Chapter 152

Naturally, Xu Ziyan would not give up on his right to survive so easily, and he immediately began to attack this divine consciousness. Fortunately, it was happening in his sea of ​​consciousness, although that divine consciousness was powerful, it was still far from crushing him.

Xu Ziyan struggled hard, taking advantage of the fact that everything was happening in his brain, and he was fleeing embarrassedly in his own sea of ​​consciousness. He had also fought back before, but the opponent’s divine consciousness was very aggressive, and his divine consciousness would be destroyed and swallowed once they met. After losing a small piece of his divine consciousness, he would never do such a stupid thing again.

The battle of divine consciousness was silent, but every strand of divine consciousness is a cultivator’s extremely precious wealth. If the divine consciousness is swallowed, it would be like being walked in. How would Xu Ziyan give away his body to the others?

Xu Ziyan’s battle in his sea of consciousness was extremely fierce. His enemy’s divine consciousness was like a hungry wolf. It was chasing Xu Ziyan’s divine consciousness aggressively, no matter how Xu Ziyan dodged, the situation got very dangerous and he was even bitten not long ago.

In desperation, Xu Ziyan had to hide his divine consciousness deeply into his sea of ​​consciousness, and temporarily gave up fighting for control of the body with this hostile force. As long as his divine consciousness didn’t get destroyed, then this new force wouldn’t be able to control his body.

Regarding Xu Zirong, he believed that his baby brother could very well tell whether it’s Xu Ziyan himself or another person. If this old crook successfully walked in Xu Ziyan’s brain, Xu Zirong would definitely strike him.

Xu Ziyan’s voluntary retreat made the divine consciousness of his enemy ecstatic.

Yuan Mo’s longevity was long gone, his walking in would be his revenge to the Xu family, as a new hope for him to be reborn.

Xu Ziyan’s body was definitely a very useful tool. As long as he disguised himself properly, he might be able to steal the Stage of being Immortal from the Xu family. As long as he had it, his great-great grandson whose spiritual roots were destroyed would be able to recover then. He could also rely on the secret spell, break through the level of nascent soul and obtain thousands of years of life.

Yuan Mo planned very well. As long as he could take Xu Ziyan away, he could hold on for a few more days. As for failure? He had never considered this issue at all.

In his opinion, how could a cultivator of Qi condensation resist the divine consciousness of a golden core cultivator? He could definitely succeed in walking in Xu Ziyan.

Of course, if Xu Ziyan was just an ordinary cultivator with thunder spiritual roots, then Yuan Mo would surely win, and his plans would all succeed.


There are always surprises in this world. Who could have expected that there’s Purple Night Divine Thunder in an ordinary cultivator of Qi condensation…

After Yuan Mo gained control of Xu Ziyan’s body, he immediately planned to kill the beautiful guy who was holding his body. If he guessed correctly, this kid must be the bastard who was admitted to Liu Guang sect with Xu Ziyan. He and Xu Ziyan have lived together for a long time, and he could easily spot the flaws.

If he wanted to kill Xu Zirong, he would have to mobilize the spiritual power in the dantian. However, just when he started moving, the Purple Night Divine Thunder inside Xu Ziyan’s Dantian felt that something was wrong…

Purple Night, “oh? It’s the scent of master! Who the hell has walked in our master?!”

A purple thunder light burst out from the Dantian in an instant, and rushed into Xu Ziyan’s sea of ​​consciousness along the meridian all the way backwards.

By lurking at the bottom of the sea of ​​consciousness, Xu Ziyan noticed that another force of thunder was poured into his sea of ​​consciousness, and he was almost to tears. Although little Purple Night was an aggressive tenant, it could at least protect its master when there’s an attack from enemy.

With the additional support of Xu Ziyan’s sea of consciousness, Purple Night’s power started attacking Yuan Mo’s divine consciousness fiercely.

The power of the thunder system is known for its attack and destruction, and Purple Night Divine Thunder knew how to make use of that to the maximum level, it’s really not difficult for it to defeat the divine consciousness of a golden core cultivator…

As early as when Purple Night was chasing Yuan Mo, Xu Ziyan’s divine consciousness had already floated from the bottom of the sea of ​​consciousness. When Yuan Mo’s divine consciousness was destroyed by Purple Night, a powerful energy was left behind. Xu Ziyan was pleasantly surprised. It was discovered that those surges of energy were constantly nourishing his spiritual consciousness, it not only made up for the ones that he had just lost, but it could even further strengthened Xu Ziyan’s power.

Purple Night turned around in Xu Ziyan’s sea of ​​consciousness again, and after confirming that the enemy had disappeared, it returned to Xu Ziyan’s Dantian leisurely. Its owner was really useless. If it hadn’t protected him, he would have lost his body… ! ╮(╯_╰)╭, it’s really a headache to have such a troublesome master!

Xu Ziyan’s divine consciousness continued to absorb the remaining energy in the sea of ​​consciousness, he slowly opened his eyes when the last bit was absorbed.

“Brother… are you awake?” Xu Zirong sounded a little hoarse.

Xu Ziyan only felt that he was being held tightly, and the familiar breath made him feel very relieved.

“Well, I’m fine, I’m sorry to make you worry about me.” He reached out and stroked Xu Zirong’s cheek, Xu Zirong’s slightly bloodshot eyes moved him very much.

The struggle between himself and Yuan Mo lasted only a short time, but it took him a lot of time to absorb the residual energy. Judging from how Xu Zirong looked, he had been keeping the same posture ever since he fainted.

The battle between two people’s divine consciousness was completely invisible to the others. Xu Ziyan could completely imagine how anxious Xu Zirong was in such a helpless situation.

Xu Zirong gently rubbed his brother’s palm with his cheek, “brother…luckily you are fine, otherwise, I…”

“Ahem, sorry that I made you worry, but…we really need to discuss this matter with the culprit.” Xu Ziyan touched Xu Zirong’s long hair, then turned his head and stared coldly at Snowball.

This time he was almost dead, and he had some resentment towards Snowball. He picked up that grey bead as he trusted Snowball, but his soul would be destroyed if Purple Night wasn’t there to help him.

“Meh!” Snowball retreated in grief in the corner, and shrank itself into a ball pathetically.

It was confident that Xu Ziyan would not be walked in by the old ancestor of the Yuan family, but it couldn’t communicate with Xu Zirong at all, and could only explain the situation through Pink Hair. It had no idea what Pink Hair had told Xu Zirong, but Xu Zirong had been staring at it like he’s going to kill it, making it have goosebumps all over…

Obviously it was the spiritual pet, wasn’t it?! Why would it be scared by such a kid?

QAQ, Master, please wake up fast. I can’t bear with this gaze anymore…

As soon as Xu Ziyan was awake, Snowball immediately wanted to pounce on it for comfort, but it retreated again after seeing Xu Zirong’s menacing gaze.

“Meh.” Seeing its master finally looking at it, Snowball was almost moved to tears, but unexpectedly, the look of Xu Ziyan was as cold as his brother. Snowball felt as if there’s cold water pouring on its head, and its heart felt cold…

“Meh?” (QAQ, master, why are you looking at me like that…)

Xu Ziyan moved, and there was nothing wrong with all parts of his body. He broke away from Xu Zirong’s arms and walked to Snowball step by step.

“Meh…” Snowball widened its eyes, flickering eyelashes vigorously, trying to look cute, but Xu Ziyan wasn’t affected at all. It’s true that he liked cuteness, but that’s limited to his brother only. Snowball was just his pet and it couldn’t have the same treatment.

“Why did you tell me that the bead was safe?” Xu Ziyan asked coldly.

Judging from the previous actions of Snowball, Xu Ziyan didn’t think that it wanted to harm him, but he had to understand what was happening before.

“Meh…” (It is safe…) Snowball said with guilt.

Although Xu Ziyan couldn’t fully understand what Snowball was talking about, he could roughly understand its meaning.

“Safe?” Xu Ziyan’s gaze was sharp, and Snowball shrank reflexively. It explained weakly, “Meh.” (Really…It’s safe. That old ancestor of the Yuan family was already at the end of his life, since the fight took place in your body, could it be that you couldn’t defeat a cultivator who’s about to die…?)

Xu Ziyan squinted his eyes slightly, “so, do you mean that it’s all because I wasn’t strong enough to resist from being walked in?”

Snowball shrank its head and was dumbfounded. What to say now? It really wanted to strengthen Xu Ziyan’s divine consciousness, yet it hadn’t expected that Xu Ziyan was so “weak”, and he almost lost his life in his sea of consciousness.

Pink Hair calmly chewed carrots on the table, and the clear sound of chewing expressed its mood at the moment. It glanced at Snowball, then calmly retracted his gaze. It thought, “that Snowball thinks that I don’t know about anything! Even if I didn’t before, I have already learnt how to add power for my master in a suitable way after thousands of years!”

Among his brothers, Pink Hair thought that only Snowball would unscrupulously stuff any good things into its master’s mouth, it had no idea if Snowball had accidentally killed any of its masters before.

Pink Hair’s three-lobed mouth hooked slightly, it started chewing carrots more vigorously. As a good spiritual pet willing to bet, it would definitely eat all the carrots in his space before any battles.

——Even if it’s already reached a point of vomiting! (Loud voice, remember that if I win this time, you will not be allowed to speak next time there’s a battle!)

“Speak, don’t pretend to be dead!” Xu Ziyan kicked Snowball, looking angry. There’s a black mark on its snowy, white face…

“Meh!” Snowball was depressed and wanted to hit itself on the wall. It was obvious that it had killed several of its previous masters by mistake, so how come it still hadn’t learnt its lesson? Although this master survived, he might terminate their contract if it still failed to explain what’d happened…

If the contract was terminated, the spiritual pet would have to return to the sealed land. And no one would have any idea when it would meet its next master. For Snowball, it’s not even that easy to encounter a suitable master. It’s also impossible to meet a master that’s good at cooking.

“Meh!” Snowball kicked its hoof irritably and suddenly ran out.

Xu Ziyan raised his eyebrows. He had wanted to knock on Snowball’s head so as to remind it to be careful. This time, he was lucky enough not to be walked in, but who knew about next time? He didn’t expect Snowball to get irritated so easily that it just ran off.

Xu Ziyan was a little surprised, but he didn’t intend to chase it. He was not sure whether Snowball was an opportunity or a danger for him, but he believed that with what he and Xu Zirong already had, he didn’t really need to rely on Snowball.

“Forget it.” Xu Ziyan was half disappointed and half relieved, he turned and walked towards Xu Zirong. After just two steps, there’s a cry of Snowball behind him.

“Huh?” Xu Ziyan looked back at Snowball, who was grabbing his trousers and pulling him out.

Xu Ziyan did not resist, but he’s just following Snowball. After a short distance, they saw something bulging in a corner under the eaves.

“Meh!” Snowball stepped near the bulging mud.

“Shall I dig?” Xu Ziyan looked at Snowball calmly.

Snowball nodded vigorously, Xu Ziyan didn’t do anything, he’s just looking at Snowball calmly.

“Meh!” (I promise that there’s no danger this time!) Snowball rolled its eyes helplessly.

Xu Ziyan put his arms around his chest, “well, I will trust you for one last time.”

Snowball yelled twice to express its indignation. It was really just a small error before! How come its master didn’t trust it anymore?

“Brother, let me do it.” Xu Zirong naturally followed. Since he had no trust in Snowball, he proactively wanted to replace his brother to do it.

Xu Ziyan thought for a while, he agreed and stepped back. He let Xu Zirong dig that bulging mud with his blood vines.

Snowball had no objection, it was just digging there sadly. It finally knew that once a mistake was made, it’s very difficult to turn things around. Although it had never had the intention of letting Xu Ziyan go through so many things, they all happened under its influence, and it had undisputable responsibilities.

The bulging mud was very shallow, the blood vines just needed to dig casually to find a small jade slip. Xu Zirong took it, used his divine consciousness to explore, and he showed a strange expression.

“Meh!” (It’s all because you’re lucky to find it, it has nothing to do with me!) Snowball looked at Xu Ziyan and said seriously.

Xu Ziyan turned his head to look at Xu Zirong in confusion, who whispered, “it’s a technique for cultivating divine consciousness, and it can enable someone to use his divine consciousness for attacking.”

Xu Ziyan looked at Snowball in surprise. It was obvious that it’s Snowball giving him this thing, why did it say that he’d been lucky to find it?

After analyzing how Snowball and Pink Hair behaved, Xu Ziyan had a vague conclusion. Although they were powerful, it seemed that they never showed it explicitly. There must be some limitations.

On the other hand, they had been helping him to increase his strength – be it eating the nascent soul of Yumo or letting him digest the divine consciousness of Yuan Mo, it’s only that they had been using an indirect method.

With his fingertips tapping his cheek lightly, Xu Ziyan looked at Snowball more deeply. It’s clear that there’s a big secret behind Snowball and Pink Hair. He was only wondering whether he should look for this secret…

Secret = Danger / opportunity

Xu Ziyan couldn’t make up his mind.

If he just traveled to this world in an ordinary way, he might choose to go ahead after getting the news. However, with a complete memory from his previous life, he’d already gotten all kinds of treasures, so what reasons did he still have to be so adventurous?

“Meh…” Snowball might have sensed Xu Ziyan’s thoughts. It jumped suddenly and got near Xu Ziyan’s legs. It used its hoofs to grab Xu Ziyan’s pants, and it looked at Xu Ziyan pathetically with its watery eyes.

Xu Ziyan, “…”

Damn it! Why do all spiritual pets like acting cute?

Xu Zirong’s eyes sank when he saw it, he flashed away and stood beside his brother. With a light kick on his toes, Snowball rolled out with a grunting sound and hit the wall with a bang.

Xu Ziyan, “…”

This spoilt brat is surely not my brother!

“Meh!” Snowball was covered with dust and looked very embarrassed. It shrank in the corner of the wall, looked at the jade slip in Xu Zirong’s hand, and looked at Xu Ziyan, with an indescribable kind of loneliness.

Xu Ziyan rubbed his forehead helplessly, worrying about the pros and cons of this matter. In any case, the original intention of Snowball was good, and if he let Snowball follow them, they might get more benefits.

Bai Hua had always been someone that he needed to pay attention to. Instead of worrying about him being the protagonist, he’s more worried about Xu Zirong being the ultimate villain.

In case this male protagonist and the villain became enemies, he would like to have more in hands to bargain.

After touching his chin, Xu Ziyan decided to keep Snowball by his side. Although this was a bit risky for him, there was never a lack of crisis in this world of cultivation, and he was used to it. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

“Okay.” Xu Ziyan nodded to Snowball, “you can stay, but things like today must not happen again. I don’t know what secrets you and Pink Hair are hiding from us, but I can tell that you’re very smart. It’s likely that you are monsters that have lived for thousands of years.”

That real monsters that have lived for thousands of years, “…”

“No matter who you are or what you want me to do, first of all, you have to make sure that we can survive. If something like today happens together, I will immediately dissolve the spiritual contract with you. After all, it’s really embarrassing to die in the hands of my spiritual pet, and I don’t want to appear in the funny news of Xuan Yu realm.”

Snowball, “…”

“Last point.” Xu Ziyan shook his fingers, “if you find any treasure in the future, and if there is any danger in it, you must warn me in advance. Even if the danger seems tiny for you, you are not allowed to hide it from me. You have to tell me and let me do the estimation.”

“I guess…” Xu Ziyan glanced, and Pink Hair was eavesdropping inside the window, “you may not be able to help us due to some limitations, but your warning also cannot be counted as help, can it? Even with your warning, we’ll have to work out the difficulties in the end.”

“Meh!” (No problem!) Snowball raised a hoof, showing that it agreed.

“Puff!” Pink Hair also showed no objection.

The relationship between a spiritual pet and its owner is a mutually beneficial and cooperative relationship. There is really nothing beneficial for them if they set traps for their owners.

“Okay, we’ve reached the agreement, I wish us a happy cooperation in the future.” Xu Ziyan smiled. It was only beneficial for him to reach an agreement with these two strange spiritual monsters. The jade slip alone was worth him taking the risk.

When he was talking with Snowball, he took the time to take a look at the jade slip. The spells in the jade slip were very powerful, especially the spell which would enable him to attack with his divine consciousness, meaning that he could kill anyone without being noticed.

Even if his divine consciousness was not strong enough to directly strangle his opponent’s divine consciousness, he could still attack his opponent’s sea of ​​consciousness.

Imagine if the two parties are fighting fiercely and exchanging tricks, and if one of the parties started experiencing pain in his head, how could he still win?

If he doesn’t die, it’s all because of luck.

He happily put this jade slip into Little Square, and Xu Ziyan planned to return to the Liu Guang sect before cultivation. Cultivating one’s divine consciousness wasn’t an ordinary way of cultivation, he would get injured if he did it in a place with disturbances.

After putting the jade slip away, Xu Ziyan had an idea. Since the last time Little Square swallowed the Splitting Sky Slash from the elder Yumo, it hadn’t reacted for a long time.

Its position was also fixed to the rear side of Xu Ziyan. Although its white mist could still be used to cover Xu Ziyan’s divine consciousness, its ability of mobility vanished.

Xu Ziyan had a feeling that Little Square was in deep sleep after taking that Splitting Sky Slash.

After all, Mr. Little Square usually absorbed the power of the teleportation array to break through the space. Although it’s a great powerful, it’s relatively subtle. However, Yumo’s Splitting Sky Slash was incredibly sharp, that’s why Little Square hadn’t been able to react after that!

_(:з」∠)_Xu Ziyan was wondering why he was always surrounded by a bunch of foodies…it’s so tiring!


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