Chapter 201

His brother was jealous because of him, and it’s a nice feeling…

Under his dark eyes, there was a bloody color. Thinking about those who showed affection to him, Xu Zirong showed a gorgeous smile.

Tsk tsk, these people made his brother unhappy…it seemed that his title as a blood demon hadn’t got that famous just yet…

In the next few days, Xu Zirong continuously challenged those who had shown affection to him.

Every day, someone fell at his feet in a miserable state of death. With the flowers blooming in the blood on the ground, Xu Zirong’s number of fans grew rapidly.

But those people who had the courage to show affection to him never reappeared…

“Is he okay with this?” Shao Xiuwen frowned and looked at Xu Ziyan, who was standing beside him.

Xu Ziyan looked at Xu Zirong’s figure on the water mirror calmly, and he wasn’t speaking for a long while.

Shao Xiuwen frowned even more tightly. He was going to say something but Xu Ziyan immediately stopped him.

Xu Ziyan looked at him expressionlessly, “did you realize that? Some people are naturally bloodthirsty. This is a nature that can’t be suppressed. For this kind of people, instead of suppressing their urge, it’d be wiser to guide them to kill reasonably.”

There was suddenly a bright light in Shao Xiuwen’s eyes and he was glaring at him sharply, “are you saying that your brother is bloodthirsty by nature? You have to know that all the tricks he’s using all belonging to demon cultivation. And his cruelty…”

“All his cruelty was used one the enemies, am I right?” Xu Ziyan stared at him sharply.


Shao Xiuwen couldn’t reply at once.

Xu Ziyan adjusted his tone, “there is a devil hidden in each of us, but the point is that you can control him.”

Xu Ziyan’s gaze slowly turned to the water mirror, looking at Xu Zirong’s figure, his tone of voice softened, “Zirong may be a bit violent and bloodthirsty, but he has never done anything shameful. I have been with him since we were kids and I’m the one who knows him the best (are you sure?). I know what kind of person he is. He’ll never get obsessed with killing or lose his rationality.”

Shao Xiuwen was silent for a while, “you know, my master knows the previous generation of blood demons. It was originally…Forget it, it doesn’t make much sense to tell you now. But my master once said that when she met that person again…no…he’s not a person anymore. I don’t know what you think, but there’s a fatal shortcoming with the Blood Sea Heart Sutra, and sooner or later your brother will…”

Xu Ziyan’s expression gradually eased and he smiled slightly, “thank you for your care, Xiuwen, but I’ve already found a method to suppress the violence in his heart.”

Shao Xiuwen looked at him in surprise, “are you serious? How can you restrain it?”

Xu Ziyan’s expression was subtly distorted, then it returned to normal, “In fact, the violence of the Blood Sea Heart Sutra comes from the obsession of the blood demon, and it’s important to satisfy his obsession. It is a pity that most of the time, they never get satisfied so those unpleasant consequences occur…”

Shao Xiuwen was shocked when he heard that. When he was going to continue asking what kind of obsession Xu Zirong had, he gave up on the idea after seeing Xu Ziyan’s sophisticated expression…

Shao Xiuwen thought to himself, “I feel like I’d know something bad if I continue asking…”

“Let’s go back.” Shao Xiuwen patted his clothes and smiled softly, “no matter what, it’s good that your brother’s problem can get resolved. If you still don’t return, I’m afraid I’ll be stared at by those beautiful eyes of your brother again.”

Xu Ziyan blushed immediately and he touched his nose out of embarrassment, “I’m sorry, I just spoilt him too much.”

Shao Xiuwen laughed and said, “come on. Your brother…he can scare people to death when he stares. Last time I had goosebumps all over.”

“I’m really sorry for that.” Xu Ziyan was embarrassed. He didn’t know when Xu Zirong threatened Shao Xiuwen behind his back.

Shao Xiuwen waved his hand indifferently, “it’s alright, he’ll at most stare at me and there’s nothing to lose for me. However, I would like to remind you that your brother told me that I’d be troubled by a male demon cultivator for my whole life. I think that he can really mess people’s mind up.”

Xu Ziyan’s eyes twitched after hearing him. If Xu Zirong used other ways to scare Shao Xiuwen, he might not mind that much, but if that’s what he suddenly said, then it might really happen…

Male…Demon cultivator…ahem…did he need to light a candle for Shao Xiuwen?

“Hey, why are you looking at me with such sympathy?” Shao Xiuwen was initially going to turn around to leave, but he caught Xu Ziyan’s very sympathetic glimpse which really scared him.

Xu Ziyan sighed deeply, patted Shao Xiuwen on the shoulder and walked away…

Shao Xiuwen had a very bad feeling. After a long time in a daze, he ran after Xu Ziyan and yelled, “hey, what is it? Don’t go yet and explain to me!”

“How? Are you sure?” A gorgeous woman with a magnificent pattern on her face coldly looked at the handsome man standing opposite her.

The man raised his head and looked at the water mirror on the wall. The battle in the was not fierce at all, and it was even considered as a one-sided battle. For this kind of scene, the man wasn’t initially paying attention to it, yet he was very serious and focused at this moment.

“Hey!” The beautiful woman yelled, seemingly dissatisfied with being ignored by the man.

“Shut up!” The handsome man glared at him coldly, and the woman who was suppressed by the blade-like momentum was almost out of breath.

The woman lowered her eyes slightly in an attempt to hide the resentment in her eyes. If Qi Shang hadn’t already named this kid in the clan and said that she would have to deal with him personally, what’s the use of her coming to face this filthy demon race?!

The woman waited silently for a long time, until the second before she ran out of patience, the man turned his head and asked, “do you want me to finish him?”

“Yes!” The woman raised her head, “I can provide magic stones in exchange.”

The man narrowed his eyes slightly, “do you have any magic stones?”

“Yes, I’ve got a fifth-level refined magic stone, it should be enough.” The woman said with a smile.

The man thought for a while and said, “I refuse!”

The woman’s eyes widened suddenly, “oh why? Do you like him now too?”

“Too?” The man showed a smile, “does your man like him?”

The woman was suddenly speechless, and she clenched her lower lip and said bitterly, “a sixth-grade refined magic stone. Do it or not!”

The man opened his thin lips slightly and uttered two words, “no! way!”

“You!” The woman looked at him with resentment, but finally turned around in bitterness and left the man’s room.

The man looked at the woman’s back, smiled coldly and whispered, “Idiot.”

Afterwards, he looked at the water mirror on the wall again and rubbed his fingers with interest, “I didn’t expect that there are people in the human race who can use blood cultivation…”

“Hmm…I’m really tired.” Shao Xiuwen rubbed his sore shoulder, finally trying to relieve his body from the stiffness.

“It was indeed tiring, but we’ve got gains too.” Lin Xiaotian said lightly.

“That’s true. Well, I seem to be about to break through the middle stage of Qi condensation.” Shao Xiuwen checked the spiritual power in his body and was pleasantly surprised to find that he had already reached the edge of the middle stage of Qi condensation in just one month.

Lin Xiaotian smiled slightly, “Congratulations.”

“Haha, congratulations to you too, as I’ve heard that you’re going to break through soon too. I can sense your breath being not that stable recently.” Shao Xiuwen patted Lin Xiaotian’s shoulders and said.

Lin Xiaotian was a little embarrassed because of Shao Xiuwen’s enthusiastic behavior. He was not used to being so close to people, but it’s difficult to reject someone like Shao Xiuwen and Lin Xiaotian wasn’t an exception…

“By the way, thank you just now. If you didn’t stop me for a while, my face might have been broken.” Shao Xiuwen thought of the scenario just now and still felt a bit scared.

Perhaps the previous battles went too smoothly, and he actually made the mistake of underestimating the enemy. Thanks to Lin Xiaotian’s timely help, or he might not have kept his eyes at all…

Lin Xiaotian smiled softly and did not respond to that. It looked a natural matter for him – if he wouldn’t help when his mates were in need, then what’s the point of forming a team?

Shao Xiuwen was not the kind of person who liked expressing his gratitude verbally. After receiving Lin Xiaotian’s favor, he would find a chance to pay him back one day. There were advantages with being in a small sect, as even if Lin Xiaotian inherited the leader of Tian Yu sect one day, Shao Xiuwen believed that he would eventually help him sooner or later.

“By the way, how many points have you accumulated?”

The two slowly walked towards the casino along the white passage. Just before the battle, Xu Ziyan agreed to meet them at the casino.

“More than two hundred, I didn’t buy anything though.” Shao Xiuwen shrugged.

“Well, keep it, I think that there should be a lot of good things here when we reach the fourth level.” Lin Xiaotian narrowed his eyes slightly.

“I guess so.” Shao Xiuwen glanced at Lin Xiaotian and laughed.

From the classification of the casino, it can be seen that in this fighting tower, every three levels were considered to be a class. When they became fourth-level fighters, they should be able to view more information about the fighting tower.

“Xiaotian, Xiuwen, here.” Although Xu Ziyan was watching the battle on the water mirror, he had been paying attention to the entrance of the casino. Seeing the two coming in, he quickly asked them to approach more closely.

Lin Xiaotian had just walked two steps, and he suddenly felt a pin-piercing gaze fall on him. He hurriedly raised his head and saw a man with a hood covering his face standing at the gate, looking at his direction.

He wasn’t sure of the face hidden under the hood. Lin Xiaotian narrowed his eyes slightly. It was obvious that the other party’s entire face was hidden, but he was so sure that he’s being looked at…

“Xiaotian, what are you doing?” Shao Xiuwen yelled back, and he found out that Lin Xiaotian was missing after getting to Xu Ziyan’s side. After turning back, he saw Lin Xiaotian looking at the direction of the entrance.

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