Chapter 176

After the six got on the island, they found it a bit hard to adapt to the vast desert.

Obviously, they could still smell the sea breeze before stepping into the island, but as soon as they entered the area of the Divine Dragon Island, the air immediately became extremely dry, and the sea water that was only five steps away behind them seemed to be non-existent.

“There is something weird with the island. Everyone, be careful.” Wei Qing had some kind of intuitive feelings as soon as he got on the island. He couldn’t tell whether this kind of induction was dangerous or what, but he only felt that he should look according to his intuition.

“Cultivator Wei is right, I think…that this island is very unusual.” Bai Hua’s eyes widened. When looking at the direction of the island’s center, there’s a sense of awe under his eyes.

Like Wei Qing, the moment Bai Hua set foot on the island, the dragon-shaped jade pendant on his chest felt hot again. In the past few days, he had become accustomed to such changes in the dragon-shaped jade pendant when he was with Wei Qing, but he hadn’t expected that there would be something which made the pendant even more excited on the island.

It’s just that the idea that the dragon-shaped jade pendant conveyed to him not only contained desire, but there’s also a kind of fear, as if the thing that it craved for might either help or destroy him…

He stretched out his hand to hold the dragon-shaped jade pendant, and Bai Hua couldn’t hide the excitement in his heart.

This dragon-shaped jade pendant was the foundation of his life. Although his essence core was very powerful, he couldn’t cultivate so quickly with his three spiritual roots if he’s without the aid of the dragon-shaped jade pendant.

It’s an incomplete jade pendant, yet its effect was already huge. If Bai Hua could get what it wanted from Wei Qing, could there be even bigger effects released by the jade pendant?

Bai Hua bit his lower lip lightly, and his excitement made his fingers tremble a little. He slightly lowered his head, as he was afraid that anyone would notice his excitement.

“Meh!” Snowball sniffed in the air suspiciously, turning its head and looked at Pink Hair.

Pink Hair frowned, yet its expression was still a little uncertain.

The two monsters looked at the each other and they exchanged a lot of information. Pink Hair hesitated and shook its head. Snowball immediately put aside the doubt just now, yelling happily near Xu Ziyan.

Xu Ziyan twitched the corners of his eyes, reached out and stroked Snowball’s head.

Mo Ziyuan looked at Xu Ziyan with interest and asked with a smile, “brother Ziyan, what is your spiritual monster doing…?” (Mo Ziyuan used to call him cultivator Xu, and now it’s “brother Ziyan”, Xu Zirong couldn’t help rolling his eyes.)

Xu Ziyan raised his head sadly, “Snowball is so excited, as it’s going to have an enemy soon.”

Wei Qing and Le Hu twitched their mouth at the same time, and they roared in their heart, “is Snowball excited because of an approaching enemy? It’s excited because it’s going to have a big meal soon!”

“Hehe, I really didn’t expect that brother Ziyan’s spiritual pet is so cute and so eager to fight. We’ll have to check its performance later.” Mo Ziyuan said softly and he found it funny.

The Mo Yulong Pavilion also sold spiritual pets, and Mo Ziyuan could mostly tell the differences of all types of spiritual pets. It’s obvious that Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong’s spiritual pets were there to please female cultivators, and he had no idea why these two guys would sign contracts with them.

Of course, with the strength of th two, they didn’t need to rely on spiritual pets to fight. It’s just that…

Mo Ziyuan couldn’t help but laugh when looking at the two small lovely spiritual pets. Then, he realized how stupid he’d looked and he immediately looked somewhere else.

Xu Ziyan remained expressionless and thought, “just laugh while you can. When you see the real face of Snowball and Pink Hair, let’s see if you can still laugh!”

“What’s the direction?” Le Hu asked with a frown looking at the vast desert. He couldn’t tell the right direction.

“This island is vast. Why don’t we take action separately and meet again when we discover something?” Bai Hua tilted his head and looked at the others. Before giving this suggestion, he also felt nervous.

The thing on the island was really too important to him, and he could never let it go. However, there were so many people, if they discovered that thing together and if it’s something that could be shared, then how could he still own it for himself?

He kept telling himself that he didn’t want to own all treasures by himself, but he just needed to find that useful thing for his jade pendant, even if it meant that he’d need to give up other stuff!

Xu Ziyan considered for a moment, and decisively agreed. He knew that Bai Hua had a reaction to this small island, but the thing that he was sensing was in the lair of that high-level monster. With his current strength, it’d be just like looking for death if he looked for it……

This part in the novel wasn’t very detailed, but it could still be inferred from the context. If he hadn’t brought Wei Qing there and died with the monster, he would not have obtained the real dragon blood of Wei Qing and the black stone.

After touching his chin, Xu Ziyan waved his hand and thought that cultivator Bai had a good suggestion. So, they decided to act separately.

It’s only that…

Bai Hua never thought that no one was willing to cooperate with him even though he had a good idea.

Initially, the best partner in his mind was Wei Qing, since he could make use of the time to make Wei Qing like him, and he could also look for his opportunities.

Unexpectedly, Wei Qing just acted so coldly, and he just left without looking at Bai Hua. Even though the barbarian wanted to struggle, he was suppressed violently.

Bai Hua felt so bitter when seeing the two people leave, and he almost crushed his teeth.

Could this Wei Qing be blind? Didn’t he know how to grab the opportunity to be with him alone?

“Ahem, brother Ziyan…” Mo Ziyuan started to speak.

“Brother will be with me.” Xu Zirong stood in front of Xu Ziyan without saying anything else. He just looked at Mo Ziyuan coldly. The Xu brothers, who had reached the stage of Qi condensation, put a lot of pressure upon Mo Ziyuan.

“Brother Ziyuan, excuse me…” Xu Ziyan apologized awkwardly for Xu Zirong, but this stinky kid had no intention to back off at all.

“It’s okay, you have a deep bonding, I can understand…” Mo Ziyuan smiled reluctantly, it would just be a bad idea for him to join in.

“Ziyuan…” Bai Hua frowned slightly and looked at Mo Ziyuan sadly.

Xu Ziyan felt a little uncomfortable with Bai Hua’s action. He touched his arm with goosebumps and waved his hand decisively, “brother Ziyuan, cultivator Bai, I will leave with my brother first. If there’s anything urgent, contact us via a communicative talisman.” Then, he pulled Xu Zirong and the two ran away.

After running far away, Xu Ziyan couldn’t help but sigh. Obviously, they were all acting, but at least his acting was more natural and wouldn’t give him goosebumps…

“Ziyuan…” Seeing that there’s no one around him, Bai Hua hurriedly pulled his sleeves.

But Mo Ziyuan just glanced at him coldly, and Bai Hua’s arm just froze there.

“Cultivator Bai, please take care of yourself.” After Mo Ziyuan said so, he waved his sleeves and chose a direction to leave. Bai Hua was left there alone, looking pathetic.

There’s a sense of depression under Bai Hua’s eyes. Although when he decided to seduce Wei Qing, he had already prepared to be abandoned by Mo Ziyuan, after seeing that man who’d been so gentle to him becoming so cold, he still felt pretty hurt.

In his opinion, men like Mo Ziyuan were not good either, as he could turn cold so easily.

Bai Hua gently bit his lip and grabbed that dragon-shaped jade pendant tightly. There’s a look of strong determination in his eyes.

In this world, he could only rely on the jade pendant, and no men were reliable.

Bai Hua wrapped his hands around his shoulders and looked at the direction where Xu Zirong disappeared. Even though no one could see it, he could sense the warmth surrounding the Xu brothers.

Very often, there’s a sense of warmth when their eyes met. Bai Hua didn’t understand why Xu Zirong could be so emotionless towards him. He didn’t even give the slightest hope, yet he acted so sweet and gentle in front of his big brother.

It’s so unfair! Why was God so unfair to him?

Bai Hua looked at the sky fiercely. As a guy, he had been sold to a brothel since young, and he didn’t have the slightest impression of his family. Then, under an opportunity, he’d escaped that place, yet the man who took him away also had bad intentions!

With the convenience of his essence core, he’d seduced many men, but comparing to Xu Zirong, all of those guys were jerks!

How could this be?

Why did Xu Ziyan get the best resources? And why he couldn’t get the reciprocal love from his admirer even though he’d tried his best and even sold his body?

Xu Ziyan had already owned so much! He had an outstanding appearance, the best qualifications in cultivation and he could win the hearts of many so easily. So why was he still the winner when it’s about Xu Zirong?

Bai Hua gritted his teeth in annoyance, clearly…he had been trying so hard to survive and to have a better life, why did God not give him what he wanted?

So far, he was only interested in three men – Lin Xiaotian was sometimes close to him, yet sometimes distant; Mo Ziyuan had completely destroyed their relationship; what made him even angrier was Xu Ziyan, as he had once admired Xu Ziyan, yet he had now become Bai Hua’s competitor!

“Damn it! It’d be much better if Xu Ziyan dies!” Bai Hua said unconsciously. Afterwards, an idea emerged without control.

If…Xu Ziyan died, then wouldn’t he then have the choice to conquer Xu Zirong’s heart when he’s hurt?

There’s suddenly a sense of joy under his eyes, and Bai Hua couldn’t stop this idea from growing in his head…

It’s only that…if Xu Ziyan died…

Bai Hua gently bit his lip and he suddenly had so many complicated feelings in his head. He only calmed down after a while and hid that idea deeply in his heart.


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