Chapter 196

Xu Ziyan was complaining inside. In fact, it’s not a female cultivator, but a male one…

To be honest, after what happened to Mo Ziyuan, he was truly convinced that Bai Hua had used some particular methods to conquer the three people. Otherwise, according to his understanding of Lin Xiaotian, there’s no way he would share his partner with anyone else.

“That being said, brother Xiuwen, how do you picture your future partner of dual cultivation?” Xu Ziyan drove Bai Hua out of his head and diverted the topic.

“Me?” Shao Xiuwen was startled, and he smiled a little shyly, “I don’t know, but I hope it’s a gentle female cultivator…It doesn’t matter if she looks pretty, but I hope that she can be a considerate one.”

“Huh? Brother Xiuwen likes this type of female cultivators?” Xu Ziyan was a little surprised. He thought that Shao Xiuwen would like the kind of cheerful and enthusiastic girls that would match his personality.

“Hehe, I’m just talking casually. Usually men like gentle women.” He smiled.

“I agree. A gentle and loving girl is always better than a self-centered and aggressive one.” Xu Ziyan laughed along. If he was in his original world, he would probably choose this kind too.

Gently turning his head to look at the thoughtful Xu Zirong, Xu Ziyan twitched the corners of his mouth. Well, the difference between his reality and ideal world was so big…never would he have expected himself to be with this clingy and psychotic guy…

“Gentle and loving…” Xu Zirong lowered his eyes slightly. So, his brother’s into that kind after all? That means he didn’t fit into the criteria?

“Don’t overthink! That only applied before! You’re so good and brother likes you”

After feeling the sadness of Xu Zirong from Mr. Blood Contract, Xu Ziyan suddenly felt speechless and patted on Xu Zirong’s head. It’s not like he could tell everything very clearly so he could express himself briefly.

Xu Zirong’s eyes lit up and he curled his lips. He whispered in his brother’s ears, “brother, I’m so hurt and you need to compensate me…”

Xu Ziyan’s eyelids twitched and he just wanted to slap Xu Zirong to death. The kind of compensation that he mentioned…every time, he needed to pay a heavy price for that, okay?!

“Haha, you guys are so close as brothers.” Shao Xiuwen sighed after watching the Xu brothers interact.

He had been an orphan since he was a child, and he was brought up by Song Baiqin who brought him from the outside to the Glaze Sword sect. Although the atmosphere in the sect was nice and those junior brothers and sisters were all very friendly to him, there seemed to be something lacking.

Seeing the interaction between the Xu brothers, he suddenly realized that what he lacked was the ultimate intimacy.

The Xu family brothers were bonded by blood, so it’s normal that they were so close. And for him, he could only find the same degree of intimacy by having a suitable female cultivator.

Shao Xiuwen laughed at himself. He didn’t realize what he wanted before, but after seeing the Xu brothers together, he suddenly really wanted to a partner for dual cultivation.

Shao Xiuwen was taken aback suddenly, as if there was something wrong…

Before he could figure out what was wrong, a figure in the room flashed, it was Lin Xiaotian who had already returned from the fight.

“How was it?” Xu Ziyan asked immediately without further nonsense.

The other two people also focused on Lin Xiaotian, waiting for his answer.

Lin Xiaotian frowned slightly, and replied in a deep voice, “it was a weak enemy who had only reached the early stage of Qi condensation, however…”

“However what?” Shao Xiuwen couldn’t help asking.

Lin Xiaotian kept frowning, “they are not demonic cultivators, but they are not humans either. I have never seen this race or even unheard of it.”

Shao Xiuwen suddenly looked horrified. Lin Xiaotian was a direct disciple of the head of the Tian Yu Sect. He was brought up by Tang Tianlang when he was a child. He had a much more challenging experience than people of the same age. He couldn’t imagine what kind of race Lin Xiaotian had never heard of.

“Maybe…” Lin Xiaotian was still recalling the battle just now. The opponent actually had poor strength, and it wouldn’t take him a lot of effort to defeat the enemy. However, he’d never seen that race and he wanted to check him out further by dragging it a bit longer.

“It’s the demon race.”

“Could it be the demon race?”

Lin Xiaotian and Xu Ziyan said in unison. Afterwards, the two looked at each other, and both of them showed a certain extent of certainty in their eyes.

“Demon race? What is that?” Shao Xiuwen was puzzled.

This is the fundamental difference between a big sect and a small sect. Perhaps the demon race hadn’t appeared in the Xuan Yu realm for many years, but large sects such as the Liu Guang sect or the Tian Yu sect would inevitably keep records of them.

The demon race and demon cultivators are completely different races, on the contrary, they had a certain relationship with the devil cultivators, but the demon race absorbed and cultivated authentic demon energy, and devil cultivators just had similar cultivating methods, they are still humans. They couldn’t take the demon energy and they could merely absorb the polluted spiritual energy.

Lin Xiaotian learnt about the demon race through some books in the sect, and Xu Ziyan…he had to thank that dirty novel for this knowledge.

Perhaps the author wanted to write a sequel, at the end of the novel, he also vaguely hinted that the blood-sucking worms was just the beginning. In some places in the Xuan Yu realm, the gap to the demon world had already been opened.

Thinking of this, Xu Ziyan suddenly felt a bit numb on his scalp. Such a small blood-sucking worm would stir up such bloody scenes in the Xuan Yu realm, and if the armies of the demon race came for them…

Xu Ziyan’s eyelids jumped suddenly… he felt that he had predicted something extraordinary.

“Brother, what’s the matter?” Xu Zirong asked softly, feeling his brother’s inner anxiety and stroking his brother’s arm gently.

Xu Ziyan frowned, “it’s okay, just a bad premonition.”

There were many things that he couldn’t explain in front of Lin Xiaotian and Shao Xiuwen, so he had to temporarily suppress it. Fortunately, there was still a long time before the blood-sucking worms invaded, and he still had a chance to solve this problem.

“The demon race is a race that coexists with humans.” Although Lin Xiaotian had a domineering personality, he was not manipulative. He even took good care of the people around him. After knowing that Shao Xiuwen didn’t know the existence of the demons, he explained to him in detail.

“No one knows where the demon race originated, but since the records, it seems that the demon race has been trying to invade the territory of human cultivators.”

“Same as those demon cultivators?” Shao Xiuwen asked.

Lin Xiaotian paused and shook his head, “it’s not the same. If we assume that there’s a way to stop fighting and co-exist peacefully with the demon cultivators, I’m now telling you that this possibility absolutely doesn’t exist between us and the demon race.”

“And why is that?” Shao Xiuwen was puzzled.

In the Xuan Yu realm, the struggle between cultivators and the demon cultivators had been going on for thousands of years. If even this kind of relationship could be reconciled, why can’t the same logic be applied on the demon race?

Lin Xiaotian hesitated for a moment, not knowing whether to tell the truth. If Shao Xiuwen was just a member of an ordinary little sect, then Lin Xiaotian would not pay him any attention, but the master of Shao Xiuwen and his master obviously had a good relationship, and even though this Shao Xiuwen had the lowest level of cultivation among them, he’s a honest guy and it’s good to keep him as a friend. It wouldn’t be appropriate to hide such things from him.

“Why? Is there any inconvenience?” Shao Xiuwen was older and naturally more experienced. He had a good skill in observing people. He quickly laughed and said, “no need to explain if it’s inconvenient, it’s not a big deal.”

Lin Xiaotian thought for a while before deciding to still say it. After all, this would not be a secret in the upper layers of those big sects, and it only looked more mysterious to the lower layers.

“Actually, it’s not that much of a secret. Do you know why the extreme west front was established in the first place?”

“Ugh…” Shao Xiuwen was stunned, “wasn’t it to resist demon cultivation?”

“Yes…and no.”

Shao Xiuwen felt confused.

Lin Xiaotian glanced at him and said calmly, “the battle between the cultivators and the demon cultivators was extremely fierce. Later, the cultivators of the Xuan Yu realm had almost gone into extinction, and the same happened for the demon cultivators. The two sides realized that the fight had to stop, or cultivators from other areas would just take advantage of their losses.”

“In order to avoid that situation, the two parties sent representatives for peace talks, but the results of were not satisfactory. After all, demon cultivators and cultivators needed the same resources, and cultivators needed the materials on the monsters to refine pills. The flesh and blood of cultivators was also a feast for the monsters to improve their cultivation. This kind of contradiction was simply irreconcilable, so it was absolutely impossible for both parties to live in peace.”

“Later, some cultivators suggested that since both sides had needs for each other, it would be better to open up a special battle line. On one hand, both sides could have a hunting place, and on the other hand… well, there’s an old saying about surviving in hardship and dying in peace. Back then, big sects that ruled the whole Xuan Yu realm were wiped off by outsiders. Now, if the small sects don’t think of danger when they’re still safe, they would be easily destroyed when the real risk comes.”

“So…this extreme west front has become a place for these sects to cultivate?” Shao Xiuwen felt that the things that Lin Xiaotian had reported was simply never heard of, and they greatly overturned his previous thoughts.

“Yes.” Lin Xiaotian replied concisely.

Shao Xiuwen suddenly felt his internal breath surging, and he had a bloody smell in his mouth, “then why are we forced to die as small sects?”

Back then, a senior who took good care of him was forcibly conscripted to the extreme west, and had never returned since. Never did he have the idea that once anyone died in the extreme west, his corpse would never be found as he’d probably be eaten by those monsters.


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