Chapter 192

Mo Ziyuan fainted instantly. It’s the poison from a snake of nascent soul, there’s basically nothing he could do about it.

“Hiss hiss.” After retrieving back to Lan Mo’Er’s hand, Biyun used its tail to gently pat on her head.

Lan Mo’er smiled obediently, then grabbed Mo Ziyuan’s body and put him on her shoulders before walking into the woods.

Her main purpose of entering the Lang Yu Secret Realm was to find the man who “escaped the trap of fate”, as said by Grandma Ghost. When she was still worried about how she could dig him out, the jade pendant that Grandma Ghost had given her was suddenly blinking when she was near Mo Ziyuan. This further confirmed his identity.

Now that Mo Ziyuan was in his hands, she had to quickly send him back to his brother!

Her future sister-in-law looked so handsome and she thought her brother would fall in love with him!

Lan Mo’er thought happily. Under the guidance of Biyun, she ran fast while carrying Mo Ziyuan on her back.

The arrays in the woods had little deterrent effect on her. It only took her less than two hours to cross the woods and into the desert.

Without the harassment of the sand beasts, she passed the desert area quickly. When she looked at the two large ships left by the shore, Lan Mo’er unapologetically drove one of them and headed home…

Three months passed in a flash, and it was soon the day of the closure of Lang Yu Secret Realm.

After leaving the Divine Dragon Island, Xu Ziyan and the others had a very relaxed life. Although the four were divided into two boats, the distance between the two boats was not too long. They were separated by a distance of two or three miles, and they could help each other in case of emergency while keeping their private space.

Although Xu Zirong said that he wanted to be with his brother alone, he hadn’t done anything exaggerating.

After all, they were still in a secret realm, he wouldn’t act too recklessly for his brother’s safety.

Perhaps God also thought that they’d gained too little on the Divine Dragon Island, on their way back, they encountered a giant fish monster of golden core.

Other people might be in trouble if they encountered this fish monster, but it wasn’t a challenge at all for the Xu brothers…

Snowball had a feast of fish, while Xu Ziyan and the others shared a lot of fish bones equally. The bones of this monster were the most valuable, and it was still good to be large in size. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Seeing that the closing date of the secret realm was approaching, Xu Ziyan and the others found an island nearby and waited there quietly.

When the time came, a blue light flashed and the figures of the four people disappeared in an instant. When they opened their eyes again, they were already standing in front of the square of the main peak of the Liu Guang sect.

Xu Ziyan looked around, and there was at least a 30% decrease of disciples who had gone to Lang Yu Secret Realm also.

His facial expression remained unchanged, yet he couldn’t help but sigh, “this cultivation is a really high-risk career, this Lang Yu Secret Realm is already less dangerous among the others, yet so many people died too…”

“Brother, what’s the matter?” Realizing that his brother seemed a little unhappy, Xu Zirong gently pulled his brother’s sleeve.

“Nothing.” Xu Ziyan smiled. It’s indeed not easy to survive in any worlds. In the world that he lived in, he had to face great challenges as well, it’s only that no people would die so easily except if they got financially broke!

“Let’s go, we haven’t seen the master for three months, I really miss him a little bit.” Xu Ziyan said with a smile.

Xu Zirong looked sad in a while. They had to overcome so many difficulties to leave the secret realm and arrive in a safe place. How come his brother didn’t get sweet and intimate with him at this time?

How come they had to meet this creature called “master” at this time?!

“Be calm!”

Xu Zirong’s sad feelings were quickly transmitted to Xu Ziyan through Mr. Blood Contract, and he knocked on Xu Zirong’s head, “there are also Fang Tianrui and Jiang Ying, don’t you want to take care of your friends?”

Xu Zirong refuted silently in his heart – Jiang Ying was his subordinate, and there’s nothing related between him and Fang Tianrui at all!

Besides, they’re adults and they’re fully capable of taking care of themselves!

No matter how reluctant Xu Zirong was, Xu Ziyan still dragged him to see their master. Unexpectedly, Luo Yun went out and only left them a message, telling them to cultivate hard.

Xu Ziyan: …

As a result, Xu Ziyan, feeling devastated, was dragged back to the quiet room by Xu Zirong under irresistible circumstances, and then the door to the quiet room was closed for a very long time…

After Xu Zirong had a satisfying meal, we can only conclude that Xu Ziyan managed to survive…

“Brother, did you have fun?” Xu Zirong pressed his brother’s flexible waist, the skin under his fingertips was smooth and elastic.

“Huh…” Xu Ziyan snorted while lying on his face and moved his body. Xu Zirong immediately changed his position and continued to press.

Xu Ziyan closed his eyes, enjoying the heat of the warm sun shining on his back, and yawned lazily. He suddenly thought that it’s a good idea to continue living like this…


“Junior brother Xu! Junior brother Xu!”

The sound from outside the door disrupted the tranquility. Xu Zirong opened the door with a dark face and gave a gloomy smile to Qilian Hongyun who was standing at the door, “Brother Qilian, anything I can help?”

Qilian Hongyun couldn’t help twitching his eyes. He felt that brother Xu’s smile was getting scarier…or was it an illusion?

“The head of the sect has ordered me to ask you over.” After Qilian Hongyun conveyed the head’s instructions, he escaped without a second thought. He was really quite puzzled – usually, if the head wanted to look for somebody, he would only use a stupid-looking golden bird, but it turned out that he was called for the job that day.

(The head of the quiet room, “a golden bird was covered with nasty saliva, and burst into green clothes’ arms, crying and complaining about its miserable life as a bird…”)

“Oh, it’s brother Qilian? What’s the matter?” Xu Ziyan put on his coat and covered his tanned skin, making Xu Zirong kind of jealous. Although he couldn’t have it, it’s good to just look at it!

“I don’t know what’s going on, but the head is looking for us.”

“Why didn’t the head use the…” Before he finished, he immediately thought of the scene that morning.

Fortunately, Snowball felt that the phoenix was close to its extinction, and it didn’t want to eat it, or Xu Ziyan could only see its bones…

“Forget it, since the head is calling us, let’s go quickly.” Xu Ziyan was quite worried that there’d be some troubles, but if he thought from another perspective, the head shouldn’t have such a narrow vision…

The two soon arrived at the main hall of the head, and they respectfully awaited the cultivator child’s announcement at the door.

“The two seniors, please wait in the side hall. The head is meeting with Tian Yuzong’s guests.” The cultivator child said politely.

“It’s alright.” Xu Ziyan smiled and asked the little boy, “do you know what this is about?”

The cultivator child smiled and lowered his voice, “it’s regarding something nice.”

Xu Ziyan was relieved immediately. As long as it’s not about his spiritual pet, then everything else was an easy matter!

The two did not wait for a long time in the side hall. After a while, the cultivator child who was standing at the entrance of the hall smiled and waved at them.

The two followed the boy through the main hall and came to the room where cultivator Wuchen was receiving some guests.

“I am here to report to the head – my two senior brothers, Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong have arrived.” The cultivator child gently knocked on the door and said respectfully.

“Come in.” The head’s voice came out of the door, the cultivator child opened the door and led the two of them in.

“Hehe, these two are the two new disciples of Luo Yun. You’ve got good qualifications, but instead of cultivating with your mind fully focused, you two always ended up in some kind of secret realms for fun. The Lang Yu secret realm just closed yesterday. If you aren’t here today, I’m not sure where these two kids would end up being.” Cultivator Wuchen laughed and said to an elder with a red robe in front of him.

Xu Ziyan’s eyes twitched when he heard him. How come this head’s words sounded like showing off? Could he be the real head?

Xu Ziyan glanced at the elder with a red robe quietly. The elder didn’t seem to have heard the cultivator Wuchen and he was just sitting on the chair solemnly like a statue.

There was a young man behind the elder, looking tall, handsome and serious.

If his face didn’t always appear in that 4p battle, Xu Ziyan would surely like him (as a friend)!

But now, Xu Ziyan turned his face silently…could it be possible that he’d never escape from Bai Hua? After getting over with the second gong, the first gong came to him!

Naturally, Xu Zirong knew Lin Xiaotian as well, but after so many years of difficulties, he could stay expressionless towards Bai Hua, let alone Lin Xiaotian!

He glanced at Lin Xiaotian briefly, who seemed to feel his gaze and immediately cast his gaze to him.

The eyes of the two met in the air, and both looked away after pausing for a while. Xu Zirong stopped paying attention to Lin Xiaotian, but Lin Xiaotian ended up admiring this rare and delicate beauty.

He hadn’t yet met Xu Zirong, but he had already heard of his name. Since Bai Hua couldn’t forget Xu Zirong, it made Lin Xiaotian even more curious about him.

After seeing Xu Zirong in real person, he finally understood why Bai Hua couldn’t forget about him. Such a rare beauty was indeed difficult to be forgotten and it applies to anyone!


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