Chapter 165

After all, Lin Xiaotian could help him with everything, but he couldn’t tell him anything about cultivation. Therefore, if Bai Hua wanted some excellent skills, he had to get it through the level of contribution of the sect.

Originally, as long as Bai Hua continued doing dual cultivation with his essence core, he could achieve incredible skills, but he didn’t have particularly good spiritual roots, and it’d make the others suspect if his level of cultivation improved too quickly.

After receiving the mission, he hurriedly left Tian Yu sect. Unexpectedly, while he was carrying out the mission, he met the boss behind in the Mo Yulong Pavilion, or the future boss of it.

Right now, the man in control of Mo Yulong Pavilion was Mo Ziyuan’s father, and Mo Ziyuan was the only son of Mo Boming.

Mo Ziyuan was born with spiritual roots of water attributes, and he’s naturally excellent in cultivation. Also, the Moyulong Pavilion was a large chamber of commerce that can be counted in the Xuan Yu realm, and there were obviously people with high-level cultivation. Therefore, as Mo Ziyuan had reached the middle stage of Qi condensation at such a young age, he’s like a pillar among the young cultivators.

At the moment when he learned of Mo Ziyuan’s identity, Bai Hua decided to take him down and make him one of his trophies.

Whether it was Mo Ziyuan’s talent in cultivation or his future identity as the owner of Mo Yulong Pavilion, Bai Hua thought that he had to get him no matter what.

After two months of contact, Bai Hua successfully established a shy and introverted image in Mo Ziyuan’s heart, and he did gain his favor.

It might be because Bai Hua had gained Mo Ziyuan’s favor too easily, which made him think that it’s not challenging enough, he still missed Xu Zirong.

Whenever he thought of that cold and delicate face, Bai Hua felt trembling all over, and he couldn’t stand that kind of trembling originated from his soul.

Bai Hua couldn’t help himself from wrapping himself with his arms and staring at the sea horizon in the distance. He was wondering where Xu Zirong was and if his figure ever appeared in Xu Zirong’s head for a second…

When he thought of Xu Zirong, he naturally thought of Xu Ziyan as well. When thinking of him as someone whom he’d been so determined to get, Bai Hua suddenly had an inexplicable sense of disgust.

If there’s no Xu Zirong, he would of course be glad to accept Xu Ziyan as one of his concubines. However, after falling in love with Xu Zirong, he felt disgusted whenever Xu Ziyan came across his mind.

Obviously he was a close brother, but Xu Ziyan was so thick-skinned that he got intimate with his brother, it’s really disgusting to the extreme!

Bai Hua’s facial expression easily told what he’s thinking about. Mo Ziyuan was very smart, he instantly discovered how unpleased Bai Hua looked.

His face darkened slightly, and his eyes flashed darkly. He had a very good impression of Bai Hua, a shy and quiet young man, but this kind of affection was not enough to make him ignore this peculiar behavior of Bai Hua.

He was initially very happy to have reached a breakthrough in his relationship with Bai Hua, but he instantly felt awkward to see Bai Hua acting like that.

It’s common sense that people became very sensitive when they were in love. Mo Ziyuan’s instincts told him that Bai Hua’s change of emotions had something to do with another guy.

He slightly let go of Bai Hua’s hand, but Bai Hua was still fascinated in his memory and he hadn’t noticed this small detail.

Mo Ziyuan looked even darker and unstable. If it was Bai Hua a few days, he would’ve noticed this change, but who had made Bai Hua so distracted?

Mo Ziyuan was cunning, but he was at the same time a proud person!

Just as Wei Qing could ignore those fellows from Liu Guang sect who showed him interest, Mo Ziyuan also had traits that he was proud of.

Regardless of appearance, talent, background, he was a well-deserved young talent. He believed that he was absolutely sincere and true to Bai Hua, and he’d never be hesitant to express his mind clearly. However, Bai Hua showed such kind of attitude before accepting him vaguely, which was undoubtedly like a thorn cutting his heart.

“Oh?” Bai Hua and Xu Zirong really hadn’t spent that much time together, so Bai Hua wasn’t distracted for too long. When his mind shifted back to the reality, he noticed that Mo Ziyuan had let go of his hand and he immediately looked at Mo Ziyuan shyly.

This slow reaction had further validated the assumption of Mo Ziyuan, as he really couldn’t think of anyone or anything else that could attract the attention of Bai Hua that much.

Mo Ziyuan’s thoughts were running wild in his mind, yet there’s nothing unusual shown on his face. He smiled gently at Bai Hua, “brother Hua, the small island in front doesn’t seem to be so small, do you want to check it out? I guess that you must be bored after so many days on this boat.”

“Okay, thank you, brother Mo.” Bai Hua’s eyes flashed and he expressed gratitude to Mo Ziyuan in the most appropriate way.

Mo Ziyuan was still feeling a little heavy just now, and he was a little relieved after seeing how Bai Hua acted. He even laughed at himself for having become so suspicious.

Who said that being distracted means thinking about another man? Perhaps brother Hua was thinking about his family, right? All in all, Mo Ziyuan had just told him how he thought, and it’s normal he thought like that.

Although Mo Ziyuan kept finding excuses for Bai Hua, but once the seeds of suspicious were planted, they weren’t so easily to be erased. Also, although Mo Ziyuan was very confident in his instincts, he didn’t want to suspect Bai Hua’s affection to him.

The two chatted and laughed happily on the boat. Under the control of Mo Ziyuan, they quickly turned and sailed towards the island. Neither Bai Hua nor Mo Ziyuan expected that they’d already embarked on a journey of catastrophe that the male protagonist must go through…

“Ha…ow…” Le Hu yawned lazily, staring blankly at the buoy not far away.

After experiencing the duel with the golden swordfish the other day, their journey has once again become dull. Although they still often saw some sea monsters, they were usually of low-level. Aside from acting as food for Snowball, they had no other use.

Facts have proved that Xu Ziyan’s comments on the golden swordfish were very reliable. This was indeed a very vengeful creature. Even after experiencing the massacre of Pink Hair on them that day, they were still unwilling to give up. Although their group dared not all rush forward at the same time, several groups of inspection still followed behind the boat.

Snowball was thrilled to hear that. When it saw the few golden swordfish for the first time, it already danced with excitement and kept yelling while holding Xu Ziyan’s thighs. It looked as if it’d die if it wasn’t given any fish to eat…

Xu Ziyan was stupefied at that time. He assumed that Snowball and Pink Hair were brothers, since Pink Hair usually looked very confident and proud, once it moved, it knew how to strike the enemy’s weakest point. It’s just like a fighting machine of all the spiritual monsters!

And when he looked at Snowball…it’s just a complete foodie! It also would trade food for anything!

No wonder Pink Hair never paid attention to it and they never communicated…obviously, both were sons of dragons, how would the difference be so big?!

No matter how Xu Ziyan despised Snowball, it’s something that he had promised earlier. He worked with Xu Zirong to make nets out of blood vines and to kill fish using lightning, and they easily got the three golden swordfish under control.

There were three whole golden swordfish, each of which was the size of a calf. Xu Ziyan cooked it in different ways, from sashimi to fish bone soup, and finally boiled a pot of noodles with the original fish soup that had been simmered for three days. Snowball ate with pleasure…

In addition to Snowball, Wei Qing and Le Hu also gave their compliment about the fish banquet. It’s not that Xu Ziyan cooked so damn well, but the way he cooked was different from the way often used in Xuan Yu realm, and they all found it new and fresh.

Since that day, those poor golden swordfish scouts had become food for their stomachs. Although most of the cultivators were vegetarians, they wouldn’t say no to good food…

Although the golden swordfish held grudges, they were obviously not fools. After several disappearances of the scouts, the group of golden swordfish finally gave up completely.

When Snowball stood at the stern and looked for three days without finding a golden swordfish, it couldn’t help crying aloud, he had to cry for his passing food…making Xu Ziyan incredibly speechless.

“I am wondering…what are we supposed to experience in this Lang Yu Realm? There is nothing at all…” Le Hu squinted his eyes and said as if he was asleep.

As an energetic barbarian, what he liked most is fighting. No matter how hard the battle would be, he’s never afraid and this kind of leisurely life drove him nuts.

A leisurely day can be regarded as a rest, and a leisurely two days can also be relaxing, but after a break of almost half a month, he started to feel rotten…

“Strange, it shouldn’t be like this…” Xu Ziyan couldn’t help muttering. Bai Hua described in the novel had encountered a lot of danger, and there should be some changes of the Lang Yu realm after Wei Qing appeared, but it’s a bit abnormal that all sea monsters disappeared.

Of course, as the protagonist of this book, Xu Ziyan completely ignored the fact that there’s more than one person having the real dragon blood after Wei Qing…

Actually, among all humans, Wei Qing’s real dragon blood could be regarded as very pure, but aside from humans, there were also monsters.

Snowball woke up blankly in its sleep, rolled over and slept again after seeing how relaxed everybody was.

This kind of leisurely and non-happening life was very rare for the sons of dragons, Snowball also hadn’t had this kind of life for a long time.

Sleeping was never an issue in the sealed demon realm, but it’s still better to be with its master since it could eat anything it wanted!

Snowball patted its belly contentedly, rolled over, and its eyelids drooped again. Pink Hair, which was lying next to Snowball, continued chewing its carrots…

“It’s so quiet…” Xu Zirong was lying on his brother’s lap, enjoying the sunlight lazily.

Xu Ziyan stroked his long hair for a while, but he was analyzing the reason why the Lang Yu secret realm had become so weird.

Of course he would not think that it was because of the two sons of dragons around him, but he was worried what the change might mean to them.


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