Chapter 194

Whenever a new disciple joined, Shao Xiuwen had to pay more attention as a master brother. He also sometimes made other junior brothers a little unhappy and he felt helpless about this.

Shao Xiuwen spread his hands in his heart, there was no way to solve this kind of misunderstanding, he only had to let Xu Zirong get used to it. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Anyway, his juniors were educated by him this way, so perhaps it would work with Xu Zirong as well…right?

After another five days, the atmosphere among the four people eased up. At least, it’s not that embarrassing anymore and all was thanks to Shao Xiuwen’s efforts.

Later, Xu Ziyan understood it a bit better. Bai Hua was much inferior than he was in the novel. Without the real dragon bloodline, his jade pendant couldn’t be activated, and there’s no way for him to make medicine. He seemed to have stopped the path of cultivation of Bai Hua already.

If Bai Hua couldn’t be a threat for him, the Lin Xiaotian shouldn’t be an issue either…

If the white birch is not a threat, then Lin Xiaotian does not seem to be a big problem…

With this thought in mind, Xu Ziyan found himself letting go more and he just treated Lin Xiaotian as an ordinary cultivator.

As a result, the relationship between the two eased up and Xu Zirong was so pissed off…

“Brother, I’m a little cold.” Xu Zirong ignored the two who were having a happy conversation and he threw himself into his brother’s arms.

Xu Ziyan, Lin Xiaotian, Shao Xiuwen:…

Xu Zirong looked around casually and blinked, “brothers, just carry on with your conversation and ignore me.”

Xu Ziyan was roaring inside – who could chat with the others while holding such a big person in his arms?!

“Puff…” Shao Xiuwen finally couldn’t help laughing. He turned his face abruptly, shaking his shoulders for a while before turning his head, then smiled at Xu Ziyan, “your brother is really… interesting.”

Xu Ziyan suddenly blushed and stared at Xu Zirong.

Xu Zirong couldn’t care less. He’d reached his goal and there’s no harm in being stared at.

Lin Xiaotian raised his eyebrows and moved his gaze slightly away. Through his observation, Xu Zirong was just a kid that hadn’t grown up. He was just sticking to his brother the whole time. He really didn’t understand why Bai Hua fell in love with him.

Although he had lost his feelings towards Bai Hua, Lin Xiaotian still felt a bit frustrated especially after knowing the character of his “enemy”.

He felt that he shouldn’t have lost…

“Ziyan, have you ever been to the extreme west?” Shao Xiuwen laughed enough, and he finally returned to the original topic.

Xu Ziyan tried his best to ignore the warm body in his arms and shook his head: “Never, but I heard from my master that the fighting there is extremely fierce.”

“Yes.” Shao Xiuwen sighed, “the Extreme West recruits fighters every five years. Among all the disciples that our sect sent last time, there was only one survivor. You can’t imagine how cruel stuff can get there.”

Xu Ziyan was silent. Although he had not been to the battlefront of the extreme west, after last experience in Wuti City, he could imagine that the extreme west would be like a bloody meat grinder, devouring the flesh and blood of humans and monsters…

Perhaps they had realized that this topic had gotten a bit heavy, Xu Ziyan and Shao Xiuwen fell into silence, but Lin Xiaotian said suddenly, “cultivators are supposed to live against their fate. If they died in the extreme west, I can just assume that they didn’t have a nice opportunity. There’re so many cultivators dying in other places as well.”

Xu Ziyan agreed with the point of view of Lin Xiaotian. Although the battles in the extreme west were so fierce, things could also get equally bloody when cultivators fought for treasures.

Whether it’s the extreme west or any other secret realm, it’s all about fighting for a chance.

Even Bai Hua, the male protagonist in the novel, almost died a few times before he was able to obtain various treasures that allowed him to rise.

Xu Ziyan’s heart moved, and he gently squeezed Xu Zirong’s finger. Xu Zirong looked at his brother, looking confused but he got a gentle smile in return.

Holding the cool fingers in his palm, Xu Ziyan suddenly became proud of himself!

Since a long time ago, he felt restrained by Bai Hua, yet after listening to Lin Xiaotian, he suddenly realized that the world is so vast that there’s no need to care about a little novel at all.

So what if Bai Hua was the male protagonist of the novel? There’s no inexplicable love in the world. There’s no need for him to care how many people Bai Hua had seduced in the novel. If he’s powerful enough, Bai Hua couldn’t get Xu Zirong away from him!

Thinking about it, he was like a butterfly flapping its wings, causing changes in so many people’s fate. Even the stuff that was never mentioned in the novel started appearing as well, meaning that he could express more of his potentials.

After all, Bai Hua only relied on his essence core. In comparison, he had more advantages with his spiritual roots of lightning attributes. Even dual cultivation requires a good partner, but his spiritual roots solely belonged to himself.

Taking a deep breath and then exhaling slowly, Xu Ziyan suddenly felt a lot more optimistic.

Bai Hua was the male lead, but then what?

He read that novel, he had all the memories of the original body, he even had a reborn lover and Mr. Little Square that’s a bit useless…

(Mr. Little Square in evolution: qaq,)

With so many golden fingers, in fact…he could be a male lead himself, right?!

With a beauty in his arms (Zirong:…), two younger brother on the side (Lin Xiaotian, Shao Xiuwen: ==), this looked really like what a male lead should be…

Xu Ziyan felt a bit cold after his imagination. He waved his hand and ditched those useless thoughts in his mind and returned to the topic just now.

Although there were many thoughts running in his mind, it’s just like him being in a daze for a short while in others’ eyes.

Shao Xiuwen silently lit a candle in his heart after seeing Xu Ziyan showing such a kind smile to his brother. He was thinking to himself, “haven’t you realized that your brother always clings to you as you spoil him too much? You’re just looking for trouble!”

Everyone returned to the topic just now, but the content had been transferred from the extreme west to the fighting tower.

For confidentiality concerns, Tang Tianlang, Luo Yun and Song Baiqin never revealed to their disciples about the fighting tower. Even Wuchen didn’t know much about it. He just speculated that these people had once discovered an extremely nice place for cultivation, yet this place seemed to be restrained by something, as it could only be used after a long interval and there was even a limit of head count.

Everyone is selfish. Although Wuchen was the head of Liu Guang sect, it was not easy for him to force Luo Yun to tell them the location. After all, this tower was only used every 20 years, how was he going to allocate those 2 pathetic quotas?

Rather than getting a headache, it’s better to just pretend to know nothing. He’s surrounded by acquaintances of Luo Yun and Tang Tianlang, so it’s better for him not to find out every secret.

Tang Tianlang and Song Baiqin had the same idea, so this secret had only been circulating among the three of them, and only the disciples who were taken to the Fighting Tower would know about it.

Tang Tianlang didn’t explain too much about the Fighting Tower, he just led them into that ancient site.

The journey into the ancient site was thrilling, and Tang Tianlang constantly sketched something in the air along the way.

There were characters and arrays. Xu Ziyan was dazzled and didn’t understand anything. On the contrary, Xu Zirong looked around thoughtfully and whispered to his brother, “I’m afraid there are a lot of arrays around here. If anyone comes here randomly, he might not even understand why he dies.”

“Kid, you’re good.” Tang Tianlang glanced at Xu Zirong, “you seem to know well about arrays.”

“Only slightly.” Xu Zirong said humbly.

“Since you’re able to understand my gestures, that means you’re good enough?” Tang Tianlang stopped talking after praising him. He just focused on crossing through the arrays that he, Luo Yun and Song Baiqin had set.

These arrays were all set up by them to prevent others from finding out the place. After so many years of repairs, the arrays were much sharper than before.

As this big array was a fusion of the ideas of the three, Tang Tianlang had to be as careful as possible.

Tang Tianlang breathed a sigh of relief when they had seen a ruined wall in the distance, and the movements on his hands gradually slowed down.

Unexpectedly, just after Tang Tianlang thought all the arrays were broken, a very tiny thunder ball suddenly appeared from behind him.

As a nascent soul cultivator, Tang Tianlang reacted very quickly. He immediately put a three-layer spiritual shield behind him, but he did not expect that the seemingly inconspicuous thunder ball passed through his shield layer by layer, suddenly hitting on him.


The thunder ball exploded, it was not lethal, but Tang Tianlang’s hair was all erected, making him look very frightening…

Tang Tianlang was indeed furious. It was obviously a trap set up by Luo Yun, yet he still fell into it.

“Ahem…” Tang Tianlang coughed twice and cleaned himself with his dust removal spell.

The others all silently turned away their faces and tried so hard not to laugh out loud.

Tang Tianlang grinded his teeth secretly and thought, “this damn Luo Yun…I just made a trap for him last time and now he’s making me lose face in front of my disciples…just wait for me to take revenge…”

However, Tang Tianlang had forgotten that Luo Yun was with his disciples as well when the trap was made…

(Song Baiqin: == When are you both going to stop your stupid games?)

After entering the historic site, Xu Ziyan saw the ruins and shingles everywhere, and only a few remnants of the wall still barely resisted the invasion of wind and frost.

After bypassing the gravels, everyone went straight to the light ball in the center. After twenty years of waiting, this light ball finally emitted a light that Tang Tianlang was very familiar with.

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