Chapter 169


“They found us. Call Wei Qing and the other here.” Xu Ziyan frowned suddenly. Mo Ziyuan was no doubt another rank of a “multi-billionaire”, and he had items to monitor his divine consciousness.

Although he only had the cultivation base of the late stage of the vein coagulation phase, his divine consciousness was already comparable to the late stage of the gold core. Under such circumstances, he would be discovered by Mo Ziyuan in the early stage of the coagulation phase. This can only prove that this guy has a lot of wealth and a lot of treasure. .

Xu Ziyan: Rich-asses or something are what I hate it the most! o ( ̄ヘ ̄o#)

“What’s the matter?” Xu Zirong just transmitted the message telepathically to Le Hu, and he immediately ran out of the cabin.

“Someone is coming.” Xu Ziyan said briefly and concisely, and Le Hu immediately asked, “Is it an enemy?”

Wei Qing came out with a graceful gait while arranging his clothes. He sneered when he heard the words, “If it was an enemy, do you think Ziyan would still be so calm? Why don’t you use your brain for a bit, is the thing above your neck a display?”

Le Hu frowned, his expression turned a little ugly. He did not understand what happened to Wei Qing. Anyway, since he kissed the person that day, Wei Qing’s attitude towards him had become worse and evil… even more so than before and nothing less!

Seeing that Le Hu did not ridicule himself as before, Wei Qing’s mood improved a little bit, but soon, the worse emotions swarmed out, and that guy was unwilling to even quarrel with him!

The atmosphere between the two became very awkward. Xu Ziyan was caught in a dilemma, and sighed in his heart. He knew it!

Something that he did not know must have happened that day, otherwise the relationship between the two people would definitely not be so awkward!

But for a moment, Xu Ziyan could not think of a good way to resolve that awkward atmosphere, so he coughed twice and reminded everyone, “The other party has discovered us and is speeding up in our direction.”

“Yes.” Le Hu replied, took a few steps forward, stood behind Xu Ziyan, and glanced in the direction he was facing.

Wei Qing frowned slightly. He did not know what was wrong with him, every time he saw Le Hu, his emotions would fluctuate a lot anyway.

To be honest, he also knew that he was a bit unreasonable lately. However, whenever he remembered that Le Hu heard about two men getting together that day, his attitude to avoid made him unwilling.

At present, he still did not understand where that unwillingness came from, but he believed that as long as he was given some time, he would definitely be able to find out the reason!

The Mo Yu Ship controlled by Mo Ziyuan was so fast that he quickly caught up with Xu Ziyan’s big wooden ship.

Seeing the attire of the four people on the boat, Mo Ziyuan suddenly felt complacent. He was hesitant to approach them when he was aware of the prying eyes of his divine consciousness, but recalling their previous encounters made him make up his mind. He decided to get in touch with those people.

Mo Yu Ship’s speed was very fast, but compared with those sea beasts that lived in the sea all year round, it did not have much advantage. In any case, it was safer to be with a cultivator than to be chased by a sea beast, and there was also half a chance that he would meet someone from the authentic sect.

It turned out that Mo Ziyuan was right with the bid!

Among the four, two were wearing Li Guangzong’s iconic attires. Although one of the other two was naked on the top body, the other was wearing a distinctive golden silk robe.

Mo Ziyuan was the future owner of Mo Yulong Pavilion. Even though he had not yet been in power, his vision was extremely vicious. Others might not be able to see it, but he had noticed at a glance that the golden silk robe was made of the silk of golden silkworm for ten thousand years.

There were nearly a hundred golden silkworms in the world, most of which were distributed in various secret realms. In the mysterious rain domain, only the Wei family had fifty thousand golden silkworms. The amount of golden silk produced by those golden silkworms every year was very limited. Young people who could afford to wear the gown must be the direct descendants of the Wei family.

Combining with the two disciples of the Liu Guang Sect around him, Mo Ziyuan easily guessed Wei Qing’s identity.

As a family with a true dragon bloodline, the Wei family had an unparalleled advantage of other families. That kind of arrogance derived from the bloodline made them never associated with the demon cultivator, so Mo Ziyuan could be said to have encountered a savior.

“Fellow Taoists, please help me.” Mo Ziyuan was shrewd. He said that to those four people, but his eyes were fixed on Wei Qing.

It was a pity that no matter how shrewd he was, he would never thought that among those four, aside from having two bear children in puberty and one with a snake-crazed disease, the only normal person was their leader.

“What happened to you?” Xu Ziyan asked with a look of surprise although he clearly knew the reason.

Even though Mo Ziyuan wanted to ignore the question asked by the handsome young man, he politely clenched his hand, “We were out of luck. We were all chased by monsters in the sea along the way. In the end, the divine consciousness also attracted a sea beast from the late Nascent Soul Stage. If it weren’t for my friend’s notice of the bad situation and made a talisman, we might be already dead.”

“Oh.” Xu Ziyan nodded. The expression on his face was unchanged.

The rest of the people also looked indifferent, as if it was a common thing for Mo Ziyuan to encounter monsters in the Nascent Soul Stage.

Just kidding, we’ve even watched the beasts in the god transformation stage. Whats the point with Nascent Soul Stage!

Mo Ziyuan was choked by Xu Ziyan’s indifferent answer, and suddenly became a little awkward. His original plan was to use the beast of that stage to arouse the sense of crisis among the four, but he did not expect that the other party did not seem to care at all. As if what he was talking about was not the Nascent Soul Stage, but the beasts in the Vein Coagulation Stage…

He unconsciously turned his inquiring gaze to Wei Qing, but Wei Qing did not notice his gaze at all. His eyes were half-opened, as if thinking about something.

The big man with his naked upper body yawned boredly. It was as if he was not interested in his topic at all.

Turning his gaze slightly, Mo Ziyuan’s gaze fell on Xu Zirong for the first time. Just now, that person seemed to have been hiding behind the handsome young man, like a shadow, almost ignored by him. But now, Mo Ziyuan suddenly felt in awe.

The person in front of him was a completely different type from Bai Hua. Bai Hua looked elegant and gave people a shy feeling when they smile. Although the person looked exquisite, but the long narrow eyes and the coldness of the eyes gave people a sharp sense of beauty.

To use an improper metaphor, the man who was with Bai Hua always wanted to care for him, caring for him, he was like a fresh little white flower, which could always arouse a man’s desire for care in his heart. But the person in front of him was like a blooming poppy, it was indeed beautiful, but with a dangerous signal, making people just wanted to kneel at their feet and worship…

But Mo Ziyuan did not lose his mind for too long because of Xu Zirong’s appearance. After all, Xu Zirong’s appearance was gorgeous, but it would not make him change his mind.

He quickly retracted his gaze and began to study the handsome man who could form a team with Wei Qing and became a leader.

Xu Ziyan did not hesitate for too long. In fact, when Mo Ziyuan and Bai Hua appeared in his range of sight, he already had a plan in his heart.

Now that they have encountered each other, he might as well go together with them along the journey, otherwise at the Mo Yu Ship’s speed. He would definitely be one step ahead of them on the mysterious big island.

Xu Ziyan did not know the secrets of that mysterious dragon-shaped jade pillar. Although it was mentioned in the novel that both Wei Qing and Bai Hua had some senses about the dragon-shaped jade pillar, in case they were late, what if Bai Hua took away all the good things in away?

Although Bai Hua seemed to have left empty-handed after entering the jade column in the previous life, who could guarantee that it would still be like that in this life?

Xu Ziyan had already worked very hard to dig Bai Hua’s wall corner again. If he were to get such a big chance in front of him, he would definitely regret hitting the wall.

In order to avoid adding strength to Bai Hua, Xu Ziyan felt that it was safer to keep him by his side. At least with the luck of the male lead, if they really encountered any treasure, so many people would be willing to wait and earn a share. That would be another point of view to weaken Bai Hua, they could make a small profit as well!

The luck of the male protagonist was amazing. Needless to say, readers would know how surprising it was! It would also be great to be able to take a bit more! ╮(╯▽╰)╭ With a few compliments to his on great wits, Xu Ziyan smiled calmly at Mo Ziyuan, “May I know how to address this fellow Taoist?”

“I am Mo Ziyuan. I’m from the Mo family in the Mo Yulong Pavilion.” Mo Ziyuan introduced himself clearly.

Xu Ziyan nodded, “Taoist Mo, I just felt a familiar aura from your boat. I wonder if your friend comes from Tian Yuzong?”

Mo Ziyuan was touched at his heart, and asked with a little doubt, “Do you know Brother Hua?”

Xu Ziyan twitched the corner of his eyes, and quietly complained about that title in his heart, but his face showed a somewhat surprised expression, “Is that really Taoist Bai? That’s great. Since my last goodbye in Wuti City, we have not seen each other for almost a year.”

Mo Ziyuan heaved a sigh of relief secretly, he had also heard Brother Hua mentioned that he had participated in the siege in Wuti City before, but he had not heard of any disciples of the Liu Guang Sect there. But no matter what, since the other party mentioned the incident, it could be seen that they should be there at the time. At least after the battle, he met with Brother Hua.

“Since we are all acquaintances, Taoist Mo does not have to be polite. Quick, get on the boat. Although our boat is not comparable to your Mo Yuzhou, it is quite comfortable to sit in.” Xu Ziyan greeted Mo Ziyuan with a smile and welcomed him onto his boat.

The other party felt welcomed, and after taking Bai Hua out of Mo Yuzhou, he jumped on Xu Ziyan’s big boat.

When he stepped onto the big ship, Mo Yu Ship flew up, shrank quickly in mid-air, and then turned into Liu Guang (a stream of light), piercing into the jade pendant that Mo Ziyuan was hanging on his waist.

Xu Ziyan’s smile remained, but his heart was secretly judging and criticizing. That Mo Ziyuan was no doubt the most cunning amongst the three sadistic persons. He was actually asking for help, but he never did forget to show his strength—or they should say: Wealth!

Xu Ziyan found his actions understandable though, because he was carrying a burden at the moment. If the four of them was interested in the wealth, it would be a huge disadvantage for him. He purposely showed that he had space magical item, which was to warn them that if he had a treasure that could control space, he would naturally have a more powerful talisman. If they wanted to take advantage on him, they should confirm if they were up to par with him in strength.

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