Chapter 191

Mo Ziyuan ignored Bai Hua’s frustrated look. He tapped his finger lightly, took out a small porcelain bottle from the jade pendant and threw it to Bai Hua, “this bottle is made of a thousand years of cold jade, and it can hold even a river in it. Now, there are three drops of Ten Thousand Years Flower Dew, if you can refine them, it will be of great benefit to your cultivation.” After saying so, he handed the porcelain bottle to Bai Hua.

After Bai Hua heard that there were three drops of Ten Thousand Years Flower Dew in it, he felt immediately ecstatic, but he dared not show it on his face. Instead, he pretended a look of grief and indignation, “brother Mo, what do you mean?!”

Mo Ziyuan looked calm, “you were severely injured when you tried to save me, just treat it as a thank-you gift.”

“Brother Mo!” Bai Hua was shocked. Mo Ziyuan was someone very rare for him, and although he had already been mentally prepared to part ways with Mo Ziyuan, Bai Hua had thought that it’s still possible to make friends with him. As long as he could still be close to him, he believed that Mo Ziyuan would fall in love with him one day.

Even the threatening and complaining just now was just Bai Hua’s part of acting. Unexpectedly, Mo Ziyuan turned out to react so coldly and he just wanted Bai Hua to disappear with the Ten Thousand Years Flower Dew.

“Okay!” Seeing that Bai Hua was about to put on that damn sentimental look, Mo Ziyuan couldn’t be bothered to say anything more. He just sneered, “that’s about it. Take care!”

After he finished, he went into the dense woods again.

Bai Hua was holding the three drops of Ten Thousand Years Flower Dew in his hand, and his two delicate eyebrows were intertwined with each other. He felt like throwing it back to Mo Ziyuan, but what if he just ran away without even leaving anything?

No matter how ignorant he was, he had obviously heard of the Ten Thousand Years Flower Dew. It was a really rare kind of pill used to increase one’s cultivation level without side effects. It’s actually not medicine, but a kind of supplement grown in the wild.

As he’d never refined it, there was no poison inside. Therefore, after cultivators took it, they could have their level of cultivation greatly improved without suffering from any side effects. With this, Bai Hua could even upgrade himself to the later stage of Qi condensation in a very short time!

He tightly squeezed the cold jade bottle and there was no longer a look of resentment in his eyes. Since he could no longer find hope on Mo Ziyuan, it might be a good idea to leave with the Ten Thousand Years Flower Dew.

He had been living in a brothel since he was a child, and he had seen many prostitutes and young men in his life. Those people taught him that only tangible stuff was real, while all emotions and feelings were fake!

After silently putting the bottle away, Bai Hua stopped whining about having lost Mo Ziyuan. Since the Lang Yu secret realm was so big and there were so many merchants in Mo Yulong Pavilion, there’s simply no point to spend any more time and effort on someone who already disliked him.

Instead of trying to continue pleasing Mo Ziyuan, why not fish for another better victim?

With the help of his essence core, he was sure that he could get to the stage of nascent soul even earlier than Mo Ziyuan. At that time, he could even act pitiful in front of Mo Ziyuan and see what’d happen.

Bai Hua was trying to imagine the way Mo Ziyuan would look when he bowed and acted humbly because of his “inferiority”, and there’s a smile on his face. He looked up at the nest and decided that no one could stop him from getting on top, as long as his jade pendant and essence core stayed with him.

One day, he would make the name Bai Hua a legend and make everyone respect him!

With this ambition, Bai Hua took the first step towards glory and began to climb the steep cliff. In a valley in the distance, a huge eagle successfully hunted a third-grade buffalo, and it was returning to the nest with its prey…

After parting ways with Bai Hua and losing the Ten Thousand Years Flower Dew, Mo Ziyuan felt inexplicably pleased although he found it a bit of a pity.

He could finally cut ties with Bai Hua. Instead of thinking about him as the savior all the time, it’d be better to cut ties with him once and for all, especially with this bottle of Ten Thousand Years Flower Dew.

After a long sigh of relief, Mo Ziyuan, who was in a relaxed mood, used the guiding talisman and walked towards the outer area of the woods.

Unfortunately, his relaxed mood didn’t last long. The monsters living in the woods soon gave him a “surprise”.

When facing the seriously injured wolf monster with the cultivation level of nascent soul, Mo Ziyuan really didn’t know who was unluckier.

If this wolf monster was at its best state, then Mo Ziyuan would undoubtedly die, but now that it’s severely injured, it could only act as if it’s a golden core monster, and that enabled Mo Ziyuan to fight for a while.

As a result, Mo Ziyuan successfully defeated the wolf monster and collected its core and skin, but he was seriously injured as well, and he passed out after getting out of the woods with much difficulty.

Soon after, a pretty girl hopped out of the woods, she saw Mo Ziyuan who was unconscious and ran over.

“Hey!” The girl picked up a branch and touched Mo Ziyuan with the branch.

Mo Ziyuan, who was in a coma, obviously didn’t react.

The girl thought for a while, moved a few steps closer, then kicked him with her toes, “hey, are you still alive or not? If you haven’t, then I will help you. If you already died, then I’ll just collect your corpse.”

Mo Ziyuan still didn’t react.

The girl pouted slightly in distress, raised her sleeves and said, “Biyun, do you think I should save him? He looks quite nice, so I don’t think he’s a bad person?”

A small green snake came out from her sleeves, and the small snake made a hissing noise with its tongue out. From its expression, it seems to be disguising the logic of the girl, “who says that nice-looking people are naturally nice? Don’t be stupid!”

“Um…master says that…” The girl’s cute face wrinkled and she was thinking of what her master told her.

Biyun rolled its eyes weakly and made a hissing sound.

“Right! Master once said that to rescue a person from death is better than to build a seven-storied pagoda for the God. We need to have more good deeds…it’s not that troublesome anyway, let’s save him.” The girl smiled and said.

The little snake called Biyun shook its head weakly, slid down the girl’s sleeves, crawled to the side of Mo Ziyuan and aimed at his nose…

“Oh, Biyun, don’t bite the face! It’s such a beautiful face, it’ll be a waste if you bite it!” The girl jumped on her feet and grabbed Biyun’s tail, dragging it back in time.

Biyun shook its head helplessly, changed its position and bit Mo Ziyuan’s wrist instead.

When Biyun was biting, the two exposed fangs on the outside shrank back strangely. On the contrary, two sharp teeth were exposed above the inner jaw. These two teeth were a circle smaller than the outside fangs. Moreover, it was as white as jade, and even the blood flowing out of the tip of the tooth was full of fragrance.

When these two fangs bit on Mo Ziyuan’s wrist, and when the fragrant medicinal liquid flew into his body along the wound, the medicine worked immediately and Mo Ziyuan felt a great improvement instantly.

“Thank you Biyun!” The girl smiled sweetly at Biyun. The little snake let go of its mouth reluctantly and crawled back to the young girl.

“Um…” Mo Ziyuan felt that he couldn’t breathe smoothly and he tried very hard to stay awake. It turns out that he saw a teenage girl squeezing his nose with a smile.

Mo Ziyuan: ==

“Yay, you woke up finally!” The young girl let go of her hand after seeing that Mo Ziyuan had woken up, “my name is Lan Mo’er. What’s yours?”

Mo Ziyuan checked his body without a trace. After making sure that nothing was lost, he smiled at the girl, “I’m Mo Ziyuan, thanks for saving me.”

“Oh, Mo Ziyuan. It’s such a nice name.” The girl widened her eyes and they looked as round as a chestnut, she also looked very interested.

Mo Ziyuan was taken aback for a moment and he smiled, “you also have a nice name.”

“Yes, yes! Hehe, it’s my brother who named me! I really love my brother the most!” Lan Mo’er looked proud.

Mo Ziyuan suddenly found this girl very cute.

“Hey, that… You people in the Central Plains often say that one should pay his or her savior back by the…” Lan Mo’er was thinking for a long time for the next phrase.

Mo Ziyuan couldn’t help but finish her sentence, “pay back by the body?”

“Yes! That’s it! So, I’ve saved you just now, does it mean that you’ll pay me back by your body?” The girl exclaimed with excitement.

Mo Ziyuan sweated a little in his heart and he found this girl too open-minded…how could she ask a male cultivator to pay her back physically…

“So? You don’t want it?” Lan Mo’Er was a bit disappointed that Mo Ziyuan wasn’t replying her.

“It’s not that…it’s just…” Mo Ziyuan was trying to explain.

“That means you’ve agreed?” The girl interrupted him at once waiting for him to finish his sentence. She jumped up in excitement, “that’s great! I know that grandmother Ghost calculated it accurately! Hehe, When my brother meets my sister-in-law, he’ll be thrilled!”

The expression on Mo Ziyuan’s face got stiff for a while. He slowly raised his head and looked at Lan Mo’Er gently, his tone as sweet as ever, “what did you say? I couldn’t hear you clearly.”

Lan Mo’er blinked, suddenly covered her mouth quickly, “nothing…I didn’t say anything! I’m not forcing you to marry my brother!”

Mo Ziyuan thought, “…little sister, you’ve actually said everything already!”

Mo Ziyuan felt that the smile on his face was about to crack. Although his last lover was also a guy, it doesn’t mean that he’s also going to marry one, okay?

Even if he found this girl cute, he would never sell himself so easily!

Lan Mo’er seemed to realize that she had done something wrong, so she quietly looked at her sleeve and stuck her tongue out.

Biyun in her sleeve rolled its eyes helplessly, but it didn’t want to let Mo’Er down either.

Therefore, before Mo Ziyuan could react promptly, a green light shot out from Lan Mo’Er sleeves, hitting Mo Ziyuan’s shoulders.



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