Chapter 153

“Forget it, just let it go. Xu Ziyan shrugged and said helplessly.

There were too many things in the world that he couldn’t control, and he could only try letting things be.

Anyway, he couldn’t escape from misfortune if it’s bound to happen. He believed that the Little Square, which had been following him all these times, wouldn’t get defeated by Splitting Sky Slash so easily.

“Brother, you must be so tired, aren’t you sleepy now?” Xu Zirong stretched out his hand to wrap his brother’s waist and rubbed his cheek on his shoulder.

Xu Ziyan’s back was cold, he turned his head and stared at Xu Zirong in shock, “no…that’s not what you mean!”

Xu Zirong blinked, and nodded slightly with his mouth curled up, “yes, that’s what I mean!”

Xu Ziyan knocked on Zirong’s head and whispered, “what are you thinking about? Why can’t you let me relax a little?”

Xu Zirong tightened his arms and said in a hoarse voice, “brother, I have been enduring for a month already…”

“Then continue to live with it!” There were blue veins on Xu Ziyan’s forehead. He knew that he’s under the supervision of Xu Xiao, and this kid dared to ask him for intimacy there! Xu Xiao could very well discover that the two brothers had become a couple!

“Brother…I can’t hold it anymore.” Xu Zirong stiffened his waist ambiguously, rubbing his elder brother’s crotch with a certain raised part of his body.

Xu Ziyan wanted to knock on Zirong’s head again, but he seemed to have suddenly thought of something. He turned to look at Zirong’s face.

Xu Zirong’s face was still that perfect. He had delicate skin, a tall nose, bright red lips. He also had a pair of gorgeous eyes.

Xu Ziyan, “…”

Damn it! Could this be again the backlash of the Blood Sea Heart Sutra?

In other words, he’d have to sacrifice himself anyway, no? Wait…if it’s the backlash, then he wouldn’t be able to solve the issue by just doing it once!

_(:3∠)_Indulgence hurts! Xu Ziyan really hoped that the backlash could occur less frequently…

“Brother…I really can’t stop myself anymore…” Xu Zirong licked his lips and showed a lot of affection and lust.

Xu Ziyan was speechless for a while, and he finally just let go, “let’s go to the back mountain!”

Xu Ziyan couldn’t allow himself doing it at home. Although it’s still pretty shameless to do it outdoor, it’s still better than being found out by Xu Xiao…

“Okay!” Xu Zirong replied, and in a blink of an eye, he raised his flying sword. He didn’t care that it’s the Xu court and rushed to the back of the mountain instantly.

The young disciples who wanted to see the young master of the Xu family early in the morning, “…”

Hell! It really sucks to see our idol being snatched away! We must find him for revenge when they’re back!

Xu Zirong still didn’t know that he had caused the anger of the young disciples in the Xu family, but it’s not like he cared much.

Among those young disciples, no one could really defeat him. He could easily defeat any of them by just one blood-type spell.

Xu Zirong would have “fixed” them when they were checking out his brother, yet it was just too stupid to bully the weak!

o( ̄ヘ ̄o#) My brother belongs to me, so you aren’t allowed to look at him!

——I am a dividing line of harmony——

When the “backlash” of the Blood Sea Heart Sutra finally passed, Xu Ziyan felt so shameful with himself that he had finally done it outside.

After this incident, he had discovered how pure he had always been.

Xu Zirong did everything he wanted – since they tried all the possible postures!

Xu Ziyan touched his sore waist, feeling that his morals were already at risk. He understood finally that when the backlash happened, Xu Zirong had to solve it, regardless of where they were!

“Brother…” Xu Zirong, who was satisfied, smiled brightly and his smile was so bright that it could make people’s eyes go blind.

Seeing Xu Zirong’s look of satisfaction, Xu Ziyan felt out of breath. This spoilt brat finally got what he wanted, but somewhere of his body felt as if it couldn’t close anymore.

When the two returned to Liu Shang Court, Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui were relaxing in the sun under the grape racks in the small courtyard.

The original Liu Shang Court looked simpler in its style of decoration, but after Xu Zirong came, Xu Ziyan took the initiative to change the design of the small courtyard, embellishing it with flowers and plants everywhere, as he wanted Xu Zirong to have a good time with him in the family.

Now the entire courtyard was full of greenery, and the grape racks at the corners were full of fruit, they grapes were as big as longan.

“Ziyan, your grapes taste really good.” Jiang Ying immediately saw Xu Ziyan walking into Liu Shang Court, and he’s supporting his waist.

Fang Tianrui looked at Xu Ziyan when he heard Jiang Ying. His look froze for a moment, he lowered his head and stuffed a grape into Jiang Ying’s mouth.

Jiang Ying showed a big smile. Although the evil Jiang Ying seemed to be in bad temper all the time, his character was more like a child. When he’s angry, it’s quite easy to tame him.

After getting the grape from his lover, Jiang Ying immediately turned his attention away from Xu Ziyan, he started feeding Fang Tianrui grapes affectionately as well.

Seeing their actions, Xu Ziyan felt like his eyes would go blind anytime soon.

Turning his face silently, Xu Ziyan decided not to disturb their romantic moment. Ever since these two people were dragged into the Fire Demon Realm, they had been living tensely. It’s time for them to take a moment of relief too.

“Brother…I want it too.” Xu Zirong watched the interaction between Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui with bright eyes.

Xu Ziyan, “…”

“Don’t make trouble! You are not a kid anymore!” After firmly refusing Xu Zirong’s unreasonable request, Xu Ziyan walked back to his room with his sore waist.

On the previous day, after the troubles that the Yuan family made, and after fighting with Yuan Mo’s divine consciousness in his brain, Xu Ziyan still felt tired.

Also, after waking up, Xu Zirong still wanted to do it with him. He felt like he’d go insane if he still couldn’t sleep on his soft bed.

Xu Zirong understood how exhausted his brother was, and he stopped making ridiculous requests. He just massaged his brother lovingly to make up for his brother’s loss of energy.

Xu Ziyan hummed comfortably and soon fell asleep. After seeing this, Xu Zirong took off his clothes and slipped into the bed of his brother…

When Xu Zirong was naked and took his brother into his arms, a faint wave flashed beside the big closet in Xu Ziyan’s room.

Xu Zirong stared at that position, and he seemed to have thought of something and showed a gloomy smile.

He knew that his brother wouldn’t do anything to oppose him, so he started licking and kissing his brother’s body again. When his kisses were all on his brother’s body, he stopped and hugged his brother into deep sleep.

After Xu Zirong closed his eyes, a dim shadow moved silently from the closet to the window very slowly. The shadow flashed slightly and jumped out of the window.

Xu Zirong, who was still lying on the bed, suddenly opened his eyes and looked at the slightly opened window, then showed a smile. If he guessed it correctly, this figure should be the one blocking an attack for himself in his previous life. And this figure had been hiding in Xu Ziyan’s bedroom all along.

The guy was really quite loyal, yet Xu Ziyan didn’t even know about his existence.

He turned over and buried himself in his brother’s arms again, Xu Zirong didn’t care if this person would tell Xu Xiao what had just happened. He still remembered that this person had called the name of the first wife of Xu Xiao before he died. As a man who had been fond of Xu Xiao’s wife, it’d be a miracle if he could get along with Xu Xiao.

He didn’t know how Xu Xiao had made this person to protect Xu Ziyan secretly. He was sure that Xu Xiao had made use of the fact that Xu Ziyan was Ziyao’s son.

Whatever, why care about this person? It’s just someone trying to fight with Xu Xiao for a woman, and he even needed to protect his love enemy’s son in secret. What a piece of trash.

Xu Zirong sneered. He looked down on this man, but since he was willing to protect his brother in the darkness, he’d just let him be. There was nothing to lose for him, and if he really couldn’t take care of his brother at a time, it would be still a good way to tell this guy to.

He carefully let the incident slip as he didn’t intend to spend too much time on this man. The blatant action he made just now was to make the man see his mind clearly. With such a hidden, strong figure next to his brother, it’d be better to get rid of him earlier if he couldn’t trust this man.

Xu Ziyan didn’t know that his precious brother was threatening his assassin when he was asleep. He only knew that there’s a naked body wrapping his when he woke up.

Xu Ziyan rubbed his forehead speechlessly. Something strange was going on, obviously he had such a weird sleeping posture, and he used to kick Ziyu out of the bed. However, Zirong managed to wrap him tightly when he’s deep asleep.

Actually it’s also a technique! _(:3∠)_

“Get up!” Xu Ziyan watched Xu Zirong sleeping soundly, he couldn’t help but want to trick Zirong a little, and he blocked his nose.

“Um…” Xu Zirong moved his nose, rubbed his cheek on Xu Ziyan’s arm, and continued to sleep in a different direction.

Xu Ziyan couldn’t help but grin, and continued to block his nose.

Xu Zirong’s two thin eyebrows slightly raised, his long eyelashes trembled a little and he slowly opened his eyes.

“Good morning.” Xu Ziyan squeezed Xu Zirong’s nose affectionately.

Xu Zirong blinked and the corner of his mouth curled, “brother, I remember a story that you told me before. Doesn’t a princess need to be woken up by her prince with a kiss?”

Xu Ziyan suddenly became embarrassed. At that time, he thought that Xu Zirong was a real kid. And to make him happy, he thought so hard to tell him a fairy tale. In the end, it turned out that Xu Zirong was reborn!

Xu Ziyan finally understood why Xu Zirong looked so weird after listening to the story, he might be laughing at his brother who tried to fool him with such a childish story…

“Brother…” Xu Zirong pulled Xu Ziyan’s arm, blinked, then closed his eyes again, pretending to be asleep.

Xu Ziyan couldn’t help laughing, he lowered his head and gently touched Xu Zirong’s lips, “get up, my sleeping beauty.”

“Hmm!” Before he finished speaking, Xu Zirong opened his lips and entangled him with the tip of his tongue.

A kiss without lust was gradually transformed to something else with Xu Zirong’s reckless behavior, but Xu Ziyan made a decisive move and waved his hand.


Xu Zirong was shocked…

Xu Ziyan withdrew his hand indifferently, he also took a look at Zirong’s butt which now turned red.

Well, indeed, it’s with great colors and appetizing…

“Brother…” Xu Zirong’s eyes became teary.

Xu Ziyanyun glanced at him lightly, “stop it. I have to lecture you a bit or I can’t be your brother anymore.”

Xu Zirong, “…”

“Get up quickly, be careful, I can still spank you some more!” Xu Ziyan waved his hand.

Xu Zirong choked silently. He couldn’t ask for intimacy anymore and he even got spanked. Could there be an even sadder person in the world…

He climbed up on his bed sadly and he kept looking cold the whole morning.

It’s fine to be spanked by his brother, but he was called away by Xu Xiao after they got up. He really couldn’t bear with this anymore!

“Cough cough, master, don’t be like this, many people are watching you.” Jiang Ying helplessly held his forehead. He always preferred to see his master smiling, as when he was sad, everyone around him would feel the sinking vibe…

Xu Zirong glanced coldly, and those people with curious eyes around him were suddenly taken aback…

In the end, these young disciples dared not fight against Xu Zirong alone. They hadn’t even reached the level of building base, it’s impossible for them to challenge a Qi condensation cultivator.

It’s only that…

It’s really not a good thing to see their master getting entangled by a beautiful kid…

Not even his younger brother!

After ignoring the people around him, Xu Zirong told Jiang Ying impatiently, “well, you have checked out the Stage of being immortal already. Let’s go back.”

Jiang Ying nodded. When he was chatting with Fang Tianrui before, they also visited the Stage of Being Immortal. After all, this was the hope of the old ancestor of the Yuan family to break through his level of nascent soul. However, after walking on it himself, he found that there’s actually nothing special about it, aside from the fact that it kind of made people feel heavy.

“I am wondering what the old ancestor would feel after getting this Stage of being Immortal and found out that it couldn’t activate spiritual roots at all.” Jiang Ying shrugged.

“Um…” Xu Zirong was inspired by his words.

Before, he already felt that there’s something wrong with this incident of the Yuan family, but he had no time to organize his thoughts. With Jiang Ying’s reminder, he finally understood how he’d been stuck before.

This Stage of Being Immortal wasn’t a secret in the Xu family at all. It’s easy to come to a conclusion – by putting this treasure on the mountain, it would obviously be blown by wind or washed by rain, so how could it be a treasure that can activate spiritual roots?

If the Stage really had such a function, then the Xu family would have been killed 800 years ago.

So…who had told the old ancestor of the Yuan family that the Stage of Being Immortal could be used to replenish spiritual roots?

This person must have bad intentions towards the Xu family, or he wouldn’t have sent such a message. On the other hand, this person also knew about evil spells, or the functions of the Stage of Being Immortal that he released wouldn’t be something that the old ancestor needed.

His long eyes narrowed slightly, and Xu Zirong’s expression became a little gloomy. It was his business that he didn’t like the Xu family, but he would not allow anyone to harm the family!

It’s not because he’s emotionally attached to the Xu family, it’s because he knew that his brother would help if the family was at risk. And if someone was playing tricks in the dark, his brother might get dragged in and get injured…

Xu Zirong’s look suddenly became extremely cold, since he thought it’s better to get rid of this threat early.

Jiang Ying raised his eyebrows, and mourned for the man who had calculated the Xu family, he had no ways to know how pathetic his situation would become…

“Brother!” As soon as Xu Zirong returned to Liu Shang Court, he saw Xu Ziyan who was reading in the courtyard.

He was sitting quietly at the stone table, holding a book, and he looked so serious with his handsome face. He seemed to be very concentrated in what he’s reading.

Xu Ziyan’s body looked tall and straight. He’s also very handsome and full of masculine charisma. Also, with his talents, he’s definitely the best choice for female cultivators, especially for dual cultivation!

Xu Zirong watched his brother quietly turning over the pages. He suddenly felt surrounded by happiness. What others saw was only Xu Ziyan’s outside. Only he could truly grasp the heart hidden in his body!

It’s only that—

Xu Zirong frowned, it was obviously such a peaceful picture, but the maid standing behind his brother looked really redundant!

Xu Zirong walked over quietly and waved at the maid so as to send her away.

After Ruohua, the maid saw Xu Zirong, she fled instantly, making Xu Zirong quite dumbfounded.

What’s wrong? This Ruohua had been serving his brother for years, what happened to her all of a sudden?

Without thinking about what exactly happened to Ruohua, Xu Zirong bent down, put his chin on his brother’s shoulder, and looked up at the book that his brother was reading.

At a glance, he was petrified, he became stiff and unable to move. After a while, Xu Ziyan looked back at him suspiciously, and Xu Zirong tried to look normal.

“What’s up?” Xu Ziyan raised his eyebrows and looked at his younger brother.

“It’s nothing!” Xu Zirong replied out of instincts.

What more could he say? Could he accuse his brother of watching porn during daytime?

No wonder Ruohua looked like being hit by thunder just now. It turned out that she was irritated after catching her master watching porn…

“Brother, why are you…” Xu Zirong asked cautiously. He didn’t object to his brother reading those kind of materials, but he’s worried about his brother suggesting him being on top.

It might be due to some trauma in childhood, but he really disliked being pressed on the bottom. Although he’d already killed that person, his instincts had been formed and it’d become hard to change.

And if he let his brother go on top, he would think about that person getting intimate with Bai Hua, and a strong feeling of disgust rushed towards him, making him full of intentions of murder all of a sudden.

“Zirong!” Xu Ziyan yelled, awakening Xu Zirong, who was immersed in the memory of his soul.

He rushed into his brother’s arms and hugged his brother’s waist tightly.

His brother wasn’t a scum, it’s his most precious godsend ever.

“Brother…” Xu Zirong’s voice was a little hoarse, as he still remembered how it felt to have his soul being roasted, he suddenly felt a bit weak.

“What happened to you just now?” Xu Zirong looked at Xu Zirong with a look of concern. Just now when Zirong threw himself into his arms, he looked so fragile and his tone became so soft.

“It’s okay…just… I recalled something bad.” Xu Zirong said in a dull voice.

Xu Ziyan suddenly became dumbfounded. He knew what things could upset Zirong that much. The most serious incident would be his soul being roasted for decades, it’s hard to imagine that kind of pain that Zirong had to go through for decades…

Xu Ziyan slightly stroked Zirong’s hair and sighed in his heart. Although he sometimes accused himself of being too soft to Zirong, how could he act harshly to him when he thought of how miserable Zirong’s past life was? Therefore, being soft was just his destiny…

“Okay, okay, forget about all the bad memories! Your brother will always be with you!” Xu Ziyan was very determined, as he’s going to do what had been promised.

“Um…” Xu Zirong replied plainly, “brother, you’re watching this…is it because you want me?”


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