Chapter 164

Xu Zirong raised his eyebrows. Just now, he was still considering how to clarify his relationship with his brother to Le Hu and Wei Qing. After seeing this scene, he started to have another idea in mind.

“Woo!” Le Hu flushed, and he struggled hard all over. If he were a tiger, all his hair would stand up.

He lifted his foot to kick Wei Qing, but since he was too flustered, he didn’t succeed. Instead, Wei Qing took the opportunity to trip over and suppressed him firmly.

In Xu Ziyan’s eyes, the kissing skills of Wei Qing were extremely horrifying, or that couldn’t even be regarded as a kiss – it’s more like the lips of two people pressing each other.

After several struggles, although Wei Qing took the first opportunity, he couldn’t suppress Le Hu for a long time without using magic.

Later, Le Hu knocked him heavily on the head…

“You! Hiss…” Le Hu glared at Wei Qing furiously, covering his mouth.

Although Wei Qing’s forehead was injured from the banging just now, he felt incredibly pleased after seeing the bright red face of Le Hu.

“Didn’t you say that I don’t look like a man? Then I will prove it to you!”

Le Hu wasn’t sure whether he should cry or laugh. He just got up quickly on the ground and cursed to Wei Qing, “what do you want to prove? Then use kissing to prove it and kiss a girl! Why did you kiss me?”

Wei Qing scratched his neck, “is there a girl around?”

Le Hu was shocked, “you can’t use me as a replacement even if there’s none!”

Wei Qing raised his eyebrows, “it’s nothing, it’s just the same.”

“The hell with it!” The veins on Le Hu’s forehead was very obvious. He patted his sturdy chest and said, “I am a man and I have a dick! How can I be the same as woman? Do you want me to take off my pants and show you?”

There’s a smile under Wei Qing’s eyes, “do it if you can.”

“I’m taking it off…” Le Hu just stretched out his hand to untie his belt, but he suddenly reacted and glared at Wei Qing furiously, “the hell with it! I am a guy so why do I need to prove it to you?!”

Wei Qing’s corners of the mouth curled, “I just used my way to show you that I’m a man, and it’s your turn right now.”

Le Hu was going crazy, he just wanted to improve the relationship between them. Why wasn’t that happening, yet this stinky kid ended up kissing him?

The most depressing thing is that now he had to deal with proving that he’s man…damn it, what’s even the point of proving it?

“So? You are not saying anything anymore?” Wei Qing looked at him sarcastically and really pissed Le Hu off. He really wanted to take off his pants and show him – but then he knew that he couldn’t fall into traps like that!

Wei Qing slowly stood up and patted away the dust on his body. Then, he glanced at Le Hu, “since I dared to kiss a guy, it makes me more like a man. Say the same shit about me and I will do the same next time!”

Le Hu was stunned, he looked at Wei Qing with his fingers trembling and he couldn’t say anything…

Finally, he could only move his lips a little and stopped mentioning that Wei Qing didn’t look like a guy…

This was the first PK between them since they became friends, with Wei Qing as the winner after the kiss.

Xu Ziyan was already shocked by this turn, and the conversation between Wei Qing and Le Hu almost made him feel like being hit by thunder.

Damn it! This goddamned homo world! Xu Ziyan started feeling that he’s been surrounded by homo all his life…

Xu Ziyan silently showed his middle finger to God, and he looked speechlessly to the sky…

“Brother…they…” Xu Zirong slightly pulled his brother’s sleeves and whispered.

“Don’t care about them, they’re just nuts! You’re a good kid so don’t learn from them!” Xu Ziyan said brutally.

When Wei Qing and Le Hu heard so, they turned stiff. They seemed to just realize that there were still two people beside them…

Le Hu’s face got extremely red and he couldn’t say anything else.

Instead, Wei Qing could look at the Xu brothers very calmly despite the fact that he’d done such an unbelievable thing.

Although he’d kept looking so proud in the Liu Guang sect, it’s only because of his character. After being a disciple for so long, he had no issues in sacrificing his face when necessary.

If being more thick-skinned could benefit the family more, than every eligible master would sacrifice their face immediately…

In the world of cultivation – the benefits of a family are the most important!

Xu Ziyan looked at Le Hu pitifully. As a macho person, he would never have expected Wei Qing to use such a shameless trick…

Well, comparing to Le Hu’s simple-mindedness, Wei Qing’s wicked ideas really overwhelmed him.

In fact, as the eldest son of the Wei family, how could Wei Qing not know those common affairs in society?

It’s only that those around him in Liu Guang sect didn’t need him to use any tricks at all, however, once certain people started to threaten his position, then he’d naturally use some little tricks.

In other words, the fact that Wei Qing used these tricks on Le Hu could be considered as a kind of recognition. He’d only use them on people whom he could call friends.

_ (: 3 ∠) _ Xu Ziyan silently lit a candle for Le Hu…

Everyone knew that those who didn’t care about face were the most powerful. Once Wei Qing dared to act shamelessly, he could defeat Le Hu with no problems.

“Meh! ”


Snowball and Pink Hair watched a good fight at a short distance. And they naturally had to exclaim when the good show was over.

Wei Qing showed an embarrassed look after being watched by two spiritual monsters.

The whole afternoon, Le Hu had been unable to look at the face of Wei Qing, who then resumed his arrogant look as well. He found a spacious position in the ship, found a bed from his Ring of Nothingness and started cultivating on it.

Xu Ziyan, who had perceived himself as kind-hearted, started feeling like killing someone…

Those rich guys are obviously a public enemy! Especially this kind of unintended act of showing off – the treasures in your eyes may just be an ordinary and common item for the others…

After going through the previous fight, the quiet time became like a treasure.

After setting the right position, Xu Ziyan started cultivating as well. The more powerful he became, the more secured they would be when facing danger.

When these four people grasped the opportunity to continue cultivating, a jade boat from thousands of miles traveled rapidly across the sea, and there were two young guys on it.

Among these two people, the young man was standing upright on the jade boat, looking at the limitless sea. The other one was wearing a blue long coat and he had a light smile. He looked very affectionate in his eyes, and he was quietly watching the elegant-looking young man.

“Brother Hua, what are you thinking about?” The young man wearing a blue coat asked softly.

The elegant-looking young man turned back and smiled at him, “nothing, I just find the sea boundless. So many strange species can live in it. Brother Mo, have you seen the sea before?”

Mo Ziyuan shook his head, “this is also my first time looking at the sea, but…brother Hua, you have been doing this for days now, don’t you find it boring?”

Bai Hua showed a bright smile, “I don’t think so. The sea is really interesting and there’re many little things that I have never seen before. Brother Mo, come and look together.”

“Okay.” After Mo Ziyuan heard so, he immediately go near Bai Hua. He gently held Bai Hua’s shoulders and looked at the sea together.

Bai Hua’s face was slightly red, yet he didn’t refuse. He just turned away his head a bit and avoided Mo Ziyuan’s gaze.

Mo Ziyuan smiled softly, his hands slid down along Bai Hau’s arm and finally grabbed his hand.

The body of Bai Hua trembled a bit, and his neck and ears were all red. Mo Ziyuan really wanted to kiss him at this moment. However, he knew that such a bold act would scare Bai Hua away, that’s why he just gently scratched Bai Hua’s palm with his fingertips.

Bai Hua couldn’t take it and he took away his hand. However, Mo Ziyuan didn’t want to let go and he was very determined. At the end, Bai Hua could only stare at him once before letting him be…

There’s a faint smile under Mo Ziyuan’s eyes, and he was really pleased about the breakthrough of his relationship with Bai Hua.

Bai Hua looked at Mo Ziyuan a little shyly and turned away his head quickly, as if he was very embarrassed. However, after turning away his head, he looked a bit impatient.

After experiencing the drastic change in Wuti city, Bai Hua’s heart had been dedicated to Xu Zirong.

However, he knew that Xu Zirong wasn’t interested in him, since he was only focused on Xu Ziyan. Bai Hua had wanted to try getting Xu Zirong, yet there was an accident after the battle, and Xu Zirong was dragged into a demon realm after wanting to save his brother.

Regarding the demon realm, he only knew what kind of place that was after going back to Tian Yu sect and asking Lin Xiaotian. Logically speaking, Xu Zirong had only reached the later stage of building base, so going there would definitely kill him, yet for some reason, he believed that Xu Zirong was still alive.

Since he couldn’t forget Xu Zirong, it made him a little abnormal. People in love are all more sensitive than the others, Lin Xiaotian seemed to have found out something and started to act more coldly.

If it was before, Bai Hua would never let go of Lin Xiaotian, but he really missed Xu Zirong too much and he had no time for Lin Xiaotian.

A few months later, he finally stopped being so depressed, but Lin Xiaotian went out for cultivation at this time. Also, since Bai Hua hadn’t been talking much with Lin Xiaotian, he hadn’t noticed Bai Hua at all.

This alerted Bai Hua. It’s true that he’s fond of Xu Zirong, but that didn’t stop him from looking for other men. Lin Xiaotian was an excellent target for him for dual cultivation, and he believed that with his essence core, he could make both of them enjoy to the max.


Unfortunately, he had no chance to remedy the two’s relationship after Lin Xiaotian left. He could only contribute a bit by taking a mission from the sect.

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