Chapter 193

Lin Xiaotian tightened his lips slightly and he looked more calmly. Whether he liked it or not, he and Bai Hua were not destined to be together. If that’s the case, then why should he worry about it?

“Are you two Luo Yun’s new apprentices?” The old man in a red robe raised his eyes.

Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong saluted together, “yes.”

“Well, you both are good.” The old man nodded, flipped his wrist, and took out two jade bottles, “we’re meeting each other for the first time and I haven’t prepared any good gifts. Please take take these two bottles of gentian powder.”

Wuchen’s eyes lit up. After seeing Xu Ziyan not reacting, he instantly said with a smile, “it’s a gift from Tian Yu sect, why are you still not taking it?”

“Thank you, master Tang.” Xu Ziyan took the gift yet he felt a bit confused.

Xu Ziyan had known the head of Tian Yu sect for a long time, but he had no idea why his head called him and Xu Zirong over and even made them accept a gift.

“Oh, we have made master Tang spend a lot!” Cultivator Wuchen smiled widely, “since you have met the disciples of Luo Yun and you’ve given them gifts, is it now time to talk real business?”

Xu Ziyan winked slightly at Xu Zirong, and the two of them were about to go out. That day, the whole incident just appeared so strange and he couldn’t figure it out.

If things happened according to the plot of the original novel, he should be cultivating behind closed doors in the Liu Guang sect. However, so many things have changed, and none of them seemed to have anything to do with the head of Tian Yu sect.

“Eh, wait, this matter is also related to you.” Cultivator Wuchen stopped the Xu brothers who were leaving.

Xu Ziyan turned around, expressing his doubts very clearly with his eyes.

Cultivator Wuchen smiled, “I’d better leave master Tang to tell you. All in all, that place was discovered by him, Luo Yun and another cultivator back then.”

Xu Ziyan quickly searched in his memory, but this incident was never mentioned in his original memory or in the novel.

However, he found it reasonable afterwards. It’s just a novel after all, so how could it describe the whole outlook of the Xuan Yu realm?

Also, it’s an erotic novel based on Bai Hua…it obviously wouldn’t describe other areas that clearly.

As for his original body…although he’d cultivated outside as well, as his performance was just so-so when he joined, his master wasn’t that outstanding either. It’s normal that he hadn’t experienced a lot of things.

It’s obviously a good thing that they were being called by the head of the sect, and he naturally wouldn’t refuse.

He smiled humbly, pulled Xu Zirong and stood behind cultivator Wuchen. This kind of communication between two heads was obviously not for the disciples. If Lin Xiaotian was standing, it also meant that Xu Ziyan had to stand as well.

Cultivator Wuchen was really happy with Xu Ziyan’s behavior. Although Xu Ziyan’s spiritual pet had bullied his, this kid really knew what to do at the right time.

Wuchen smiled slightly, and the way he looked at Tang Tianlang was somehow provocative. Although Liu Guang sect and Tian Yu sect were both righteous cultivation sects, they were competitors. In the so-called wealthy land of Dharma in the cultivation world, there was a rich aura in the blessed land. Even the more obedient disciples had to snatch away treasures from one another in the spiritual mines nearby.

Ever since Tang Tianlang took over as the head of the Tian Yu Sect, Wuchen had felt restrained. Although Tang Tianlang looked serious, he could be completely shameless when taking away things from people. Even Wuchen had to back off a bit.

As he had never took advantage of Tang Tianlang, Wuchen wanted to win over him for something. He might as well use the Xu brothers for this purpose. And although they were not really his disciples, it’d make no difference as they were Luo Yun’s disciples.

They even managed to reach the later stage of Qi condensation before turning twenty, that’s really something…

Wuchen felt pleased. After looking at Xu Zirong, then at Lin Xiaotian, who’s over 25 but had only reached the middle stage of Qi condensation, he immediately covered his smile with his cup.

The old man in red robe glanced at Wuchen. His face looked plain and gentle but he was frustrated inside.

After becoming the head of Tian Yu sect, he had actually accepted a few good disciples. They were both talented and emotionally stable, and even Lin Xiaotian possessed spiritual roots with gold attributes. He was also a hardworking one, since he’d reached the middle stage of Qi condensation when he’s still young.

Originally, he still wanted to show off to Luo Yun, yet he hadn’t expected that Luo Yun would go to Tian Yu sect directly and show off his two disciples…

It’s such a harsh feeling when someone showed up and showed off at your door. If Luo Yun wasn’t close with him, he’d already start cursing and yelling.

However, showing off wasn’t Luo Yun’s only purpose. He mainly wanted to activate the fighting tower – but for the Xu brothers also, of course!

The so-called Fighting Tower was an ancient relic that Luo Yun discovered with Tang Tianlang and Song Baiqin, the head of the Glaze Sword Sect.

Back then, the three of them were paired up for cultivation because of their similar personalities, but then they entered a strange historical site accidentally.

Only some broken walls and stone platforms on the central square were left in the ancient ruins. On the top of the stone platform, there was a ball of light emitting strange fluctuations. At that time, they dared not get too close. They just looked around and they found nothing.

Song Baiqin was the bravest one, she directly used her divine consciousness to test the light ball, but she unexpectedly hit it by accident and got the three of them teleported to a strange place.

In that place, they saw many wonderful objects and learned a lot of new information. Since the matter was of great importance, they never disclosed any details about the place to anyone. They just agreed that they would send their disciples there to cultivate regularly in the future.

Now, nearly twenty years had passed since the last opening of the Fighting Tower, and light ball was already full of energy. It’s time for these young disciples to practice a bit.

Of course, Tang Tianlang didn’t tell Wuchen the details. He only mentioned that he planned to take the Xu brothers to a secret realm to cultivate.

Wuchen wasn’t worried that Tang Tianlang would harm then. Although he’s a bit shameless sometimes, he’s still a reliable one.

Xu Ziyan, who had just come out of the Lang Yu Secret Realm, was dragged into Tang Tianlang’s team mysteriously. They were told that their next destination was a small sect called the Glaze Sword sect, and they were supposed to meet their 4th teammate there.

Xu Ziyan didn’t react much when Tang Tianlang mentioned about the sect, but Xu Zirong found it a bit familiar. He didn’t know where he’d heard of it, so he just assumed that he met this sect in his past life.

With Tang Tianlang’s guidance, Lin Xiaotian and Xu Ziyan naturally didn’t need to worry about anything. Tang Tianlang’s flying weapon was a cloud. Its accommodating area was pretty small although it’s speedy.

Even though it’s small, it could still accommodate four people. However, Xu Ziyan really didn’t know what to say to Lin Xiaotian. They had met in the Green Spiritual Secret Realm several years ago, and they didn’t chat a lot back then. It’s really a bit embarrassing to find something to talk about.

This awkward atmosphere lasted until they arrived the Glaze Sword sect…

This sect sounded a large one, yet it’s only a small sect with only a few dozens of people.

In their sect, there’s no cultivator of golden core except their head, Song Baiqin, who’d reached the later stage of golden core.

Since it’s a small sect, they didn’t occupy a lot of resources from spiritual mountains. With all kinds of limitations, they also couldn’t accept a lot of disciples.

There were still advantages being a small sect. It’s easier to manage, since Song Baiqin really emphasized on the mental state of her disciples. They were generally kind-hearted and pure, and there had been nearly no fight within the sect.

This time, Tang Tianlang stayed pretty low-key when coming here. He just invited Song Baiqin quietly and discussed this with her.

For someone like Tang Tianlang, it might not be a good thing for the Glaze Sword sect if he just showed up there casually. Song Baiqin also didn’t like taking advantage of her friends, so she also preferred meeting him in private.

In the afternoon, the team led by the cultivator of nascent soul departed. The only difference was that there’s one more person.

Shao Xiuwen was Song Baiqin’s chief disciple, and also the master brother of the Glaze Sword Sect. He was nearly thirty, but he had only reached the initial stage of Qi condensation. Even so, he’s already a talent in the Glaze Sword sect.

Shao Xiuwen was cheerful, kind and helpful. He always tried to help people in need.

Some people laughed at him for being stupid or being a hypocrite, but he didn’t care. He just enjoyed helping the others.

Xu Ziyan really liked Shao Xiuwen very much and the two got along. On the way to that monument, Shao Xiuwen perfectly demonstrated the role of a bridge.

When chatting with Xu Ziyan, Shao Xiuwen would introduce Lin Xiaotian into the topic without showing a trace. Similarly, when he communicated with Lin Xiaotian, he would also mention Xu Ziyan from time to time.

A few days later, the atmosphere on the artifact became much more harmonious – except for Xu Zirong who had been staring at Shao Xiuwen with a dark face the whole time.

Shao Xiuwen: ==

Shao Xiuwen wondered if he had offended Xu Zirong before. Otherwise, why would Xu Zirong stare at him with the look of a murderer when he talked with Xu Ziyan every time?

He couldn’t understand Xu Zirong’s peculiar way of thinking. Every time he asked Xu Ziyan about this, Xu Ziyan just answered him very briefly. After a few times, Shao Xiuwen started to understand that Xu Zirong might be the kind of person who liked sticking to their older brothers.

As the master brother of the Glaze Sword sect, he had a very good relationship with his junior brothers and sisters. They also treated Shao Xiuwen as their real brother.


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