Chapter 158

After the Lang Yu Secret Realm opened, the light blue ring on their hands became the only credential guiding them to enter and return. In other words, if they lost this ring, then they might be trapped in the realm forever.

For so many years, every time the Lang Yu Secret Realm was opened, there would always be disciples who disappeared. Therefore, after entering the realm, if they had a chance to get this blue ring, they could even hand it to the sect and make it a contribution.

Xu Ziyan had no interest in this matter, it’s simply too difficult for him.

More than 90% of the area in the Lang Yu Secret Realm was the ocean, looking for such an inconspicuous ring is no different from finding a needle in a haystack.

This time, Liu Guang sect sent more than 100 disciples to the secret realm. These were mostly inner disciples and few were truly inherited disciples. The one with the highest level of cultivation had reached the later stage of Qi condensation; he’s full of spiritual power and had almost reached the peak of Qi condensation. It’s very likely that he’d become a golden core soon.

When the secret realm was opened, it didn’t open a large passage like the Green Spiritual Secret Realm. It just made everyone’s ring exuding a faint blue light.

“Infuse your spiritual power into the ring. Remember, when the ring emits blue light again, it means that the secret realm is closing. If you can’t come out in time, you will be trapped in the secret realm and you’ll have to wait for the next opening fifty years later.” At the entrance of the main hall, there was a woman with a serious expression. She didn’t look amazing, but her eyes were unexpectedly sharp. In the dark eyes, there was a vague light of sword, no one there dared to look her in the eyes.

After the woman finished speaking, she turned and entered the side hall. A blue light shone across the square. As a cultivator infused his spiritual power into it, their figures disappeared one by one. Xu Ziyan knew that they were entering the realm.

“Let’s go!” Xu Ziyan said to the people beside him.

The four of them infused spiritual power at the same time, and their shadows disappeared from the square with a flash of blue light…

This was not the first time of Xu Ziyan travelling through space, but it was his first time feeling so strange.

After the blue light surrounded his body, he felt as if he was being stuffed into a rubber tube.

The tube was tightly squeezed on him, making it difficult for him to breathe. After about three seconds, he felt his body getting relaxed, and a salty sea breeze blew on his face.

He placed several layers of spiritual cover around him and slowly opened his eyes.

Xu Ziyan, “!!!”

He saw that himself being on a reef the size of a stone mill at this time, and Snowball was squatting beside him. The surrounding area was quiet, and there was not even a person…

Hell! Where are all the people who said that they’d travel together?

Xu Ziyan looked around sadly and he could only hear the sound of waves hitting the reef…

“How bad luck! Why did we separate? Master never warned me about this.” Xu Ziyan started murmuring to himself.

At this moment, there was a strange throbbing in his heart, as if someone was calling him.

“I’m here…” He responded to that call and he realized that it was the blood contract that Xu Zirong had set inside his body.

(Mr. Blood Contract is waving a small handkerchief: Yes, it’s me~Master~O(* ̄3 ̄)o)

In fact, he was not worried about being separated from Wei Qing and Le Hu. After all, he knew the exact location of the dragon-shaped jade pillar. As long as he stood there waiting for them, Wei Qing would show up eventually.

The only thing that worried him would be Xu Zirong. Once that stinky boy realized that he was out of Xu Ziyan’s sight, he would become very anxious. This kind of unexpected separation might trigger his backlash of Blood Sea Heart Sutra.

Although this backlash could already be suppressed for a period of time under his control, after a long time, this kid would definitely go crazy…

Now that he and Xu Zirong were already in contact, he could still perceive that Xu Zirong was moving in his direction, so Xu Ziyan wasn’t worried anymore. He even felt good enough to name the reef on which he’s stepping the “Fishing Island”!

Xu Ziyan stood solemnly on a reef that’s big enough for only one person…

“Meh?” Snowball looked at Xu Ziyan with an inexplicable expression, completely wondering why he suddenly became so serious. ╮(╯_╰)╭


Not long after, a figure fell from the sky and plunged straight into Xu Ziyan’s arms.

“Well, you’ve been fast.” Xu Ziyan smoothed his hair and praised him. “Have you seen Wei Qing and Le Hu?”

Xu Zirong nodded unhappily, “yes.”

“Huh?” Xu Ziyan was slightly surprised, “then why didn’t you come with them?”

“Who wants to be with them!” Xu Zirong let himself be, he was originally so anxious to be parted from his brother, how could he still care about those two people?

Xu Ziyan poked his forehead helplessly, but he also understood that Xu Zirong must be in a bad mood, since this thing was completely out of his control…

“Let’s go, let’s go to find Wei Qing and Le Hu. It’s better to act together.” Xu Ziyan smiled and kissed him on the face, and as expected, Xu Zirong became happy in an instant.

Although their flying sword was moving very fast above the sea, there might still be unforeseen circumstances on the path. He’d rather not waste any spiritual energy on the journey.

He took out a big ship from the Qiankun bag and placed a low-grade spiritual stone on the stern. The wooden big ship began to move fast, and although it’s still slower than the flying sword, it was stable and only required a low-grade spiritual stone to drive for a long time.

After leaving the fishing island, it took them about two hours to find Le Hu and Wei Qing who were soaking in the sea.

After “fishing” them up, Xu Ziyan simply verified the direction and drove towards the direction of the rising sun.

The dragon-shaped jade pillar was located on a big island to the east of Lang Yu Secret Realm. That island was huge, and it was also one of the most famous big islands in the entire Lang Yu Secret Realm.

It’s just that the island was so mysterious that it would only surface every few hundred years, so those who traveled in Lang Yu rarely knew the existence of this big island.

Back then, Luo Yun had rather good luck to discover this island, but he had no opportunities related to the real dragon, he came out of the treasure mountain empty-handed.

This time, Xu Ziyan brought Wei Qing with him. Naturally, he didn’t have to worry about not being able to land on the island. After all, according to the introduction in that novel, Wei Qing had the purest blood of a true dragon for hundreds of years!

In the Lang Yu Secret Realm, the sky was clear and cloudless, Xu Ziyan laid on the deck and he was very relaxed. He closed his eyes slightly, enjoying the warm sunlight on his body. He had maximized his divine consciousness and was ready to supervise anything around him.

Ever since he had started to practice the technique to train divine consciousness, given by Snowball, his divine consciousness had greatly improved. His divine consciousness was almost like that of a nascent soul!

The exercise called “Exercise of divine consciousness” did not have the slightest effect on his cultivation, but it was very powerful for the stabilization of divine consciousness. Now that he had only cultivated to the first level, his divine could can already be condensed into thorns to attack. Such an attack might not be very lethal, but it could strike as unexpected.

If Xu Ziyan used this to attack his enemy at a critical moment, it could unstabilize the enemy for a moment even if no injuries would be caused.

A moment seems to be very short, but in such a situation, it is enough to determine the outcome of a battle. Xu Ziyan no longer needed to stay away from disturbances for his training of divine consciousness.

Xu Ziyan monitored the surrounding environment while cultivating. In the original novel, Bai Hua suffered a lot of hardships before he successfully arrived the Dragon Island. Xu Ziyan didn’t know if it was a special treatment for the male protagonist, but he made perfect preparations to prevent it from happening.

It was already the third day since they arrived the Lang Yu Secret Realm. The journey had been very peaceful, and there were not even seabirds in the sky.

But on such a peaceful day, everyone noticed some abnormalities.

This Secret Realm was a place for disciples of many sects to experience, so how would it be short of monsters?

The situation absolutely looked weird, yet Xu Ziyan couldn’t keep looking around cautiously either. That’s why they had kept a certain extent of caution inside while looking relaxed on the outside.

Xu Ziyan was sunbathing, while Xu Zirong was lying down with his brother, enjoying the warm sunshine together. Snowball and Pink Hair found the sunniest place, closed their eyes and fell asleep. Everyone looked so relaxed.

Xu Zirong’s temperature was naturally lower than the others and it might be because he’d cultivated the Blood Sea Heart Sutra. Usually, he liked being in his brother’s arms and it’s because he liked being warm.

Now lazily lying under the sun and holding his brother’s hand tightly, Xu Zirong felt incredibly happy and he blinked.

If only that moment could last forever…

The corners of Xu Zirong’s mouth slightly twitched, but there was suddenly a loud voice which disturbing the romantic atmosphere…

“Ziyan, why hasn’t the fish been hooked?!” Le Hu yawned and lifted the fishing line hanging from his toes. The small piece of minced meat used as bait on it had already been eaten by the clever fish, leaving him a clean hook…

Le Hu was dumbfounded, looking at the clean hook at a loss.

“Ha! Ha! Ha!” Wei Qing laughed three times, fully demonstrating his contempt for Le Hu.

Le Hu blushed slightly, and it’s nearly unnoticeable. He angrily threw the hook on the ground, “do it yourself if you are so smart!”

Wei Qing glanced at him lightly, “it’s not me who promised everyone for a big meal of fish, why should I help you?”

Le Hu raised his chin, “why not? Are you scared? Is it because you don’t know how to fish and you can only tease me?”

Wei Qing curled his mouth and looked at the crude fishing line, revealing a smile which made the others really want to punch him.

“Do you want to catch fish with this kind of rubbish? Do you think those fish are as shabby as you?”

Le Hu rarely quarreled with Wei Qing, but he looked arrogant and thought for a while, “well, let me see how you can fish with style then!”

Wei Qing didn’t expect that Le Hu would admit to be weak, but he showed no fear either. He raised his pale palm and touched his other hand on a black, unremarkable ring. The dark red fishing rod suddenly fell into his palm.

Xu Ziyan’s divine consciousness had been spread around this ship, so he knew everything that happened on the ship.

Seeing the ring in Wei Qing’s hand, his heart moved, as he noticed that this ring was indeed the Ring of Nothingness!

This Ring of Nothingness would be equivalent to an upgraded version of Qiankun bag, and it could also be seen as a downgraded version of the Realm of Nothingness.

The Ring of Nothingness is generally derived from some great power confining a small piece of space in the void. Cultivators with this ability usually had the level of cultivation above deity. However, once those cultivators reached this level, they would mostly look for the Avenue of Ascension, they wouldn’t have the extra time to look for this little piece in the void.

Cultivators reaching this level would usually use their realm of nothingness to store things. Very often, they’d leave this Ring of Nothingness to their descendants, and it’s also very rare in the world of cultivation since the materials could hardly be found.

Judging from the memory of Xu Ziyan’s original body and the novel, only Bai Hua and Lin Xiaotian had one in each of them, and Mo Ziyuan had half of it. As for the original Xu Ziyan – he was too unlucky to have even half.

Well, that’s not right!

Xu Ziyan opened his eyes abruptly and sat up, looking at Wei Qing’s black ring and frowning tightly.

He remembered that when the ring of Bai Hua was mentioned for the first time in the novel, it was when he first left the Lang Yu Secret Realm. When he was reading it, he had always thought that Bai Hua had gotten it from the jade pillar, but it might not be the real case.

Later, Xu Ziyan also saw the ring on Bai Hua’s hand many times. From the shape, the two seemed to be similar, but Bai Hua’s ring didn’t look like gold or jade, and there was always a silver light flowing on the entire ring. It is said that the ring can also accelerate the absorption of spiritual energy and help people cultivate.

“Wei Qing, what about this ring?” Xu Ziyan thought for a while, and decided to ask. After all, the ring of Bai Hua was extremely powerful, it got vast space inside and was also a key to open a certain secret realm.

“Huh?” Wei Qing turned his head and looked at Xu Ziyan staring at his ring, and said with a little regret, “this is a silver ring which I inherited from my family. It’s the rare Ring of Nothingness. Unfortunately, it got damaged from one of my ascendants and now the space inside was extremely small. I found this in the treasure hall at home.”

Xu Ziyan nodded and he understood it a bit more. It might be under the impact of Bai Hua as the male protagonist, an unnoticeable ring on Wei Qing’s hand turned out to be a treasure on Bai Hua.

“It’s better to hide things like this.” Xu Ziyan persuaded softly. With Wei Qing’s identity, wearing the Ring of Nothingness was not a big problem. He was just worried that some people would not know his identity and become greedy for this Ring, which could cause troubles.

Wei Qing smiled slyly, “don’t worry, I don’t usually use it.”

Xu Ziyan nodded. Wei Qing was indeed a bit stupid, yet his education wouldn’t allow him to do anything stupid. He was simply worried out of habit, as it’d become his instinct already.

“Brother…” Xu Zirong’s slightly cool fingers moved upwards along the back of Xu Ziyan’s hand, and Xu Ziyan suddenly felt a chill in his back.

“I hate it when my brother is caring about the others…” Xu Zirong said so subtly, yet it’s enough to make Xu Ziyan speechless.

“Brother is mine!” Xu Zirong complained sadly.

Xu Ziyan helplessly knocked on his head, “what nonsense! Who said that brother is not yours anymore?!”

Xu Zirong rubbed his head helplessly. Well, he had to give in, since his brother also needed to socialize. He couldn’t stop his brother from talking to other people, unless he locked him up!

Xu Zirong would be very happy if he could lock his brother up, but then his brother wouldn’t be pleased.

Brother is unhappy = life will suck for me.

When thinking about it, Xu Zirong had to give up this extremely tempting idea…

Turning his attention away from Xu Zirong, Xu Ziyan once again focused on the ring in Wei Qing’s hand.

The black and shiny ring didn’t really match Wei Qing’s pale palm. Fortunately, it still looked sort of stylish, and it wouldn’t make people think that he picked it up from some trash…

Xu Ziyan looked at Wei Qing’s hand, and his eyes twitched when he saw the fishing rod.

What a rich guy! Since the Wei family was backed by the entire country, even a fishing rod was carved from a piece of red jade, and there was a hidden array carved on it. Although the effect was only so-so, it’d be good enough to fool those fish!

Look at the fish line, it’s crystal clear, tough and elastic. It’s spider silk of at least 100 years old. Then, the fish hook looked so soft and versatile, it’s made of Hundred Fragrance Jade!

Who can be considered as rich?

Now, this is someone rich!

With even a fishing hook, it’s already worth half the property of Xu Ziyan…

Xu Ziyan was so jealous…

“If my brother likes it, I’ll grab it for you.” Xu Zirong noticed Xu Ziyan’s mind and said softly.

(Mr. Blood Contract is waving a small handkerchief, frantically showing its presence…)

Xu Ziyan almost spit out a mouthful of blood!

No way! He couldn’t see it at a glance, but this kid had a tendency to become a demon cultivator! He really had to pay more attention!

Although his basic morals were destroyed, he still had to teach Zirong the right things.

With a heart-to-hearted discussion, Ziyan and Zirong discussed the topic of “killing people for treasure”, and Xu Ziyan worked hard to educate his younger brother.

He was so busy preaching that he didn’t notice the smile under Xu Zirong’s eyes at all. Naturally, he hadn’t noticed that Xu Zirong just used one sentence to take his attention away from Wei Qing…

Snowball lazily opened its eyes and glanced at Xu Zirong. Xu Zirong glanced at him lightly, and Snowball calmly continued to sleep.

Since its master liked to be deceived by his younger brother, why should it be nosy? It’s better to sleep for a while, as it always felt that after a while, this kind of comfortable time would be gone.

On one side, the Xu brothers were busy discussing the issue of basic morals, while on the other side, Le Hu put his hands on his chest and watched Wei Qing fishing with a sneer.

Wei Qing’s fishing rod was indeed extraordinary. He just had to flick the hook lightly, and the array on the fishing rod was activated immediately.

The bait made of Hundred Fragrant Jade exuded a faint scent, which had a slight hallucinogenic effect, it could also make fish think that it’s their favorite food.

A quarter had passed…

Wei Qing held the fishing rod with a calm look.

Two quarters had passed…

Wei Qing held the fishing rod with a calm look…

More than half an hour had passed…

Wei Qing frowned slightly.

An hour had passed…

Wei Qing began to look irritated.

“Fish with style…huh…” Le Hu certainly wouldn’t let go of this opportunity to hurt Wei Qing, and he kept teasing aside.

Wei Qing’s look became darker and darker, and two hours later, he finally couldn’t control himself from throwing the fishing rod angrily!

“Yo~Master Wei, what about your stylish fish?” Le Hu laughed at him.

Wei Qing looked ashamed, raised a fire dragon and threw it under the boat.

“Stop it!” When Xu Ziyan discovered something was wrong, it was already too late.

The fire dragon was so powerful that it did not go out after entering the sea. Instead, it evaporated all the seawater around it. White smoke rose up, making the fire dragon look like it’s riding on clouds.

“Huh? What’s the problem?” Le Hu saw that Wei Qing was already irritated, so he didn’t continue to irritate him. On the contrary, Xu Ziyan’s reaction surprised him a little.

Xu Ziyan just smiled helplessly. At this time, they had passed through a field of golden swordfish, which was a kind of social spiritual monsters with the size of a calf. They were called the Golden Swordfish, as they had a golden spike on their noses, and this spike was so sharp that it could be used as a low-level weapon.

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