Chapter 182

However, there were still some lucky people who didn’t die in the arrays. On the contrary, some even had a good life afterwards, just like that wolf monster.

On the other hand, Wei Qing and Le Hu weren’t that lucky. Obviously, Wei Qing had the spell to go through the woods, but he’s still unlucky enough to meet that wolf monster of nascent soul.

What would happen when a cultivator of the early stage of Qi condensation met a monster of nascent soul?

The result would be the cultivator to die for sure, and it’s what Le Hu and Wei Qing encountered.

Since Le Hu had been a barbarian, his physical situation was much better than ordinary cultivators. Those who encountered the same would surely die, and yet he’s severely injured. With this point alone, his defensive power was increased by 30%.

As for Wei Qing, as a machine of battle and someone who’d got the Ring of Nothingness, how could he be short of all sorts of life-saving treasures?

Therefore, given Le Hu’s strength and all kinds of treasures or talisman of Wei Qing, their fighting power was at least similar to that of the monster (under the conditions that the monster hadn’t used all its strength).

Unfortunately, it didn’t last long. Soon enough, the wolf monster just stopped playing around and decided to eat them. That’s why they were thrown into deep danger. Many times, Le Hu had to save Wei Qing while he’s severely injured himself.

The two of them should be thankful, as the wolf monster hadn’t advanced for long, it still wasn’t familiar with all sorts of tricks to be used as a nascent soul. Otherwise, the two couldn’t even stall a bit of time.

Such a big difference couldn’t be solved by just a talisman or a treasure. Previously, Xu Ziyan and the others had already reached the later stage of Qi condensation, but if the old ancestor didn’t end up fighting with the fox monster, no one could be sure how that fight would end up.

Wei Qing saw more and more wounds on Le Hu’s body and he’d become pale after losing too much blood. Wei Qing was incredibly desperate after seeing it and he felt so painful in his heart.

He’d just noticed Le Hu’s affection towards him, yet he had to immediately see Le Hu getting so damaged because of him. This kind of torture nearly killed him.

Moreover, under the persecution of the wolf monster, Le Hu couldn’t hold on for too long. In the end, Wei Qing made a decision that made him seriously injured but mentally happy (==). That is, he’d activated his bloodline of a real dragon.

This move could be the last trick of the Wei family. Once they did it, it’s the same as burning one’s blood. During this time, they’d have a great leap in strength, but once it’s exhausted, then their cultivation level would drop to their original point. Also, the bloodline of real dragon would cease to exist.

Wei Qing enjoyed such a high status in the family, and he’s the only one inheriting everything in the family. It’s all because the purity of his bloodline was the highest among all the others. If he used this trick, then his status would be decreased dramatically, it might even be lower than the disciples of many other branches.

In an ordinary family of cultivation and among the disciples of the same generation, it might be one’s strength which was more important. However, in the Wei family, it’s surely the purity of the blood.

Moreover, as the only family that inherited the true dragon bloodline, the Wei family’s spiritual root would also be limited by the power of the bloodline..

That is to say, once Wei Qing lost this power, his divine spiritual roots of fire attributes might turn to be double or triple spiritual roots. And all’s for saving Le Hu’s life .

Of course, Le Hu still didn’t know about this, but after seeing Wei Qing turning unconscious after defeating the wolf monster, Le Hu knew that Wei Qing had used his ever last trick.

Wei Qing was badly injured. Although he looked fine on the surface, it’s already a mess inside.

It’s very destructive after the power of bloodline was exhausted. Even for an ordinary person, he would surely die after using almost all of his blood. For Wei Qing, his real dragon bloodline was even linked with the meridians and Dantian.

Xu Ziyan explored in the meridians of Wei Qing by using his spiritual power, and he’s become more scared. The pulses were all messed up and all of his spiritual roots were broken. There’s only a thin layer of his Dantian left, and it’s a sign of it being entirely destructed!

“How is he?” Xu Ziyan didn’t conceal the worry on his face at all, so Le Hu was worried as well.

“Very bad.” Xu Ziyan frowned tightly. He was not a medical practitioner specializing in wood spells, and he was completely helpless for Wei Qing’s current situation. “He is already in a mess now, and if he can’t be treated in time, his spiritual roots may not be preserved.”

Le Hu’s face turned pale again when he heard this. He came from the extreme west, where the fighting never stopped. Every day, countless cultivators and ordinary soldiers were sent to the battlefield. He had also seen those cultivators with his own eyes. Not to mention the destruction of the spiritual roots, even if they only lost some of their cultivation power, they would be disheartened and frustrated for a long time.

For cultivators, cultivation is their foundation, so spiritual root is their everything. If Wei Qing had lost his spiritual roots, he couldn’t imagine how devastated he’d be.

Le Hu’s heart was instantly overwhelmed by guilt. Although he usually behaved straightforwardly, he was never stupid. He knew very well that Wei Qing had life-saving tools.

It’s just that such tools can only take one person to escape. In other words, if Wei Qing chose to give him up, he wouldn’t be hurt so badly.

“It’s all…because of me…” Le Hu covered his face, and this barbarian man from the extreme west couldn’t hold back his tears anymore. For a long time, the relationship between him and Wei Qing was not good, and before entering the secret realm, they were even in a hostile relationship.

Unexpectedly, a battle in Lang Yu Secret Realm made them friends.

Yes, no matter what Wei Qing thought, Le Hu had already taken him as a friend. And although Wei Qing was a bit strange, through this incident, it’s clear that he’s taken Le Hu as a true friend too.

Le Hu turned over with difficulty, grasped Wei Qing’s arm and said loudly, “I, Le Hu, swear that as long as I’m alive, you will be my friend forever! And I’ll surely find a curing method for you!”

Wei Qing’s eyelashes trembled slightly, and Le Hu was delighted, but when he looked carefully, he realized that it was just an illusion of his own.

He lowered his head in frustration, firmly holding Wei Qing’s hand and refused to let go, as if he could share some pain for him.

“Wait! Maybe there is a way!” Xu Ziyan was also very lost at first, but he suddenly remembered the dragon-shaped jade pillar on the top of the mountain.

That was a treasure left by the ancestors of the Wei family, and with such a strong aura of real dragon, it might be helpful to Wei Qing.

“What! What way?” Le Hu asked in surprise.

“Let me tell you on the way. I’ll take Wei Qing there first. Zirong, take Le Hu there and slow down. The wounds on his body just closed, be careful not to split them.”

Xu Zirong nodded silently, and it’s rare that he didn’t give any bad look to Le Hu.

Le Hu gave Xu Zirong a grateful look. He knew that because of his relationship with Xu Ziyan, Xu Zirong didn’t really like him and Wei Qing there. However, he didn’t give them more difficulties at this critical moment, and Le Hu’s already grateful for that.

Xu Ziyan carefully hugged Wei Qing and drove Aurora to the top of the mountain quickly. The dragon-shaped jade pillar still looked marvelous; when Wei Qing got near to the jade pillar, there seemed to be weird changes in his blood.

It can be seen from his wound that the original bright red blood began to glow with a little golden light, and this golden light could echo with the aura of real dragon on the pillar.

At this time, Wei Qing was like a huge magnet, attracting real dragon energy which continuously penetrated into his body from the dragon-shaped jade pillar, and as more and more energy poured into his body, his blood also began to gradually turn into gold, and there’s even some black stain being forced out of it.

“Hey?” (Huh? Although I always knew that this kid had the blood of real dragon, I never thought that it’s that pure.) Snowball said so while rubbing its chin.

Pink Hair looked at Snowball contemptuously, “puff!” (Stupid, his original bloodline wasn’t that pure, it’s only because it got refined not long ago.)

“Meh?” (Huh?) Snowball glanced at Pink Hair in surprise, and hopped to Wei Qing’s side.

Xu Ziyan saw that the dragon-shaped jade pillar was indeed helpful to Wei Qing, and was naturally very happy. He instantly put Wei Qing beside the jade pillar. Seeing Snowball approaching, he didn’t shove it away. In his opinion, Snowball was one of the dragon sons. There should be some aura of real dragon on it, which could be beneficial for him.

Snowball looked at Wei Qing who’s in a coma and stuck out its tongue, “meh!” (this kid is really something! He had the guts to refine the blood of real dragon himself. And although he would become a hundred times more powerful than before, how did he know in advance that there’s enough aura of real dragon here?)

Pink Hair could not be bothered to discuss this with Snowball. How many human beings were inherited with the blood of real dragon? And to refine? Isn’t it too good to be true?

The dragon sons could turn their blood to be purer by burning away the impurities, but there’s no way human cultivators could handle such a strong force!

This kid clearly used the power that burst out when he burned his blood in order to escape from the danger. And Snowball was stupid enough to think that he’d refined it himself!

Pink Hair’s look of despise upset Snowball, as it felt like an idiot -___-

It turned its head in anger, while it suddenly stepped on the chest of Wei Qing and yelled, “meh!” (I’m in a good mood today, let me give you some tip!)


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