Chapter 190

After taking back his gaze, Meng Xian began to investigate the little guy above him again. After looking at him for a while, he finally confirmed that it’s his jade pendant that’s emitting the aura of real dragon.

Meng Xian curled his lips, ignored him with a look of disdain, and turned to look at Wei Qing, “the little guy above me has a jade pendant. It seems that one of the family members of Wei’s has worn it for a long time and there’s a slight aura of real dragon on it. It’s such a nice treasure, yet the little guy made it a bit dirty…uh, the dragon’s character is one of the proudest, when the jade pendant get dirty, it’s considered as useless.”

Wei Qing did not have much reaction to this. Although the dragon-shaped jade pendant may have belonged to the Wei family before, it was already from hundreds of years ago. Since there were so many disciples in the family, who knows who’d lost that jade pendant? Now that it got dirty, he’s too lazy to report it to the Wei family.

Xu Ziyan was very surprised when he heard this. He didn’t recall having read the part about the jade pendant getting dirty in the novel. Could it be possible that the jade pendant encountered something weird, while he changed the fate of Wei Qing?

However, this matter involved the secret between him and Xu Zirong, so he didn’t dare to ask more. He just inquired about what it meant by “getting dirty” and diverted the subject.

“Okay, let’s go out. I’m not sure how long it will take before other people come again.” Meng Xian showed a look of loneliness, and he smiled again – he’s just part of the soul of his original body and he’s usually sleeping most of the time. Does it really matter for how long he had to sleep again? He’d just have to repeat the process of sleeping and waking up.

Suddenly, Meng Xian felt quite bored. He didn’t say much before activating the array on the dragon-shaped jade pendant and teleporting them out.

Xu Ziyan initially wanted to suggest changing a place, while Meng Xian was considerate enough to teleport them to the edge of the desert and they could even see the coastline there.

“I’ve gained quite a lot this time, it’s a pity that you’ll return empty-handed.” Wei Qing said with embarrassment.

“It’s okay, those are just condensed beads.” Xu Ziyan said indifferently.

Xu Zirong stood behind his brother silently. Since they’d already finished saving Wei Qing, does it mean that they could go on separate ways?

“Brother…let’s go first, I don’t want to see that Bai Hua anymore.” Xu Zirong whispered.

Xu Ziyan considered it for a while and nodded, “good idea.”

Judging from Meng Xian’s tone, Bai Hua wouldn’t be included. Therefore, he’d return empty-handed and he would be in a bad mood. Also, with everything that happened on the boat, he might do something abnormal if he’s too frustrated.

The four of them decided to abandon Bai Hua. Although it wasn’t very a correct act to Mo Ziyuan, there’s nothing else they could do if he’s not there…╮(╯_╰)╭

However, Xu Ziyan was still more conscientious. Not only did he leave a boat for Mo Ziyuan alone, he also left one for Bai Hua. In his Qiankun bag, there were at least 3 boats like that for back up!

At the insistence of Wei Qing and Xu Zirong, Xu Ziyan reluctantly divided the four people into two boats. Although he thought that it was not a problem for everyone to be on such a big boat together, both Wei Qing and Xu Zirong didn’t want anyone to disturb their love life…

In the end, in the sight of Le Hu asking for help, Xu Ziyan silently ignored him and hopped on the boat with his brother…

When Le Hu was struggling whether to get on this “real thief boat”, Bai Hua looked at the dragon-shaped jade pillar in front of him furiously.

The dragon-shaped jade pillar was conveying a very clear message – it needed the stuff right underneath it, but the jade pillar was reluctant to open its entrance.

Bai Hua felt inexplicably annoyed. Previously, no matter what difficulties he encountered in a secret realm, he could always turn danger into opportunities, yet he had been unlucky since the beginning in this Lang Yu secret realm. Not only was he chased after by a nascent soul monster, but he was also unable to get in the place of treasures!

“Damn it! What the hell is going on?!” He kicked the dragon-shaped jade pillar angrily. When he approached the jade pillar before, he always received a very kind thought, but this thought immediately vanished soon after he approached.

Not only that, but the jade pillar also had its brilliance. It seemed so dim, as if it’s got into deep sleep.

“No, calm down, I need to calm down…” Bai Hua murmured to herself, and his feelings of anxiety gradually disappeared when he murmured.

Only the red dragon eye on his dragon-shaped jade pendant flashed slightly, and it became dim again…

Bai Hua bit his lower lip and circled the dragon-shaped jade pillar a few times, yet the jade pillar never gave him any response, as if it were just a dead thing.

Bai Hua was unwilling, but he didn’t have any solutions towards this either. Even Xu Zirong couldn’t break the array on it, how could someone like Bai Hua dig out its secrets?

Bai Hua stayed near the jade pillar for three days. With Meng Xian’s suppression, the little bit of spiritual power on the jade pillar didn’t react towards Bai Hua’s jade pendant at all.

After Bai Hua completely gave up and left, Meng Xian sneered and fell into a deep sleep. As he fell asleep and everyone left, the Divine Dragon Island slowly sank into the sea…

Three days back, just after Xu Ziyan entered the main hall and Bai Hua got on the small boat and landed on the island, a seriously injured figure staggered out of the forest.

This person was Mo Ziyuan who went to the island with Xu Ziyan and the others.

As the young master of Mo Yulong Pavilion, Mo Ziyuan naturally had a lot of good things. Although he’d used some when he was hunted down by those monsters, the remaining items were enough for him to sustain himself.

Originally, he and Bai Hua parted ways just because he didn’t want to see Bai Hua again. However, when he was chased after by some weird sand monsters along the way, and when he got out of the forest, he bumped into Bai Hua who’s resting outside.

No matter how much he hated this person, there would still be advantages in front of his eyes. If weird monsters existed in the desert, who knows if he could find some good stuff in the forest?

In desperation, despite his unwillingness, Mo Ziyuan decided to enter the forest with Bai Hua. Although he hadn’t seen those flying monsters, he wouldn’t be so arrogant to assume that he could fly over the forest with a flying sword.

After the two entered the forest, they soon realized that they were in a maze. Although they did not have the spell of Wei Qing, Bai Hua still had that jade pendant.

According to the jade pendant’s instructions, the two walked through the forest reluctantly and came to a cliff. When they looked up from the bottom up, they could see a dark entrance of nest near the cliff wall.

“Let’s go up and check it out.” Bai Hua suppressed the thoughts from his jade pendant and said as plainly as possible.

Mo Ziyuan glanced at him suspiciously. When they walked through the forest, he completely depended on Bai Hua to guide him the way. Although they made some mistakes before, they were mostly right in their directions. Now, when they saw this peculiar cliff, he wondered if Bai Hua had already known something in advance. Perhaps that’s why he deliberately turned that way.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea, it’d be best if we can cross the forest as soon as possible.” Mo Ziyuan thought for a while and refused. Although he hadn’t seen any dangerous monsters in the forest, the nest on the cliff made him sweat a bit.

Bai Hua chuckled softly, “is brother Mo scared? We can only find opportunities in danger. There’re so many of them in this secret realm. Now that we’re here, how can we waste such a nice opportunity?”

Mo Ziyuan wasn’t a fool infatuated by beauty. He knew very well what it meant by being a cultivator, and being one means that he had to be ready to die anytime. However, that doesn’t mean that he’s ready to sacrifice for some unknown danger.

Mo Ziyuan was a very thoughtful and careful person. From his observation, Bai Hua didn’t seem to know everything about the place either. Under these circumstances, he didn’t want to act so recklessly.

Also, judging from the scratches at the entrance of the nest, there were already some kind of monsters in it. He didn’t want to approach without knowing what’s inside. It’s not looking for treasures, it’s called dying stupidly.

Bai Hua looked at Mo Ziyuan with his head down and in his deep thoughts, and he couldn’t suppress the anger in his heart. Not so long ago, Mo Ziyuan was still talking to him sweetly, and he was even willing to protect Bai Hua when they were chased by the sea monsters. Now, he wasn’t even willing to look for treasures with him, when he changed his heart, the behavior changes were too noticeable!

“It doesn’t matter. If brother Mo is not willing to do so, I’ll just go alone. Without brother Mo, I can still cross this forest, and I won’t disturb you then.” Bai Hua said coldly and turned away.

Mo Ziyuan had a cold look as well after he heard Bai Hua complain with threat.

It’s apparent that he managed to cross the forest with Bai Hua’s help, yet it wasn’t a kind of unconditional help.

He still had a precious guiding talisman, which was specially used for various mazes. However, he didn’t want to use it as it’s a very rare talisman. Bai Hua would have been mistaken if he thought that he could threaten Mo Ziyuan with his guidance!

Mo Ziyuan resented being forced by the others the most. After Bai Hua threatened him, Mo Ziyuan thought of how he was deceived by him, which made him resent Bai Hua even more.

Mo Ziyuan smiled coldly and arched his hands at Bai Hua, “cultivator Bai, I’d suggest you call me cultivator Mo. I don’t deserve to be called your brother!”

“How dare you!” Bai Hua became desperate and looked at Mo Ziyuan sadly.


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