Chapter 163

Xu Zirong was confident that he could keep them in the dark, yet he didn’t want to do so.

He could hide his relationship for the sake of his brother’s reputation, yet he wouldn’t agree to do the same privately.

He had to do something to make these two people understand that his brother solely belonged to him!

Xu Zirong thought in darkness…

Although he had already warned Xu Zirong with his eyes, Xu Ziyan knew that it didn’t solve the root cause of the problem.

Xu Zirong was a sluggish kid, although he’d always obey Xu Ziyan in big principles, he never paid attention to small details according to his requirements…

Take the current moment as an example, if one didn’t look closely enough, the Xu brothers just looked like they were sitting next to each other and watching the endless sea. However, if one looked more closely, not only were they sitting super near to each other, but Xu Zirong was even scratching Xu Ziyan’s palm under his sleeves.

In this regard, Xu Ziyan felt extremely helpless, yet there’s nothing he could do about it. All in all, Xu Zirong had the strongest weapon ever – the backlash of the Blood Sea Heart Sutra!

If it happened in other times, it would be okay, but if it occurred right now, right here, there would be unforeseeable consequences.

——Poor Xu Ziyan still didn’t know that Xu Zirong had already used his blood condensation bead to solve the backlash issues. Also, he had faked the recent few times of “backlash”.

“Brother, I want to hug you.” Xu Zirong deliberately lowered his voice, and the lightly blown air into Xu Ziyan’s ears, causing him to shudder.

Xu Ziyan hid uncomfortably, and gave him an annoyed look. This stinky kid is simply too much! He had to know that Wei Qing and Le Hu were not too far away. Even if they hadn’t noticed, he still couldn’t act so obviously!

“Brother…is that okay?” Xu Zirong pretended as if he hadn’t seen Xu Ziyan’s expression and his face got very close. His palm had already climbed on Xu Ziyan’s waist.

“Stop your nonsense!” Xu Ziyan patted Xu Zirong’s hand away.

Xu Zirong pouted and he looked at Wei Qing and Le Hu not so far away. He had secretly blamed these two people for this time.

Well! If they weren’t there, then he could do anything he wanted with his brother without being rejected. And when these two big lightbulbs were there…he couldn’t even hug or kiss his brother.

Perhaps he’s under the influence of the previous life, as Xu Zirong felt that he’s simply too “thirsty” for intimacy. He just wanted to be intimate with his brother all the time. He just wanted to do nothing but to touch his brother.

“Hurry up and continue cultivating. There’s a strong sense of weirdness in this Lang Yu Secret Realm. Aside from that group of golden swordfish, we haven’t encountered any other monsters, and this is not normal at all. You have to be very careful.” Xu Ziyan said in a serious manner.

After Xu Zirong heard so, he stopped looking in grief, “has brother been here before?”

Xu Ziyan nodded. In fact, his original body had never been there, but he had cheated using the novel, and he’d even seen it as the male protagonist, so it’s still counted that he had been there.

However, after Bai Hua entered the Lang Yu Secret Realm, he had encountered difficulties again and again. The BOSS of the last level was naturally the sea monster of nascent soul. Apparently, as a male protagonist, Bai Hua had arrived the dragon-shaped jade pendant safely and saw Wei Qing there.

According to Bai Hua’s perspective, he felt that the dragon-shaped jade pendant on his body had a faint response to Wei Qing, so he suspected that Wei Qing might have something he needed. Originally, he wanted to exchange other things with Wei Qing, unexpectedly, not only did Wei Qing reject, but he even got interested in Bai Hua’s body. He caught Bai Hua and also his dragon-shaped jade pendant.

That dragon-shaped jade pendant was the most precious treasure of Bai Hua. How could he tolerate the idea of ​​anyone getting interested in it?

As a result, the two started fighting on the dragon island. Bai Hua and Mo Ziyuan failed to defeat Wei Qing together, but Wei Qing was finally lured into a cave of a golden core monster and lost his life there.

What happened here wasn’t mentioned in detail in the novel. Only the fighting process was briefly mentioned. And Wei Qing had become a real dedicated disciple as described in the novel. He took the advantage that he was wealthy to bully Bai Hua, who was a disciple of Tian Yu sect with no background or support. In the end, he was killed by Bai Hua and Mo Ziyuan…

When thinking about this, Xu Ziyan felt a bit sad about Wei Qing’s destiny.

Wei Qing was a bit arrogant, but he didn’t have bad intentions. Xu Ziyan firmly believed in his own perspective of people around him. If Wei Qing was indeed as evil as described in the novel, there was no way the two could become friends.

When thinking of Wei Qing, Xu Ziyan couldn’t help but look towards his direction.

Wei Qing and Le Hu looked a bit cold and it might be because they’d just been through a life-and-death battle. They had lost the intention to argue with each other.

Xu Ziyan nodded with a gratified expression; these two kids have finally grown up. Now, they were merely trying to win each other over an argument.

“Brother…you can only look at me.”

Xu Zirong was upset, since Xu Ziyan had again transferred his attention towards the two lightbulbs. He tried to turn things around by making his brother re-focus on him.

After looking at that delicate face, Xu Ziyan was expressionless and he roared in his heart. He thought to himself, “this stinky kid in front of me is definitely not my brother!”

Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong were staring at each other, while Wei Qing and Le Hu had entered an extremely weird atmosphere.

It’s true to say that the two had disliked each other for a long time, and they always felt like something’s missing if they didn’t argue.

However, after Wei Qing took Le Hu onto his flying sword, and after Le Hu fled with Wei Qing, it felt really weird to maintain such a hostile attitude to each other after the rescue.

It’s just that Wei Qing was actually a bit proud of himself. He couldn’t just admit being weak in front of Le Hu. Fortunately, Le Hu was open-minded and he didn’t mind taking the initiative. It solved Wei Qing’s problem also.

“Ahem…actually, stinky kid…” When Le Hu started talking, Wei Qing immediately stared at him angrily.

He touched his nose awkwardly and quickly changed his wordings, “Wei…brother disciple…”

When Le Hu said so, he was stuttering. It was really his first time to call his brother disciple so seriously and he wasn’t used to it.

Wei Qing was also a bit shocked by this, but he soon reacted and shouted, “what brother disciple!? Call me big brother disciple!”

“What?!” Le Hu suddenly stopped. It’s true that he wanted to improve their relationship, but not when he’d feel disrespected, “no way!”

Wei Qing sneered, “it’s all because I am more powerful than you!”

“Ha! Who was knocked out by me just now?”

“That was a sneak attack behind you!”

“As long as my trick works!”

“If you don’t accept this result, then let’s compete!”

“Hey~~~” Le Hu put his arms across his chest and raised his eyebrows high, “it’s quite rare for me to hear you talk like that, you stinky kid. Well, men gotta be tougher, you know? See how elegant you are, you don’t look like a man at all!”

Wei Qing was so pissed off that he felt like passing out, what was accused of him was now wandering in his brain…

He’s not like a man?!

Not a single man could tolerate being described like this! Let alone the proud Wei Qing!

After getting furious to the extreme, Wei Qing suddenly calmed down. He squinted his eyes and the way he stared at Le Hu was like a poisonous snake staring at a frog…

“Hey, stinky kid, why are you looking at me like that?” Le Hu felt chills down his spine after being stared at like that, and he kept scratching his arm.

“You said I don’t look like a man?” Wei Qing asked threateningly and squinted his eyes.

Le Hu opened his mouth. He had wanted to say something but he didn’t know what to say.

Before that day, he was looking down on guys like Wei Qing, as he had no idea about the big or royal families. However, he had seen many cultivators with nice clothes and a high-profile gesture in the extreme west.

After these people were assigned to the extreme west, they would be arranged in different squads. At that time, Le Hu had seen enough of these people in his squad.

These guys were indeed all very proud of themselves, and they all looked down on ordinary warriors who were barbarians. They never listened to orders and they acted recklessly. Some even escaped before battles, which greatly shocked the squad of Le Hu.

Given these examples, after Le Hu arrived in Liu Guang sect, he hadn’t been fond of keeping in touch with disciples of big families. While they were looking down on Le Hu who was from the barbarians, Le Hu was also looking down on them.

Because of this reason, Le Hu wasn’t pleased about Wei Qing, the “super disciple from a big family”. However, through some contact (aka fights) later, he had slowly changed his opinion. Even though he wasn’t willing to admit it, he knew that Wei Qing wouldn’t be like those cowards who would just escape before battles.

Le Hu was silent. That made Wei Qing even angrier. He thought to himself, “this bastard can’t even defeat me, so how dare he say that I am not like a man?”

Now that they were on the sea, they still remembered clearly the disastrous scene just now. Wei Qing would not proactively fight anymore, that’s why he decided to use another way to prove that he’s a real man!

At that moment, Wei Qing’s head felt hot, and he did the most shameful thing in his life ever – he grabbed Le Hu’s monster skin and…kissed on it.

“Hey! Hey! What are you doing?!”

Le Hu reacted very quickly, when Wei Qing was about to kiss him, he was startled.

Maybe it’s just too shocking, his body was still too slow to react.


His yelling attracted the attention of the Xu brothers, who then saw Wei Qing closing his eyes and kissing on Le Hu’s mouth.

Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong, “…”

Damn it! What happened just now?!


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