Chapter 167


“Does anybody know who the other dragon is?” The moray eel slowly asked another sentence.

The beasts looked at each other. They knew that the moray eel’s question was the key. There were a total of two dragons that entered Lang Yu’s Secret Realm. One of them was the gluttonous, but no one knew who the other is.

The relationship between the dragon sons was not so good. If there was a contradiction between the other dragon son and the gluttonous, then the sea beasts would be in a much better situation.

“That…” Xuan Shou raised a claw weakly.

“Speak!” said the moray eel.

“When I met the gluttonous, I seemed to feel that…” Xuan Shou hesitated for a moment, as if it was confirming whether its feeling was wrong.

“What do you feel? Say it!” The golden fish shouted anxiously.

“It seems that… there is a dragon beside him…” Xuan Shou finally finished its sentence. After speaking, it shrank its neck and hid its head in the shadow, as if it could bring him a sense of security.

“Beside him…” The moray eel sighed deeply.

If two dragons could stay together, that could only prove one thing— Those two dragons have formed an alliance in that multi-world war!

Although they did not know who the dragon was, the moray eel was very clear that the combined power of the two dragons could not be matched by those sea beasts. If they were other dragons, maybe they could provide them with the world’s resources and the treasures of land for an exchange, but it was the gluttonous that they were encountering…

In the gluttonous’s eyes, the value of their physical bodies was probably much higher than those of the treasures in heaven and earth…

“Let me lock myself up when I go back.” Moray eel sighed, turned and swam back towards its own territory.

The other sea beasts looked at each other, and they all sighed and returned to their cave. The cultivation of moray eel was not the highest among them, but it was the wisest. All the sea beasts respected him very much. Seeing that it was about to give up, the other sea beasts naturally had no other thoughts…

The lives of those sea beasts were already very long, and they could cultivate to the stage of transforming themselves into gods and had doubled their lifespans. If they could not keep up, they could still wait for the next time, as long as they lived, there would be hope.

Compared with waiting for decades, the danger of confronting the gluttonous was huge!

Without knowing that his roar scared Xu Ziyan’s dozens of enemies in the transformation stage away, at this time, the gluttonous…Oh, Snowball to be exact, was pestering Xu Ziyan to make him do something other than fish…

Although all kinds of fish were cooked very delicious by Xu Ziyan’s pair of hands, Snowball was a bit annoyed meal after the same meal.

“We’re on the vast ocean now, where can I find you monster meat?” Xu Ziyan looked at Snowball dumbfounded.

Snowball bleated twice, jumped to the highest point of the mast, and yelled constantly in one direction.

“Huh?” Xu Ziyan took back the diffusive consciousness, condensed into a line, and eyed at the direction that Snowball was looking. After extending their journey for about a hundred miles, he unsurprisingly discovered a small island.

=. = Alright, we have to believe in Snowball‘s dedication to food…

Sailing the big boat, he changed its direction to the small island. Xu Ziyan was actually a little moved when he saw the island. Of course, it was definitely not because of the food, but Xu Zirong’s eyes were about to burst into flames after seeing him in the past two days. He was very worried that if he could not seek a chance to let him release his fire, then his bloody heart would not get backlash again. The space on the ship was limited. It was definitely a fantasy to be able to avoid Wei Qing and Le Hu to do something on his own…

After reaching the shore, Snowball immediately hopped out to hunt for food. Xu Ziyan was not worried that there would be any creatures on the island that could threaten Snowball—- On the contrary, those monsters should be careful instead. If they were targeted by Snowball, they would certainly face a bad ending.

“Big brother, let’s get some firewood.” Xu Zirong looked at the elder brother with fiery eyes, scratching his fingers constantly in his brother’s palm.

Xu Ziyan turned away in embarrassment, coughed twice, and said solemnly to Wei Qing and Le Hu, “Although this island is not big, it is better to check it. You and Wei Qing can guard here. If there is any danger, you two can face it together.”

“Alright.” Wei Qing and Le Hu responded, and carefully set up a small defensive array beside the ship. The array had a very average defense, but it could serve as an alarm.

Silently lighting a candle at his own pace, Xu Ziyan was quickly pulled into the woods by the eager Xu Zirong…

After the two left, Wei Qing and Le Hu suddenly fell into a weird atmosphere.

Since the day of the fight, Le Hu criticized that Wei Qing was not like a man. However, after being kissed, as long as the two of them were alone, they would inevitably fell into an awkward atmosphere. In comparison, Wei Qing’s reaction was better, but Le Hu felt nothing right.

That day, Wei Qing’s kiss greatly shocked Le Hu’s three senses. As a man who wanted to find a sturdy barbarian girl, he was suddenly kissed by a little white face. It happened like being struck by lightning.

How can a man kiss another man? This doesn’t seem right…

Le Hu still could not forget about the kiss. He did not understand why Wei Qing could show such a calm look, as if he did not care about the kiss at all.

In the barbarian tribe, kissing was a very sacred thing. A kiss between a man and a woman was even a proof of love.

If two people kissed in front of other people, it meant that the two of them were going to marry. Although Le Hu knew those from his seniors, many rules of the barbarians were not effective in the Central Plains, but that kind of skin ship should not be done so simply, right?

He unconsciously touched his lips. Due to the shock he got at the time, Le Hu did not feel anything at all. Now, feeling the friction of his fingertips, he felt a strange touch in his heart.

“Damn!” Le Hu grabbed his hair annoyingly. He could not believe that a dignified man was made impetuous just by an inexplicable kiss. It was a shame!

The warriors of their barbarian tribe had always fought unrelentingly, how could he react like that because of such a trivial matter—

—Damn it! What do I do, still very upset! =皿=

The more he thought about it, the more upset he was. Le Hu clearly knew that the kiss had no meaning at all. It was entirely the cause of Wei Qing and his product of vindictiveness. However, in the barbarian tribe, a kiss was a kind of pledge. Even if Wei Qing did not even know about it, Le Hu knew. That was why he just could not relax easily…

Taking a peek at Wei Qing, Le Hu was annoyed to see that guy standing on the bow of the ship looking at the sea indifferently.

Slender and elegant!

For some reason, those words appeared in Le Hu’s mind, but he quickly dismissed them.

Stop kidding myself, those words were clearly describing females, so how could they be used on Wei Qing. Le Hu always called Wei Qing “little white face” and kept saying that he looked like a woman. But in fact, Wei Qing did not have a trace of femininity. It was just because he had been pampered for a long time, and had fairer skin, not like Le Hu, who had a masculine appearance of bronze complexion.

Le Hu was upset. He was baffled by how upset he was just because of a kiss, but the initiator was calm instead?

This is not fair!

Le Hu’s anger rose from his heart for a while, and the evil in him grew to his guts—

—He jumped on the bow out of the blue, and then in Wei Qing’s surprised eyes, he hugged him violently, and viciously—kissed him.

Perhaps Le Hu’s kiss was too sudden, or Wei Qing had never expected Le Hu to do such a thing. With such a dazed effort, the two lips kissed firmly together…

Le Hu’s movements were very quick, so both of their lips that were just pressed onto each other were separated in a jiffy.

Wei Qing’s thunder-struck expression successfully pleased Le Hu. He finally did not have the feeling of suffering a lot.

“You!” Wei Qing pointed at Le Hu, his lips moved but there was no sound.

Le Hu smiled proudly with his arms at his hips, “What a man! Isn’t it just a kiss on the mouth? What’s so great about that!”

Wei Qing raised his eyebrows and looked at Le Hu weirdly. He narrowed his eyes slightly, “Hey…you suddenly kissed me after so many days…could it be that you fell in love with me after my kiss?”

“Huh?” Le Hu was shocked.

“Hmph, let me tell you, we are impossible!” Wei Qing said proudly.

Le Hu suddenly felt his fists itchy again. Although he did not have any idea of ​​liking Wei Qing at all, but watching him put on such an arrogant look, he could not help but wanted to hit him…

“Who said I like you! Don’t make assumptions, okay!” Le Hu immediately ironed back, “Even our barbarian girls won’t like your little white face, let alone I’m a man. How could men like men?”

Wei Qing’s mouth twitched, “Who said men can’t like men?”

Le Hu was taken aback and frowned, “Is there any need to say? Men should like women!”

Wei Qing blinked and looked at Le Hu from head to toe meaningfully with anxious eyes, “There are some things that better not to talk nonsense about if you don’t know.”

Le Hu was startled again, and his expression was a bit unhappy, “What do you mean?”

Wei Qing sneered, “Don’t you know how many pairs of monks in our school are couples of men?”

Le Hu suddenly opened his mouth when he heard the words, and was speechless for a while. Because of his identity as a barbarian, he did not interact much with the disciples in the Liu Guang Sect. Nonetheless, he usually spent most of his time on cultivation, and basically never inquired about such gossip.

Seeing Le Hu’s silly look, Wei Qing finally could not help but laugh. He always felt that the barbarians in the Extreme West were savages. They did not understand manners and shame, but now it seemed that Le Hu seemed to be very “innocent”. He did not even know that men and men could be together.

Wei Qing had lived in the palace since he was a child. Although no one dared to be presumptuous in front of him, but due to his talent and identity, there were still many men and women who wanted to climb onto his bed one after another.

It was a pity that Wei Qing was dedicated to cultivating Taoism, and had no interest in the relationship between men and women, so those people could only hold their hands with hatred. However, he knew clearly about all the private matters in the harem.

“What? Looks like you seem to be curious? Or, you want to try the feeling of being with a man?” Wei Qing suddenly took a step forward, almost reaching before Le Hu’s eyes, and said that sentence.

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