Chapter 178

With the limitless desert and the endless emptiness, it’s very easy to feel lonely.

Xu Zirong clung to his elder brother’s back tightly, listening to the his powerful heartbeat.

The strong, powerful heartbeat made him feel at ease inexplicably. He was no longer in the world where he’s all alone, and he’s with his lover at the moment…

There’s a genuine, warm smile on Xu Zirong’s face. If Xu Ziyan ever saw that smile, he’d be attracted as well. There’s no longer any traces of sadness with that smile, it’s pure and rich happiness…



“I love you……”

“Ahem…say…why…why suddenly say this?” Xu Ziyan’s face suddenly turned red. Obviously, they’d already done everything, but it’s still embarrassing when Xu Zirong told him that so directly.

“Brother…I love you!” Xu Zirong hugged Xu Ziyan’s neck tightly, rubbing his cheeks against the back of his neck.

Xu Ziyan only felt a rush of heat hitting the back of his neck, and an unbearable feeling rose in his heart leisurely.

“Hmm…I…I love you too.” Xu Ziyan turned his head slightly, kissed Xu Zirong’s cheek, and quickly turned his head, leaving only a flushing ear for Xu Zirong.

Xu Zirong smiled and slowly closed his eyes, feeling the warmth on his brother’s back…

When Xu Ziyan saw Xu Zirong no longer making a sound, the temperature on his face gradually lowered, but the corners of his mouth kept rising. After walking for nearly two hours under the scorching sun, the smile on his face never disappeared.

Warm and happy moments always went quickly. Even though running in the desert didn’t feel nice, it didn’t affect Xu Ziyan’s great mood.

The rolling sand dunes seemed to have no end, and the scenery in sight was always a vast and desolate desert. Xu Ziyan was humming an unknown tune while carrying Xu Zirong on his back. He was going towards his ideal direction, until—


Xu Ziyan suddenly jumped from the sand dune, and a purple thunder light shot out from his fingertips, just in time to hit a huge sand monster under his feet.

“So annoying!” Xu Zirong opened his eyes as soon as he was attacked, his eyes flashed with blood, and there’s a high sense of murder when he’s looking at those sand monsters!

It took him so much trouble to be finally with his brother and yet they were disturbed by these monsters. It’s unforgivable!

The bright red blood vine suddenly emerged from the sand. Although it was a little weak because of the lack of wood spiritual power, the blood vine combined with the Blood Sea Heart Sutra wouldn’t be affected too much.


The sand monster that emerged from the feet of Xu Ziyan was a huge earthworm. Its body was as thick as two people hugging each other. One couldn’t really see its eyes or ears, but its mouth was extremely large and horrifying. If Xu Ziyan hadn’t jumped away quickly when it was swirling and emerging from the ground, he would’ve been swallowed.


A beam of lightning fell on the skin of the earthworm, and a large amount of sand broke in an instant. The neck of the earthworm was almost about to be blown off by the lightning. If it weren’t for the earthworm to shrink quickly, perhaps Xu Ziyan’s next lightning could send it to the hell directly.

The sand monster earthworm: qaq, boss, this time human beings are scary, I want to go home!

Kitten watching from a distance: ==

Unfortunately, before the sand monster escaped, Xu Zirong’s blood vines still took advantage of the situation to wrap up, but the tiny blood vines were surprisingly tough. When they were wrapped around the monsters, their huge size made it impossible to break away.

“Oh, oh!” (Boss, help! qaq)

The sand monster earthworm cried for help, but when the kitten not far away saw a familiar figure, it shrank its neck decisively and hid in the sand.

Sand monster earthworm: = mouth =

After the tiny blood vines entangled the sand monster, they burst into a bright red bloody mist with a loud bang. The bloody mist enveloped the sand monster’s entire body. Then, there was a miserable cry of the sand monsters in the mist…

Afterwards, a red light rushed out from the bloody mist and flew towards Xu Ziyan and the others.

Below the mist, a large pile of black sand crackled down from mid-air and piled up on the ground.

Xu Ziyan calculated the size of the sand monster just now, then silently lit a candle for himself in the mind.

Its whole body was corroded, God knows whether its divine consciousness was damaged as well. →. →

These sand monsters were like guards of the Divine Dragon Island. Their bodies were all buried in the temple on the island, and their divine consciousness was attached to the bodies made of these sand particles to test those who entered the island.

In the novel, Bai Hua met a tiger-shaped sand monster, and after a lot of fighting, he barely won and left afterwards. However, there was only one sand monster that he encountered. He had never seen one that’s of earthworm type.

Because of his appearance, the Lang Yu Secret Realm had undergone too many changes, with the appearance of sand monsters that were never mentioned in the novel, Xu Ziyan was basically mentally prepared. It’s only that after these incidents, Xu Ziyan again reminded himself not to look down on the secret realm just because of his original memory and the novel. Even with the guide, the traps and guardians in this realm were definitely something to be careful about!

“Hey?” Snowball had been watching the battle of the Xu brothers just now. For this kind of small potatoes, there’s no need for it to take action at all. However, when that sand monster was yelling, it seemed to have smelled something familiar, so it looked at Pink Hair with doubt.

Pink Hair also stopped chewing carrots and sniffed in the air forcefully. Previously, at the sea side, Snowball already said that there’s a familiar scent, but it didn’t notice anything weird at that time, but it’s different now, since it could really smell some bastard!

“Puff puff!” Pink Hair narrowed its eyes slightly and spit out the carrot in its mouth.

Following the smell, it stared at a sand dune fiercely, as if it wished to stab through it via its gaze.

“Gu lu gu lu…” There was a strange grunt in Pink Hair’s throat. After hearing this noise, Snowball’s facial expression changed dramatically. It ran off instantly and looked at Pink Hair in panic.

Snowball’s action immediately attracted Xu Ziyan’s attention. He looked at Snowball in confusion and his facial expression changed as well. Without explaining to Xu Zirong first, he instantly pulled Snowball and ran away.

Although Pink Hair wasn’t that loud, it’s very sharp in this extremely quiet desert.

Just when Xu Ziyan was pulling Xu Zirong away, Pink Hair stared at the back of the sand dune furiously. There’s suddenly a kitten opening its mouth and roared, “meow!”

Hell, Xu Ziyan almost kneeled down. It’s obviously a very shocking roar, why would it sound so funny with it’s with “meow”?

Xu Ziyan only found it funny, but in the ears of Pink Hair and Snowball, the kitten was obviously fierce, “hell, aren’t you our brother? Do you still want to live?”

Pink Hair snorted. The grunting sound in its throat seemed to be getting weaker. Snowball looked at it with fear and thought, “I’d better be careful, the resentment of carrot is pretty horrifying…”

Pink Hair gave up the attack. It jumped twice and hopped on Xu Zirong’s shoulder.

Xu Zirong stared at it blankly, and the resentment in his heart became a black cloud hovering Pink Hair’s head.

He thought, “I was so well just now. It’s such an opportunity to ask for love from my brother, yet it was all destroyed by this damn rabbit. I cannot tolerate it!”

Pink Hair looked at Xu Zirong in confusion. It thought, “I haven’t done anything weird, why is master staring at me?”

Xu Zirong withdrew his gaze and silently wrote a note in his mental notebook. He decided to take revenge on Pink Hair in the future.

“Meh!” (Why are you here?) Pink Hair and the kitten had an old grudge, so it naturally wouldn’t talk to the kitten. That’s why Snowball took up the task of communicating.

“Meh!” (I smelled a dragon son on the island, so I came here to see who it is.) The kitten lightly jumped off the sand dune and walked towards Snowball with catwalk (==).

“Meh!” (I saw it now, then what?) Snowball raised its hoof, scratched its ears and asked lazily.

The kitten looked at Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong who stood aside, and shook its head regretfully, “meow.” (It’s a pity that these two humans have already contracted with you both.)

“Hey?” (You actually want to go out?) Snowball was surprised. Pink Hair, which was on Xu Zirong’s shoulders, also had its ears up.

“Meow!” (Yeah, I haven’t been out for a long time. I want to see the other brothers.) The kitten shrugged.

“Meh!” (Yes! I know someone there, and you’ll get along with him!) Snowball stomped its hoof.

“Meow?” (Really? Don’t lie to me.) The kitten looked at Snowball suspiciously.

Snowball straightened its chest, “meh!” (Don’t you know who I am? When the gluttonous takes action, everyone can rest assured! You’ll like him definitely!)

The kitten tilted its head and thought for a while, “Meow.” (Well, I’ll go and have a look with you, but if I don’t like him, I won’t contract with him.)

“Meh!” (No problem!) Snowball patted its chest. If it could take alliance with Pu Lao for this multi-dimensional battle, then its chance of winning could be increased.

Perhaps Pu Lao didn’t like fighting a lot, but it’s got a certain extent of strength…

Snowball sucked in the saliva that almost came out, and his eyes narrowed with a smile.

Pink Hair watched coldly but did not raise any objections. Although it was at odds with Pu Lao, its strength was something not to be neglected. If the gluttonous could really make Pu Lao join their alliance, then it wouldn’t mind getting along with Pu Lao temporarily.

Pink Hair sneered and thought, “it’s never too late to take revenge. The gluttonous is gonna take its time to do so. What I have is time!”

So, after being attacked→killing the enemy→Pink Hair showing its strength→Snowball’s persuasion, a black kitten successfully joined the alliance of the Xu brothers.

Since Xu Zirong felt angry about Pink Hair having destroyed his brave image, he patted it away from his shoulders coldly. When looking at the angry Pink Hair, Xu Zirong sneered, “weren’t you very powerful just now? You must be good in physique, why don’t you run yourself then?”

After Xu Zirong finished speaking, he jumped on Xu Ziyan’s back, still planning to rest on his brother’s back without getting up…

Pink Hair, “…”


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