Chapter 195

“It’s right here.” Tang Tianlang instructed the four of them to surround the ball of light, and they were supposed to infuse their divine consciousness into the light ball according to his instructions. .

He took a few steps back, leaving the area of the light ball.

“There is no need for me to introduce the situation to you. You’ll understand everything once you’re in. I just need to remind you that it’s a rare opportunity and you have to grab the time to cultivate. I’ll pick you up one year later.”

After that, Tang Tianlang turned and left, leaving the four people looking at one another nervously.

“Since master Tang left already, shall we start?” Xu Ziyan was testing their reaction.

Lin Xiaotian and Shao Xiuwen looked at each other and nodded at the same time.

After the four people’s divine consciousness infused into the light ball, the light inside expanded and wrapped them all inside.

After a short while, the light ball’s energy seemed to have exhausted and the area enveloped by the light ball gradually narrowed. When all the light was inside the light ball, there were only four light cocoons that were as high as a person. When everyone was wrapped inside, the rabbit and the sheep were staring at each other, feeling dumbfounded…

Hey! How come spiritual pets aren’t allowed in the fighting tower? Isn’t that discrimination?

Xu Ziyan and the others didn’t know that Snowball and Pink Hair were furious. They only knew that once their divine consciousness was inside the light ball, they were then sucked into a swirl and even their bodies were sucked inside.

When he opened his eyes again, he was already standing inside an empty room.

It’s not entirely an empty room, as there’s also a light ball in the middle of the room.

Without being reminded, Xu Ziyan tested it again with his divine consciousness, yet the light ball didn’t take them away again. Instead, it started explaining them the rules of the fighting tower.

They couldn’t be bothered to find the origin of the tower. Everyone who used it had to obey the rules.

Judging from the name, the fighting tower was a high tower with battles as its sole purpose. Anyone who entered it had this purpose only. Those who won could get points, and once they accumulated enough points, they could be upgraded as second-grade warriors.

Now, Xu Ziyan and the others belonged to the lowest grade. According to what they were allowed to do, they could check the very common techniques and treasures, such as the flying sword that Xu Ziyan once used or the kind of big ship in Lang Yu Secret Realm.

Those stuff only required one to two points. Even the most expensive core-returning pill only cost three points. And they didn’t have the authorization to view the more expensive ones…

Xu Ziyan: …this weird feeling of being in an online game…

They could only view more things after being upgraded to second-grade warriors. Besides these items, warriors could trade stuff among themselves as well.

In the whole fighting tower, they weren’t allowed to use violence besides in the arena. Anyone disobeying this rule would be killed by the men in black clothes who were responsible in maintaining order.

These people in black were everywhere. It’s naive enough to think that there’s a quiet corner without their surveillance.

From time to time, some idiots would try to challenge the authority of the fighting tower, but no one had succeeded so far.

They got a lot of information from the light ball, but they were mostly about the rules of the fighting tower, only the last paragraph was a warning about offending the people in black. It’s as if the host felt also impatient about some fools looking for death themselves.

“It’s such a magical place. No wonder master said it’s very…special.” Shao Xiuwen exclaimed and he thought that his master was simply too humble. It’s not only special, it’s spectacular!

No one knew who’s behind this fighting tower and who’d spend such a fortune on it. All these treasures and spiritual pills were worth millions of fortune, and if they won a few more battles, they could also afford the usual weapons.

The kind of pill to enhance cultivation, secret spells to strengthen the body or weapons to attack the spiritual power…none of those are exquisite enough.

For Shao Xiuwen, who’s from the Glaze Sword sect, this place was just like heaven. Anyone with certain strength could cultivate here much better than outside.

“It’s a nice place.” Lin Xiaotian also showed a smile. For sword cultivators, this fighting tower was meant to be for them.

Every sword cultivator knows that their cultivation would only increase by continuously practicing and refining their sword skills. Both Lin Xiaotian and Shao Xiuwen clearly knew that the fighting tower was the best place for them to cultivate.

The only difference was that Lin Xiaotian didn’t really care about the pills or weapons that he could get by points, yet Shao Xiuwen was thinking constantly whether he could bring those stuff to his sect.

“Brother, it’s quite interesting.” It was also Xu Zirong’s first time to be in the fighting tower. In his last life, he didn’t see much stuff outside. During the earlier part, he was chased behind by people wanting him killed and he had to find places to hide all the time, then in the later part, he found a place, built the Palace of Blood Demon and hid himself there after getting famous in the Demon Cultivation Pavilion.

If it weren’t for those blood-sucking worms, when Bai Hua suggested that the blood core could be used as a bait to kill the mother worms, many people might have already forgotten about this low-profile blood demon…

“If you like it, then go and play. We aren’t here to fight anyway.” Xu Ziyan said with a smile.

“Okay, then I want my brother to be with me.”

“Huh? Do you still want to form a team?” Xu Ziyan asked curiously.

“Yeah.” Xu Zirong nodded, “fighters above level 3 can form a team.”

“Well, level 3, it shouldn’t be difficult.” Xu Ziyan calculated for a while. If he wanted to advance to level two fighters, he had to accumulate 100 points. And in the fighting tower, they could earn 10 points after winning each battle. They could advance to level 2 after winning 10 people, it’s not that difficult really.

“If I’m not mistaken, the first few levels might be easier, but it will get harder and harder in the later stages.” Lin Xiaotian explored inside the light ball with his divine consciousness again.

Xu Zirong told them that after they explored its inside with their divine consciousness for the first time, the light ball would then tell them the rules there. After that, they could ask any questions on their mind.

“Well, in addition to the rules just now, there is still a lot of messy news here. Tsk tsk… it’s breathtaking.” Shao Xiuwen also connected the light ball, reading the various information with a weird expression.

Xu Ziyan also took a look and fell silent. Although he knew that this was the realm of cultivation, the information displayed in the light ball really made people feel like they were visiting a forum…

Let alone the different kinds of information…it’s not like they couldn’t accept any challenges, but what does it mean by “specifically scolding fighters of all levels on your behalf”?? Could anyone be really hiring another person to scold another person with his points?

Xu Ziyan felt so confused by this idea but he soon returned to normal.

Now, the three of them in this huge fighting tower were just three newbies. Instead of considering such a difficult problem, it was more important to upgrade their level.

Although Tang Tianlang didn’t introduce the rules of the fighting tower in detail to them, he emphasized that if they had enough points, it’d be better to use them for some cultivation time in the quiet room, and that would require them to be above level 3 to do so. They could only look forward to that for now.

Since they were new to the fighting tower, they had 3 days of rest. After each battle later on, they would have an equal amount of time to rest. Xu Ziyan studied for a while before deciding to check the others’ level first. However, before he said anything, Lin Xiaotian already stood up and said, “I’m going for my first fight.”

As soon as he said so, Lin Xiaotian disappeared from the room. Xu Ziyan had no time to say anything, so he just shrugged and sat back.

“This is unscientific.” Xu Ziyan couldn’t help muttering. “Why did Lin Xiaotian, who is usually so domineering, suddenly doing the job of a little brother?”

“Brother, what are you talking about?”

“It’s nothing. I’m just wondering why Lin Xiaotian seemed to become less dominant.” Xu Ziyan was just muttering to himself, yet Shao Xiuwen heard it.

Shao Xiuwen was the eldest among them, he’s usually quite open-minded and he liked gossiping. After hearing Xu Ziyan, he couldn’t help but laugh.

The two of them started talking about Lin Xiaotian’s appearance, and they started comparing the others’ outlooks as well.

Lin Xiaotian was a handsome guy with a sharp profile. He looked dominant enough just by standing there and he seemed like a natural born leader.

And Xu Ziyan was the more cheerful type. People felt at ease when being with him as he made people happy.

Xu Zirong was a shocking beauty, but after the first glance, people usually got scared of him. Even people who’d never got in touch with him would find him unreachable. If Xu Ziyan wasn’t with him, even enthusiastic people like Shao Xiuwen wouldn’t approach him proactively.

As for Shao Xiuwen, he also had a sharp profile. He’s with thick eyebrows, big eyes, a tall nose and thin lips. As he’s smiling all the time, there were two shallow smile lines on the corners of his mouth. And perhaps he’s taller than the others and had a generous personality, people found him very friendly and they liked being with him. People rarely hated him even if they weren’t particularly close to him.

When Lin Xiaotian was not there, Xu Ziyan and Shao Xiuwen were chatting happily. Xu Zirong wasn’t happy about it. Again, as an Oscars winner, he threw himself in his brother’s arms, looking pathetic.

Shao Xiuwen already had a deep understanding of Xu Zirong’s ability to stick to his brother, and it’s a non-rescuable level!

Although Shao Xiuwen found it inappropriate, how could he comment on Xu Zirong’s actions if even his brother didn’t object?

“Hehe, I’m wondering what would the partner of dual cultivation of Lin Xiaotian look like. He’s got such a strong momentum, it’d be quite difficult to find a female cultivator that matches him.” Shao Xiuwen laughed and discussed with Xu Ziyan.


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