Chapter 166


Lang Yu’s trip to the mysterious land was mainly to change Wei Qing’s destiny. Although there were other ways to achieve that goal, none of them could completely relieve Xu Ziyan’s worries.

Once, his first choice was to avoid it, but after experiencing the incident in the Xu family, his mindset had somehow changed.

From the beginning of his journey, his idea had always been to avoid Bai Hua and stay away from the male protagonist’s limelight, but the cruel reality told him that there were many things that was not meant to be avoided or ignored.

Especially the life of a protagonist who was very lucky, like Bai Hua, if he could not take the initiative to take the first step and took away his chances, when he became part of the air, it was estimated that Xu Ziyan’s fate would worsen…

Xu Ziyan did not want to put his destiny in the hands of others, so he could only rely on his own efforts , take advantage of the development of the situation that he knew well of, and take away all the opportunities he could grab in advance. Although that might not be able to curb Bai Hua’s development, at least it could also enhance his own strength.

However… the plot changes were increasing as he continued, the follow-up development of the journey would be farther and away from the memory of the main body and the original plot of the novel, which naturally made Xu Ziyan worried.

But no matter what, it did not matter how great or worse Lang Yu’s secret realm changed, they could only face it at that moment. Xu Ziyan believed that with his own strength and the two unreliable sacred beasts, they would still be extra sure to prioritize their lives…

When Xu Ziyan tried to think about the reasons for the changes in the secret realm, about a dozen large and small black shadows gathered together in the deep seabed.

“Do you feel it? Some human beings with true dragon blood have entered the secret realm.” A large conch that was three stories tall said with a loud voice. “Shenlong Island is about to open, why are we still gathered here? Shouldn’t we rush to Shenlong Island right away?”

“How slow are you!” A palm-sized golden fish stared at the conch contemptuously (although it might not be seen from the conch’s point of view…) “Do you only sense humans? Can’t you find two dragons as well?”

“What! Dragons?” The big conch looked at the golden fish with horror, then turned to look at a slender moray eel and asked, “Really?”

“What do you mean! Do you look down on my golden scales?” The golden fish suddenly became unhappy, and angrily spitted its saliva at the conch.

The conch ignored it, but stared at the moray eel seriously.

The moray eel raised its head slowly, then nodded a little slower, and finally lied down slowly. However, the conch knew, for that extremely lazy fellow, his actions were enough to express his meaning…

The golden fish was very angry for being ignored, but the beasts that could meet there were about the same in cultivation level, so it had no choice but to leave conch alone.

A crab snapped a few times with its huge pair of tongs, and was annoyed, “Didn’t Xuan Shou found a large group of golden swordfish before? Let’s eat before we continue our talk!”

The other sea beasts deeply agreed as they waited eagerly for the “Xuan Shou” to return with a large number of golden swordfish as an extra dish…

After a while, a large shadow suddenly appeared above them. The shadow was so huge that it covered almost all the sea beasts.

The golden fish raised its head unhappily, “Xuan Shou, what are you doing!”

A tortoise-like big head poked out from the shadows, and looked at everyone below with a look of horror, “Oh no, oh no!”

“What’s with the many oh-noes?” The conch complained with an irritating voice, “Didn’t you catch those golden swordfish?”

Xuan Shou stared blankly, and slapped itself back to reality. Waving its huge paws, it spoke, “What more golden swordfish do you want? I’m almost scared to death!”

Due to Xuan Shou’s body being the largest, its panic-stricken movements immediately caused waves in the surrounding sea water. The golden fish’s body was the smallest. In a moment, its whole body was sent far away, and it immediately rushed back in annoyance. Without further ado, it had a fight with Xuan Shou first…

Regardless of the fish’s small size, its supernatural powers in its body were very powerful. Xuanshou’s defense was also one of the best among those sea beasts. It seemed to be comparable to the golden fish.

If it was their usual routine, the group of sea beasts might still be around to watch the excitement, but the words of Xuan Shou just now made many sea beasts a little uneasy, so they quickly persuaded them both to stop.

“Alright! Don’t fight any more. Gold scales, step aside. Speak, Xuan Shou, what’s wrong?” In the end, it was the big crab waving the pliers that separated the two of them. That gave them the opportunity to continue to inquire Xuan shou.

Xuan Shou paused, hesitated for a long time before waving its paw in panic, “Oh no! This time, the one who entered Lang Yu’s secret realm was the gluttonous!!!”

“What!!” The rest of the sea beasts suddenly showed the same shocked expressions. There was even a frog-like sea beast that simply dug a hole on the spot and went in. Before entering, it shouted, “I want to lock-down myself! Don’t harass me for the next thousand years!!”

The other sea beasts also looked at each other. Although the green-skinned creature exaggerated, they could understand its actions. After all, when the gluttonous came to the door to make trouble for Xuan Shou, it was salivating over green skin for a long time and almost ate it…

“What do we do? Why is it so unlucky that gluttonous came?” Conch grumbled.

“Because of bad luck.” The moray eel raised its head and slowly spouted four words, and then went down again.

Golden Scales and Crab glanced at each other. Both of them were worried out of their wits. They were sea beasts that were united, no matter which dragon child it was, they would contribute each of their strengths. No matter how they advised it, they would also share a piece of the pie anyway, but if it was gluttonous… That fellow never did play cards according to the routine at all. For food, it never considered any consequences. When dealing with such people, anyone would find themselves with gray hair.

What’s more, those sea beasts did not say anything about it, but deep down, they were a little frustrated with the gluttonous. When they last met it, the gluttonous beat Xuan Shou and scared Green Skin to death. Who knew who its target was this time?

Back then, that guy even ate phoenixes, so how could he care about those sea beasts that were successful in cultivation? They were a delicious meal no matter how…

“Then…are we just giving up like this?” Conch spoke with unwillingness.

Golden Scales sneered, “If you have the ability, go make trouble for gluttonous then…”

Conch shrank its neck, feeling depressed. If it were other dragons, it might not be really scared, but the gluttonous and its big mouth was too terrifying. No matter how big the thing was, he could just swallow it!

What’s even more hateful was that the guy would never stop. As long as there were things that had nutrients (spiritual Qi), it would not be choosy. If one joined it, it will really become a dish on the table…

“So unlucky!”

When everyone was worried about whether to give up the opportunity created by Shenlong Island, a dull complaint was heard from afar.

A green octopus slid its limbs and quickly swam over. Seeing the sea beasts gathered there, it could not help complaining, “It’s really unlucky today!”

“Huh?” The crab was stunned for a moment, “You already know?”

“Uh… know what?” The octopus was also stunned, staring blankly at all the sea beasts there.

Golden Scales raised its eyebrows, “Don’t you know yet? That’s right, we just got the news. You obviously don’t come from the same direction as Xuan Shou. It’s not surprising that you don’t know. But what’s wrong with you?”

The octopus was dizzied by the golden scales’s words, but fortunately it heard the last sentence clearly, and waved a hand angrily, “I just met two human monks over there being chased by a group of golden swordfish. I wanted to make snacks with them, but I didn’t expect one of the brats to be weird. I was not careful enough, so they escaped. It’s really unlucky.”

After the octopus finished speaking, its two tentacles flicked and a lot of golden swordfish appeared, “Here, those two little guys ran away, so I just got some fish back.” As it said, it began to grab two of them and placed them in its mouth.

It was usually the quick-witted that got the food instead of the slow ones when having a meal. Although the octopus had eaten some on the way, the delicacy of the golden swordfish was indeed admirable, so he naturally wanted to eat more.

The octopus ate for a while, and suddenly realized something was wrong. Everyone around had a pensive expression, as if they had not noticed the deliciousness in front of them.

If it was in the past, the octopus would definitely be delighted if they were in their thoughts, so it could enjoy more golden swordfish alone. However, now it was at the critical moment when Shenlong Island was opened. It did not want to fight against those old friends openly and secretly at the time, and in the end it would be an advantage for the human monks.

“What’s the matter with all of you?” The octopus wiped its mouth then slipped another golden swordfish in it.

The golden scales looked at him contemptuously, “Eat, eat! All you know is to eat! Do you know that aside from the human monk with the true dragon bloodline, two dragons have also entered the secret realm?”

“I know, what’s the matter with the dragon child? It’s not like we haven’t seen it before. If we’re lucky, it may be Jiao Tu. By then, it’s convenient for us.” Octopus said excitedly, and its whole body also turned orange-red.

Golden scales continued in despise, “Jiao Tu? It’s great if it was the nice old man! It’s a pity that we are unlucky. One of the dragons who came was gluttonous.”

“What!!!” The octopus suddenly widened its eyes, and opened its mouth. It did not even notice the golden swordfish inside had escaped.

“Hmph, Xuan Shou had already met him, but when it was yelled at, it ran back here out of fright.” Golden Scales flicked its tail irritably and swam around the crab several times, expressing its unhappy feelings.

“Me? Out of fright? If you have the ability, go and have a face-to-face meeting with the gluttonous!” Although Xuan Shou’s reaction was slow, it was definitely rather upset when the golden scales scolded it like that.

Golden Scales did not answer. In fact, none of the sea beasts gathered there had such confidence to face the gluttonous.

“No matter how powerful the gluttonous is, it would be impossible for him to swallow all of us…” Conch said hesitantly.

The moray eel slowly raised one eyelid and asked a very serious question, “Who will go first?”

Yeah… whoever went first would be eaten first. Those sea beasts usually had their own territories, and there were a lot of food in the ocean, so their relationship was pretty good.

However, in the matter of Shenlong Island, those sea beasts were actually in competition for survival, and no one could be great enough to use their own lives to find the way for others. Therefore, the words of the conch were like nothing no matter it said or not.

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