Chapter 157

“Stinky kid, in half a year, the Lang Yu Secret Realm will be opened, are you interested? Master can get you qualifications to enter.” Luo Yun said openly.

Xu Ziyan’s eyelids twitched slightly when he heard this, the Lang Yu Secret Realm? Wasn’t that a place where Wei Qing died, as mentioned in his original memory?

“Well, I think it’s better for me to not go, as I am not interested in that now. I still want to cultivate some more in the extreme west.” Xu Ziyan had already made up his mind to stay away from Bai Hua, as he knew that Bai Hua would surely show up there.

Also, he would also tell Wei Qing to stay away from there. He wanted to know if Bai Hua would still create troubles like he did in his past life, when he’s without the real dragon blood of Wei Qing to activate the dragon-shaped jade pendant.

“Huh?” Luo Yun glanced at him lazily, “it’s fine if you don’t go. I don’t think there’s anything rare in this secret realm anyway. Well, actually I saw one dragon-shaped jade tower back then, but I hadn’t found any secrets in it. At the end, I just had to leave, and I haven’t heard anyone telling me that they saw it. Some people even said that I was speaking nonsense.”

Xu Ziyan did not respond. He knew that Luo Yun just wanted to vent a bit, although he knew about the dragon-shaped jade tower. Since Bai Hua really encountered Wei Qing there, and as Wei Qing had some kind of reaction with that jade tower, Bai Hua found out about the real dragon blood inside Wei Qing’s body.

Undoubtedly, with Bai Hua as the male protagonist, he’d gotten all the benefits from the dragon-shaped jade tower. However, Wei Qing, who had an interaction with the tower, was set up and even got killed.

After touching his chin, Xu Ziyan suddenly became interested in this Lang Yu Secret Realm again.

Of course, he’s more interested in that dragon-shaped jade tower.

At that time, no one knew what Bai Hua had gained, even Mo Ziyuan, who had set Wei Qing up with Bai Hua, had no idea what it was.

In that novel, it was only mentioned that Bai Hua was only shrouded in a burst of light from the dragon-shaped jade tower, then he disappeared. When he came out again, he looked very calm, as if nothing had ever happened.

After that, the use of that jade tower was never mentioned in the novel again, as if the author simply forgot about this lead. Aside from the fact that Bai Hua used the real dragon blood to activate the space inside the jade tower, there weren’t any obvious changes either.

Through that novel, Xu Ziyan had already learned everything regarding the past of Bai Hua. Although there were still things that he wasn’t clear of, that jade tower really aroused his interest.

“Master, did you know that Wei Qing and Le Hu intend to go to Lang Yu Secret Realm?” Xu Ziyan asked.

Luo Yun raised his eyelids and looked at him with a fake smile, “what? So my disciple needs to be escorted to go to the Secret Realm?”

Xu Ziyan hurriedly smiled and explained, “of course not! However, master must also be aware that I have the closest relationship with Wei Qing and Le Hu in the entire Liu Guang sect. Being accompanied feels better than going alone.”

Luo Yun sneered, “Okay, stinky kid. Wei Qing and Le Hu have reached the early stage of Qi condensation. If nothing goes wrong, they should be able to go too. In fact, I don’t think it makes a difference whether you go or not, as the stuff there isn’t useful for you anymore.”

“Yeah.” Xu Ziyan nodded, “I’m just going there for fun.”

Luo Yun knocked on Xu Ziyan’s head and thought, “this stinky kid! How dares he say so? Although this Secret Realm isn’t an obvious one, it’s still one of the secret realms. Usually, small sects have no chance to go, and they can’t even get the qualifications. And he is taking this as a chance for tourism…”

However, when thinking about it from another perspective, this secret realm is really a good place for sightseeing. It’s actually quite precious to see a vast sea like the Lang Yu Secret Realm.

The entire Lang Yu Secret Realm is a vast sea with hundreds of islands. If a cultivator wants to gain something in it, he must dive under the sea. He can also see many marine creatures or collect some spiritual grass that can only grow on seabed.

It’s not that there are no treasures on the islands, but compared to the vast and boundless area of the ocean, the hundreds of small islands look less important…

“Wait.” Luo Yun casually threw a talisman of sound transmission out. After a while, a golden bird stumbled down from the sky.

Luo Yun reached out, grabbed the bird and hurled it around. The little bird tweeted pitifully, but didn’t dare to fight back at all.

“I haven’t seen you for so long, why are you so stupid? You can’t even fly!” Luo Yun smiled and clicked the bird’s beak.

The little bird looked at Luo Yun with tears, raised its paws and shook, and two light blue rings fell in Luo Yun’s hands.

“Hey, the guiding talisman of Lang Yu Secret Realm, be careful of your route inside. It will be very troublesome if you are trapped there.” Luo Yun threw the ring into Xu Ziyan’s hand.

Xu Ziyan stuffed it into Little Square. As long as master said that it’s important, it’d be indeed safer to put it into Little Square.

“Huh?” Luo Yun glanced at Xu Ziyan slightly, then looked away.

There were so many secrets in his disciple and he just couldn’t be bothered to ask anymore.

Luo Yun was having fun with the golden bird, and Xu Ziyan was planning to leave. Unexpectedly, before he did, Snowball appeared out of nowhere, it opened its mouth slightly and its saliva started flowing out…

Xu Ziyan, “…”

“Puff!” Pink Hair turned its face silently, wishing to bury its head under Xu Zirong’s shoulder. It’s hard not to get embarrassed to have such a foodie brother!

“Snowball, what are you doing?” Xu Ziyan rolled his eyes helplessly.

Snowball looked at the golden bird and thought of the phoenix.

Roasted phoenix wings!

Burnt phoenix tail!

Stir fried phoenix liver!

Snowball: (﹃) saliva

Xu Ziyan dragged the sluggish Snowball away helplessly. What a joke, if this went on, it might really rush forward to eat the pitiful phoenix…

In order to avoid the tragic incident of Snowball killing its master’s spiritual pet, Xu Ziyan decisively took it away from the evil place.

After missing the phoenix, Snowball was depressed for a few days. Luckily, after Xu Ziyan kept feeding it big meals, it soon became active again.

Pink Hair had been looking at it with a contemptuous expression from the beginning, and seemed to feel completely hopeless for this foodie brother.

This time when Xu Ziyan headed to the Lang Yu Secret Realm, it was his first time dealing with Bai Hua directly, and he couldn’t help feeling a little nervous.

It would definitely be a challenge for him to compete with the male protagonist, even if he could cheat with the novel, he still felt uneasy.

However, even though he felt upset, he still had no intentions to avoid the fight. He might have been inspired from what he’d seen at the Xu family, and he understood that he couldn’t avoid a lot of things in the world of cultivation.

Rather than avoiding passively, it would always be better to just face it with a positive attitude. He would have at least some chances to change the situation if he ever saw Bai Hua again.

As there was still half a year before the opening of the Lang Yu Secret Realm, Xu Ziyan still had plenty of time to prepare for this expedition.

Because of the special environment of Lang Yu Secret Realm, they needed a tough ship.

Thinking of the ordeals that Bai Hua had encountered in the Secret Realm, Xu Ziyan decisively bought twenty solid wood ships.

“Ziyan, why did you buy so many ships?” Le Hu asked suspiciously.

Wei Qing glanced at him contemptuously, “You really know nothing. Don’t you know where the Lang Yu Secret Realm is? In the vast sea, anything can happen. Prepare more big ships and we will be safer. ”

Le Hu glared at Wei Qing, “wouldn’t it be enough to buy three or five? We’re getting twenty, isn’t it a bit exaggerated?”

Xu Ziyan explained, “the scope of the Lang Yu Secret Realm is too large. So far, no one has found the end of the realm. And the sea is so deep, although no one has discovered it, who can guarantee that there will be no powerful monsters under the sea? Every time the secret realm is opened, there’re many who lost their lives. However, since most of the people have better luck, the danger of the realm is often understated.”

“Is it really that powerful?” Le Hu was surprised. He often heard from people that the realm wasn’t dangerous at all. According to what Xu Ziyan told me, it was actually full of danger, and it’s far from what people had described.

“Just in case.” Xu Ziyan smiled, without explaining more. In fact, he couldn’t explain it clearly, what would he say?

Was he going to tell them that because of the appearance of Wei Qing which had activated the dragon-shaped jade tower, making the extent of danger of the whole Lang Yu Secret Realm rapidly increase? It even shocked the large monsters under sea, which rarely moved for thousands of years. This also killed many cultivators who headed to explore the realm, and Wei Qing had part of it to blame…

Xu Zirong followed his brother in silence. He had kept this expression ever since he knew that his brother would come to Far’an City with Wei Qing and Le Hu to purchase the necessary items before going to Lang Yu Secret Realm.

Xu Ziyan knew about it, yet he chose to ignore it.

He understood how possessive Xu Zirong was, but Xu Zirong also had to understand that his brother needed normal social contact.

Even though they were in a relationship, it couldn’t always be him who tolerated and gave in all the time. Otherwise, the one who always gave in would have an emotional breakdown someday.

He wouldn’t force Xu Zirong to socialize with other people, but he told Xu Zirong to behave well when he did…

Xu Zirong was not pleased, but the deep conversation that they had really moved him.

His brother was willing to respond to his love and tolerate many of his shortcomings. Of course, he also had to do his part for their relationship.

It’s just that…

He looked sullenly at the two people standing beside his brother, one with a brocade robe and jade belt, looking handsome, and the other half naked, looking wild and unrestrained. No matter where they would be, they could be regarded as outstanding men with extremely distinctive characteristics. It’s only that Xu Zirong really wanted them out of his sight!

For my brother, I must be patient, for my brother, I must be patient!

Xu Zirong repeated this sentence over and over again. When they finished the purchase, and when they were about to return to the Liu Guang Sect, he couldn’t bear it anymore – he decisively pulled his brother away, jumped on the Aurora and disappeared with a whistle.

Wei Qing, Le Hu, “…”

Lehu touched his chin, “well, this kid hasn’t changed at all after all these years.”

Wei Qing glanced at him and said coldly, “yes, they all say that it’s hard to avoid your original character. Haven’t you stay unchanged as well? You still don’t know about anything!”

Le Hu showed his teeth at Wei Qing aggressively and there’s an evil smile on his face, “by the way, we didn’t finish fighting last time, did we?”

Wei Qing showed a much colder look, “thanks to you, I was locked in the Law Enforcement Hall for a month.”

“One month?” Le Hu thought for a while, and suddenly became furious, “damn it! They are so unfair! How come they kept me there for 5 months instead?”

“Idiot, because you did it first!” Wei Qing twitched the corner of his mouth.

“I see!” Le Hu clapped his hands suddenly, then slammed his fist towards Wei Qing, “since you’ve already said that I did it first, then I’ll stop pretending!”

Wei Qing retreated sharply, and a fire dragon flew out with his backhand, “I knew you’d do this already!”

The two started fighting outside Fa’an city. Although both were fighting fiercely, neither of them really wanted to kill the other one.

Xu Ziyan stood far away and stayed speechless when he was watching the two fighting like there’s no tomorrow. After telling Xu Zirong to be polite, these two ended up beating each other up. It’s really tiring!

“Don’t worry, brother, they are just angry of each other. They won’t get hurt.” Xu Zirong’s mouth slightly twitched.

“I know.” Xu Ziyan sighed helplessly, just like Xu Zirong and his master, Wei Qing and Le Hu obviously had a good relationship with them, yet they had to fight every time they saw each other.

In front of Xu Ziyan, they usually could control themselves a little, yet they’d start fighting without question once Xu Ziyan was out of their sight.

Some quarrels are just meant to happen…╮(╯_╰)╭

Xu Ziyan was helpless – well, they knew what they were doing, and they knew what his limits were, just let these two stupid kids fight and vent!

After they returned to Liu Guang sect, they immediately learned a shocking news from the other disciples.

The Corpse Puppet sect was destroyed!

Although things like destroying an entire sect occurred from time to time, the Corpse Puppet Sect was still a big one in demon cultivation, and it’s not easy to wipe them out.

Even in recent decades, the Corpse Puppet Sect had been declining, but there was an elder who had reached the level of nascent soul not long ago, things like that shouldn’t have happened.

Xu Zirong knew that the Corpse Puppet Sect was destroyed once in his previous life, but after listening to the conversation of these disciples, he learnt that the Corpse Puppet Sect encountered even worse in this life. Not only its master and the nascent soul elder were killed, but those good disciples were slaughtered as well.

It would take a similarly powerful sect to achieve this. It also required at least 5 or more nascent soul cultivators.

But the most shocking thing is that all had started inside the sect.

It was said that the disciple of the head of the Corpse Puppet Sect set her up with her zombie. They killed her and swallowed her nascent soul too.

The elder who had just become nascent soul was even unluckier – his zombie got stolen with him noticing it.

When he found out and wanted to escape with his zombie, he saw that it had already been trapped by an array.

Cultivators of the Corpse Puppet Sect couldn’t be separated from their zombies for too long, they wouldn’t even have a chance to escape unless he willingly gave up on his zombie. However, the elder’s cultivation was almost all from his zombie, and he might lose his nascent soul if he gave up his zombie.

That elder was not willing to give up on his cultivation just like that, and that thought of greediness had already determined his fate.

No one knew why the zombie of the sect’s master would listen to the orders of her disciple. Moreover, no one knew why the elder’s zombie got trapped without a noise.

In short, that day, Fang Zhizhi’s name was spread throughout both righteous and demon cultivation, and the two zombies hidden under his name went unnoticed.

“Tsk tusk, that kid is really amazing.” Xu Ziyan never met Fang Zhizhi face to face, he just had a quick glance of him when he was hiding in Little Square.

“Well, he is really good.” Xu Zirong gave his compliment, which he almost never did to anyone.

The young man called Fang Zhizhi still had a faint memory of that teenage girl’s zombie, for whom he’d gently wiped away the stain on her mouth.

Perhaps at that time, he had already hoped deep down in his heart that he would have an older brother who would care about and love him. Unfortunately, compared to Xu Ziyan at the time, his thoughts were just unrealistic and too crazy to be true.

Fortunately, he survived a catastrophe and had a chance to return. This time, God treated him exceptionally well and fulfilled his dream.

“Brother.” Suddenly, Xu Zirong hugged his brother from behind and nudged hard.

“Huh? What’s the matter?” Xu Ziyan asked with a smile.

“It’s okay, I just think it’s great to be with my brother all the time.” There’s a faint smile on Zirong’s face. It’s clear that he’s full of happiness.

Xu Ziyan smiled and said nothing, he just held Zirong’s hand tightly and sent warmth to him.

Since they had no idea what they would encounter in Lang Yu Secret Realm, Xu Ziyan didn’t plan to bring Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui. With the protection of Liu Guang sect, especially with Luo Yun who’s extremely protective of his disciples, Xu Ziyan wasn’t very worried that someone would create troubles suddenly.

In the six months before the Lang Yu Secret Realm opened, Xu Zirong had a great time.

In the Liu Guang sect, his safety was guaranteed. Aside from cultivation, he spent almost the other time doing dual cultivation with his brother.

They did it face to face, back to back, in the water and on the mountain…in 6 months’ time, Xu Ziyan’s basic values were all destroyed and they were completely out of sight…

Xu Ziyan: _(:3∠)_

Damn it, where did Xu Zirong learn all these styles? How come he knew even more than people in modern days?

Silently covering his face, Xu Ziyan mourned for his lost morals for three seconds…

Then, he cheered himself up, as it would be the opening of Lang Yu Secret Realm the next day. He was going for the first encounter with Bai Hua!

He’s even a little excited when thinking about it!

In the early morning of the next day, the first thing Xu Ziyan did when he got up in the morning was to get the snake off his body -____-

Then he changed his clothes, checked his Little Square and Qiankun bag again.

In the past six months, Mr. Little Square’s abilities evolved again. Perhaps it had absorbed enormous energy when it swallowed the Splitting Sky Slash, its area expanded for hundreds of times than before…

When Little Square just woke up, Xu Ziyan did not notice such a change, as from his point of view, the area of Little Square was still the same. However, he started noticing something different when he entered it one day.

From the outside, Mr. Little Square was a two-meter-square space. After entering inside, Mr. it became the kind of portable space which he often read about in that novel.

It’s a pity that Mr. Little Square seemed to be a defective product. Other portable spaces were usually equipped with houses, spiritual springs and various treasures. There was only a large piece of gray land with no roots in Little Square, let alone treasures…

(Defective Little Square: qaq)

Fortunately, it still had the Five-Element Prismatic Crystal. As a five-element treasure, it had amazing effects. After Xu Ziyan buried in into the ground of Little Square, it slowly exuded the spiritual power of five elements, slowly changing the space of Little Square.

The only regret was that the transformation was taking place too slowly. According to the recent progress, it would take at least a hundred years for it to become a normal piece of land.

It would take even a thousand years for its spiritual power to be rich enough to grow spiritual flowers and grass.

After confirming that Little Square and Qiankun bag had all the materials that they’d need, Xu Ziyan took Zirong to the plaza in front of Liu Guang sect.

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