his eyes again, it was already the night of the next day.

Xu Ziyan wasn’t sure which of the four of them had the halo of a male protagonist, but it’s such a coincidence that all their jade cards turned to red.

Holding the jade cards that had turned red, they were led by a man in black clothes to worship the sacred tree at the bottom of the fighting tower.


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