Chapter 197

Lin Xiaotian glanced at him briefly, “we rely on each other to survive. You as a small sect just want to rely on big sects to survive from now on? If we really have an enemy, we of course have a role to play, but does it mean that small sects can just observe things from behind?”

Shao Xiuwen stroked his chest lightly. He knew that Lin Xiaotian was making sense but there’s something that he couldn’t get over.

“Why…why not just announce it publicly?”

“Because we don’t trust the demon race.” This time, Xu Ziyan spoke for Lin Xiaotian.

He could see that Shao Xiuwen was a little uncomfortable because of the words Lin Xiaotian just said. If Lin Xiaotian was to explain further, he might not bring any positive outcome. It’d be better for him as an outsider to respond, hoping to at least make Shao Xiuwen less defensive.

“Don’t trust…?” Shao Xiuwen understood Xu Ziyan’s meaning very quickly.

Although the leaders of the demon race and human beings agreed to get on with each other, it’s easy to know how unwilling the demon race to stay in poor lands like the extreme west.

The existence of the extreme west was certainly the training ground for both sides, but on the other hand, it’s also a defense system for cultivators.

If such news was announced, who could guarantee that there could still be a large amount of cultivators fighting in the extreme west? If they still forcefully recruited them to the extreme west under a “peaceful” environment, would the majority object?

And once the extreme western front showed a disadvantage, who could then guarantee that the demon race would not take the opportunity to counterattack?

At that time, if they let those pampered cultivators go to the battlefield again, it’s just like forcing them to die!

Shao Xiuwen was not stupid, Xu Ziyan only needed to hint a little to make him understand.

Now the extreme west front was implementing a policy of compulsory conscription, each sect had to bear different enlistment quotas according to the number of people in the sects. Under the threat of the demon race, a sect would be under sanction of the other sects if they weren’t willing to send soldiers. Even so, many cultivators thought of every possible way to avoid this forced military service. If anyone let them know that there’s a low possibility of the demon race attacking, nobody could tell what mess there would be…

Shao Xiuwen sighed deeply. No one wanted to send his relatives and friends to the battlefield, but if everyone thought the same, then who could they rely on when a real fight occurred?

Xu Ziyan patted Shao Xiuwen on the shoulder, “cultivators are supposed to act against their destiny. Even without the extreme west, so many other cultivators also died in secret realms or when they were fighting for treasures.”

Shao Xiuwen shook when he heard this and he realized that he’d thought too much.

A cultivator had to face different kinds of challenges during his whole life. In the whole Xuan Yu realm, why is it that there were only a few nascent soul’s but a whole lot of those in building base? That’s all because on their path of cultivation, there were simply too many risks and “chances” to lose their lives.

He patted his head lightly, smiled and shook his head, “I was the one overthinking…”

Seeing that Shao Xiuwen had understood, Xu Ziyan gently patted his shoulders. Shao Xiuwen raised his head and the two smiled at each other.

Except…cough cough… Xu Zirong, who suddenly appeared between the two, separating them…

Shao Xiuwen, Xu Ziyan:…

Shao Xiuwen’s thought, “Xu Zirong, can you not stick to your brother all the time? Perhaps grow up a bit?”

Xu Zirong looked calm, as if he didn’t even see the contempt in Shao Xiuwen’s eyes…

Xu Ziyan held his forehead silently…okay, it was his bottom line to prohibit Xu Zirong from being too affectionate with him in front of others, he would just let go of his small flaws then. →. →Anyway, it’s not the first time of him being accused of having spoiled his brother, just let them continue accusing him then!

“Should I continue talking about that demon race?” Lin Xiaotian suddenly said without a facial expression.

Shao Xiuwen nodded quickly, and at the same time, he couldn’t help feeling apologetic to Lin Xiaotian. Just now, the fact that he’d accused Lin Xiaotian was totally unreasonable. The matter should have been handled that way, and even if it shouldn’t, it’s the fault of the one setting the plan, not Lin Xiaotian’s.

Because of his guilt, Shao Xiuwen became more polite to Lin Xiaotian. Unexpectedly, Lin Xiaotian could not resist such an enthusiastic person. As a result, the relationship between the two was even better than before.

Lin Xiaotian’s battle actually didn’t have much content, it was mostly his description of that demon race.

Similar to what was recorded, the appearance of the demon race was similar to that of humans, but they had long horns on their heads and tails behind their hips. The color of their skin was also very different from that of humans. Most of them had darker colors.

The one that Lin Xiaotian encountered was a demon being with pitch-black skin, bald head and only two horns.

This demon being couldn’t do any spells, and his skin was constantly glowing with a strange metallic luster.

After Lin Xiaotian’s test, his skin was at least ten times harder than the body of the cultivators of the same cultivation level, and he also had tremendous strength while waving a long sword half of a human’s height.

At the same level of cultivation, a sword cultivator’s combat power was the highest. A demon race with only the level of early stage of Qi condensation was as small as dust in Lin Xiaotian’s eyes. After testing him for several times, Lin Xiaotian discovered that the combat method of the demon race was really particular – as he had thicker skin and could recover quickly, he preferred getting hurt before hurting Lin Xiaotian.

The same injury might cause half of a cultivator’s strength to decline, yet it only took a short time for the demon race to recover. Under this situation, it really didn’t matter if the demon race couldn’t use any spells.

“So…they don’t know any spells at all, right?” Xu Ziyan slightly knocked on his face.

Lin Xiaotian recalled for a while and affirmed, “at least not the one that I fought.”

“In this case, let’s just try a few more rounds to check their levels more.” Xu Ziyan looked at Lin Xiaotian and Shao Xiuwen. They all nodded.

Although Lin Xiaotian had just finished one fight, he’d suffered no pressure at all. He could apply for the next round without taking a rest.

Xu Zirong, Xu Ziyan, Shao Xiuwen, etc. also applied for their first battle. Soon, the four of them disappeared in the room.

At the moment when the battle started, Xu Ziyan only felt that he had fallen into a place without a trace of light.

He held his breath calmly. Although he could create light at will, it might be creating troubles for himself if he revealed his position in this absolute darkness.

He dared not to release his spiritual consciousness either, nor could he stay in the same place. Therefore, he just took a few steps ahead without making a noise, avoiding anywhere that he might get attacked…


A piercing sound went towards Xu Ziyan’s ears, his pupils shrank and rolled on the ground——

After a loud bang, a pile of stones hit Xu Ziyan’s face, creating bloody traces.

Xu Ziyan half squatted on the ground, perking his ears to hear different kinds of noises. He dared not release his spiritual shield, as with his thunder spiritual power and Green Spirit Thunder, it’d be more exposing than ever if he even released his spiritual shield…


Xu Ziyan retreated sharply, evading another attack from the opponent, drew out his longbow backhand, and shot a thunder spirit arrow in the direction of that piercing sound.

After the thunder spirit arrows were shot out, there were crackling sounds hitting on the arrows and instantly breaking them.

Xu Ziyan’s eyes tightened and he already had a basic judgement of his enemy’s strength. They should be of similar level, but his opponent almost had no spells to use. Judging from his way of attacking, his opponent seemed to know Xu Ziyan’s position very well, as if he had an ability to see things in darkness.

After knowing that his position could be exposed, Xu Ziyan would rather not take the risk. He decisively released his green thunder spiritual shield to protect himself.

After he released it, his opponent started whipping him. Xu Ziyan flicked his fingertips and a tiny, almost invisible purple light spot stuck on the whip.

Whoosh whoosh!

Expectedly, his enemy had at least three whips and they were rushing towards Xu Ziyan’s spiritual shield.

Xu Ziyan’s facial expression changed instantly. He rolled 3 times on the ground and released two more thunder spiritual arrows. He almost got hit.

“Miscalculation!” Xu Ziyan looked depressed. It is said that the whip was a Ruan weapon and was more difficult to control. It’s too unbelievable that his opponent could use 4 of them at the same time!

Pa pa!!!

His opponent clearly took advantage, and he kept attacking with one whip before another. Xu Ziyan found it hard to defend himself, as if he’d been firmly suppressed. Even audience from outside thought that he’d surely lose, yet no one expected that the white light on his fingertip started expanding and it got brighter and brighter.

Outside the arena, there was a very lively hall full of people, but if one looks closely, he can tell that the entire hall was divided into three distinct parts – one for cultivators, one for the demon race with all kinds of appearances and one for a demon race who looked very similar to human beings but with horns and tails.

These three groups of people were distributed around the hall, surrounding a huge central counter in the middle. There were three light balls placed behind the counter, corresponding to the three major races. All of them were fighters in the fighting tower. And they could use this ball of light to place a bet on his favorite fighter——

——Right, it was the liveliest casino in the fighting tower except the trading field. Here, any fighter could enter if they had more than 10 points to place bets on their favorite fighters.

Xu Ziyan and the others just became fighters and had not yet participated in the competition, so in addition to the rules of the fighting tower, there were still many things that they didn’t know about, including this casino…


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