Chapter 177

It was indeed a tempting idea to kill Xu Ziyan, but with his current ability, he still couldn’t do so without leaving a trace.

Xu Zirong wasn’t the kind of person whose intelligence level would be lowered by some beauty. If he found out that Bai Hua had something to do with his brother’s death, then he’d certainly want to get rid of Bai Hua.

Or…he might be able to try another way.

Through his essence core, he could use dual cultivation to make his partner become dependent on him. If Mo Ziyuan didn’t like the shy type, he would have climbed on his bed long time ago. After trying dual cultivation with him, Mo Ziyuan would never be able to escape.

Now when he thought about it, it seemed to be a huge mistake. If he could meet Xu Ziyan and the others a few days later, he might not piss Mo Ziyuan off even after seducing Wei Qing. And if he could have the opportunity to do it with Xu Zirong…

“Want to…” The thought conveyed by the dragon-shaped jade pendant made Bai Hua suddenly wake up from regret. No matter what, there is no point in thinking about what’s in the past.

The needs of the dragon-shaped jade pendant were his first priority, and everything else could only be done after fulfilling this condition!

He looked at the terrain carefully and rushed in the direction that he sensed…

Soon after Bai Hua left the place, there were suddenly layers of sand waves on the desert.  Golden sand puppets slowly formed, gradually transforming into the appearance of various monsters.




After these sand puppets took shape, they stood there quietly. Red streamers were injected into their bodies. Then, they opened their eyes one by one and howled, as if they’d suddenly started living.

“It’s so amazing! Finally we’re out!” A puppet with the look of a tiger squinted its eyes and enjoyed the sunlight.

“I’m not sure about the strength of these guys?” A wolf-type puppet scratched its neck with the claws.

“Well…you don’t need to care about that. Our strength is limited to the phase of Qi condensation. No matter how we play, we won’t be able to kill them.” A large python as thick as a bucket became a ball, and it hit the sand surface with the tail.

Among these relatively large sand puppets, there was a mini cat-shaped sand monster. Its body was about the size of Snowball, but among these sand monsters, its aura wasn’t weak at all. It also vaguely became the head of these sand monsters.

There was a kitten sniffing on the ground and it looked kind of worried. After turning its head and looking at the large group of sand monsters, its facial expression became hard to describe.

“Meow! It seems that we have some fun kids here today.” The kittens jumped to the head of the tallest tiger and looked at the sand monsters from the top.

The tiger stepped underneath didn’t show the slightest dissatisfaction. Instead, it just stood there and dared not to move, as it’s afraid of making the kittens fall.

As soon as the kitten spoke, the other sand monsters stopped talking and looked at it together.

The kitten smiled, “didn’t you smell anything?”

“What?” A rhinoceros-shaped monster asked, feeling annoyed.

The kitten made an exaggerated inhaling motion, then blinked at these sand monsters, “it’s the taste of a real dragon.”

All the sand monsters around couldn’t help laughing. In their opinion, this kitten must be joking. The Divine Dragon Island was already floating, then it already meant that there’s a human with real dragon blood in the secret realm. It’s completely normal to smell it.

“Is it so funny?” The kitten sounded light, but those sand monsters slowly stopped laughing…

“Uh…is there any problem?” The big snake asked quietly.

The kitten glanced at it obliquely, “sniff carefully.”

The big snake raised its head, sniffed hard for a long time, glanced at the kitten suspiciously, then sniffed for a longer time and finally stammered, “no…nothing, I only smell the real dragon.”

The kitten looked at the big snake speechlessly, then looked around again, “didn’t you notice anything abnormal?”

“It’s really nothing.”

“Except for the strong smell of real dragon, there is nothing.”

“Uh…I can smell a few humans, does that count?”

“Well, those few humans taste good… I just don’t know how they taste.” A monster drooled and its eyes lit up.

The kitten couldn’t bear to look directly at these idiots, they just leaped and kicked way that monster which was drooling…

The other monsters calmed down in an instant, and they all tried to shrink their huge bodies a bit, wishing that no one else could see it.

“A bunch of idiots!” The kitten lightly turned around with the power of kicking the monster, then fell back on the tiger’s head.

It got really furious at these monsters. These idiots must have slept too much, how come they couldn’t smell anything abnormal with this strong smell of real dragon?

“With such a strong smell of real dragon, haven’t you thought of anything?” The kitten cursed at them.

“Uh…this time the smell really seems to be a little bit different.” A monster sniffed twice before looking at its companion in confusion.

Its companion also made the same action, then looked around again. The monsters next to it also started sniffing again.

“Huh? It seems that something is wrong, why are we all out this time?” A praying mantis sand monster brandished two sickles and looked at it for a long time, and suddenly said in surprise.

There was a moment of silence. Usually the divine consciousness of these monsters were suppressed in the same place. Everyone was just chatting and laughing, and they almost forgot that they only needed a few monsters when the Divine Dragon Island opened. They all hadn’t expected that all was out this time.

“Could it be that the human kid this time is very powerful?” The big snake looked at the kitten weakly.

The kitten patted its face with its paw. It’d spent so much time on these fools, and it’s already fortunate that its intelligence level wasn’t lowered because of them…

“Dragon son! You fools! This time the Island was opened because there’s a dragon son coming in!” The kitten roared angrily, and the sound coming out from its tiny body was deafening. It caused all the sand monsters to shatter, becoming sand itself.

Dozens of red light spots flew around in panic in the air. After a while, the sand monsters took shape again, looking at the kittens with fear.

When the kitten saw that it’d shattered the sand monsters, it was a bit embarrassed. It didn’t mean to be so loud…it’s just a habit…

It tried to suppress its anger as much as possible, and said softly to the sand monsters, “it is impossible for the true dragon bloodline inherited by humans to have such a strong smell of true dragon. It could be one of my brothers. It’s just that I don’t know who came this time, and it even scared the sea monsters away. Haven’t you noticed that it’s so quiet on the sea these days?”

As the kitten was talking, it couldn’t stop itself from thinking about the past. It hasn’t seen its brothers for so long. Ever since the multi-dimensional great battle last time, it left after saying goodbye with the gluttonous. And it’d no idea what happened afterwards.

Speaking of it, this multi-dimensional battle actually had nothing to do with the dragon sons. It mainly depended on the masters chosen by these dragons. It didn’t have a good impression on those human cultivators and it always thought that they were cunning. Since it never participated in fights, it seemed to be the most popular among its few dragon brothers…

“Then…are you going to leave?” The snake asked the kitten after seeing it in a daze.

The kitten was suddenly awakened and shook its head. It initially wanted to say that it’s not going anywhere, yet it got quiet suddenly.

It had been living in the Lang Yu Secret Realm for so many years, and it’s considered to be sealed there. It’s been very happy but it started to miss its brothers a bit. Although not every dragon son would be born when there was a multi-dimensional war, it’s still a good idea to make use of the opportunity to see them.

“Besides, if there are humans that I like, then it’ll be a good idea that I take a walk.” The kitten smiled happily and wagged its tail.

“Then…Are we going to chase those humans?” The tiger asked softly.

“Go! Why aren’t we going? No matter which brother it’ll be, I will welcome them warmly!” The kitten jumped off from the tiger’s head with excitement. It waved its claw and all the monsters became happy as well. They started yelling and running to different directions.

“Well…this direction has the strongest flavor. I will go there and check who’s so lucky to be the first one to meet me!” The cat scratched its head and running towards the direction of Xu Ziyan like wind.

“Brother, why do you want to go this way?” Xu Zirong blew into Xu Ziyan’s ear softly, his fingers moving back and forth on Xu Ziyan’s neck in a seducing way.

“Be good or I won’t carry you anymore!” Xu Ziyan replied angrily.

This brother asked Xu Ziyan to carry him after they came out of the starting point. Since Xu Ziyan knew that his brother just wanted to be close all the time, he didn’t refuse. Given his strength, it’s not difficult either.

“Oh.” Xu Zirong obediently replied, retracted his hand, then lowered his head and kissed the back of his brother’s neck gently.

Xu Ziyan suddenly stopped moving, before looking helpless and continue running.

As for Xu Zirong, there’s nothing else he could do besides spoiling him. He had long been used to being taken advantage of in private places like this…╮(╯_╰)╭

In the golden desert, Xu Ziyan leaped on the sand waves with Xu Zirong on his back lightly. Even without a sword, he could use his spiritual power to speed up as much as possible.

In such unproven dangerous places, a flying sword would only be the target of those flying monsters, so even if Xu Ziyan had a strategy, he dared not fly over directly. He’d rather choose this relatively slow method.


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