Chapter 161

“Aren’t you both discussing too happily? You’ve forgotten that I’m still here…” Le Hu said weakly.

Xu Ziyan was his good friend, but whenever he’s with Xu Zirong, they always made it look possible for the others to join their conversation.

Just now, his flying sword was so close to Xu Ziyan, but whenever the Xu brothers were talking, he felt like he didn’t exist at all…_(:3∠)_

“Ah…I’m so sorry, haha, I was just too surprised and I forgot about you.” Xu Ziyan tried to laugh and get rid of the embarrassing atmosphere.

Xu Zirong glanced at Le Hu vaguely, which immediately made him chill in the back.

Le Hu thought to himself, “weird, is it an illusion? This kid’s level of cultivation is just a little higher than mine, how come his ways of looking at me is so horrifying?”

After Pink Hair’s attack, the group of golden swordfish was scared away. Unfortunately, Pink Hair couldn’t attack so frequently, as according to Xu Zirong’s level of cultivation, he could at most use it every three days, and it could only be used on something critical.

“Huh, anyway, let’s leave here first.” Xu Ziyan looked at the stumps of the golden swordfish floating on the sea with lingering fear. They would really be in danger if Pink Hair didn’t save them.

Even if he and Xu Zirong could use the aurora to escape, Le Hu and Wei Qing would then have to be left behind. This was something that he really didn’t want to see.

“What should he do?” Le Hu pointed at Wei Qing who was knocked out by him.

In an emergency, he didn’t care about running away with his comrades on his back, but now the crisis had passed, Wei Qing had become so disgusting again, he really wanted to just leave him behind.

Xu Ziyan couldn’t help but smile. He took one pill and put it in Wei Qing’s mouth, he also massaged Wei Qing a little to slowly wake him up.

Wei Qing, who hadn’t opened his eyes, still seemed a bit weak. He stopped looking as arrogant as usual. Le Hu looked at this face with surprise and thought that Wei Qing had another side as well…

It’s a pity that Le Hu’s recent thought could only last until Wei Qing became fully awake. When his vision became clear, Le Hu’s fists became itchy again…

Le Hu was also wondering – how did Wei Qing grow to be so disgusting, making people want to beat him up? It’s really getting on his nerves…

“Le Hu! You bastard, how dare you hit my back!” Wei Qing’s vision became totally clear and cursed furiously.

Le Hu snorted, without any explanation.

Fortunately, Wei Qing was not stupid either. He looked at the surroundings and immediately understood what was going on, he blushed and dared not say thank you.

“Ahem, although the sweat on your body wet my clothes, I will forgive you this time.” Wei Qing took the opportunity to tidy up his clothes, thought for a long while and said this to Le Hu.

Le Hu was pissed off, “if I didn’t have to carry you to escape, I wouldn’t have sweated so much!”

Wei Qing’s face got hotter again. He felt a little guilty when he saw how sweaty the forehead of Le Hu got.

“Then… how do you want me to thank you!”

Le Hu glanced at Wei Qing in surprise. He had always wanted to beat up this guy, yet he somehow still seemed changeable.

He rolled his eyes and grinned, “I don’t need anything else, just wipe off my sweat for me.”

Wei Qing frowned. The request was a bit weird, but he accepted it. He took a white handkerchief from his Ring of Nothingness and handed it to Le Hu.

Le Hu raised his eyebrows and moved his head forward, “hey, shitty kid, what I said was ‘wipe off my sweat for me’, correct?”

Wei Qing’s hand holding the handkerchief suddenly turned stiff. Since he was little, he had never done this to the others!

However, this action only paused for a second, and he started wiping off the sweat for Le Hu with a calm expression on his face.

Those who haven’t eaten pork know how a pig walks. Even though Wei Qing had always been taken care of, he still knew how to wipe off sweat for someone.

From the sharp eyebrows to the tall nose, Wei Qing carefully wiped the sweat of his “savior”.

Perhaps he had never been so close to the others before, Wei Qing started to draw the profile of Le Hu unconsciously.

The appearance of the Northwest Barbarians was obviously different from that of the Central Plains. Their facial features looked more three-dimensional, with a wild charm in their appearance.

With thick eyebrows and big eyes, Le Hu would definitely be a handsome guy with a wild style in modern days. However, in the world of cultivation, they still preferred more tender and elegant-looking ones, and the kind of Le Hu’s appearance was less welcomed.

However, Wei Qing didn’t think so. Instead, he was attracted by the macho look of Le Hu.

Wei Qing looked good as well. Although he had pure skin and red lips, he didn’t appear as weak. He had a sense of proudness which felt quite pressing to the others.

Usually, few people dared to take the initiative to talk to Wei Qing, not only because of his wealthy background, but it’s also because he seemed so arrogant and distant.

That’s why he almost had no friends with this impression. Besides Xu Ziyan, Le Hu was the one talking the most with him, and Le Hu was the one he really disliked too.

Perhaps it’s their destiny…

“Well, if you continue wiping, then you might as well wipe off one layer off me.” Le Hu said helplessly.

There was less than a palm’s distance between him and Wei Qing. At such a distance, Wei Qing should have left after wiping briefly. Strangely, Wei Qing managed to get distracted in the process, making Le Hu so speechless.

Usually, Wei Qing always laughed at Le Hu who didn’t know how to dress more stylishly. In fact, this was exactly the style of the barbarians, as it’s a way showing their masculine charisma.

The women of the Northwest Barbarians were not as weak and quiet as the female cultivators there. Although the female cultivators were more powerful in terms of cultivation, he guaranteed that they would scream and pass out once they saw the enemies in the extreme west.

Of course, he also knew that his thoughts were biased. Many powerful female cultivators were more powerful than men, but he really disliked those weak-looking ones. Some could actually kill a monster of building base, but they’d also be scared by a spider of Qi refining…

The women in the extreme west were all warriors. Most of them would choose a man based on his performance in battles and how courageous he was. The braver one was, the more popular he would be. If Wei Qing was placed in the extreme west, perhaps no women would be interested in him…


Le Hu’s thoughts wandered further. When he thought of how Wei Qing would be disguised, he couldn’t help laughing.

Wei Qing, who was a little embarrassed because he was distracted when wiping off the sweat of Le Hu, mistakenly thought that Le Hu was laughing at him, and he suddenly looked pissed.

After throwing the handkerchief on Le Hu’s face, he yelled, “I’ll stop serving you, whether you like it or not!”

Le Hu suddenly woke up, and he knew that Wei Qing had misunderstood it. However, he still felt a bit guilty of what he was thinking. He could only slowly pick up the handkerchief and briefly wiped himself a few times before giving it back to Wei Qing.

Wei Qing took the handkerchief and stuffed it into his Ring of Nothingness without looking at it, he also immediately turned away and stopped looking at Le Hu.

Le Hu felt helpless. The atmosphere was quite nice just now, but it’d suddenly become embarrassing again. Speaking of which, Le Hu also found it quite strange – many people looked down on him in Liu Guang sect, and what they’d been saying was much harsher than that of Wei Qing, yet he still accepted the troubles of fighting with Wei Qing from time to time.

The level of cultivation of the two were similar, and Wei Qing’s level was a little higher. However, whenever Le Hu saw Wei Qing being beaten up, he felt inexplicably pleased…

If Xu Ziyan knew what he thought, he would definitely tell Le Hu, “kid, you’re sick and you need to see a doctor!”

The atmosphere between Le Hu and Wei Qing became a bit tense, and Xu Ziyan hurriedly eased it a bit, “let us leave as soon as possible, it’s too bloody here and God knows what will come next.”

“Okay.” Everyone replied in unison, but they didn’t expect that at this moment, another big threat was approaching. They all fell from midair.

Fortunately, there was sea water below or they would have all fallen to death. However, they fell into a sea full of blood and limbs, so that might just be worse for them…

However, it’s clearly not the time to think about that. Xu Ziyan wasn’t paying attention to the blood environment around him, he was just cursing in his heart.

God damn it! Does God really want them to die?!

When Bai Hua got to this point, he met monsters of nascent soul and managed to escape from death. Right now, they had Pink Hair’s help to scare the golden swordfish away, but then there’s a monster of deity…

Could the situation get more desperate?!

“Is this…deity?” Xu Zirong asked with panic in his eyes under this powerful pressure. He barely asked in a weak tone.

Xu Ziyan nodded hard, with a wry smile on his face. Who would have thought that the nascent soul monster met by the male protagonist would turn to be one of the middle stage of deity…? This was a huge difference…

Both Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong were already in the late stage of Qi condensation, and Le Hu and Wei Qing had just broken through Qi condensation not so long ago, they both looked exhausted and didn’t even have any energy to speak.

The momentum came before everything else!

This monster of deity hadn’t moved yet, and it already made everyone freeze.

The four of them looked desperately to the southeast, as this coercion came from that direction. It’s ridiculous, they were almost crushed to death by the coercion of this monster, yet they still had no idea about how far it was from them.


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