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Chapter 171


Xu Zirong did it very obscurely. Apart from Bai Hua, no one even noticed that little action. It could even be said that except for Wei Qing who had already guessed the truth, even if Le Hu and Mo Ziyuan saw those, it was impossible for them to think of anything else.

Bai Hua secretly kept the hatred that he almost did not break his teeth, but in front of Mo Ziyuan, he could not figure out the matter. Although he was pleased with Xu Zirong, he also knew that Mo Ziyuan was someone he could not give up.

He almost missed Lin Xiaotian’s hand because of a momentary mistake. Now, Lin Xiaotian and him were not too close but not too far apart either, which let help him worry about his future.

The spiritual power in his body was all mixed up. Although the body essence could improve the cultivation of both sides through dual cultivation, the spiritual powers absorbed by individuals were different from the dual cultivation.

Bai Hua’s original plan was to find around three fixed lovers. In that way, not only could he quickly improve his cultivation level, but he would not slow down his cultivation speed because of his spiritual Qi.

It was just that, among the three targets he had,only Mo Ziyuan got the best impression of him. As for the other two, Xu Zirong was needless to say, Lin Xiaotian was also very distant from him now.

He never dared to expose his love for Xu Zirong at that time. If he was discovered by Mo Ziyuan by accident, then…

Bai Hua narrowed his eyes slightly. No way, he could not guarantee how deep Mo Ziyuan’s feelings were for him now. At least before he doubled up with him, he absolutely could not reveal any relationship with Xu Zirong.

Bai Hua’s eyes were gloomy. Staring at Xu Ziyan who was standing on the bow of the ship, his heart was very annoyed. He consciously had a big advantage compared with Xu Ziyan. In terms of appearance, although he was not as stunning as Xu Zirong, he was also gentle and elegant, and it was easy to make people feel good. In terms of talent, although his spiritual roots were not excellent, the dual cultivation of essence, Taoism and body could improve Xu Zirong’s cultivation speed a lot.

On the other hand, as for Xu Ziyan, if he was in men’s discussion, he was considered handsome and full of the charm of a mature man. However, Bai Hua could not understand how his manly looks could win Xu Zirong’s love.

Moreover, Xu Ziyan was still the brother of Xu Zirong’s by blood. Did he have to risk the world and incest with his brother?

He clenched his fists tightly. His feeling towards the man who shamelessly seduced his own brother was extremely disgusted. His heart had long lost his original goodwill.

Although the brothers were now together, Bai Hua believed that it was necessary to pull Xu Zirong out of the abyss of “incest.” Otherwise, if the matter was made public, Xu Zirong would definitely be dealt with a serious blow.

“Brother Hua, how are you feeling today?” Mo Ziyuan walked into the cabin and looked at Bai Hua, who was sitting by the bed in a daze, his eyes dimmed.

Bai Hua turned his head slowly and smiled at Mo Ziyuan, “I’m getting better, thank you for your concern, Brother Mo.”

“If it weren’t for saving me, how could you have been hurt so badly?” Mo Ziyuan said guiltily.

Bai Hua smiled faintly, and did not continue on the topic. He knew very well that Mo Ziyuan was not an ungrateful person, and that was enough when it came to this matter.

Mo Ziyuan walked to the bed and glanced out the window seemingly. From Bai Hua’s perspective, he could clearly see Xu Ziyan standing on the bow of the ship looking into the distance.

Mo Ziyuan’s eyes flashed darkly. He admitted that Xu Ziyan was a very stunning man. No matter how talented he was or how good his appearance was, they were not worse than him. Even he and Bai Hua knew each other before him. Hua’s brother had promised to be with him, but he was not inferior to him by looking at other men secretly. That inevitably made him unhappy.

However, Mo Ziyuan did not know that Bai Hua peeped at Xu Ziyan out of hatred, and Bai Hua did not know that his different attitude towards Xu Ziyan was quietly seen by Mo Ziyuan…

Because Mo Ziyuan’s family suddenly joined, the atmosphere between Wei Qing and Le Hu eased. In other words, Wei Qing was no longer finding faults in Le Hu.

For such a development, Le Hu was rather happy to see it happened. He did not want to become Wei Qing’s enemy for no reason.

It was just that—as Bai Hua woke up, the atmosphere on the boat became weirder day by day.

No matter what Xu Ziyan thought, Xu Zirong always attached great importance to seizing every opportunity to show his affection in front of Bai Hua.

It did not matter if he is naive or boring. But every time he saw Bai Hua’s plain face, it burned with anger in his eyes. On the other hand, Xu Zirong had a kind of indescribable pleasure.

Due to Mo Ziyuan’s presence, Xu Zirong would not have too much contact with Xu Ziyan, but with the relationship between the two brothers, he could still make many intimate actions.

Those actions were in Mo Ziyuan’s eyes. He was unfamiliar with them, so he only felt that the Xu family brothers had a good relationship. However, in Bai Hua’s eyes, it was a kind of naked show-off!

For Wei Qing, who already knew Xu Ziyan’s secret, the relationship between their brothers shocked him, but it did not disgust him. What’s more, in his eyes, strength was the criterion for considering everything. Xu Ziyan had that strength, so he would of course be able to break many regulations.

Due to his family background, he knew the secrets of many sects. Even in many sects of righteousness, there was never a lack of that kind of incest.

It could be said that Wei Qing’s acceptance of that matter was very high, which was why Xu Zirong was willing to let him come into contact with that secret in the first place.

Wei Qing turned a blind eye to the closeness between Xu Zirong and Xu Ziyan. Although Le Hu felt a little strange, he never talked too much about it.

No matter how approachable Mo Ziyuan was, his current status was just a little bit better than that of a stranger. Although Le Hu was not as intelligent as anyone else, he was definitely not stupid. He noticed something wrong with Xu Zirong, but he kept silent about it.

Xu Ziyan had more or less noticed Xu Zirong’s careful thinking these days, but he could not think of a way other than showing a wry smile.

Facing the two individuals who killed him in the previous life, Zirong had already been restraining himself from directly fighting them. He could not ask for anything forcefully anymore.

It was just—seeing the anger in Bai Hua’s eyes getting fiercer, made Xu Ziyan also felt a little distressed.

From the perspective of the novel, Bai Hua, the male protagonist in the book, was naturally praised and labeled by everyone with all kinds of beautiful adjectives, such as pure and innocent. And if it were not for having all the memories of the original body, based on that novel alone, most people would believe that Bai Hua was with the three of them at the same time out of affection, because none of them was willing to abandon him.

But for Xu Ziyan, who had all the memories of the original body, the evaluations in those books were utterly nonsense. Even if many things were viewed from different angles, different results could be obtained. No matter what, Bai Hua’s actions were not worthy of the words “pure and innocent”, of course naive and kindness was even more impossible.

In the novel, the author could portray a person like that, but in the realm of cultivation and truth, if someone was such a Holy Mother, it would be an early death. Xu Ziyan had deeply understood that.

Since Bai Hua was not a white lotus, it was conceivable that he could achieve so many achievements in that novel, and how deep his heart was! That matter could be seen from the fact that he and Mo Ziyuan united to sabotage Wei Qing.

The content of that paragraph was unclear in the novel. However, Xu Ziyan had been with Wei Qing for so many years, but he was very confident in his character instead. If someone said that he would surrender himself to Bai Hua’s beauty, he would just sneer.

Xu Ziyan did not want to turn his face away from Bai Hua, at least not so fast! Judging from that novel, Bai Hua liked to put himself on the side of justice no matter what he did. Just like when he targeted Xu Zirong, he also held up the banner of defending Xuanyu Domain. Even if it was proven later that it had nothing to do with Xu Zirong. However, the death of blood demon had occurred. Who would seek justice for a dead person? Therefore, Bai Hua and the others would certainly continue to maintain their so-called “justice”!

Xu Ziyan did not want to be one of Bai Hua’s harem, let alone being a stepping stone to his success. Right now, as a direct disciple of the elder of the Liu Guang Sect, there was not enough reason. If Bai Hua dared to attack them, he would definitely meet his own dead end.

Therefore, Xu Ziyan only wanted to maintain the external peace with Bai Hua. At least from the observation of the past few days, Mo Ziyuan was not as dedicated to Bai Hua as how the book mentioned. It might be affected by Xu Zirong’s small actions in the past few days. Bai Hua also neglected Mo Ziyuan a lot, which made him very uncomfortable.

Xu Ziyan actually did not think much about Lin Xiaotian and Mo Ziyuan at first, but now that he saw Mo Ziyuan’s performance, an idea suddenly popped into his mind.

In the novel, the reason why Bai Hua could summon the wind and rain in Xuan Yu realm was absolutely indispensable for his three lovers. Now, he was unsure if Lin Xiaotian was deeply rooted in Bai Hua’s love, but it seemed that Mo Ziyuan was able to be saved.

Now that, he had dug the wall corner of Bai Hua, he would not mind digging up some more. Aside from the opportunity for treasure, the men of Bai Hua were also his aid. If those people had problems with Bai Hua, then the next development would be interesting.

Although he had the idea in his mind, Xu Ziyan had no idea how to operate the act. According to the general inference, if someone wanted to change the heart of a man who was ignored by his lover, the best way was to find a beauty to seduce him.

But for now, there was a peerless beauty on the boat, but Xu Ziyan would have to wilt himself as long as he thought about what he had to suffer after making the proposal.

_( : 3」∠ )_

If he let Xu Zirong to initiate the beauty scheming– He still was not prepared to be killed in bed, so it was impossible to mention the matter!!

Removing option A, only option B was remained.

It was estimated that no man would tolerate his lover’s flirting and scolding with others in front of him. Xu Ziyan still remembered that Bai Hua seemed to be very interested in him at the beginning. If he took the initiative to show his favor, would it be effective?

However, that would lead to two possible serious consequences.

One, Xu Zirong would go crazy and kill him on the bed;

Two, Mo Ziyuan would go crazy and hacked the man who seduced his lover on the boat, to death.

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